Wednesday News: Lots More On The SCAMDEMIC Of Course, And So Many Other Happenings Around Our Sick World.

Yes, I am back… Hectic last couple of days having to do a shit load of work around my humble abode and to take care of a lot of personal business as well as those of my better half….

I have indeed not posted much over the last few days, and there has been a LOT of stuff happening… Thus I cannot cover everything all at once but I will start off by again attacking the SCAMDEMIC head on…

First and foremost, I do hope that everyone actually watched that most important video yesterday, entitled “Died Suddenly’…. Several critics did send me a couple of emails since yesterday saying that I ‘cannot trust’ Stew Peters, as he has swallowed the KOOL-AID in regards to pushing the bullshit that these clots are somehow ‘self replicating’ and ‘almost sentient life forms’… I can assure readers on both counts here that this is BULLSHIT….. Thus so much of what ‘Beef Stew’ Peters does put out is indeed very questionable, but I have to give kudos for the ‘Died Suddenly’ video, for it is so SPOT ON and a fabulous piece of journalism and production… I therefore have given the video a complete ‘THUMBS UP’ and say that we ALL must do our part in giving it to others, especially those who have taken the KILL SHOTS, for them to watch as well….

OK, Onto the SCAMDEMIC itself, and so many are STILL unaware of the terrible EVIL that is going on here in Canada, where over in neighbouring Ontario, just east of here, the criiminals in the ‘College Of Physicians’ has indeed had the NERVE to come forward and say that ANYONE that has refused to take these KILL SHOTS should be classified as ‘mentally deranged’ and should be put in either psychiatric hospitals OR be put on psychotropic drugs to somehow ‘cure’ their mentally ill ways!

In fact, I did touch on this horror in last weekend’s rant, and I was hoping that more out there would pick up on this travesty, for even though it is just a ‘suggestion’ put forward by those PSYCHOS in that ‘college of physicians’ we all know that once such a suggestion enters the ‘mindset’ of the gullible out there, it is only a short hop before it becomes ‘law’ or ‘mandated’…

And as luck would have it, none other than Paul Craig Roberts did indeed pick up on this travesty here in Canada, and wrote an article at his website at and I definitely want to share the link to Paul’s article here:

OK, Yes this is madness, and obviously being done now as the entire SCAMDEMIC itself is now falling to pieces.. Apparently the fuckers pushing the death jabs aka KILL SHOTS into the suckers out there are not going to go away without a fight and thus we find them pushing this ‘suggestion’ into the mindset of the sheep out there, now…

And I found a real good article just the other day that I definitely want to share with my readers here.. .This one comes from the ‘Our Greater Destiny’ website at, where apparently a criminal court has ordered the release of data disclosing the fact that there have been ’18 Million jab injuries’ in America (I say a heck of a lot more..) that the criminals at the US CDC is withholding from the American people.. .Here is the link to that article:

Yes, We are indeed dealing with so many criminals and the corruption of the CDC itself in this case… The facts are that if the American people were actually even aware of 1/10th the number of those who have been crippled and injured from these deadly KILL SHOTS then the entire genocidal program would fall to pieces and there definitely would be HELL to pay for those involved in this criminal act…

One thing about this entire SCAMDEMIC is the FACT that this has been going on now for well over 3 years now, and we still have the maniacs out there pushing their newest fraud of ‘RSV’ and of course ‘INFLUENZA’ being the next ‘big thing’ when in fact those two diseases alone have been with us since the dawn of mankind and have been known for centuries now as basically the ‘common cold’ or the ‘flu’…. I therefore have to wonder how long these maniacs pushing this entire fraud can continue until they either ‘run out of excuses’ or are caught up in their web of lies and are put under arrest for their crimes against humanity?

Well, I have some disturbing news in that regard, for according to the following report that comes courtesy of the Global Research website at , apparently these maniacs are going to try to have this ‘COVID con game’ going basically either forever OR until they get everyone shot up and put under their DIGITAL ID system of tyranny… Here is the link to that report:

To me, this is just plain sick and beyond reproach… Honestly, are the people aka dumb ass retarded morons out there really this stupid? OK, I already have my answer to that one from what I see on a daily basis….

My usual qualm with such a report however is that we still do not even have any ‘COVID virus’ proven to even exist… That and even if there were such a ‘virus’ it is not deadly at all and ALL ‘variants’ if they also existed would be much weaker and less deadly than the original…. That and I am sick and tired of the BULLSHIT of labeling ‘variants’ with this garbage ‘B2.1232.2122.12’ system of alpha-numeric titles, for they themselves are also BULLSHIT and basically just pulled out of someone’s ass!

I could fill this entire report with SCAMDEMIC news, but instead I do have other fish to fry as usual…. And I do want to of course file a report on the present situation in that ‘war’ in Ukraine and give my 2 cents worth of rationality and logic..

Starting of course with a few updates on the present actual battle lines in the actual fighting in Ukraine… I therefore want to present the latest fully updated map of the entire Ukrainian conflict, that once again comes courtesy of the Southfront website at… Here is that map:

Military Situation In Ukraine On November 23, 2022 (Map Update)

Yes, as you can see from the map, the battle lines remain relatively stable and unchanged from my last report.. The Russians are still on hard defensive positions along the Dneiper River in southern Ukraine and have basically thwarted any further attempts by the Ukrainian army to breakthrough along the southeastern front southeast of Kharkov…

The major reports over the last few days out of Ukraine continue to centre around the insanity of the Ukrainian leadership that has indeed been back to shelling the already damaged nuclear power station at Zaphorozhia….

AND I have the link to an article that also comes courtesy of the Southfront website that covers this insane attempt by the Ukrainian psychos in Kiev to blow up that vital nuclear power station… Here is the link to that article here:

Yes, to me this is beyond insanity… What does Zelenskyy and his insane henchmen have to gain by blowing up that nuclear power station is beyond me, for I have stated already so many times before that blowing up that nuclear power plant and causing meltdowns of the reactors would unleash so much radioactivity that southern Ukraine and in fact most of Ukraine would become UNINHABITABLE for decades at least… Thus I have to ask if Zelenskyy is doing exactly that, for him being both JEWISH and psychotic, he could escape Ukraine and live out the rest of his miserable life down in Israel where he would never have to face extradition for this horrendous crime…

And one last thing about this situation in Ukraine…I am deeply troubled by the American public not being up in arms and right now marching on Washington DC, for the fact that the criminal BIDEN COMMIES have given Ukraine basically a blank cheque for as much money as the scoundrels in Kiev want… And that amount has already exceeded 100 Billion dollars!!!!

But that is not bad enough, for according to the following report, apparently these COMMIE freaks in Washington have just given the sickos in Ukraine an ADDITIONAL 4.5 BILLION dollars in ‘aid’… Here is that link:

Yes, MORE ‘aid’ even after Zelenskyy almost caused WORLD WAR III last week by lobbing a few missiles into neighbouring Poland? Does anyone else see the problem here?

To me, this is beyond reproach.. All those BILLIONS thrown away by the US into UKRAINE when a real government would have long time ago said enough and not given these criminals one red cent in the first place…. Thus we are left with the US basically bleeding to death and going broke while they continue to send money to what is nothing more than a bottomless pit of ruin and a parasite!

OK, Enough on Ukraine for everything that I have seen so far just makes me puke….And I have had some comments sent my way claiming once again that I am always blasting what has been happening in the US and not talking about happenings ELSEWHERE in our sick world…

Therefore I do want to turn to the madness happening right up here in this formerly free nation called ‘Canada’ where those ‘hearings’ over in Ottawa about the ‘Emergencies Measures Act’ are continuing in what is basically nothing more than a circus now… And to cover so much of that fraud in Ottawa, I want to turn to the latest article that comes courtesy of my great fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the ‘left coast’ here in Canada and writes her blog at her website over at … Here in fact is the link to Greencrow’s latest for everyone to read here:

Yes, I must concur with Greencrow’s assessment, and after seeing what has been happening in regards to the defence lawyers representing the people who were falsely charged during that Trucker Convoy freedom protest, I too would have loved to see them all walk away from the entire ‘hearings’ as a statement saying that they are all complete and utter BULLSHIT…

And honestly, did ANYONE in Canada actually think that anything good would have come from these hearings? The facts remain that the TURDEAU regime under that heinous SOB Justin ” I just love hanging out with trannies” TURDEAU was never going to found ‘guilty’ of anything as these hearings were akin to nothing more than a complete circus and kangaroo court that is being run by idiots and sickos hand selected by the Turdeau ‘Liberals’ themselves!

Canada deserves so much better than this.. Sadly the LYING WHORE MEDIA here in Canada, also under the control of those sick freaks in the TURDEAU liberal regime, continues to paint a whole different picture of what has been happening in these ‘hearings’ and continues to paint the defendants aka those who were part of the Trucker Freedom Convoy as somehow nothing more than ‘terrorists’!!!!

Thus living here in this frozen wasteland that used to be called ‘Canada’ does make me puke these days… TURDEAU will get away with this crime that he committed in attacking the Trucker Convoy, AND apparently has just come back from that garbage G20 ‘summit’ in Indonesia with his latest ‘marching orders’ to basically work his magic in putting ALL Canadians under a new level of tyranny with the introduction of a ‘social credit’ system like what has destroyed the people of China already, by as early as the new year of 2023… There will be NO escape therefore for anyone living in Canada, for everyones’ freedoms and liberties will be completely erased shortly….

Well, before I vomit just thinking about the mess here in Canada, there are so many other issues over the last few days, and I figure I would touch on as many of them here before I close this article:

I see that Kanye West has magically ‘reappeared’ and is back on “Twitter” where apparently he is going to make a run for the 2024 Presidency…. If Kanye is indeed alive and well, he will not be for much longer, for I can guarantee the sicko Jewish criminals that already hand select and determine who will always be the ‘next President’ will either have Kanye destroyed via their lying whore media outlets, OR they will do their usual means of erasing their opponents by having someone put a few bullets into his brain… If I was Kanye, I would definitely avoid being out in public for the time being and definitely make sure his Kevlar suit is always at hand..

In regards to ‘Elon Musk’ and his continuing obliteration and rebuilding of ‘Twitter’… Apparently in just the last few days he has come forward and stated that “independent media” meaning those who are in opposition of the Jewish control of America will continue to be ‘banned’ from that fraud ‘platform’… Honestly, did I not warn everyone already about this and how Musk can NOT be trusted at all? He has his agenda and he will bow down to his Jewish masters ALWAYS that have demanded that ‘Twitter’ keep its criminal censorship policies… Thus anyone that actually believed that ‘Twitter’ would somehow now be ‘different’ definitely needs to give their heads a shake!!

In regards to the continuing and sickening saga of the “FTX scandal”, nothing really has changed much over the last few days as the avalanche of damage done continues to be exposed on a daily basis…. That and we have word that the father of ‘Samuel Bankman-Fried”, a criminal by the name of ‘Joseph Bankman’, of course a snivelling Jew freak and conman, was also heavily involved in this FTX fraud. No surprise there as the Jews do keep things in the family as well as within the confines of their ‘tribesmen’…… And honestly, why should anyone be surprised that the total losses from this. FTX fiasco is now WAY above the $32 Billion mark and climbing by the day, for anything that the JEWS touch does indeed become poison!

I saw a ‘rumour’ earlier today that said that Georges Schwartz aka ‘George Soros’ who for years said was the same as ‘Doctor Evil’ from the ‘Austin Powers’ movies of two decades ago, supposedly has died in just the last few days…. I say if this is true than good riddance for this freak was beyond evil and used his Jewish money and influence to wreck nations… But before anyone thinks that things will suddenly be different if George is dead, they are sadly mistaken for apparently this freak’s son is even MORE evil than George himself.. That and Soros is no longer the most ‘evil’ foul creature on the planet for that honour has gone to either Bill Gates, or even Klaus (anal) Schwab! Thus things are not going to change anywhere across our sick world for the better any time soon…

And about the continuing ‘aftermath’ of the US ‘midterm’ elections, or as I see it ‘as the stomach turns’, NOTHING has really changed much as the fraudulent ‘recounts’ of already tainted ballots continues…. The Demon-rat COMMIES have already stolen that sad excuse for an ‘election’ as I predicted MONTHS ago, and there is no way in hell that the American republic can stop the damage UNLESS the American people themselves stopped being nothing but PUSSIES and actually cared about their failing republic…. Oh well, at least I tried to reach some of them….

And on a ‘side note’ or actually one that makes me laugh is where I saw this insane report just the other day where apparently the fools and liars that run ‘NASA’ are already claiming their ‘Artemis’ mission to the moon to be a total success, AND have the gall and guts to claim that now NASA is somehow ‘ready to return humans to the moon’… Honestly, do they actually think the American citizens to be this stupid, as most are now fully aware that NASA never landed men on the moon in the first place! Thus to make this ‘bold’ claim about a return is so laughable, especially considering the fact that they still have NOT solved the RADIATION problems of space or the problems with actually putting anyone on that radioactive lunar surface! THIS to me is just plain stupidity and an insult to my intelligence…

OK, I have yammered long enough… Suffice to say that I have not covered EVERYTHING happening around our sick world and I will continue to be catching up on some other interesting events tomorrow…. So stay tuned..

More to come



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