Personal And Family Business Today To Take Care Of, And Therefore No New Articles

Once again, real life has taken me away from writing articles for today… I have had some personal and family business to take care of that had to be done, and it has taken up most of today leaving me exhausted and in need of rest…

Therefore, I will concentrate on tomorrow’s ‘weekend rant’ and try to cover some major issues that I want to give my usual 2 cents worth of attention..

Thanks again, everyone for being patient with me… And as usual ..

More to come


Another Update On The Texas School FRAUD Shooting

Well… All of my intensive work around my yard over these last few days is finally paying off and the yard looks great… This is in spite of the horrendous WET weather that has been pounding this part of Canada nearly nonstop over these last few weeks, leaving the soil basically as MUD….

And yes, I am calling this ‘weather modification’ as there is no other logical sense in all this other than the freaks in charge purposely turning the soil in this part of Canada to mud just to try to. prevent any planting of crops for this year just to magnify the effect of their ‘famine’ that they have coming this Autumn… I cannot express enough the need for everyone to be well prepared for what is coming and to stock up on supplies NOW while there is plenty in the stores…

OK, Onto the order of business, and honestly I do want to get back to ripping the SCAMDEMIC and of course their latest fraud aka “Monkeypox” to smithereens as I have been doing for years now… But, I cannot help but to think about how EASILY so many suckers out there got conned into believing that this ‘shooting’ down in Uvalde Texas is the ‘real McCoy’…. It bothers me that so many are so easily DUPED by the ‘Electric Jew’ aka the ‘Idiot Box’ that is spewing nothing more than 100% lies upon lies…. Sadly you cannot even turn on that propaganda device these days and NOT be inundated with ludicrous reports about this ‘shooting’ and how ’21 people have been murdered’….

I for one am not impressed for there are SO MANY holes in the ‘official story’ that as I said in my last report you could drive a massive semi trailer through! And of course I have now come under some attack in my ‘comment section’ as the TROLLS are trying to blast me for my stand on seeing this ‘shooting’ as a 100% fraud.. I have of course refused to allow their comments through as they are nothing but complete bullshit and full of slurs and insults…..

Therefore I want to once again hammer this fraud shooting HARD and show even MORE evidence that it is a complete ‘set up’ and such an insult to everyone’s intelligence… And once again I want to turn to JIM STONE through his website at with his latest take on this fraud… Here is Jim’s latest, from earlier today, for everyone to see right here:

That said:At WEF, Pfizer CEO blames “lack of education” as the cause of BILLIONS of his MRNA shots to sit in storage, unused.

“Jim, I read your revised timeline. Is it possible that mister concealed carry actually killed the patsy? And then government agents actually carried out operation. My response: Sure. that is probably what actually happened. Which is why the two patsies don’t line up, – why we have trans boy with hand gun replaced with mister AR.

Revised timeline: After thinking a bit, this is probably what really happened with the “shooting”

The two versions of the story (concealed carry screws it all up in the parking lot, and “he got into the school”) could have both happened. Here’s how.

1. At 11 AM The police and federal officers set up on site and wait for their patsy to arrive, having built the back ground story.

2. At 11:43 AM Patsy arrives, goes according to script, but unexpectedly along with the agents, mister “concealed carry” is there too, and screws it all up.

3. Their “patsy” was either not sufficiently hurt or not hurt at all and the police NAIL mister “concealed carry” and throw him into anonymous detention, where he is rotting now. Perhaps he was the one who got shot also.

4. The school sends out the notice that there’s an active shooter but they have it under control and everyone is safe. That was reported by Fox news, and captures of that are on this page.

5. Whoever was in charge of the op got the order: That is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The patsy is in their van at this point, getting a “programming update”.
6. The police and federal agents make damn good and sure a back door is open (a total violation but they get it open) so they can re-launch the op.

7. After getting screwed up by “mister concealed carry”, the op is re-launched WAY TOO LATE. Initially it was supposed to happen at 11:30, but by the time they re-launched, the parents are there trying to pick their kids up from school.

8. The parents are held outside by the police and even handcuffed for getting too rambunctious about nothing being done, begging to enter as they hear blanks get fired. Perhaps the bullets were still real (the blanks are a guess) but since the people that launched this op need kids for ceremonies, I doubt they wasted them. During this time, the final story line as presented to the press gets formulated.

9. The parents wait for most of an hour. One manages to get into the school somehow but does not really see a whole lot because it is all going down in a different area. she leaves, believing it all and talks that way which is understandable.

10. The two conflicting story lines and timing errors cause so many problems for the op that people saw it, even ordinary people realized something was amiss, so the MSM then launches a horse shit story about a husband who died of a broken heart:


Now they are laying it on thick to “reinforce” the story line – shot to death teacher’s husband dies of a broken heart!!!! You can’t make this stuff up!!! Yes, that helped me forget how the police just waited around outside, how the initial reports said it all ended in the parking lot, I forgot ALL OF THAT because broken hearts RULE. Pfizer shot??

Fox is obviously hoping it’s viewers drink the magic potion.

Or was that coo coo cola?


If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again!

And after I posted that, I got barraged by my web host in Iceland who magically found an old tech support letter right at that time and desperately tried to use it to cancel the .is servers where I am not even predominantly hosted now. Fortunately due to an isnic handle that expired since that letter, they failed to pull it off, I am not quite ready to have those servers be completely dead yet.

Someone is mad about the failure of this psy op, there’s no doubt about that!

NTS Notes: I know that Jim can be pretty harsh sometimes in his criticisms of so many.. But I see his point in that we are dealing with complete MORONS these days that simply do not have two brain cells to rub together and understand a complete fraud when it is staring them in their faces….

Oh, and what about the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets that are spinning this fraud story so fast now that if you wrapped copper electric wire around that spin it would probably power a small city at least? Well, they are trying so desperately to give ‘excuses’ as to WHY the fucking “POLICE” (dollars to donuts those were not ‘regular cops’ at all, but agents there to run this charade…) did not allow the parents to have access to that school for apparently 90 minutes after they were first alerted that there was an ‘active shooting incident’ in progress? Well, according to the following link to a report from the ‘Gateway Pundit’ their latest ‘excuse’ is that they did not want to storm the school and stop the ‘shooter’ because they feared that they would, AND get this… , GET SHOT AT by the ‘active shooter’… Here is that link here:

NTS Notes: Yes, this explains why they sat by for nearly 90 fucking minutes before even going into this school, right? And the perfect excuse to prevent the parents, who were exasperated by the ‘police actions’ from also going in just to save their children…. HONESTLY, If anyone believes any part of their horse manure on this one, they need their heads examined..

As I said above, they are spinning this story so fast and the more that we see their lies, they are stuck and forced to spin it even faster…

And seriously??? ARE the ‘Uvalde Police’ nothing but fucking pussies? It is their JOB to go into the fray and stop a shooter in all cases just to prevent more innocent people from being hurt… That, and what about KEVLAR vests and face shields??? Are they claiming that this ‘force’ did not have those to prevent the officers from being shot at? THIS ONE therefore is so ludicrous and just piles onto the other incessant lies about this ‘shooting’…

Honestly, this stinks to high heaven.. AND I am in full agreement with Jim Stone’s assessment that they ‘botched’ this fraud shooting from the get go and had to come up with something as a ‘ reasonable facsimile’ and thus probably took either the already wounded ‘shooter’ and wicked him into the ‘back door’ (the front is of course barred by entry as are most Texas schools) just to make the whole thing look good for the gullible public..

OK, Has anyone actually died at this latest fraud? THAT is the big question, as we know by now that the monsters conducting these ‘exercises’ sometimes, though not always, have to have a few ‘deaths’ just to try to make them look ‘authentic’… Thus there may indeed have been a few ‘killings’ which were conducted by those running this operation and NOT the ‘patsy’ aka Ramos, at all….

As I have always said… I can smell a fraud when I see one, and have hit the bullseye for over a decade now in ALL of my writings…. But once again we are in an uphill battle as the power of the lying whore media is so dominant and the braindead sheep have their minds turned to mush by their propaganda to the point that they will NEVER listen to reason….

And to the naysayers that are now attacking me with their garbage comments… Bring it on, and please PROVE to me that this is the real thing without harping the garbage from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets that are gung-ho in having every American defenceless without their guns…. I am always prepared and ready to debate these morons at any time..

Update, May 28th 2022: HERE is another interesting ‘tidbit’ from Jim Stone, that should have a lot of people going “hmmmmm”:

QUESTION: How did a teacher OPEN and then leave a door propped open for the shooter to enter through when at that time the entire school knew that shots had been fired in the parking lot?

People are saying it was Eva Morales that blocked the door open but the MSM will not admit it. Rather than be a dead hero, she is a likely participant that will now lay low at “Five swimming pools and a lake” for a year or two, before she starts a new much more wealthy life after a limited amount of plastic surgery. Just like a prominent “victim” of the bat man shooting did.

BONUS: Her husband “died of a broken heart” so he can go to “five swimming pools and a lake” WITH HER. No explanation for why he vanished when she “died” is needed now.

NTS Notes: Yes, will wonders ever cease? And I for one will be keeping an eye on how these fraudsters ‘spin’ this ‘Eva Morales’ character…

And lets be honest here, for the more we dig into this fraud, the more it becomes IMPOSSIBLE and therefore a 100% criminal operation conducted by the ‘Powers that be’….. The issue I have of course is how the fuck do we wake up the masses to this hoax as their minds have been so brainwashed in just the last few days by the incessant LIES from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets?

More to come


Further On The Texas School FRAUD Shooting – The “Official” Story Is 100% TOAST!

I knew this was coming… I stated clearly in yesterday’s updated post that the Uvalde Texas ‘mass shooting’ that has been all over the LYING WHORE MEDIA with their incessant reports that some ’21 people have died’ is 100% BOVINE EXCREMENT and an absolute LIE…..

I am one that believes in common sense and rationality… And as I showed yesterday, it was CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for any so called ‘shooter’ to even get into a school in Texas, as since the FRAUD ‘Sandy Hook’ mass shooting fraud from nearly a decade a go, many states in the United States changed their school policies whereas nobody would be allowed to enter, and the entrance to schools was like entering a high security prison…. These policies were especially put into place in the state of Texas, meaning that a ‘mass shooter’ would never get past the front entrance to ANY school….

Therefore, everything that we have been told about this latest ‘mass shooting’ is absolutely a massive lie and is being done purposely just to once again massage the simple minds of most Americans that have already been destroyed thanks to the garbage they mindlessly watch via their ‘ELECTRIC JEWS’ or as I call them the ‘IDIOT BOXES’…. That and the effects of the KILL SHOTS on their victims’ brains is also turning many into mindless drones and zombies…. Thus most will just drool, and mindlessly accept anything that is thrown their way without ANY questions asked… This seemingly is the case right now across America, as most are accepting this latest ‘mass shooting’ as being REAL without even bothering to research and realize that this one is as full of holes as was the case in ‘Sandy Hook’….

I want to put a few more nails in the coffin on this ‘mass shooting’ fraud in Texas, and to do so, I want to present the following report that once again comes courtesy of Jim Stone, through his website at… Here is Jim’s latest report, followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:


Now the Wall Street Urinal is reporting that federal marshals handcuffed parents to prevent them from entering the school to save their kids. So as I saw it, no shooting happened. As they are reporting it, this shooting was sponsored by the federal government, which could not have had a federal marshall on scene that fast unless it was planned, and to top it all off, the police restrained parents from entering to stop the shooting. Certified government op. 

TAKE YOUR PICK: HOAX OR GOVERNMENT OP. Either way the story is TOAST TOAST TOAST. They needed a distraction from Davos and also to make hay with the last shooting they sponsored and somehow, someone really effed this one up BADLY. When there’s shooting going on for an hour with parents filming other parents begging the police to go in and stop it and the police prevent even the parents from going in and that ends up on video, you know DAMN WELL it’s a government op, they bagged themselves.

Option A: FAKE.
Option B: Yes, THEY shot people
Option C: The police wanted to make damn good and sure the crisis acting was performed to a fine finish, and that took an hour! They could not let the parents in to see a fake in progress when 18 kids were going to be stolen to finish it off.

Put your finger up in the air with this one, the wind stinks from all directions.

The WEF needed a distraction and a “shooting” did the trick!!

Ever since Sandy Hook all back doors to schools have been locked everywhere, and police inspect it.

Numerous people familiar with the topic are posting about this online, and one familiar with Texas schools even got a mail through about that to here.

I’ll tell you why all schools are zero acces now, and it’s not any shooting hazard – 

They likely staged Sandy Hook so they could have an excuse to make schools ZERO ACCESS to everyone, including parents, without approval beforehand. Before Sandy Hook parents could walk right in. Now you can’t do that. WHY? Easy answer: Because they don’t want parents walking into the schools and witnessing what the schools are doing to the children. The transgender woke crap. You have to be approved to even get in.

Sandy Hook was probably done more for that reason than gun control. Sandy Hook was likely done to ensure locking doors and a sign in process to keep parents from knowing what is going on got installed on ALL SCHOOLS. And they did it, no parent can walk in and discover JACK. Now they can completely shred the children and never get caught.

Who will the children follow? TikTok mom who’s troubled by even nuking a hot dog let alone talking for a half hour, or the school, that has them for hours a day? They don’t want TikTok mom waking up. Lock the damn doors and throw her in jail if she ever manages to show up IN THE SCHOOL without approval. The schools absolutley would jail a parent that somehow just managed to sneak in without them knowing. All because of Sandy Hook!

If you WANT to believe the shooting actually happened, the NYT reported that The cops just let it happen which makes it a staged op anyway.

I just think they are spewing anything now to get people to believe it really happened after they got busted too hard on their story line. This is the first shooting I ever saw that took five hours for them to say the shooter did anything at all. For FIVE WHOLE HOURS this was a parking lot incident and I totally blew it off and did not even bother to look for more reports that state this than that FOX report because I figured the story was going nowhere. Then late afternoon came and PRESTO! They ran with it.  CONCLUSION: The police were there to supervise a staged event and only entered when the staging was complete and they had their story. They had scamming parents for Sandy Hook too. Yesterday “the police stood down for almost an hour” was NOT in the story line.

So now we see the results of colleges teaching people how to butt bang and bitch, rather than learn anything real and they leave with minds that have ZERO discipline so their psy ops are sketchy and disjointed as hell. Since that’s how their minds work they think the old school that is suspicious will think the same way and also be fooled . . . . . it took 5 hours to even partially tie anything down when it should have been cinched in 45 minutes – 5 hours because slack performance was accepted in their education and turning the paper in late was OK. Now, on day 2 after the shooting they are still making stuff up because they can’t grasp the concept of ON TIME. You know – like those Twitter workers who are tolerated when they don’t show up for a week. Or only work 4 hours a week. THAT.

I am sure that if any kids did get “killed” the parents are going to be told the results are too gruesome to witness so just do a cremation or closed casket because “trust us you don’t want to see the body” and SOON, very soon, there will be more stained mattresses on Epstein’s island (which is still in full swing by the way)


Interesting it is that he just so happened to have “shot up” the most valuable little ones! Perfect for one of those beds in the following capture:

THIS IS HOW THEY GET THE VICTIMS FOR THEIR FALSE FLAG SHOOTINGS. It is easier to do this than be troubled with actual people.

NTS Notes: Well, I do have my differences from time to time with Jim, but he is so ‘SPOT ON’ with his analysis of this latest fraud in Texas…

So, where do we go from here? To me, I do want to see everyone spread this information around in the hope of still awakening those that do have a few brain cells left in their heads that this is yet another of those ‘false flag’ shootings that has the goal of trying to convince Americans to surrender their last line of defence against these criminals, which is of course their guns…

And yes, by just using common sense and logic, anyone can see that this ‘Texas shooting’ is so full of holes you could drive a MACK truck through them… And yet, even I living here in Canada am watching the lying whore media outlets scream 24/7 about this latest ‘outrage’ in America and not even bother with any forms of rationality that shows clearly that this is just another 100% fake…

Wake up, everyone, and especially my readers in America… You are all being treated as fools and idiots by these criminals, and are being led down the path to slaughter…..

More to come


Giving My Two Cents Worth On Several Ongoing Issues For Today

Well…. I have been once again busy with a LOT of chores and projects today around my humble abode….. Summertime is rapidly approaching, and with Spring being so gawd awful short thanks to those late ‘Colorado Low’ storms that gave us unusual amounts of snow earlier this spring and a heck of a lot of RAIN over the last few weeks, I have had to spend a lot of time in getting my yard to look like some form of what I call “normal”…

Therefore once again I have been sitting down in front of my IMAC computer when I have some ‘breaks’ and my surfing has been so limited over the last few days… However, with so much happening around our sick world over these last couple of days, I figure I would give my ‘2 cents worth’ on trying to give readers some sense of the TRUTH about these incidents…

First and foremost, we have that new fangled ‘false flag shooting’ down in Uvalde, Texas just the other day, and lo and behold but that ‘shooting’ occurred at a school of all places, which quickly had me thinking of the 100% FRAUD ‘mass shooting’ nearly a decade ago at ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School’ in Sandy Hook Connecticut where NOBODY DIED….. I actually spent 5 minutes reading the crap from the ‘official story’ of this latest bullshit and I smelled horse manure almost instantly!

In fact, and thanks to Jim Stone, over at his website at, apparently this Uvalde Texas fraud, where they are claiming some ’19 people have died’ (at the time of my posting) is 100% bovine excrement, as apparently the ONLY shooting was of the ‘transgender shootist’ that 18 year old latino ‘transsexual'(gee, what are the odds?) Salvador Ramos, was SHOT DEAD by someone using a concealed weapon (legal in Texas) even BEFORE he got anywhere near the school!

Here in fact are some of the details, derived right from Jim Stone’s website, here:

A reader sent:

Jim, my youngest son (who is 19 years old now) went to elementary, middle and high school in TX. Three different cities.

By the time 2014 rolled around, ALL schools in our area had been retrofitted (and new schools designed with) buzz- in systems, where you could not walk into the school without being buzzed in by the front office. Parents would literally have to give their name, the name of their student, and the reason for their visit. You would sit outside and wait a couple minutes while the administration and staff verified that your student was a real student at the school. 

Once inside, the only place accessible to any visitor was the front office. There was bulletproof glass and / or heavy locked doors leading to all other areas of the school, and this was at multiple schools throughout the years that my son attended. All schools were designed this way! It was done intentionally to stop mass shootings. 

There is no way that in 2022 the shooter had access to a classroom.

My response: Of course not. He never made it out of the parking lot. As you probably read, thanks for this confirmation. For everyone else, keep reading. This shooting was fake no ifs or buts.


But first this little tidbit. Some are saying this is not him, but early on this is who they said it was until he was swapped out for the guy with an AR15. I’ll go with this, since the earliest news reports said he was trans and upset with the way he was treated. It’s possible to get one or two details wrong, but when the original story was a trans with a hand gun who was mad about being disenfranchised and got shot by concealed carry in the parking lot where he was stopped I am having a hard time with a total flip to not trans with AR15 that went into the school. Sorry. Actually no. Not sorry. I know the agenda. The following tweet was posted HOURS after I knew this guy was trans.


Disgruntled LATINO TRANS teenage nutcase pulls up to school, shoots one round from a hand gun and is then shot by concealed carry IN THE PARKING LOT. It ended RIGHT THERE, IN THE PARKING LOT.

Anything else they spew is just another Sandy Hook. That was the FIRST STORY, where in the hell did 21 dead come from??? I was ignoring this because even an hour into it only the shooter got nailed and the story ended in the parking lot. So I figured the story would die and I ignored it only to find out some assinine gun grab pervert decided to launch.


Actually that’s not the ABSOLUTE ORIGINAL story, the ORIGINAL was that it was stopped IN THE PARKING LOT, there was no one “running to the school”. But at least this release said everyone was safe with only one person shot, omitting the fact that the one person shot was the original shooter. Taken out by concealed carry.

THAT is the story. Anything more is a “Sandy Hook”!!

NTS Notes: Yes, this is the REALITY of this 100% massive fraud that is being concocted and pushed by the LYING WHORE MEDIA right now…

And of course these liars are trying to fool the gullible and stupid American people into the falsehood that this is a ‘real shooting’ just to push for what the COMMIES in charge 100% want which is to unarm the American people…

And State Of The Nation has also picked up on this fraud, and have written their own summary in an article that I want to link to here:

NTS Notes: SPREAD this truth around, everyone.. And show everyone the reality that this ‘Texas Shooting’ is nothing of the sort, and is just as PHONEY as the Sandy Hook fraud from a decade ago… People do need to wake up on this one, definitely…

And of course I cannot overlook the happenings in the war in Ukraine… I will try to keep this short and simple here, as first I want to present the updated maps of this Ukraine war, thanks to the good writers over at Southfront (… Here is the first one of the overall war in Ukraine here:

Military Situation In Ukraine On May 25, 2022 (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

Next, we have the close up map of Eastern Ukraine, where the major fighting continues in the Donbas region as Russian forces are indeed doing ‘pincer movements’ to surround and trap Ukrainian army units.. Here is that map here:

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On May 25, 2022 (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

NTS Notes: Again, as before, these images may appear ‘blurry’ but they can be seen with more clarity by just clicking the pictures themselves…

The actual fighting in Ukraine, that is now in its 90th day, is exactly as I had predicted where the Russians are continuing to enlarge their holdings in the Donbas region and increasing the size of that large buffer zone to protect the Donbas and its breakaway republics…

Oh, and about that $40 Billion that is being thrown away in Ukraine by the criminal US government.. Here is an interesting link to a TASS article that shows the reality that barely 15% or some $6 Billion will be sent directly to Ukraine, here:

NTS Notes: My question of course is WHERE is the other $34 Billion going? Obviously to more bureaucracy and waste (and possibly into so many criminals’ pockets) definitely much like so much money that the US throws around these days….

And the real sad part being, that in spite of only getting barely $6 Billion which will be wasted in Ukraine, the Ukrainians will have to pay back the ENTIRE $40 Billion!!!!

I am of course going to continue over the next while my RELENTLESS attacks on the ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit, for I definitely want to see these bastards defeated on this one so as to at least wake up some around the world that they are truly being played as SUCKERS….

And in terms of ‘Monkeypox’, apparently the criminals are raring to go with injecting the fools out there with ‘Smallpox vaccines’ that they claim are ‘effective’ against ‘Monkeypox’! Yes, we have seen how effective the mRNA KILL SHOTS have been in ‘treating’ the fraud called ‘COVID-19’ over the last 2 years, so why not have the SUCKERS out there actually believe this nonsense as well…

I will be delving more into the FRAUD ‘vaccines’ that they have ‘ready to go’ for this FRAUD called ‘monkeypox’… But in the meantime, here is an interesting report from the website that discusses the presently known ‘side effects’ of these ‘Smallpox vaccines’… Here is that link here:

NTS Notes: Yes, most interesting.. And I do wonder what this will do to those who have had their immune systems utterly destroyed already by taking the COVID KILL SHOTS…. I can see countless numbers of deaths coming from this outrageous ‘vaccine’ indeed…

Well, that is enough for the moment… Right now I am beat as I spent nearly all of the day outside and I do need to have some much needed Rest and Relaxation… I will be presenting even MORE information of course over the next while to get the truth out about so many key issues that we face, and I do hope that readers are indeed going their diligence and taking my material and giving it out FREELY to everyone…

More to come


Monkeypox Bullshit: What Are These CRIMINALS Trying To Distract Us From?

Busy day today, as I have spent much of today working in my yard… My lawn still looks like a nightmare as the intensive ice that we had this spring and nearly unstoppable rains have done their damage and I will have to probably reseed, and do everything possible to make it somehow look ‘green’…. YES, I do love the outdoors and have long prided myself on trying to make the exterior of my home, and my lawn, look great….

But now I have a bit of time to sit down and do some major surfing of the Internet… I am still especially interested in ANYTHING concerning the fraud ‘Monkeypox’ SCAMDEMIC and ludicrous hysteria that the gullible and stupid out there have now about this latest fraud ‘deadly virus’….. And I have a few articles that were sent my way that I will try to cover here for today…

First, I did state it clearly in YESTERDAY’s long report that these scoundrels behind this entire fraud may indeed have worked so hard in their BIOWEAPONS LABORATORIES to ‘weaponize’ the ‘virus’ known as ‘Monkeypox’ to make what has long been a nuisance at best ‘virus’ a full blown KILLER…. And lo and behold, but the LYING WHORE MEDIA has now picked up (partially) on this aspect that this ‘virus’ has turned (somehow?) into a deadly virus…

I want to present right here the link to an article from the ‘Daily Mail’ (which I tend to call the Daily Fail for its nonstop propaganda and bullshit) that states that ‘virologists claim “hyper-mutated strain’ of this usually non-lethal ‘virus’ is now unleashed across the planet… Here is that link here:

I read this article, and I had to laugh for the sheer ludicrous nature of what it claims… And this is because there is NO WAY IN HELL that a ‘mutated’ form of any ‘virus’ can be more ‘deadly’ than the original strains UNLESS it has been WEAPONIZED..

Common sense here, and this is BIOLOGY 101 once again…EVERY new ‘strain’ of any contagion has nearly 100% been WEAKER than the original…Therefore, these new ‘strains’ of this Monkeypox, by this usage of common sense MUST be weaker than its original… That is unless someone has been playing around with its ‘genome’ and its RNA makeup to MAKE IT MORE DEADLY…. If this is the case, and we may be dealing with this as fact, then we have diabolical criminals releasing a pathogen purposely to KILL MILLIONS….

But again, I am not yet ‘sold’ on this being a ‘bioweapon’ for the fact remains that this came ‘out of the blue’ and that these monsters in charge did indeed run ‘bioweapon exercises’ last week, as shown in my previous articles, as ‘simulations’ to use agains the gullible public… That and of course these criminals may once again be using the lying whore media to run their campaign of FEAR on the gullible out there to have them come a running to get their latest ‘vaccines’ into their bodies to fight this fraud new ‘virus’…

And that may indeed be the case, for I want to present the following interesting report that comes courtesy of the Aletho News website, at, that asks the big question of ‘Is Monkeypox Hype A Paid Media Campaign?’…. Here is that article here:

Is Monkeypox Hype a Paid Media Campaign?

One Case in the US Gets Enormous Media Attention

By Igor Chudov | May 18, 2022

I love reading news and I know that I tend to be too alarmist. Thus, the recent monkeypox talk, that is all over the liberal press and Twitter, piqued my interest.

Is there a new terrible pandemic coming? Will it kill 10% of our population? Do we need to trust science, as always, and urgently inject ourselves with a recently developed “monkeypox vaccine”, that is definitely safe and effective? Should we forget Covid vaccination lies and abuses, endless illness among the boosted, etc, and again look at “health authorities” as our saviors, swallowing every word?

Or, perhaps, this is just noise and the media trying to distract us from something? Is someone paying off the media to sell us a new concern and new “treatments”?

Let’s look.

Monkeypox is Not Endemic to Humans and is Not New

Read this excellent article written before 2022, about monkeypox. Monkeypox is a virus with some genetic similarities to smallpox, that has somewhat similar presentation to smallpox through pus filled pustules.

It is not easy for humans to get infected with monkeypox. It is an animal disease, present among African rodents and other animals, that usually requires close human-animal contact to establish transmission. Thus, it is usually confined to rural Africa where people contact wild animals or butcher bushmeat.

Transmission of monkeypox is usually by direct contact with infected animals or possibly by eating poorly cooked meat from an infected rodent or monkey. Cutaneous or mucosal lesions on the infected animals are a likely source of transmission to humans, especially when the human skin is broken due to bites, scratches, or other trauma — are a likely source for virus infection. Human-to-human transfer, probably by infected respiratory droplets, is possible but is not often documented. One study suggested that only about 8%-15% of infections occurred through human-to-human transmission among close family members.

There were numerous outbreaks of monkeypox in the past, all receiving scant attention from the press.

How bad is the current monkeypox outbreak in the US? Only one person in the US was diagnosed with monkeypox as of May 18, 2022. (Read this again) Despite that, dozens of news articles in the corporate press were devoted to monkeypox and this one case.

Monkeypox is Still not Easily Transmissible

Provoking the ire of the LGBTQIA community, UKHSA reported that most of the several UK cases of monkeypox occur among men who have sex with men. While we should equally care about all citizens regardless of their sexual proclivities, the fact that monkeypox is confined to a specific sexual community suggests that there is something in that community that enables the (extremely limited) spread of monkeypox, but at the same time, it proves that monkeypox is still not airborne and does not spread between randomly chosen persons.

What could facilitate the spread of monkeypox among gay men? I do not know. As most past monkeypox outbreaks were associated with rodents, we first need to see if these men shared or used any rodents or had them as pets or some such.

Past Outbreaks of Monkeypox were Not Hyped Up

In 2003, 71 persons in the US were infected with monkeypox. That incident was also rodent driven, had very limited human-to-human transmission, and fizzled out as soon as it was identified and the rodents were taken care of.

This incident deservedly received very little coverage, mostly in the local press, and was forgotten as soon as it ended.

So what?

Despite literally zero indication that monkeypox deserves as much media attention as it receives, it could somehow become the next global plague just because anything is possible. Despite knowing that anything is possible, I see nothing concrete in this monkeypox talk other than a concerted media attempt at bringing attention to a topic that almost nobody should care about.

I was one of the numerous other people who realized that Covid-19 will be a global disaster in January 2020. I bought food, toilet paper etc, and had all money in cash (other than Berkshire Hathaway I never sell). I majorly shifted money into stocks on April 24, 2020, because I thought that we will get through Covid. To add something, I sold stocks too early in late 2020 due to overpricing concerns, and I do not normally trade to time markets. I am not and never was a market timer who would trade more than once a year or so. It was just a one-time deal due to the unusual Covid pandemic that I started following closely. This is just to say that I am trying to be realistic and have money on the line.

As of this day, May 18, 2022, I believe that monkeypox will not be the global disaster of the future. If I may predict what will, it is VAIDS and Chronic Covid and numerous economic dislocations and geopolitical problems, and endless war. (I do not try to predict bioterrorism such as Sars-Cov-2 because it is unpredictable). The bottom line is, bad times lie ahead, but monkeypox will remain a historical footnote.

To clarify, despite likely seeing bad times ahead, humanity will heal, thrive, and continue on, perhaps experiencing a population reduction that will not end the human race.

Why the Hype?

What is the reason “monkeypox awareness” is now promoted? I have no idea and I am willing to just wait until we find out. It could be:

  • Self fed media hysterics
  • Bill Gates promoting more vaccines
  • Paving a way for smallpox outbreaks
  • A way to distract us from boosted people dying from Covid
  • There is a possibility that Covid vaccination made gay people uniquely susceptible to monkeypox. If that is the case, it will be covered up, but will eventually come out.

My article is not attempting to prove a conspiracy theory about why exactly monkeypox is so elevated in the news coverage. I just want to point out that it does not deserve to be in the news so much.

What do you think? Who benefits from this monkeypox business?

NTS Notes: Clearly the answer to the headline for that article is a resounding “Yes”, for we have watched over the last 2.5 years now how the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets did indeed sell the gullible public a load of shit with their ‘COVID-19 SCAMDEMIC’ that caused BILLIONS to rush out to take those deadly KILL SHOTS into their bodies without one notion of actually thinking for themselves and asking if those ‘shots’ were indeed any good for their bodies! We now see the price for that folly with many now having ZERO immune systems at all to fight off a very possible weaponized version of ‘monkeypox’!

And I am not alone in looking at this ‘Monkeypox’ with so much scrutiny and red flags, for the writers over at ‘State Of The Nation’ have been all over this fraud, and have a great new article where they do ask the bigger question of ‘What are THEY trying to distract us from?’.. Here is the link to that article here:

NTS Notes: There are SO MANY still unanswered questions about this entire latest round of ongoing SCAMDEMICS….. I still have more questions of course than answers myself and will continue to search for the REAL ANSWERS about his fraud…. I am leaning on the idea that these pricks in charge NEED this latest fraud to get their newest WHO/WEF round of ‘negotiations’ that are right now ongoing to be ‘rubber stamped’ by the host nations due to this newest “Monkeypox” fear mongering campaign….

And one last thing…. Many have asked me about the latest ‘video’ by Canadian ‘Amazing Polly’ who of course is Paulina St George, who lives out of southern Ontario… Many have asked WHY I have not included her latest ‘video’ in these articles, and the answer is so simple, as Ms. St George to me has been promoting so much ‘disinformation’ over the last few years making the ludicrous claims that the criminals in charge that ‘run the world’ are NAZIS! Yes, this person has had the NERVE for the last few years to throw this “NAZI” garbage in everyone’s faces, and trying to sway everyone away from the truth that it is not ‘NAZIS’ that are at the bottom of the barrel and responsible for what ills the world, but criminal JEWS…..

BUT…. I am one that searches for truth at all times, and I actually watched ‘Amazing Polly’s’ latest video and it does cover a lot of facts about this Monkeypox madness… Thus to satisfy so many that may not have yet seen this video, I have the BITCHUTE link here:

Yes, I am giving ‘Polly’ kudos for this one… It just shows that even ‘disinformation’ artists do indeed put out great facts from time to time… It does not mean that I am suddenly supporting her though, for I still have my ‘red flags’ up on her overall and see her as ‘controlled opposition’ due to her incessant garbage about “NAZIS” which to me destroys her credibility in an instant.

I will be updating this article in the near future as more information arises…. We all must remain both weary and diligent about this ‘monkeypox’ bullshit and be READY as these monsters are definitely gunning to have this fraud take off world wide and use it to reintroduce ‘lockdowns’, ‘restrictions’ and other forms of punishment on the gullible public… Be ready and be alert, everyone..

More to come


The Life Of The “Unvaxxed” In Canada: 6 Million Canadians (Including Yours Truly) Detained In Largest PRISON On Planet Earth!

Honestly these days, I get up every morning and say ‘Thank goodness I have not taken the deadly KILL SHOTS’ knowing full well that I and some 6 Million plus other Canadians have rightfully refused these deadly injections in their bodies and may very soon be some of the ONLY Canadians left in this entire nation as all others that have taken these shots of certain death will indeed be sick and/or dying…

It has not been easy though, as I have indeed lost my job (put on ‘furlough’ and now forced to retire) due to my unwillingness to subject my body to lethal injections… I have true critical thinking skills and have LONG known how deadly and diabolical these KILL SHOTS against the phantom known as ‘COVID-19’ truly are….. I can though raise my head proudly and stand firmly in my convictions as myself and my own family have not bent over and succumbed to such madness…

However, this all has not come without a price to pay… And it has to do with the fact that we, the ‘unvaccinated’ have been subjected to horrific slander, slurs, and even a nationwide ‘travel ban’ that has us all basically prisoners in our own nation unable to go ANYWHERE outside of this 3.8 Million square mile prison….. All this due to that heinous prick of a ‘Prime Minister’ that notorious son of Fidel Castro, Justin “I am a fucking retard’ TURDEAU, who wants to force these KILL SHOTS into our bodies by every diabolical means necessary….

I therefore want to present the following report that comes from the ‘Sign Of The Times’ website at that is entitled: “6 Million Canadians Detained In Largest Prison In The World” and explains in detail some of the pain and suffering that I and others have had to endure because of our want to remain human… Here is that article, with my own thoughts and comments to follow:

6 million Canadians detained in largest prison in the world

Luma Catherine Malone
Sun, 24 Apr 2022 00:00 UTC

© Shutterstock
Travel Ban Restrictions Apply

I am one of over 6 million Canadians who are currently forbidden to board an airplane, train, boat or long-haul bus to travel across Canada or leave Canada. The Federal Ministry of Transportation put this rule into effect in October 2021. Now it is late April 2022. The Federal Government of Canada continues to refuse to lift this travel ban. Period. No comment. No discussion. No debate. In addition to the Canadian government travel ban, the United States government forbids us to cross the border by car into the USA. 

I am one of over 6 million Canadian citizens who are currently being held as political prisoners. The walls of this very large prison are the borders and shorelines of Canada. There are vast amounts of land within the walls of this prison, so it would appear to other Canadians that we are free. But the travel ban has created walls that feel as real as the Berlin Wall once was. I wake up at night, my flight response activated, heart pounding, adrenalin running, terrified. During the day I listen to friends, neighbours and collegues talk about their recent trips to visit family in Canada or holidays abroad. Many are oblivious to the fact that I am one of the invisible prisoners. This disturbs me even more deeply than the midnight panic attacks. 

What crime did 6 million Canadians commit? What laws did we break? Why must we be held captive within the borders of Canada? What danger do we pose to airplanes, trains, buses and boats? What harm might we inflict upon our fellow travellers? What havoc might we wreak upon other nations? Why have we been vilified, demonized and condemned? 

I am one of over 6 million Canadians who have made health choices other than the government, big pharma and globalist agenda sanctioned drug injection program. I erroneously believed that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a document that protects Canadian citizens from government over reach and tyranny. I innocently believed I lived in a free, democratic country. I received a very shocking wake up call, as did millions of Canadians. Millions have also lost much more than the ability to travel or leave the country. I wonder what it will take for more Canadians to receive their wake up calls. 

When the travel ban was announced in August 2021, I was sitting with my mother and sister on the backyard deck at my mother’s home in Toronto. I had flown from my home on Vancouver Island to visit my family, whom I hadn’t seen in 2 years. No drug injections, QR coded vaxports or tests were required to fly. The travel ban announcement pierced me like an arrow to my heart. I collapsed to the ground, weeping. Fear, anger and hurt that I had been silently harbouring since the onset of the plandemic, spilled out. I screamed. I raged. I voiced my heretical views unabashedly. My mother and sister listened. 

I expressed how vulnerable and terrified I had been feeling since the Canadian government began to demonize the “unvaxed” and millions of Canadians fell inline like petty bullies, parroting hateful propaganda. I told them how upsetting it was to listen to close relatives condemn and denounce the crazy anti-vaxxers and freedom protesters while we sipped lemonade together at a family gathering. How hurt I felt when I was not welcome in the homes of other family and friends. My sister admitted she was afraid I would die if I didn’t get the vax. I admitted I was afraid my entire family would die because they are all double vaxed. My sister and I laughed. Then we cried. Feeling our love, care and concern for each other, tender places in my heart opened. I let go and cried even more. My mother looked on with slight puzzlement and hugged me. 

My mother’s memory and daily functioning are rapidly declining with the onset of Alzheimers. She was always a critical thinker. Even though she struggles to articulate her thoughts, she knows that something is not right. Since the lockdowns and social distancing began in 2020, services, in person programs and assessments for people living with Alzheimers all stopped. She lives alone. My siblings who live in Toronto are her primary support. I live 3500 km away. It takes 5-6 days to drive to Toronto from Vancouver Island. It takes 5 hours to fly. 

My flight back home departed the day after the travel ban announcement. Not knowing if I would be able to fly again anytime in the near future, my goodbyes were heavy with gravity and finality. When I arrived back in British Columbia, the dreaded vaxpass was in effect. More mandates were piling on like heavy weights. The vilification, harassment of dissidents and discrimination against the “unvaxed” increased. I rarely ventured out into cold, inhospitable, public spaces where I was not welcome. The walls of the invisible prison were closing in stronger and tighter as the cold, dark winter nights grew longer and longer. 

And then, utterly surprisingly, the Freedom Convoy broke through. It was stunning. A massive wake up call, honking and rumbling across Canada. Big and bold for all to see. I felt elated and euphoric. Surely this would ignite the hearts of millions more Canadians to stand and restore freedom and democracy. I was shocked and horrified when the Prime Minister essentially declared war on citizens who oppose government tyranny and many Canadians agreed with his policies. Then attention was redirected to foreign wars. Now unvaccinated Ukrainians are allowed to fly on connecting flights within Canada, but unvaccinated Canadian citizens are not. Read about exemptions here 

It is now April 2022. My mother’s cognitive decline continues. Her driver’s licence was taken from her when she failed a recent memory assessment. Very soon she will need to move out of her beloved home and into a senior’s residential care facility. She too is losing her autonomy, ability to travel, as well as many of her cherished freedoms. Every time I speak to her, she asks about my plans to come to Toronto. She emails me numerous times every week, inquiring about my flight dates. I tell her I can not book a flight because I can not board an airplane. 

She can’t understand why. Neither can I.

NTS Notes: I have long known that this ‘travel ban’ has been nothing but more coercion to try to force we ,the smartly still human beings, to have their KILL SHOTS shoved into our bodies…

And we cannot forget the fact that TURDEAU himself wants to see every Canadian shot up with this deadly garbage for all he cares about is the MASSIVE profits that he and his family will make by their 40% ownership in ACUITAS bio pharmaceuticals that invented the ‘transfection’ method of having the deadly RNA from the KILL SHOTS infest our cells turning cells into permanent producers of deadly spike proteins…

It must also be noted that the criminal ‘government’ here in Canada had passed ‘new rules’ that would see this ‘travel ban’ on the ‘unvaccinated’ enforced for at least 3 YEARS, meaning that there could be NO ‘lifting’ of this ban until at least October 2024….. But if TURDEAU and his minions remain in power beyond that date, dollars to donuts he will simply ‘extend’ that ban indefinitely….

Yes, I am indeed a prisoner in my own country… My plans for any travel across this nation are now limited to car travel (watch as TURDEAU even attempts to ban that as well..) in this province or to neighbouring provinces….

Just remember, this ‘ban’ is indeed against every provision of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms… AND there are indeed court cases coming up to challenge this illegal ‘ban’… BUT with TURDEAU in charge and running the country like a true dictator, he will simply make sure that any court cases run by crooked judges will make sure that this ‘ban’ continues as a means of punishment against myself and others for simply wanting to remain as true human beings…

More to come


And So It Begins Again: Here Comes The Monkeypox Bullshit Fear Mongering: Some Interesting Articles About This Fraud!

Yes, here we go with the incessant ‘fear mongering’ about this FRAUD known as ‘monkeypox’… You cannot turn on the electric Jew, or as I call it the TALMUDVISION or ‘Idiot Box’ these days and not be inundated by the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets spewing their garbage that this laughable “Monkeypox” is the ‘greatest pandemic of all time’ and that we must once again ‘run to the hills’ or ‘cower in fear’ for this latest new fangled BULLSHIT is going to ‘kill us all’…

And look, here is a reality check before I go into further details… MONKEYPOX is a real ‘disease’ that was indeed discovered in Africa well over a century ago… But it is NOT anything like ‘Smallpox’ for it has severe limitations and has not been seen beyond the tropical regions of Africa at all, as the ‘virus’ cannot survive in colder climates at all…. And, this ‘disease’ is not airborne at all, period.. It is transmitted by close contact with a person or animal that is a carrier of this disease..

However, we do of course live in most interesting times, especially with all of those so amazing “bio-research laboratories” across the planet that have been said to be working wonders for the ‘betterment of mankind’… To which I have to vomit and call BULLSHIT, for nearly ALL of those facilities have been used as ‘bioweapon facilities’ to take bacteria and ‘viruses’ that in most cases are not deadly at all and turn them all, by tweaking their very RNA makeup, into deadly pathogens for the murdering of mankind…..

Thus, somewhere in the bowels of one of these ‘laboratories’ I will bet ANYTHING that some of the most sinister “humans” imaginable have been tweaking around with ‘Monkeypox’ for at least the last 20+ years in attempts to make it a ‘super weapon’ pathogen for murdering millions of their fellow human beings.. And apparently they may have met with some success for NOW we have some ‘forms’ of this ‘Monkeypox’ that basically does little harm and causes symptoms akin to Influenza as well as some minor ‘rashes’, and turned it into a possible weapon of world wide mass destruction that is no longer needing ‘tropical conditions’ to survive and is found EVERYWHERE around the world….

OK, Now readers see what is happening here… It was not good enough for these criminals with their fraud SCAMDEMIC of the ludicrous ‘COVID-19’ BULLSHIT and the effective propaganda of getting nearly 5 BILLION retarded people world wide to line up like dumb ass sheep to take KILL SHOTS into their bodies that will indeed eventually kill them all, and in the meantime destroy their very immune systems, but now they have gone to their ‘PLAN B’ (or is it now ‘PLAN C’?) and have their latest ‘pox’ on the world released apparently to once again scare the gullible into sheer panic and have them all foolishly line up to take their NEWEST ‘KILL SHOTS’ into their bodies that gosh darn it have ‘ready to go’ against this ‘Monkeypox’… Yes, humanity truly is this stupid and ignorant, or so it seems…..

Well… First to cover the ‘fear mongering’… And I want to present here the link to an important article from ‘Zero Hedge’ at where apparently the first ‘quarantines’ against the people for this fraud called ‘Monkeypox’ have started in Belgium, while in America that sinister criminal that keeps shitting himself in public, Joe Biden is warning Americans that ‘everyone should be concerned’ about this fraud.. HERE is the link to that article:

OK, And yes, as the title of my article states “and so it begins again”…. And yes, I will guarantee that the fear mongering is only beginning in earnest and will increase in intensity as this week and the following weeks roll along…

And gosh darn, what about the WHO who I will state are CLEARLY behind this ‘monkeypox’ fiasco as they want to use it as a weapon to gain ‘world control’… Well, according to the following link they are already holding ’emergency meetings’ to discuss this ‘monkeypox threat’… Here is that link here:

Yes, what a coinky dink that these monsters are already meeting with the WEF and other criminal groups this week ALREADY to discuss their newest attempt at world control via their new fangled ‘vaccine laws’… Now they can use this ‘monkeypox’ to pour fuel on the fire and push nations to sign onto their sinister goals of world domination, definitely …

And yes, since the ‘WHO’ is already fully controlled by that heinous monster, Bill Gates, they will probably get what they want… And Bill Gates will have fulfilled his desires as shown in that gloating video from last year, in getting the world’s ‘attention’ via this latest fraud SCAMDEMIC…

OH, and as I stated above, we all can ‘count our blessings’ that they have the ‘vaccine’ for this ‘monkeypox’ ALREADY ready to go and want to roll it out immediately to EVERYONE and every ‘affected’ nation on the planet…. Yes, this is indeed a ‘miracle’ right? For the fact remains that it takes YEARS of research, even if it was ’round the clock’ to get a ‘vaccine’ for a major pathogen ready to go, and that does not even include the much needed ‘human trials’ just to make sure the damn stuff actually works … But what the heck, right? Forget all of that for we have our ‘miracle’ and the ‘vaccines’ are indeed about to be injected into anyone that wants them..

But what about these ‘vaccines’ themselves? Should there be more questions about what they will do to people that take them into their bodies? Well, the answer may be in the following link that does indeed put out warnings that the risk of these vaccines and their complications way outweigh the benefits against this ‘monkeypox’… Here is that link here:

Ah, yes… Lets shove these needles into the gullible public and who the fuck cares about the adverse effects, right? Strangely reminiscent of their KILL SHOTS for ‘COVID-19’, and how those shots are certain death for those who take them indeed….

So, what is really going on here? Well, basically these pricks behind the WHO and our criminal governments are selling us on a ‘disease’ that basically is NO THREAT to anyone… There are basically some 200 or so (at this point in time of this writing) claimed ‘victims’ of this ‘monkeypox’ and apparently in most cases the disease does NOT KILL at all… ‘

But I do have some terrible gut feelings about what this is really all about, and it has to do with those who have stupidly taken the COVID-19 fraud and killer KILL SHOTS into their bodies, and I will explain it here:

Monkeypox is basically NOT as ‘vigilant’ or deadly as Smallpox, and its symptoms appear to be much the same as what we find in both chicken pox and cowpox…. And we cannot forget that it still as of this point is not an ‘airborne’ disease and is passed around by contact with those carrying it unwittingly…

Basically with a healthy immune system, the human body will ‘shrug off’ the most dangerous parts of this pathogen and the patient will get over it with symptoms much like the common cold but with a possible rash on the body that passes rather quickly.. That is of course for those with a healthy immune system….

But we live in most interesting times now, where nearly 5 BILLION people across the planet have been STUPID ENOUGH to take the fraud KILL SHOTS and have had their immune systems destroyed as a result… Thus many of these fools, with NO immune systems, if they contract ‘Monkeypox’ will have this ‘virus’ go wild across their bodies with lesions and other horrible effects as well as DEATH… This is all due to the fact that there will be zero antibodies to stop the monkeypox virus from spreading across their bodies at all, which will indeed lead to severe results with MANY dying…

Thus I have a sick feeling that these monsters running the COVID-19 scam knew that their KILL SHOTS would prime the bodies of those stupid enough to take them and thus have ZERO DEFENCE against their real goal which is to unleash this ‘monkeypox’ and possibly a few other pathogens as well to make sure most of these 5 BILLION fools do indeed die…

Be ready everyone… These monsters in charge are indeed wanting ‘SCAMDEMIC part II’ to happen right now, and to have everyone stupid enough to once again cower in unwarranted fear…. I for one know that truth about what is going on, and I do hope that many share my findings in the hope that people will not be fooled again….

Remember the saying ‘Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice, shame on me…” This may be so true in terms of what we are witnessing with this monkeypox fiasco…

First Update, May 23rd, 2022: My fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, has her own takes on this ‘monkeypox’ fraud, and I want to share the link to her latest article here:

I find it intriguing that Greencrow has brought up ‘Morgellons Disease’ for I too have wondered about that ‘illness’ that many are still unaware of and/or that others still think is a ‘phantom’… It does warrant some investigation, and I will check further into the subject…

And of course Greencrow brings forward some more interesting links to other articles worth noting….

And another update, May 23rd, 2022: Jeff Rense and Erika Khan are now tackling the ‘Monkeypox’ fiasco and covered some of this situation in last Friday’s podcast.. Here is the link to that podcast here:

Definitely worth the listen… I will be following even more findings and will be updating this article, and presenting new articles about this latest scam as information comes forward… So stay tuned…

And yet another update, May 23rd, 2022:

Here is another interesting article, where a real doctor is calling bullshit on this ‘monkeypox threat’ by basically calling so much of the fear mongering basically baseless and the entire fear from this ‘virus’ unwarranted and a ‘myth’:

Yes, just more ‘fuel for the fire’ and another article for everyone to read and spread around…

More to come


Our Nightmare Will NEVER End, Until WE Make It End!

As I have typically done now for months, after I write my weekend rant I tend to take the rest of Sunday as time off for some much needed rest and relaxation… That and I am still getting one heck of a lot of yard work done as it is finally dry and no longer a swamp due to the nearly incessant rains that we have had in this part of Canada….

And lo and behold, but my good friend and colleague, John Kaminski, has just released a brand new article through his website at and I definitely want to share it with my own readers here… This one is entitled; “Our Nightmare Will Never End” with the subtitle of ‘Until We Make It End”…. I have it right here in its entirety, followed of course by my usual two cents worth of thoughts and comments:

Our nightmare will never end

 Published: Sunday, 22 May 2022 13:47


Can you remember when your
government ever told the truth?


Awaken or die is now your last cry

The nightmare re-emerges. No, wait, it has never ended. We think we are awake, but are not. We’re still trapped in this tortuous dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but instead, in one dark moment after another, lie is piled upon lie, and the pile becomes as high as a skyscraper, which suddenly explodes, and you see the little silhouettes of bodies fluttering down through the flames and the smoke, but you turn your head away at the last minute and imagine you cannot hear the splat and what that will mean to a wife in an apron waiting at home a few moments later when a sudden announcement comes on TV . . . or what that will mean to a country that thought it was free . . . and a sudden dark shadow flashes across the sun that for so many will never shine again . . . has never shined again since that terrible day.

Because no one will stand up, thousands of terrible days await us in our awful future.

The nightmare re-emerges and then you realize in a sudden internal burst of shame and anger that it has never ended. It was the mention of Chertov and Gorelick that triggered the thought that threw me over the edge! These two servile Jewish pawns who assisted in the lies that were told by our leaders that wrecked the country and stunned the world with their false fable of how Arab terrorists who couldn’t even drive a car stole four airplanes full of screaming passengers and crashed them into the history of the world . . . which has never been accurate and truthful ever since. Of course, some of us learned it never was honest before that, either.

At first I couldn’t believe they would run this same scam again, but of course they always do.

Chertov, whose name really means ‘the devil’, once the man in charge of our Homeland Security hit squad, who secretly let all those Jewish ‘art students’ fly back to Israel after they had been brought here to ‘document the event’ without so much as a ‘What are you doing here?’, later to make millions from selling metal detectors to airports because of rules he created to help capture terrorists he also helped create.

And Gorelick, another one of an endless list of court Jews like Zelikow, Mukasey, Wolfowitz and Perle who tailored the false narratives that warped America into a monster that made war on itself and still does. Now both of these forked tongue monsters, Chertov and Gorelick, have been recruited to ‘fix’ the bureaucratic birth defects in Joe Biden’s vomitous Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, which promises to prohibit all false stories about our honest government from the lips and minds of those white terrorists whom our feeble minded chief executive insists are the main threat to peace in the world.

A narrative of unreality
forced down our throats

I got to thinking the other day that in the tear-drenched weeks after 9/11 that America has never received such sympathy and compassion from everyone in the world for the terrible loss it endured on that tragic day. Peace, in fact, was never so secure despite the sinister fact that at that very moment the despots who contrived this whole demonic exercise were contemplating their future raids on Iraq and Afghanistan and other places that had nothing to do with the 9/11 caper.

Destroying a couple of buildings that needed to be demolished anyway was never the key point of this evil exercise. It was the contrived excuse to demonstrate a murderous rage against the whole world — a telltale signature of Jewish behavior throughout history, this irrational hatred of everyone — that was the real rationale behind this incomparably perfidious plan whose echoes of pain still resonate in the relatives of needlessly dead victims.

Observe, please, that the greatest hate crime in history is none other than the Jewish Talmud, which vomits forth its hatred of everyone while pious Jewish politicians wring their hands in mock concern while preaching equitable distribution of other people’s money along with exemption from all the vicious crimes of their own that murder innocent children each and every day in every country on Earth.

Chertov and Gorelick were among the cynical creators of the hollow 9/11 report that failed to answer any of the key questions that left a large segment of the U.S. population in downright disbelief at what they were told by their crooked government. Only a constant barrage of media manipulation suppressing the actual truth eventually overcame resistance to the idea that imaginary Arab terrorists were behind these monstrous misdeeds.

But since that time Americans have been overwhelmed by fantasy scenarios always cloaking motives of thievery about the need to invade foreign countries. We have been shell-shocked by choreographed school shootings, inexplicable fire disasters and a whole laundry list of contrived crises that attempted to demonstrate how valuable this corrupt this corrupt government was in protecting the people from disasters it created itself, right down to the guns we provided to Mexican drug gangs or the $82 billion in military hardware when we abandoned to our folly in Afghanistan.

This contemptuous comedy has only accelerated in recent years with the staged farce of a fixed election followed by the self-abuse of a senile president deliberately destroying the systems that make America work, culminating in preposterous expenditures for a corrupt cabal in Ukraine while starving Americans who continue to be suffocated by their government after being poisoned by a bogus vaccine.

Thus what started out after 9/11 continues today. We’re still trapped in this agonizing dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but we see now as a developing plot to actually deliberately murder most of us based on a Jewish plots to save the world from overpopulation. To those who know their history, this has been their basic scheme for thousands of years.

This nightmare of human self-destruction is a decidedly Jewish plot. These kosher killers spew out their smug justifications for why they need to steal billions of dollars to protect themselves from their neighbors whom they constantly abuse. Their toxic financial tentacles spread stealthily, strangling countries around the world with their irresistible extortive schemes pay their bribes or face sure destruction of their business enterprises.

And the majority of debilitated goyim, victims, their eyelids drooped and their shoulders slumped from the endless blackmail, either pay the freight or end their lives like the millions of Chinese minions who with their final screams jump out the windows of skyscrapers.

It should be clear
that our end is near

It should also be clear that Joe Biden was hired to do a job, and that job was to facilitate the destruction of the United States of America.

When you itemize what he has done since he was installed in the White House by a demonic coalition of corrupt government officials who had dominated the law through the debilitating Obama years and corrupt Jewish controlled media ceaselessly working to spread the Jewish infection of false information throughout the land, every move Biden has made — from the closing of the pipeline and the opening of the border all the way up to back Ukraine in a war that U.S.-Jewish perfidy had started eight years ago — has been the opposite of what would have been beneficial to the economic and social health of the U.S.

From the beginning loyal American taxpayers have been stiffed in favor of anonymous unregulated immigrants granted lucrative benefits denied to U.S. citizens. Skyrocketing crime implicating illegal immigrants of color has been the major danger to both people and businesses that somehow has been flipped on its head by Jewish media to be reported as white supremacy being the ultimate menace, leading to the appointment of black people being appointed to positions of power for which they are profoundly unqualified, leading to the further destabilization of the country, particularly the military.

The promotion of sexual perversion throughout Jewish owned media and publicly funded universities has further destabilized the Christian family system upon which a functional social society was efficiently built. Now they’re tearing down revered status and burning humble businesses while bellowing obscene complaints that demand benefits they have never deserved over affronts they have never suffered. The idea that anyone should be qualified for jobs simply because of their color has ruined more than one corporation, and in the case of Disney, has wrecked a stabilizing influence of childhood stability with pernicious perversion of ultimate benefit to no one, even its practitioners.

All this destruction has been accomplished by an outside influence, a group that fits in nowhere and swindles everywhere which has now, by dumbing down the population, set everyone up for a mindless slaughter that will include all those who tried to be honest and tried to support their government but who discovered too late that they had not adequately perceived the lies and deceptions that are now causing the destruction of everyone they ever loved and everything they ever built.

So where do you go when there’s nowhere to turn? How do you awaken from a nightmare that never ends? Do you stand up bravely like that boy in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square only to silently disappear later among hundreds of thousands who suffered the same fate? This happened in 1969. Despite the silence of the prostituted press, this process has never stopped, and will never stop until enough people say ‘no’.

And as we ship our hard earned money off to faraway places only to be siphoned off and brought back home by our prostituted politicians, we dare not ask ourselves if there will ever be enough of us to stop this swindle and this slaughter.

Because surely we know from the melancholy archives of twisted history that there never have been enough brave souls to stand up to the monsters who sweep us toward oblivion like so many unwanted insects. Oh so soon there will be no more of us bugs buzzing in the silent night, all because too many of us kept silent about the sly embezzlement of our past and the brazen theft of our future.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: John is so right in stating that WE are the only ones that can fix this mess that we are in, as our criminal ‘governments’ have NEVER been for the will of the people and answer only to criminal Elite JEWISH monsters and their minions….

And of course John does take on the 9-11 fiasco in America that was 100% a JEWISH plot for the takeover of the nation through the criminal acts that followed that heinous criminal event…To me, it is so sad that nearly 21 years now after that ISRAELI and MOSSAD run event that the American people still do not get it, and how these monsters are still able to get away with this crime..

And yes, ABSOLUTELY that COMMUNIST criminal prick that continues to shit his pants in public, the dementia filled pedophile Joe Biden was put into the White House just to enable the total destruction of the last vestiges of the American republic… And as I stated so many times before, the dumb ass American so called ‘patriots’ have done NOTHING to stop that destruction that will lead to millions of Americans sick from the KILL SHOTS and/or dying from the impending FAMINE that has been artificially caused by these heinous pricks in charge..

Once again, a superb article that should be passed around to everyone that you can be in contact with… For our time is now short especially with the ever increasing censorship that these monsters are unfurling so rapidly that will probably see both John and myself possibly taken off the internet for simply telling the truth….

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

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Sunday… ‘Victoria Day’ long weekend up here in central Canada, and time again for my weekly rant…

Well? What can I say about the screwball weather that we have endured so far this year in these parts? Just the other night the temperature went down to a balmy -2C which is a near record low for that night, and most of the days have been abysmally cold and wet…. The rains have FINALLY stopped as of yesterday afternoon and we had a strange occurrence where the sky was actually clear which had not happened for weeks….

I just have to laugh when I see the numb skulls out there that are still trying to promote the fraud of ‘Global Warming’ aka ‘Climate Change’ and where some idiot wrote an article claiming that this year, 2022, will be the ‘warmest year on record’ which we have heard for the last few decades…. I just do not see it at all, as temperatures right across this country and in fact across the entire northern hemisphere have been going DOWN steadily for the last decade at least…. It is therefore a case here that someone is lying and obviously it is the idiots who claim ‘record temperatures’….

Monkeypox…. Yes, that is the newest catch phrase that is all over the LYING WHORE MEDIA these days, and of course they are on top of that fraud with their constant propaganda of fear porn that this is the latest and greatest ‘killer virus’ out there and everyone must cower in fear or ‘run to the hills’ in panic…. Seriously? Are people truly this stupid and ignorant that they will fall for this garbage once again like they did with the former SCAMDEMIC ‘COVID-19’ fraud? Sadly the answer is YES….

And lets face reality here about this ‘monkeypox’… It is NOT smallpox at all, and is somewhere in between smallpox and chicken pox in terms of its severity…. If someone is unlucky enough to catch this ‘virus’ the most that they would get under normal circumstances is a high fever and rashes that would go away naturally within a few days… But again this is under ‘normal circumstances’ and I am finding more and more that this ‘version’ of monkeypox is anything but normal…

Of course we have already seen African Doctors and Scientists now scratching their heads in terms of the ‘news’ about Monkeypox suddenly appearing almost out of nowhere across the northern hemisphere and down in Australia….. They know that Monkeypox is associated with other subtropical diseases and has ALWAYS, at least until now, been only seen in Africa… Therefore they are right in their asking as to how in the fuck it is now appearing in places where it has never been seen before?

It is therefore quite obvious by now that this ‘monkeypox’ is either the next greatest hoax, or we are dealing with a modified weaponized variation of this usually non lethal ‘virus’…. I am leaning on the latter as we all know by now about how truly diabolical these criminal monsters in charge, mostly JEWISH of course, are in terms of their hatred for all of humanity and wanting to see the majority of us the ‘useless eaters’ all DEAD….. Thus it is logical to assume that they have turned their so called ‘bioweapons research laboratories’ into trying to figure out how to fully weaponize monkeypox and make it extremely lethal…. We have seen these monsters do this already so many times, and yet the general public, as stupid as ever, simply do not even rationalize or see it happening…

To me, this sudden ‘outbreak’ of Monkeypox has been a long time in coming… Many remember last year when that ultra criminal Bill Gates and his man-wife Melinda, both smirked and gloated in front of the cameras where they announced that there would be a second pandemic that would be worse than the first one that was based upon the COVID-19 fraud…. And yet as usual the simple minded retards out there simply cannot even see this, for the fact is that these criminals are so psychopathic that they get their jollies in actually announcing their crimes to the world!

And of course we have that military exercise that was conducted last year that ran simulations based upon the sudden outbreak of ‘Monkeypox’ that was, get this, slated to occur in the simulation on May 15th, 2022… Lo and behold, but I will bet anything that the first announcements of this ‘monkeypox’ bullshit was put forward by the lying whore media on exactly May 15th, meaning last weekend….. And that ‘simulation exercise’ claimed that this ‘monkeypox’ would go world wide and kill MILLIONS by the end of this coming Summer… Again, these pricks throw this right in our faces all the time and yet few actually and logically understand that this is all a twisted and sick game to force us all into their enslavement..

Now the real kicker… Monkeypox is, as I said above, not a ‘life threatening illness’ much like COVID-19 was not as well…. Most of humanity would shrug off this ‘virus’ easily if they had a fully functioning immune system… But the reality now is that since nearly 5 BILLION retards around the planet have taken the horrific KILL SHOTS that destroy their immune systems, Monkeypox will take hold in these retards with NO immune systems very easily and will do horrific damage and even KILL…..

Yes, it could not have been planned any better… First load the retards out there with KILL SHOTS that destroy their immune systems, and then release a new ‘pathogen’ that will kill off those that have stupidly destroyed their ability to fight off diseases naturally…. Thus it can be said that COVID-19 was put into the mindset of gullible fools to prime them for the REAL bioweapon which could indeed be this ‘monkeypox’…

And the final kicker? Remember that huge meeting of the criminals in the WEF/WHO that is happening right now to put us all under total enslavement? The timing of this meeting is just too perfect, for the WHO itself just ‘warned’ the world that “monkeypox” is now reaching ‘pandemic levels’ and these monsters will be in that meeting with this ‘ace in the hole’ to use as their excuse to launch their digital surveillance network as well a new ‘global pandemic laws’… With the fear mongering of this fraud ‘monkeypox pandemic’ now announced, I will bet anything that they will have every nation bow down and give away their national sovereignty in a heartbeat….

Besides the monkeypox false fear mongering, I am so sick and tired of the lying whore media these days where they are still trying to spin the defeat at Mariupol in the Ukrainian war so that to make those criminal mass murdering psychotic ‘Neo-Nazis’ look like heroes to the world… Not a peep of course about the horrific number of innocent civilians that these ‘heroes’ killed as they tried to hang onto that Azovstal Steel mill hoping that the world would ‘intervene’ to prevent their surrender… To me, this is one of the most blatant lies ever by the lying whore media outlets ever… But it only shows that the first casualty in any war is the truth…

Yes, Mariupol has FINALLY fallen… And the Russians not only have the city but other great prizes in terms of those western agents, officials, and military personnel, that were captured in the final surrender…. I look at those ‘military personnel’, especially those Canadians that were captured as not only mercenaries, but criminals that should be put on trial by the Russians for not only their participation in the war crimes against civilians in Mariupol, but their involvement in the massive bioweapons facilities that the Russians have now fully uncovered in Mariupol itself…. There should be a speedy trial, and for those involved in war crimes, executions to follow…

Meanwhile, I could be right in my statement that the Russians are aiming to finish off their offensive operations in Ukraine very shortly… They have secured some 95% of their initial goals in this now 88 day war, and have created that massive buffer zone in the Donbas region to prevent any future operations by the Ukrainian military against the people of the Donbas for the foreseeable future…. That, and the Ukrainian military has been so severely beaten, with much of their armaments destroyed, to the point now that many want to have the criminal psychotic US puppet regime in Kiev seek terms of surrender with the Russians to stop further bloodshed especially against the civilians….

But of course we have the lunatics in charge in both NATO and the US still frothing at the mouth with the idea that they could turn Ukraine into a ‘quagmire’ for the Russians… And these fools are still sending in BILLIONS of dollars of new ordinance for the Ukrainian military that has been a primary target of the Russian airforce for months now…. I have seen a continuing stream of videos and pictures of proud Russian military standing next to enormous piles of NATO ordinance and weaponry and all I can think about is the BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars wasted in this folly.. And do not even get me started about the recent $40 BILLION ordered by the US Congress that will also be wasted away in Ukraine…. Yes, war is indeed a racket and the only ones making profit from this waste is the huge military industrial complex and criminal JEWISH bankers….

I want to touch on a few other subjects for the rest of this rant… One being the recent claims made by Jim Stone and a few others about the Great Sphinx in Egypt suddenly closing its eyes at the beginning of the week along with its lips….. I have watched and looked at the videos and pictures that support that claim and I still am thinking that all this is due to angle of shadows and the angles of where the pictures were actually taken from… That and I have to apply some common sense here for the fact is that the Great Sphinx actually predates the beginning of Ancient Egyptian history by at least 5000 years… This is due of course to the ever increasing hypothesis that the Great Sphinx actually had a face of a lion that was chiseled down by the Egyptians in later millennia to take the look of a man…. Thus the Great Sphinx is so much older than any one may assume, around 12000 years old in my estimate….. And thus the idea that it is a mechanical device that is still able to operate in such a manner after 12000 years raises so many red flags with yours truly….. Therefore Jim Stone does write an interesting and intriguing article about this ‘eyes closing’ on the Great Sphinx, but I am not sold on it but find it very interesting….

I did not touch on the ‘baby formula’ problem in America for the last week, but someone said I should at least give my two cents worth… I see this as DELIBERATELY planned and undertaken by the CRIMINAL US government that wants to project this ‘baby formula’ shortage much like they are now projecting shortages of every other major food item across America for their planned famine to take place as early as this coming Autumn….. And yes, many new mothers that could not breast feed got caught up in this shortage and demanded that the US government do ‘something’ to which they finally relented and went to foreign sources for much needed baby formula supplies…. I had hoped that this one would have been an eye opener for most Americans and would have started a nation wide revolt, especially for the fact that these criminals were indeed out to starve children, but there has been NONE! I can only shake my head in disgust for it shows that the American public are now too stupid to stop the criminality of the COMMUNISTS in charge and will only bend over and take it without ANY resistance..

And of course we have ‘Elon Musk’ and his wanting to control that criminal spy program called ‘Twitter’ by throwing some 43 BILLION DOLLARS to claim ownership, even though now there are so many questions now about this ‘acquisition’… I have NEVER trusted Elon Musk, for he is just as much a criminal as the rest of the bastards in charge… This man is fully in support of every aspect of the SCAMDEMIC and honestly does not care about ‘free speech’ at all…. Then we have his ‘former’ partner, that insane “Claire Elise Boucher” who goes by the name ‘Grimes’ who is just a raving lunatic and 100% psychotic to boot…..I for one will never ever give Elon Musk a pass or look at him as some type of ‘hero’ as so many gullible fools now are, for the man is 100% criminal and fully on board with every aspect of the JEWISH criminal elite…

OK, I have spewed enough about the major subjects on my criminal mind… But of course I have as always, my own two cents worth on a wide range of other happenings in our sick world, and I do want to cover as many as I can here in my closing ‘last minute tidbits’…… RIGHT ON CUE and as I have said for the last year at least, the lying whore media is out there vilifying North Korea, claiming that small pathetic nation is somehow a ‘danger to the planet’. As I have said so many times, these bastards do this once and a while and purposely to keep the false fear mongering going. The reality being that North Korea is NO threat to anyone and should be simply left alone……. And of course also right on cue, here comes the ‘China threat’ again. Just like North Korea, just more fear mongering, but now being used as an excuse to get China’s neighbours to gang up together and form ‘alliances’ against a threat from China that simply is not there. China has no need to invade anyone as they already control so much of the world’s overall economy!……..Food shortages are now real and happening everywhere across the planet. Nations have begun to hoard supplies and are stopping food shipments to other nations, exasperating food shortages world wide even further. This is a reality for everyone, as I am seeing major food shortages right here in North America as early as this coming summer, and people MUST become prepared by stocking up on dry goods and other essentials now while they still can……No real news coming out of Canada, other than that diabolical psychopath in charge, Justin ‘son of Fidel Castro’ TURDEAU totally on board with the WEF/WHO take over of nations. Yes, this man is a 100% traitor to the Canadian people, but sadly most Canadians are simply too stupid to live now and accept his criminal actions without any resistance….. No one needs to tell me about escalating fuel prices, that to me are an abomination. Right here in central Canada we are paying nearly $1.90 per litre for regular gasoline at the pumps which is nearly $5.75 US a gallon… Our crooked governments just love these high fuel charges, for they take their share to line their coffers……..And I cannot forget ‘carbon taxes’ that the stupid Canadian people continue to pay to these criminals that goes NO WHERE NEAR any so called ‘green initiatives’ but also goes to just line the criminal Federal government’s coffers. It is just tax everyone to death these days………The war in Syria continues of course, with the latest news about the psychos in Israel launching air strikes in and around Damascus over the last week. Luckily the Syrians are now ready and their S-300 anti missile systems were able to blow most of those projectiles out of the sky. Elsewhere, the SAA and Russian forces continue their operations against US run ‘ISIS’ forces nearly nonstop these days, as those fraud ‘terrorists’ continue to appear ‘out of nowhere’ to stir up trouble. Now over a decade old, this Syrian war still has no end in sight……….Down in Yemen, the so called ‘cease fire’ continues to hold, but peace negotiations are now at a stand still thanks to the criminal Saudis still not accepting that they have been thoroughly beaten. I for one want to see a true peace settlement for as long as it sits in limbo, more Yemen civilians continue to starve to death due to the lack of International humanitarian aid being able to reach those in need……..Surprise surprise, but as the world’s attention is diverted elsewhere, the US government has sent some forces back into the ‘Horn of Africa’ in the Somali breakaway region of the ‘Somaliland’ along the northern Gulf of Aden coast. I have looked at the WHY for this action of course, and other than to have an American presence in the horn, especially at the vital Berbera port, there is of course the untapped mineral and oil resources in the region as well…….. Is it just me? Or have more and more sites now been 100% censored by the criminals behind Google to the point that if you even attempt to use that as a ‘search engine’ you are diverted elsewhere. This is why I have given up on using ‘Google’ and use other search engines such as ‘Brave’ which still remains uncensored at least for the time being……..Both Finland and Sweden joining NATO? Hey, if they are this stupid and want to now be nuclear targets for the Russians, then why not? I again must ask what kind of BRIBE these their idiot governments took from NATO to push for ‘membership’ in that 100% criminal group……Well, as I had expected, most Americans are now aware of the truth about the 2020 fraud Federal elections, thanks to the revelations of that ‘2000 mules movie’ but are doing absolutely NOTHING to go after the COMMUNISTS for that steal. America is indeed a failed republic and sadly the entire nation is too brain dead to stop it from failing……Yes, the Buffalo ‘mass shooting’ was a spy-op like every other false shooting in America for decades. And again we have the COMMIE Biden administration pushing hard to take away everyone’s guns. Hopefully the American public are not this brain dead and realize that they need their guns to defend themselves from these bastards who want to demolish their nation……..I came under fire last week for my article where I blasted the sickness of homosexuality. Sorry, but that is 100% a sickness and I am not ever going to relent on my statements that those who support that blight on humanity are mentally ill. If you do not like this statement, too fucking bad……….I am one very angry soccer fan, for my team, Arsenal, totally imploded this week and blew their chances to get into the Champions League by basically handing over that berth to Tottenham. There should be some major changes this off season, definitely…….No need to attack the Meagan and former ‘prince’ Harry shit show this week, for I saw where that other psycho Taylor Swift got an ‘honorary diploma’ from New York University. Honestly, if this does not make intelligent people puke, I wonder what will? Oh well, back to attacking the Meagan and Harry useless eaters next week…….And finally, in the sick stomach turning world of Kardashian, we have the insane ‘paparazzi’ turning their attention to skank #3 (or is it #2?) “Kourtney” who apparently is about to marry some idiot named ‘Travis Barker’, the drummer for the band ‘Blink 182’. I have looked at this freak show enough, and it figures that these two useless human beings are getting hitched. To me, Kardashians are indeed parasites and useless eaters, and those who get involved in their madness are either already mentally deranged, or due to contact with these skanks, lose their minds in no time flat. But what the heck right? Americans just gobble up their stupidity as it shows the intellectual level of the average American citizen these days in spades!

More to come


Updated: Here Comes The Latest Fraud “Pandemic” Known As “Monkeypox”: Pandemic 2 – Monkeypox Madness

Well, I FINALLY have a break today as my better half has been working with me on finishing up a few home renovations and clearing up the absolute MESS that is in our yard… The incessant rains that we have had over the last week up here in central Canada had turned much of my front and rear yards into a quagmire of mud, but finally most of it has dried up to the point that we can get around to some grass fertilization, seeding, and weed control…

OK, I have like everyone else noticed that the criminals running the fraud SCAMDEMICS have now started to fill the lying whore media garbage networks with these reports about their latest fraud ‘Monkeypox’….. And apparently this is ‘RIGHT ON CUE’ for everyone may remember how that sick criminal bastard himself, Bill Gates, actually smirked and announced last year that if the ‘first pandemic’ does not do the trick and have people scared out of their wits, they would have their ‘second one’ ready to go and apparently they are going to run with this ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit..

I figured it was time that I took a closer look at this ‘Monkeypox’ fraud and of course do my usual in ripping it to shreds…. And I want to start off with a most interesting article that comes courtesy of the State of the Nation website at, that is entitled:
‘Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness’ that does in deed take some shots that this latest bit of fear mongering for the gullible sheep out there… Here in fact is that article right here:

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness

Posted on May 21, 2022 by State of the Nation

Off Guardian

Monkeypox – it’s the hip new disease sweeping the globe. Allegedly appearing almost simultaneously in over a dozen different countries on four different continents.

As we wrote in the early days of the Covid “pandemic”, the only thing spreading faster than the disease is fear.

The media reported the first UK case of monkeypox on the 7th of May. Less than two weeks later, we’re seeing some very familiar headlines. Just like that…Pandemic 2: Monkey Pox!! begins playing at all your favorite fear porn outlets.

Sky News tells us that UK Monkeypox “cases” have “doubled(!)”…from 10 to 20.

The BBC went real subtle with it, blaring“Monkeypox: Doctors concerned over impact on sexual health”

The New Scientist has actually used the P-word, asking “Can Monkeypox become a new pandemic?”, before answering, essentially, “probably no, but also maybe yes!”. Keeping their options open.

Science warns that “Monkeypox outbreak questions intensify as cases soar”

The Mirror has gone full paranoid already, headlining:

Russia looked into using monkeypox as biological weapon, claims ex soviet scientist

So that’s one direction the story might go.

To be clear, “monkeypox” (whatever that even means in this context), is NOT a Russian bio-weapon. It’s not a Western bio-weapon either. Or Chinese bio-weapon. It’s just another scare story. And a rushed, half-hearted one at that.

One of the signs that marked the Covid “pandemic” as a psy-op from an early stage was the sheer speed with which the hysteria spread. Far from learning from their mistakes, the powers-that-be have decided to go even faster this time.

Despite “cases” numbering barely in the dozens, the World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting, a strange thing to do when their annual Assembly starts literally tomorrow. But I guess when your launching a new product you need to do everything you can to get the hype going.

Despite just two “cases” in the entire United States (and indeed the fact they still don’t work), New York is bringing back mask recommendations.

Nobody has said “lockdown”…yet. But Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, is “concerned” that transmission could accelerate if people attend mass gatherings:

as we enter the summer season … with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission could accelerate”.

(As inflation soars and the cost of living crisis only gets worse, it’s probably handy for them to have a new “public health” reason to ban protests or clampdown on civil unrest. Just a thought.)

There’s some good news though…for vaccine manufacturers, anyway. As Whitney Webb reports, two struggling pharmaceutical companies have already seen a big stock boost from the “outbreak”:

Regardless of how the monkeypox situation plays out, two companies are already cashing in. As concern over monkeypox has risen, so too have the shares of Emergent Biosolutions and SIGA Technologies. Both companies essentially have monopolies in the US market, and other markets as well, on smallpox vaccines and treatments. Their main smallpox-focused products are, conveniently, also used to protect against or treat monkeypox as well. As a result, the shares of Emergent Biosolutions climbed 12% on Thursday, while those of SIGA soared 17.1%.

Just as with Covid, and despite rumours they would be leaving the World Health Organization, Russia appears to be lining up with the WHO agenda. Already they are “tightening border quarantine” rules, vaccinating healthcare workers and supplying quick bedside tests internationally.

Looks like we might be in for an epic summer of scare-mongering, panic-buying & bucketloads of cringe.

💢Are the new jabs already prepped & ready to go?

💢Are the “our hospitals are overwhelmed videos” being filmed as we speak, complete with “monkey pox” moulage and crying nurses who turn out to have IMDB pages & multiple acting credits?

💢Are the sleepy masses going to be fooled yet again?

Watch this space…

Image credit: Bob Moran (via twiiter)


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NTS Notes: Honestly? How gullible must people be to actually swallow this latest bit of horse manure? But yes, these fuckers in charge are banking on the general public being as STUPID as ever and thus succumb to this latest bit of bullshit fear mongering…

And we have the people at Breitbart that have a new article out where supposedly ‘African Scientists Are Baffled By Monkeypox Cases In Europe’ and I want to share the link to this report here, followed by more of my two cents worth:

NTS Notes: Honestly again, there is nothing ‘baffling’ at all as this is 100% a complete psy-op, and this revelation by these African Scientists points to that being absolutely the case here…

I do believe that these African Scientists are right as “Monkeypox” much like the other African tried and true major disease known at ‘Ebola’ can only be found in the higher temperature tropical environment of central Africa… Thus for it to be said to be found in Northern or Southern environments where it normally could not grow or become prevalent points to it being a ‘bioweapon’ indeed….. And a bioweapon that I can guarantee has the fingerprints of the US and NATO nations all over it!

And I do remember something else that few may recall… Apparently when those ‘AstraZeneca trials’ were rolled out and that fraud ‘vaccine’ was first used widely in places like Australia, there were reports of one of the ‘side effects’ to this Adenovirus concocted KILL SHOT was the possibility of victims developing, of all things, ‘Monkeypox’ as well as VAIDS….

In fact, Jim Stone has this ‘tidbit’ about this fraud in the form of the following picture from his website at that shows how the AstraZeneca KILL SHOTS were indeed derived from monkey DNA! HERE is that picture:

Think this might be where the “monkey pox” came from???

NTS Notes: Yes, using ‘recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenoviruses’ in these criminal concoctions, and nobody has bothered to check what the possible ‘adverse effects’ would be in injecting this garbage into human beings????

And what about the formulations being used in the Moderna/Pfizer garbage shots? I would bet anything that the bioweapons laboratories also introduce this type of genetic material in their concoctions as well!

Thus I am indeed leaning towards this being not only a psy-op for those gullible to believe that there is this “Monkeypox virus” now out there to ‘kill us all’, but that those who are actually about to get very sick are actually suffering from one of the horrific side effects of the KILL SHOTS themselves!

The real sad part in all this? We must remember that these criminal bastards have used their KILL SHOTS to destroy the immune systems of those who have STUPIDLY taken these concoctions into their bodies… And with near ZERO immunity, this ‘monkeypox’, if it truly is a new fangled ‘bioweapon’ will ravage them all as they have zero means of defending against this latest ‘plague’…

And to me, the problem is in the perception in the general public, as they are being inundated with this bullshit ‘monkeypox’ hysteria at an ever increasing pitch…. These criminal bastards running this SCAMDEMIC have done their homework very well apparently, and coupled with the newest WHO/WEF ‘pandemic laws’ that are about to be passed globally, this ‘monkeypox’ bullshit could indeed be used to FORCE everyone around the world into involuntary ‘vaccine compliance’ and to bring back more LOCKDOWNS and RESTRICTIONS…..

Please feel free to take this information and show as many as you can out there that this ‘monkeypox’ fear mongering is complete bullshit…. NTS thanks you for doing that at least!

Update May 21st 2022: The following link was sent my way via email just a short time ago by my good friend and fellow patriot John Kaminski:

Yes, of course these criminals knew this ‘monkeypox’ was coming for the fact is that they PLANNED it years in advance, and knew that the ‘time was right’ as the dumb ass sheep are TOO STUPID FOR THEIR OWN GOOD and will accept even more TORTURE and ENSLAVEMENT so willingly….

And gosh darn, but the new KILL SHOTS for this fraud ‘monkeypox’ are ready to go! Will wonders ever cease?

And I am waiting to see what happens here in Canada in all this… Guaranteed that horror show of a prick ‘Prime Minister’ that SOB and son of Fidel Castro, Justin TURDEAU is just chomping at the bit as he has signed off on the WEF/WHO enslavement coming and wants to have his ‘excuse’ to bring in the horror of ‘Digital ID’ as well… And the Canadian SHEEP are also too stupid to live and will just bend over and take this shit….

Yet another update, May 21st, 2022: Someone was kind enough to send me the following PDF link that shows that way back in March 2021, these criminal psychos were running ‘war games’ scenarios, and a few were based on an ‘outbreak of Monkeypox’ in the gullible general dumb ass public… Here is the main part of that PDF:

There are NO COINCIDENCES here at all.. This latest ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit was pre-planned over a year ago, and just like that Exercise 201 that they ran back in October of 2019 for their initial ‘virus outbreak’ this one was run as a simulation and now they feel that since the general public is this stupid, time to unleash it!

More to come