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Once again, real life needs has drawn me away from writing at this blog..

I will be tied up until probably later tonight with some personal and family business to attend to and take care of, and therefore there will be NO ‘news’ article posted here today…

I will be back tomorrow, as evil never sleeps and we are watching the world go progressively to hell and beyond, and I do feel the need to give my two cents worth to hopefully give readers the logical and rational information to use for themselves and for others around them….

Thank you all again for your continuing support of my efforts… I will be back with a full report tomorrow…

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Wednesday News: SCAMDEMIC, Ukraine, And Again Other REAL News!

I really outdid even myself with yesterday’s “news” report… As I was writing that report yesterday that took me nearly 4 hours to compose and edit, even MORE news kept coming in that I definitely had to add to the overall report.. Therefore TODAY I will try to keep this one relatively ‘shorter’ but stay focused in on the major ‘news’ of the day..

OK, As I always do with these daily ‘news’ reports, I want to start off by focusing on the SCAMDEMIC as more and more news keeps being sent my way, especially concerning the horrific damage that is being done to humanity right now via the deadly KILL SHOTS..

But I want to go back to when this entire charade began, and how AFTER the criminal psychopaths tried to manipulate the simple minded morons out there that there was ‘deadly virus’ on the loose that they claimed began in China at a ‘bat market’ which morphed afterwards into the lie that this ‘virus’ was concocted in Wuhan China and was either ‘accidentally’ or ‘purposely’ released on the general public… The false panic that was fuelled afterwards by the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets spread to elsewhere across the planet, especially in northern Italy AND then over to the United Kingdom where there was falsified claims that many elderly in the UK were dying from this ‘killer virus’ as well..

Yes, I want to concentrate at the moment on what happened in the United Kingdom, where many ELDERLY patients in nursing homes and hospitals were ‘mysteriously’ dying from what was claimed to be this magical ‘killer virus’ that at the time was an unknown entity as it was never isolated in any laboratory around the world… The joke here is that to this day, over 3 years later, this so called ‘virus’ still has never been isolated and even proven to exist!

Many remember the remarks of one ‘Neil Ferguson’ who lives in the UK and claimed that this ‘deadly virus’ if left unchecked would kill several MILLION Brittons… And this ass clown Ferguson based all of his. projections of death basically on a flawed ‘computer model’ that was proven by 2021 to be 100% inaccurate and should have cost Ferguson his career… But instead, Ferguson was quietly taken out of the entire picture and I can guarantee he was paid off handsomely for his lies….

OK, I have deviated enough from the point I want to make here… And it concerns the fact that the UK “Health Ministry” LIED their asses off from day one, and FALSIFIED death reports of primarily elderly ‘victims’ to make it look like they died from this ‘deadly virus’…. And now, I want to present the following link to an article that comes from the NATURAL NEWS website, at where apparently the UK ‘Health System Director’ has FINALLY admitted to the British people that the entire SCAMDEMIC was all a massive lie! And that hospitals (were directed to..) blame this fraud called ‘COVID’ on those deaths, to create the ILLUSION of a “pandemic”! Here is that link:

Yes, we are now getting even more evidence of this massive fraud now, even though it is now nearly 3 years too late for all of the sheep in the UK and elsewhere that have been shot up with the deadly KILL SHOTS…. Perception and the illusion that there was a ‘deadly virus’ out there was indeed a powerful propaganda weapon of FEAR indeed…

The one aspect that is missing in this most important ‘revelation’ by these criminals in the UK is the FACT that they used a drug called MIDAZELAM to basically murder elderly patients in the UK hospitals so that they could claim that they all died of ‘COVID’…. I for one am waiting for that important aspect to finally be brought into public attention as the criminals that administered MIDAZELAM to those patients, especially the elderly, should indeed be tried instantly for murder…

And yes, the reality is that this ‘COVID’ crap has now basically ‘run its course’ as at least SOME of the sheep out there that have taken multiple doses of the KILL SHOTS are now realizing that they have basically destroyed their very lives… Many are still too ashamed to come forward and actually join US, the brave ‘unvaxxed’ in this war against these criminals, and instead would rather just keep quiet and DIE in solitary in their homes and away from everyone else…

And yes, I have long said that the criminal psychopaths behind this ‘COVID’ nonsense are not giving up their war on humanity at all… For according to the following link to a report that comes from the WND online news site, at apparently the “EX” chief of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in America has come out with a ‘warning’ that there is another and even GREATER “pandemic” on the horizon that supposedly will be much worse than this ‘COVID’ fraud! HERE is that link:

I have said for a long time that these fuckers will never give up on their scare mongering, for they know that FEAR is such a psychological weapon that has been so successfully used already against the sheep out there with their 100% fraudulent ‘COVID’ crap!

Thus the ‘booga booga’ of a more ‘deadly virus’ continues to be out there for the gullible to take in… These fuck nuts behind this entire false scare absolutely want to see the dumb ass retards that so blindly took the KILL SHOTS during the ‘COVID scare’ to be just as afraid, if not more, with this new fangled ‘deadlier virus’ and so blindly and stupidly once again line up and take even MORE shots of pure death into their already damaged bodies…. Does the famous saying “Fool me once, shame on you.. Fool me twice, shame on me!” come to mind?

OK… I do want to keep this one relatively simpler and shorter than yesterday’s ‘news’ report, and therefore I want to turn once again to the ‘war’ in Ukraine, as more interesting developments continue to unfold so rapidly every day…

First, and what I try to present in these daily ‘news’ reports, I want to present the fully updated ‘battlefield’ map of the KEY fighting in Ukraine centred in and around the Donbas city of Bakhmut… And of course this latest map comes once again courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT at … HERE is that updated map:

OK, As shown in the above map, the Russians continue their relatively slow conquest of Bakhmut itself, and continue their efforts to try to close the ring further to the west of Bakhmut to try to trap the estimated 30000 Ukrainian and NATO fighters that are fighting within the city…

The sad part about this ‘battle for Bakhmut’ are the continuing reports that the Ukrainian psychotic leadership in Kiev under that maniac Zelenskyy continues to try to send ‘reinforcements’ into Bakhmut, but sadly nearly ALL of those forces are basically destroyed well before they can even get close to Bakhmut itself…

And of course to give a great summary of today’s ‘fighting’ across Ukraine, I want to present the daily report and summary that comes once again courtesy of SOUTHFRONT for everyone to read for themselves right here:

Yes, so much focus over the last couple of days has been centred around the INSANITY of the British Government that has ordered that DEPLETED URANIUM munitions accompany their ‘Challenger II’ battle tanks that are to be shipped and used by Ukrainian forces in the battle against the Russians….

And of course the Russians themselves are well aware of the psychosis of the UK Government and have warned those bastards that if they start using Depleted Uranium in Ukraine, they will look upon that criminal usage as the same as deploying ‘dirty bombs’ and would RETALIATE directly against the UK for such criminality!

In fact, I want to present the following link to an article that comes from the ‘WAR 24/7’ website that shows that Russia is not kidding around and will look upon the criminal usage of Depleted Uranium in Ukraine as a direct attack against Russia itself! Here is that link:

And yes, I believe the Russians on this one, as so many are not even aware of how DEPLETED URANIUM was used over the last 20 years in that war in Iraq, and how the radiation from that munitions is still lingering to this day causing so much destruction to Iraqi citizens, AND will be around for thousands of years to follow…

Therefore, I have to ask if the British Government is willing to be the cause of World War III and possibly the destruction of the entire planet itself? And WHERE are the British people in this one as most should be up in arms about what their criminal government in London is going to do?

And I want to present the following link to an interesting article that comes from the KYIV INDEPENDENT website out of Ukraine itself at that is stating that the US is now going to ‘speed up’ delivery of both their ABRAMS tanks and PATRIOT missile systems to Ukraine itself… Here is the link to that report:

OK, As I stated before, the idea that the US will send ‘ABRAMS’ tanks to Ukraine has always been a laugher, for those monstrosities weigh as much as 75 TONNES and are basically too damn heavy for ANY Ukrainian battlefield… These things, if they actually do make it to Ukraine’s front lines, will simply sink into the Ukrainian countryside and be picked off easily by superior Russian anti tank missiles….

And do NOT get me started about how useless and impractical the PATRIOT missile systems are, as they cannot hit the broadside of a barn let alone hit and destroy any Russian incoming missiles…. I have wrote extensively over the last few months about how the PATRIOT proved itself to be USELESS in Gulf War I in 1990 and was equally useless in the defense of Riyadh against HOUTHI missiles most recently… Therefore these PATRIOT missiles are useless pieces of crap and will be NO match at all against Russia’s advanced hypersonic missiles….

OK, I have said enough about Ukraine for the moment, over than; Yes, just a few days ago the US had the ungodly nerve to declare that any CHINESE attempt to negotiate a ‘ceasefire’ in Ukraine was never going to fly, as it is apparent now that the US will not even allow their Kiev puppets to stop the war and the bloodshed against the Ukrainian people! That refusal by the US sends a clear message to the entire world that they are psychotic and WANT this ‘war’ to go on and on as long as possible… This is why I have long said that the Russians should immediately launch their massive OFFENSIVE and finish this war off just to save the Ukrainian nation from these sick criminals bastards….

OK, I want to ‘shift gears’ here, and once again I want to turn my attention to what has been happening in this hell hole that I live in that used to be the ‘free nation’ called Canada… And therefore I want to present the link to the latest report that comes from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the much warmer part of southern British Columbia, and writes her articles over at …HERE is that link:

I have to applaud Greencrow for her continuing efforts to expose the HUGE criminality of that sickness that still is considered ‘Prime Minister’ of Canada, Justin “Lock up your daughters, for they are not safe from my pedophile ways” TURD-DEAU….. This criminal more and more is being exposed as the monster he truly is, and how he must be removed from the office of Prime Minister as quickly as possible….

And to me, it was indeed hypocrisy in seeing this psychopath in charge here in Canada, try to destroy the livelihoods of so many that proudly and freely attended that TRUCKER CONVOY of this time last year, by illegally ‘freezing’ all of their bank accounts… Such an action should have had a proper investigation conducted immediately and should have seen TURD-DEAU removed from office for this illegal act against citizens of this nation…

But instead, and so sadly, that monster is still there ‘acting’ as Canada’s Prime Minister, and being propped up in power by not only the sickening Liberal cronies in Parliament, but also by that proven TERRORIST Jagmeet Singh in the ‘Liberal lite’ party called the New Democratic Party… Thus Canada will continue to be FUCKED until that bastard is forced out of power or through a ‘non confidence’ vote that will cause a new ‘federal election’ to be unleashed…

I have always said that when my AMERICAN readers keep complaining about how bad things are in the US under that psychotic AND basically insane Joe ‘pant shitting drooling pedophile’ Biden, I can tell them to ‘hold my beer’ for I can give them plenty of reasons why Justin TURD-DEAU definitely gives Biden a run for the money in terms of psychosis…..

And in terms of what is happening down south of the 49th parallel from here in the formerly free nation called the US in regards to the ‘arrest’ of former President Donald Drumpf for ludicrous ‘charges’, I do not see such an ‘arrest’ actually happening now, for the DEMON-RATS in charge do not have one single thing that they can possibly use to indict Drumpf at all!

In fact, I agree with the following report that comes courtesy of JIM STONE through his ‘new’ website at that states clearly that the Drumpf case is all but ‘over’ right now.. Here is that article:

Well Well Well . . . . Trump case over

A final witness ended the case instantly, because there was no case, as usual

“Wait a minute. You don’t have the hundreds of pages I handed over to Alvin Bragg over here? You only have six cherry-picked documents?’ You know, hiding from grand juries exculpatory information is reprehensible and unconscionable. And the conduct of Alvin Bragg and his henchman Mark Pomeranz, who specifically says in his book, ‘We’re targeting zombies because we don’t like his beliefs,’ those guys should face disbarment proceedings

The bottom line is that there’s nothing legit to bust Trump with, which literally makes him “Teflon Don”. He was not perfect in his business life, but he definitely was 100 percent legal. . . . . so there’s smoke but there is no fire.

OK, I have been reading other reports today that these DEMON-RATS are not going to give up on this attempt to somehow find Donald Drumpf ‘guilty’, which means they will pull something out of their asses and try to fling it at the wall in the hope of making it stick… And sadly as I have already stated before these criminals in charge in the US are trying to find ANYTHING they can on Drumpf for they know that their only hope in not having Drumpf run successfully in 2024 (other than outright stealing ALL of the vote again) would be to have him charged with a ‘criminal offence’ that they hope would disqualify him from being back in as the US President…

As I said already, I am still trying to keep today’s report relatively ‘simple’.. But I have one last subject that I do want to cover here, and it is in regards to the sheer madness and lunacy of the LBGTQI-EI-EI-O stupidity that to me is an ABOMINATION upon human society and has NO place in terms of a proper and wholesome family based society at all…

I have been reading a lot of articles over the last while from ARTHUR TOPHAM’s website ‘The Caribou Sentinel” out of Arthur’s hometown of Quesnel British Columbia at AND just the other day Arthur sent me the link to his latest that takes full aim at the sickness of “Promoting Pride” that honestly to me is nothing but promoting PERVERSION, and I do want to share the link to that report here:

OK, The video at the end of that article really hits home and shows THE TRUTH about this entire sickness and perversion of mankind in terms of this false ‘pride’…. I do recommend that EVERYONE watch that video enclosed in that link above, and finally understand the REAL agenda behind this ‘pride’ sickness…

Yes, there will be those who suddenly say that NTS is somehow promoting ‘hate’… But ask yourselves the honest question as to what ‘hate’ really entails and how that term has come to be as ludicrous as the ‘antisemitism’ term that has been used by criminals to push their agendas? Is that same term ‘hate’ now being used as a weapon for yet another destructive agenda by those pushing this ‘pride’ crap? Basically, I can only hope that readers actually see what is really happening and how our world is being corrupted by this insanity of ‘pride’ and even ‘transgenderism” and possibly take action to finally put an end to it before it destroys our societies…

Well… That appears to be enough for today… Once again I can NOT possibly cover everything, but do my best to bring more and more interesting facts to everyone on a daily basis….. I will therefore be back tomorrow with yet again another ‘news’ report, and until then…

More to come


Tuesday News: SCAMDEMIC, Ukraine, TURDEAU In Trouble Here In Canada, AND More

Well, it is Tuesday… And how are things going down south of here in the formerly free nation called the “United States” especially in regards to how the Commie DEMON-RATS in power in that hell hole called Washington DC still trying so vainly to pursue ‘criminal charges’ against former President Donald Drumpf? Not so good, I see, for today was supposed to be the ‘big day’ that Drumpf would be ‘incarcerated’ on bullshit charges, and so far nothing is happening… Word has it that the DEMON-RATS have absolutely NOTHING on Donald, and will just ‘spin’ their story until they find a way out of the mess that they have created in this regard until sometime next week when they come up with some laughably insane excuse for their desperation in wanting Donald out of the picture!

OK, That is my ‘mini rant’ for the moment… I have a LOT to try to cover for today, and as one of my regular readers and commentators to this site; ‘Bob’ has said, I can not cover everything!! But I will try to tackle some of the REAL and most ‘essential’ news with my usual rational and logical 2 cents worth…..

Well..I will as I usually do, first turn my attention to the SCAMDEMIC and how that genocidal program for the destruction of mankind is STILL going on to this day….

As most readers are aware, I abhor ‘social media’ outlets, and will ABSOLUTELY never ever use those garbage ‘platforms’ for I have long come to the rational conclusion that nearly ALL of them are nothing more than data-mining operations for obtaining personal data on everyone stupid enough to use those ‘services’.. And it is now apparent that these fraud ‘social media’ sites are being used and purposely MANIPULATED just to bend public opinion and to manipulate the simple minds of the users of that crap into believing so much FALSE ‘news’….. Such levels of public manipulation has already been seen via the lying whore media outlets, but since those outlets are now dying a painful death, much of the propaganda and brainwashing has been turned over to ‘social media’ platforms to do the dirty work!

And as an example and to show how ‘social media’ has been purposely manipulated to try to censor TRUE STORIES, especially in those regarding the SCAMDEMIC, I want to turn to the following link to an article that comes courtesy of the GLOBAL RESEARCH website at where a ‘STANFORD PROJECT’ program was indeed used to ‘censor’ social media platforms to make sure that they never told the REAL TRUTHS about the entire SCAMDEMIC! … HERE is the link to that article:

Yes, this is not the first case where ‘social media’ has been manipulated, for the huge example still lies in how “TWITTER” was so blatantly manipulated to LIE about EVERY aspect of the SCAMDEMIC, just to make sure users of that platform were ‘unaware’ of the dangers of the KILL SHOTS….

And honestly, I am not in the least bit surprised by this interesting revelation… The criminals running this entire program of mass GENOCIDE definitely had to make sure that ALL of the propaganda channels were in place to be used as brainwashing tools to manipulate the simple minded out there that these KILL SHOTS were not deadly, but were in fact the lie that they were ‘safe and effective’… As I said before, if it was not for the fact that this program of mass manipulation was for brainwashing the stupid out there into taking these deadly injections, I would applaud these bastards for doing one heck of a great job….

And in terms of the horrific damage being done by these KILL SHOTS, I have already shown that these lethal injections ABSOLUTELY cause nearly everyone that is stupid enough to take this garbage into their bodies eventually either dies from the horrific damage being done to their vital organs especially their hearts and brains… But the other factor is how these KILL SHOTS purposely shut down the cells of the victims’ bodies to stop CANCER from forming and causing cases of ‘Turbo Cancer’ to be unleashed where people develop CANCER in absolutely ‘record time’ and die from that disease within no time at all AFTER a diagnosis…

As an example of how CANCER is definitely one of the horrors of these KILL SHOTS, I want to turn to the following very interesting report that comes courtesy of the GLOBAL RESEARCH website, where apparently TESTICULAR Turbo Cancer is now happening in young athletes around the world! Here is the link to that report:

Yes, It is a fact that these KILL SHOTS cause so many problems in WOMEN, especially targeting their reproductive organs, destroying their ability to even have any children at all… But apparently this horrible reproductive problem is not only in women but in MEN as well…..

But is this not the plan by these maniacs in charge? STERILIZATION is one of their objectives, and apparently to cause un-curable Cancer to be rampant in the victims of these horrendous KILL SHOTS is also clearly one of their aims…

AND it is not only ‘turbo CANCER of the testicles’ that is now a major issue, but also the FACT that males that take these KILL SHOTS are no longer producing sperm for reproduction… I have read several ghastly reports over the last few months alone about how some male victims of these KILL SHOTS and ‘booster’s have had their semen tested, and the analysis has shown nearly ZERO sperm and nearly ALL Spike Proteins instead!

Yes, it is so ghastly to continue to read and find more and more problems associated with these shots of certain death.. This is indeed a war against all Humanity, where the goal remains to have BILLIONS of those stupid and retarded enough to take these death jabs, die.. While others that are lucky enough to ‘survive’ these horrendous KILL SHOTS are changed into something that is no longer human and are sterilized for life…. Is there ever ANYTHING positive to say at all about these lethal injections? I have found ZERO evidence of that in my own 2 and 1/2 years of research into these KILL SHOTS and I doubt if I will ever find a thing!

OK, I will leave the SCAMDEMIC at this point, as once again I want to turn to the ‘war’ in Ukraine… And as “luck” would have it for today, for right now I do not have an ‘updated’ map of the KEY fighting in and around the Donbas city of Bakhmut to present for readers to view at the moment… However, I do have the following SUMMARY report that usually comes daily courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT at to present, that also contains a video that details the facts about the present war in Ukraine… Here in fact is the link to that report:

Yes, the REAL situation in Ukraine is so obvious where the Ukrainian military threw away most of its better troops in their stupid attempts to hold onto Bakhmut at ‘all costs’…. That ‘battle’ at Bakhmut has been a blood bath for the Ukrainian forces and one where they have lost an estimated 100000 of their finer troops, which they can ill afford to lose as Russia is still pushing hard against ALL Ukrainian defensive positions right along the Donbas front…

And, I do want to present here the following most interesting and informative YOUTUBE video, where military expert and analyst, Douglas MacGregor, gives his insight into the present fighting in Ukraine, and talks about whether or not Ukraine can actually hold onto Bakhmut any longer…. Here is that video:

I have found Douglas MacGregor to be absolutely an honest person and a ‘straight shooter’ that tells it like it is, and is not swayed by the BULLSHIT that the lying whore media continues to claim that Ukraine is somehow ‘winning’ this conflict…

And in my own opinion, and as I have said many times before, the Ukrainian ‘leadership’ in Kiev has thrown away lives and so much military ordinance in trying to hold onto Bakhmut, and now they are paying dearly by not having those supplies handy for their next attempt to change the situation along the battlefield fronts with an ill advised ‘new offensive’….

And of course we are indeed seeing a ‘stepping up’ of Ukrainian missile attacks against the Donbas breakaway republics as well as Crimea, which has been done indiscriminately and has purposely been targeting civilians! If it was not for the fact that the US runs Ukraine and has turned Ukraine into a rogue nation that does not abide by international law, these attacks against civilians would indeed be brought up in international courts of law…

Which in fact would explain the facts and video contained in the following article that also comes from SOUTHFRONT, where apparently the Russians have launched ‘retaliatory strikes’ against targets in the Ukrainian southern Black Sea port city of Odessa….Here is the link to that report:

Lets face reality here.. The Russians are no longer ‘kidding around’ and will strike back against any criminal acts that the Ukrainians do attempt against their forces and especially against civilians…. Thus every time the insane lunatics in charge in Kiev are stupid enough to launch any attacks on Russian civilians, the Russians are responding with overwhelming force in retaliation..

And… Someone mentioned to me earlier, and asked my opinion about recent ‘news’ coming from the lying whore media outlets about how the ‘Russians’ are ‘kidnapping children’ and apparently according to that bullshit propaganda, murdering them (!)… I have actually seen some of the lying whore media outlets BULLSHIT reports about this ‘crime’ and I call it pure propaganda of lies…

In fact, I want to present the following link to a report that comes once again courtesy of the SOUTHFRONT website that tears into this BS about Russia “kidnapping children” with some great facts…HERE is that link:

It is so sad that in this recent ‘propaganda’ flurry, that so many forget about how the UKRAINIAN army was indeed shooting and murdering civilians trying to escape the Russian advances against the key southern port of Mariupol last year, and how VIDEO evidence clearly showed the Ukrainians committing murder against those civilians! But again, the first casualty in ANY war is always the ‘truth’ and apparently the lying whore media outlets are desperate once again in trying to persuade ‘opinion’ into supporting even more American and NATO interference in UKRAINE, and they need this ‘kidnapping’ propaganda as one of their weapons of choice….

And in a piece of good news, I have the following report where apparently the Russians targeted a military supply train that was laden with NATO/US made weapons and tanks that was approaching the Dnieper River, and blew it to smithereens with their advanced missiles.. Here is the link to that report that opens from the “WAR NEWS 24/7” website:

Yes, to me this was a good thing… And shows once again the supreme waste of NATO in trying to send their useless tanks to Ukraine when they could ill afford to do so at all….

So… I am presently waiting to see if the Ukrainian leadership is foolish enough to attempt an ‘offensive’ which most probably will be around the Dneiper River at Zaphorozhia with the ‘aim’ of thrusting south to cut off the land bridge between Crimea and the Donbas region…. I am still sticking to the fact that if the Ukrainian military even attempts such a foolhardy attempt, they will find their forces quickly destroyed by the superior Russian forces, causing even more horrendous losses to Ukraine that they can ill afford….

OK, I will be keeping tabs on the situation in Ukraine as I always do… BUT I want to turn my attention towards the latest happenings here in Canada, where my great fellow Canadian REAL truth seeker, Greencrow, has finally released yet another article at her website over at that takes shots at the evil and criminal activities of that sickening psychotic prick, Justin “Lock up your daughters, for I just love poking 12 year old girls, you sucker Canadians” TURDEAU, that STILL for the strangest reasons is the ‘Prime Minister’ of this formerly free nation of mine… HERE is that link:

YES, once again I want to thank Greencrow for this superb report….

And yes, it will be interesting to see what that Prime Minister’s Office Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, will say UNDER OATH in this investigation about TURDEAU’s obvious criminal actions in what I have long stated as Canada’s ‘CHINA GATE’….. If she lies under oath, she could face criminal charges and a long prison term… Thus I do wonder what she can possibly do and/or say to avoid hanging TURDEAU himself…

But honestly, and knowing how ‘POLITICIANS’ absolutely will LIE their asses off, even under oath, it will be interesting to see if Telford will do much of the same just to save her boss’s neck and possibly her own…

And do not even get me started about what I think of that ‘TURDEAU LITE’ useless human being, Jagmeet Singh, the ‘leader’ of the twisted and sickening ‘NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY’ here in Canada that has been nothing but poodles and obedient slaves to the Liberal regime just to somehow keep those criminals in power…Singh is a known TERRORIST who escaped from India decades ago and was somehow welcomed into Canada.. The sad part is that this criminal murderous prick is indeed the ‘leader’ of an ‘opposition party’ which is beyond revolting…

And yes.. Greencrow may be right that TURD-DEAU may indeed just collapse Parliament and attempt to call a ‘snap’ Federal Election to try to steal the vote across Canada like he and his obedient ‘propaganda channels’ in terms of the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets clearly did in October 2021… Thus, in spite of TURD-DEAU’s ‘popularity’ in the toilet and Canadians rightfully wanting him OUT, he and his Liberal scumbag cronies will somehow and ‘magically’ get put back into power, leaving most Canadians just as bewildered as they were in October 2021….

Someone asked me how easy it is to steal an election in Canada? It is so simple and actually quite different than the ballot stuffing and bullshit vote counting in America… Here in Canada, all you have to do is IGNORE all of the ballots entirely, run several simulations in the lying whore media propaganda outlets with falsified ‘riding results’, and claim that you won with some bullshit preconceived numbers… Voila, you have a stolen vote and sadly most Canadians are now too stupid to see that it actually 100% happened back in October 2021… Heck, I reported on this back in 2021 at my old blog as well!!!!

Well, we truly do live in one fucked up world… And I do want to cover some other interesting ‘news’ events before closing today’s ‘news report’.. Starting off with this ‘breaking news’ report that I just came across while writing today’s report that comes from the DAILY MAIL online news service at where apparently former President Donald Drumpf will not be ‘arrested’ this week, but instead will be indicted tomorrow, Wednesday, and face incarceration on the part of the DEMON-RATS in power early next week… Here is that link:

Yes, as I said in starting today’s ‘news report’ these psychopaths in charge in Washington will do ANYTHING now to try to have Drumpf up on ‘criminal charges’ for they are aware that if any of those ludicrous charges somehow ‘stick’, Donald Drumpf could be ‘disqualified’ from even attempting to run for the Presidency in 2024…. It will be interesting go see what kind of ridiculous ‘charges’ they can find if ANY at all!

And of course everyone is still living in fear of the impending ‘financial collapse’ which again has been YEARS in planning by the criminal psychos in charge, who absolutely want to see total chaos and destruction in the entire world’s financial system just so they can definitely unleash their long planned ‘one world currency’ of permanent enslavement around the entire world…. But one thing that is NEVER EVER discussed in all this chaos, and it has to do with DERIVATIVES which are and have always been that 800 lb gorilla in the room that nobody wants to even discuss!

In fact, I do want to present here the following interesting report that comes from the ALL NEWS PIPELINE online site at that shows that DERIVATIVES are indeed the ‘nuclear bomb’ that is ready to drop and can NOT be solved… HERE is that link:

It is amazing to me about how I went over how ‘derivatives’ are and have always been the key in having governments surrender their authority to these criminal bankers… Few are even aware that the 2008 ‘financial crisis’ where the US government handed over TRILLIONS of dollars to JEWISH criminal banks was due to those criminal banks demanding a bailout or they threatened to ‘EXPOSE’ some $50 TRILLION dollars in Derivatives that would have collapsed the world financial system back in 2008 nearly instantly…. Care to make a bet that these same criminals are once again threatening to unleash Derivatives now if governments do now bow once again to their demands?

And finally, YES yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the ILLEGAL US invasion of Iraq, which was definitely launched because the US was fearful that Saddam Hussein would be successful in his launching of the trading of Iraqi oil in EUROS in clear defiance of the US criminal ‘petro-dollar’ scam… The US was worried that with Iraq very possibly being successful in this financial endeavour to make Iraq no longer dependent on useless American dollars for their oil trade, that other nations would quickly follow and the ‘petro-dollar’ farce would quickly collapse leaving the US in financial turmoil….Thus they invaded Iraq on 100% false pretences including the massive lie of ‘IRAQI weapons of mass destruction’ what was 100% bullshit!

Which brings me to an interesting link to an article that once again comes courtesy of the GLOBAL RESEARCH website at that talks about one of the HORRORS of that illegal US invasion of Iraq, which is the usage of depleted Uranium munitions by the invading US forces that has polluted Iraq with low levels of radiation that will be there for BILLIONS of years! Here is that link:

I also bring that one forward, for apparently the British are running out of conventional munitions to be sent to Ukraine and are now willing to send ‘depleted Uranium’ munitions to fight against Russia… This is a situation that the RUSSIANS will clearly not stand for, and could further ‘escalate’ the conflict….

Well… That about covers it for today… I cannot possibly cover EVERYTHING that is happening around our very sick planet, but do try my best to present some facts that should be of interest to readers… I can only hope that most do take my material, freely of course, and spread it around to others as well… So until tomorrow, and as usual…

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Monday News: Scamdemic, Ukraine, And Of Course Other REAL News

Yes, welcome to Monday, the beginning of a new week, and further happenings in terms of the collapsing financial systems across the planet… I must reiterate to readers that NOTHING in terms of this pre-planned collapse of the world wide financial system is happening by chance, as the criminal psychos in charge have long wanted to see us all lose our life savings as they want to force a one world government, one world digital currency system, down our throats!

OK, Enough of that short ‘rant’, as it is time once again to get down to business and take a look at some REAL ‘news’ happening around our sick world…..And as I usually do I want to start off by attacking the SCAMDEMIC head on as THIS is absolutely THE greatest act of genocide and mass murder of humanity in all of our history…

And of course we have the madness of some of our so called ‘health industry’ experts that are out there trying to push everyone right around the world into taking as many ‘boosters’ as possible of the deadly KILL SHOTS, making the claim that the initial ‘shots’ as well as initial ‘boosters’ do not do the job in ‘preventing COVID ‘ at all, and that the only way according to these criminals that one could be ‘immune’ from this bullshit of ‘COVID’ is to be ‘up to date’ on their boosters! To me, this whole scheme is sheer madness as the facts are that these shots DO NOTHING to prevent ANY disease and the more boosters one takes, the closer the retard taking them is to death!

But, it gets even better, for I want to present the following report that comes from the NATURAL NEWS website at where apparently the psychos in Australia are now pushing the already shot up and damaged Aussies into taking a ‘5TH BOOSTER’ at least while claiming so falsely that each ‘booster’ is ‘only effective for several months’! Here is the link to that report:

Yes, Australia is already FUCKED, as the citizens of that locked up state have long been demanded to have ALL of these injections just to be able to live and work in that nation.. .The result now is seeing Australia having one of THE HIGHEST death tolls from these KILL SHOTS of any nation on Earth..

And now, the Australian criminal ‘government’ is pushing even MORE ‘boosters’ into the already immune compromised and health destroyed bodies of the Australian people, which will only further the damage and cause possibly MILLIONS of Aussies to die in this coming year alone.. This to me is sheer madness, and I do wonder WHY the Aussies have not gone into full blown revolution against the criminal psychopaths in Canberra for wanting to see the entire nation dead?

So, while Australia is now going to hell in a hand basket, with millions about to die from these lethal injections, the news elsewhere does give us some hope that the people are actually and FINALLY waking up.. For I want to present the following link to another report that comes courtesy of NATURAL NEWS, where apparently the GERMAN Health Minister has come out (finally) and stated that the COVID-19 KILL SHOTS are indeed harmful, after spending the last few years of this entire SCAMDEMIC with claims that these concoctions were ‘safe and effective’ and without any ‘side effects”.. HERE is that link:

OK, So now the GERMAN Health Minister has come out and spoken the truth that these concoctions are deadly? So WHERE are the German people now that should ALL be up in arms and rioting in the streets demanding that the Berlin Government be toppled for murdering the citizens of Germany for the last few years using these KILL SHOTS? I have been looking for such a report today, and there is NOTHING coming from Germany itself!

And of course not a peep from the lying whore media outlets about what has just happened in Germany at all.. But of course we all know by now that these criminals in the ‘media’ were part and parcel of the entire agenda of mass genocide, and that they will surely try to keep this bombshell news out of the public eye and just continue to push the sheep out there to take even MORE boosters into their already heavily damaged bodies….

AND… I continue to get a LOT of links to some very interesting reports, articles, and even scientific papers, from my great readers and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts in this fight for humanity… In fact, I want to present here the following link to an interesting “preprint” scientific abstract from Doctor James Thorpe and a few other fighters in this war against the SCAMDEMIC, that shows the TERRIBLE impact of these KILL SHOTS on pregnant women and on the menstrual cycle in so many women who stupidly take these death jabs into their bodies.. Here is that link:

Yes, this is something that I covered in some detail over the last few months, as one of the main troubling aspects of these shots early on that I discovered is how they are weapons of mass STERILIZATION in all women!

And finally, at least in terms of my reporting on the Scamdemic for today, comes the following link to an article from the SLAY NEWS online at where apparently children are now DYING at alarming rates and in greater numbers now that in previous decades… Here is that link:

Yes, it is painfully OBVIOUS what is causing these children to die at ‘ alarming rates’ and it is 100% due to these KILL SHOTS being stupidly administered to them with their own parent’s ‘consent’!

As I have said so many times, it is obvious that this entire program of subjecting humanity to these lethal KILL SHOTS is purely genocide and the want to exterminate as many human beings as possible… And one of the primary aims of these sick monsters behind this program of mass death is also to exterminate our children to end future generations as well… I just hope that readers continue to get it, and try their best to alert EVERYONE around them about the sheer stupidity of putting these death jabs into their bodies….

OK, I have been beating the SCAMDEMIC to death now for well over 3 1/2 years… Time once again to turn my attention towards the ‘war’ in Ukraine and the latest happenings in terms of the REAL news rather than the bullshit that the lying whore media outlets continue to falsely portray..

I do want to start off of course with the latest and fully updated map of the major battle front centred around the key Donbas city of Bakhmut…. Here once again is that map, which comes courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT at, for everyone to view for themselves:

As I have said now for the last two weeks, the Russians continue to basically bludgeon the Ukrainian ‘defensive forces’ in and around Bakhmut, turning the entire city and its surroundings into a meat grinder of death and destruction for the Ukrainian ill equipped and under trained forces…

And yes, the losses by the Ukrainian defensive forces at Bakhmut continue to be STAGGERING with recent estimates now well over the 100000 mark and climbing… Ukraine can ill afford any more losses at Bakhmut and the SANE move would have already been to withdraw what is left of the defensive forces in and around Bakhmut to better and well prepared defensive lines WEST of Bakhmut itself… But remember that we are not dealing with ‘sane’ leadership in Kiev that has been sending in ill equipped and untrained civilians into the battle of Bakhmut where they are being slaughtered en-mass by the better trained and superior Russian forces…

And of course to give an overall perspective and summary of today’s fighting in Ukraine, I want to present the following link to a report that once again comes courtesy of SOUTHFRONT that gives great detail about today’s fighting and adds the report that the Ukrainian forces are somehow being prepared by NATO to launch an ‘offensive’ against the Russians very soon… HERE is that link:

OK, I have heard rumblings and seen the recent reports that the Ukrainian military is indeed being ‘prepared’ to launch a major ‘offensive’ against the Russians.. But I am troubled as the Ukrainian military does NOT have the trained forces any more for such an endeavour and therefore this ‘offensive’ if it does actually happen would consist nearly ENTIRELY by NATO forces alone…

That, and exactly WHERE would the Ukrainians launch this ‘offensive’ and hope for some success? The Russians are now well placed in and around Bakhmut and are ready for any type of Ukrainian attacks, so obviously this offensive has to happen elsewhere, and I do suspect that it may be in the southern region around Zaphorizhe in a push to reclaim the nuclear reactors at Zaphorizhe and to try to push south to cut off the Donbas ‘land bridge’ to Crimea…

If the Ukrainian (NATO) military is indeed about to try to launch an attack in and around Zaphorizhe, good luck to them as with Russia’s near total control of the Ukrainian skies and their superior fire power, such an attack could result in a catastrophe, with thousands of dead NATO forces and be beaten back with heavy losses on the Ukrainian side….The Russians are no fools and guaranteed they will see this coming and be well prepared to turn it into a debacle for the psychos in Kiev…

And, in my last two reports on the actual situation in Ukraine, I called attention to the boneheaded maneuvers of the leadership in Poland, who have already stated that they would ‘commit’ at least a dozen Soviet era MIG 29 fighter jets to Ukraine, and have been stupidly ‘poking the Russian bear’ with their statements that they would possibly come into the conflict in Ukraine itself if Russia is on the verge of ‘winning’… In fact, I want to turn to the following report that comes from RUSSIA TODAY at that covers this clear insanity on the part of Poland, for everyone to see the link to right here:

Yes, I wonder what the fuck the leadership in Warsaw is actually thinking? Poland is not in any shape or form able to take on the Russian Federation, and even if NATO backs them in their push to enter Ukraine directly, their forces are NO match for the Russian forces at all….

Basically, if Poland actually decides to enter the conflict in Ukraine, it would signal the jump from a war between Russia and Ukraine directly into a war between Russia and NATO which would be catastrophic for the entire planet…. This is yet another reason why I would dearly love to see the RUSSIANS finally get their great ‘offensive’ launched NOW rather than later just to put Ukraine out of its misery and free the Ukrainian people from the evils of that Zelenskyy maniac in Kiev NOW! The longer Russia now delays in launching that attack that would finish the conflict in days, the greater the risk that some boneheaded Moron in NATO will cause the war to become global…

OK… I figure that is enough for the moment in my ‘daily news’ on the war in Ukraine… I do want to turn my attention elsewhere and onto the ‘financial news’ for today where things are going from bad to worse as the world is now definitely heading towards GLOBAL financial collapse that is 100% being done on purpose..

In fact, I do want to present the following interesting link to a report from KING WORLD NEWS at where a financial expert, Egon Von Greyerz, is saying the obvious that we are now definitely headed towards world wide financial collapse.. HERE is that link:

Yes, I will not fall for fear mongering, but it is painfully obvious that this has ALL BEEN DONE ON PURPOSE, and that the criminals behind this entire world wide collapse had it planned out MONTHS if not YEARS ago… These monsters want to see a world wide ‘panic’ of unprecedented magnitude that will instill enough FEAR into the masses that we all will blindly accept their ‘digital currency’ system as the ‘way out’ of this mess…

And honestly is there really an ‘escape plan’ that people can use if this is world wide? Probably not, other than to take your money and life savings out of banks and put it into more secure places and/or turn it into physical Gold and Silver… Other than that, there has to be resistance from the masses and demands that the real perpetrators for this crime get their day in court and then summarily hanged for such destruction…

Always remember that these psychos want people to be filled with FEAR for they know that FEAR is a powerful psychological weapon that will cause the most gullible out there to cry out for ‘help’ from higher authorities that absolutely WANT people to be turned into slaves via their ‘digital currency’ scheme…

Well, I will be keeping close tabs on this ‘financial crisis’ as it will indeed be interesting where these criminals go, and how far they are willing to allow such destruction on their own citizens… But in the meantime, I want to turn my attention to something interesting that came my way just a few days ago from an avid reader to this site, where apparently the criminal ‘Federal government’ here in Canada has been sending around ‘white vans’ across Canada, to harass those who have been safely ‘unvaccinated’ to apparently gather blood samples and apparently to try to push more Canadians into accepting the KILL SHOTS into their bodies! Here is that video, courtesy of BITCHUTE:

OK, I am not surprised at all by this, for it shows how LOW the criminal TURDEAU leadership will go in trying to FORCE Canadians into taking these deadly KILL SHOTS….. I have long suspected that these monsters would eventually resort to banging on the doors of the ‘unvaxxed’ sometime in the near future, where they would have the ‘unvaxxed’ take these deadly injections by FORCE…. Seeing these ‘white vans’ being rolled out and sent across the country is just one step below this level of criminality indeed..

I will of course be following very closely what is happening up here in this formerly free nation called Canada, and of course I am awaiting further ‘news’ on the sickness of the ‘Prime Minister’ himself, Justin “I do prefer 12 year olds than my beard Sophie any day” TURDEAU and his criminal actions in what I have been calling ‘China-gate’ that should have this prick already in jail on charges of TREASON!

But in the meantime, I have other ‘fish to fry’ and I want to cover some other interesting ‘news’ here before I close today’s report…

Is it just me? Or has anyone else bothered to read the shocking reports about how nearly 400000 gallons of radioactive waste water was released late last week from the “Xcel Energy” nuclear power station at Monticello Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis? I did, and to me something has just happened at that facility that ‘officials’ are so desperately trying to cover up!

In fact, I do want to present the following link to an article from the STATION GOSSIP website at that covers the ‘news’ about this massive leak in Minnesota in some detail… Here is that link:

OK, to me ANY leak coming from a nuclear power station should have everyone alarmed… What exactly happened at that facility that caused this ‘leak’ is still anyone’s guess… But the facts are that 400000 gallons of radioactive water has indeed been released into the upper Mississippi River system that will surely affect everyone downstream all the way to the Gulf of Mexico….. To me, XCEL Energy has a lot of explaining to do, and especially to the citizens of Minnesota which is just south of where I live here in Canada…..

And.. We are still awaiting ‘word’ as to whether or not former President Donald Drumpf will be ‘arrested’ tomorrow on sham charges stemming from his supposed affair with ‘Stormy Daniels’ several decades ago that has since been settled out of court, and should have outlived its legal time frame… But again, the DEMON-RATS in charge in Washington are looking for ANYTHING now to try to have charged against Drumpf, for any criminal charges should disqualify him from running in the Presidential race in 2024… So far, the ‘news’ is a mix of will Drumpf be ‘arrested’ or not? We shall find out tomorrow, and yours truly will have a follow up ‘news’ report to cover the REAL happenings in terms of this sham….

Well.. That appears to be it for the moment, and once again I can NOT cover everything happening right now in our very sick world but instead cover some of the major events that should interest readers… I will of course continue with these ‘daily news’ reports as I does give me a chance to cover so much more in one article rather than a whole load of separate articles at this blog… So, until tomorrow and as usual….

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The Objective Of Government!

Yes, I am back.. After writing yesterday’s weekend ‘rant’, I decided to take the rest of the day off just to actually enjoy a Sunday for a change… That and I helped my better half in taking care of some chores around our humble abode, and then get busy in the kitchen with a decent Sunday meal.. And yes, on top of everything else that I do, I love to cook and I do come up with some pretty good meals from time to time…

Just last Saturday, I had my usual 45 minute or so conversation with my good friend and colleague John Kaminski, who of course lives in the ‘nearly free’ state of Florida and writes some excellent essays at his website at…. We always spend most of the time in our discussions just ‘shooting the breeze’ and talking about a wide range of subjects…

And John informed me then that he had just posted up a brand new article at his website, and I told him that I would post it up here at my own site the first chance that I get, which is now… Therefore I do want to present the following article entitled; “The Objective Of Government” from John Kaminski, right here for my own readers to read for themselves, followed by my usual thoughts and comments:

The objective of government

 Published: Friday, 17 March 2023 22:52

Harvesting citizens
for fun and profit


The main thing people don’t realize is that the government creates crimes and threats to the public to prove or demonstrate that the government itself needs to exist. What would we possibly do without them? These people just want to keep their jobs and score as many side perks and bribes as possible.

Think of the technical choreography it took to stage these sensational terror events of the past decades, from Oklahoma City to 9/11 to Sandy Hook, to all the school shootings and incineration of towns from above. These were all false flag scams aimed at convincing us government is here to protect us, which, as we know by now from the COVID fiasco, their objective is exactly the opposite.

Needless to say this faux altruism quickly gets out of hand and results in a total loss of freedom as a government of this type eventually classifies most acts of human behavior as crimes of one type or another, giving it total control over the people it is supposed to protect — and benefit.

Beginning as beneficial health standards, this practice of government-as-parent is evolving toward total control of what people are even allowed to think. The trend toward eliminating individuality altogether gains significantly around the world because of this constant and increasing toxification of the environment, necessitating more frequent medical interventions.

Turning us into obedient robots physically connected to a central source telling us how to live and what not to investigate — you know the drill by now. You can see it mobilizing around you like a poison fog. Listen carefully. You can almost hear the spike proteins shredding the capillaries in your brain as you can’t even remember the name of your favorite childhood heroes fade into the fog.

The same is of course true of doctors in their diagnoses of diseases, which are frequently caused by secondary reactions to past improperly used medical treatments. Sepsis, a disease which you get in hospitals, comes to mind. It should be obvious by now that doctors don’t want to make you healthy because they get rich by keeping you sick, climaxing recently with bonuses for killing people with bogus tests and toxic jabs that were ordered by the government.

There is no legitimate oversight of public medical care because both the Congress and the media are owned by the pharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical companies are owned by the usual suspect, Jewish bankers and investors. The Centers for Disease Control is a private company that manufactures diseases and vaccines at the same time.

Fauci’s prescription of no early treatment plus Remdesivir suffocation was worth $100,000 to hospitals per ventilator-produced cadaver. Didn’t you just love it when they ordered all pilots to get jabbed and now nobody can fly secure in the knowledge that their captain might not croak in midair? Just sit back and relax.

Remember, these things are for our own protection. Just like our unelected president. The government declares it a crime to insist the 2020 election was illegitimate, totally fixed by middle of the night ballot stuffing and forced down our throats by people lying on TV and in Congress.

Then the people who went to Washington to protest this obvious fakery were first invited into the Capitol building and two years later some are still awaiting trial for their “insurrection”!

It is now a crime to insist the government is not acting honestly. Actually it always has been. It’s the only way the criminals who have commandeered these high offices can protect themselves and conceal the crimes they constantly commit. Let’s see, who have we bombed today . . . ?! Ah, yes, Yemen.

Just like the government and the doctors, the army plays this game the same way. The U.S. military dashes around the world squelching revolutions everywhere, they insist. But they only kill the opponents of big business opportunists like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger, two of the most powerful men of the past century who are both wanted for mass murders in several (if not many) countries around the world.

This is the American imprint on the world. Forget what Big Media try to tell you that the USA is beloved all over the world. Those people parading across the Rio Grande and setting themselves up all over the country have been hired by the U.S. government to replace you and me. And you and me are paying the U.S. government to do that to us, to replace us, after first possibly robbing and killing us, and then watching us slowly starve.

So listen to those campaign slogans a bit more carefully. And lull yourself to sleep that they are talking about things they will do to you that will convince you ever more realistically that they will do things to prove to you why they are so badly needed.

By now, at this late date, the general population is so infused with government-manipulated phony history, that is has become far more difficult to see American history beneath the veneer of its own propaganda so that the public in general cannot see the pattern of deception that extends back to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 that almost nobody has a penetrating read of what has actually happened to America and the American economy in the past 110 years.

There has been an unending consolidation of power and simultaneous manipulation of the news feed so that the public cannot see the domination of the world by the supreme group of Jewish moneylenders that has produced the World Wars and all the other oppressive mega crimes — plagues, financial crashes, destruction for the profitable sake of rebuilding … swindling the public out of its wealth.

For the past two centuries this richest of all the world’s businesses has been run by the circle of 13 Jewish families, a growing network of many chapters and pecking orders which operates this decaying system of monarchical and democratic governments. Primarily, this is now how governments rule the people with their deceptions instead of the way it should be, that the people rule their governments with their genuine health needs.

Several intensifications of this rapidly metastasizing totalitarianism have insinuated themselves this growing smorgasbord of fear now suffocating humanity like a poison cloud from the sky.

The first is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s erasure of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech with his new law that nobody can say anything bad about Jews or Israel.

Counter with Thomas Jefferson’s eternal warning: “Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost.”

The second is the consequence of DeSantis’s mutilation of the oath he took to defend the Constitution.

Prohibition of critical scrutiny of Jewish sabotage of America’s Constitutional framework suggests treason charges for every Jew in America on the basis that dual-citizenship is treason in and of itself. Beyond that, the inability to even mention that Jewish influence blocks critical light on every tragedy and atrocity that has scarred the American psyche over its entire history.

Inability to wrest the 9/11 investigation from the corrupt hands of Jewish media resulted in our inability to solve the crime. That coverup enabled the COVID hoax to seriously injure society, particularly and fear it engendered in children, who are themselves being turned into homo robots thanks to Jewish control of education.

Even a cursory look at the recent fiction of the COVID plandemic reveals Jewish control of medicine has done more damage to world society than perhaps any other single event in history, and the death toll is still rising — while the government coverup continues, in fact, intensifies, forcing people to believe a lie that will eventually kill them.

So this is how our government proves that we really need it, by creating heart-wrenching crimes and public disasters that require its attention, which usually is stunningly ineffective while they brag how important they are in protecting us from ourselves.

Will you do something about it, or will you let them kill you first?

Perhaps you may want to wait until you get a call from your local school advising you your son’s penis was about to be amputated because his homosexual teacher said the kid asked to be a female as the teacher was poking him up his butt, BUT the school didn’t have to tell the parent because that would have violated the kid’s freedom of speech.

Thus the objective of government is fulfilled. Depraved advice plus inappropriate medical care creates a lifelong mental patient forever dependent on your caring government. The perfect citizen.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


NTS Notes: John always focuses so much of his material on the happenings in the United States.. But his statements about the criminality of government in America does indeed mirror quite well even up here in Canada where this nation is being utterly destroyed by the lunatics in charge in Ottawa…

I too have wondered where along the line the whole purpose of government that at one time used to be the ‘will of the people’ has changed to where the government now is purely evil, does not bother even listening to the fools that actually ‘elect’ them to power, and now wants nothing more than to enslave the masses? It is obvious that something went seriously wrong somewhere down the line, and now the people are nothing but subservient sheep to the aspirations of the criminals running what is nothing more than despotic ‘governments’…

John asks the question as to whether or not the sheeple will actually do something about the evils of their governments, OR allow them to continue with their evil desires to kill the sheep first? Honestly in seeing what has already happened with the entire SCAMDEMIC and how easily BILLIONS got duped through the usage of FEAR porn by these pricks, with the result that so many are indeed destined to die, I do believe that we have our answer…..

Another great post by John Kaminski, and one that I do hope that readers will share and post at their own sites…

And for those who are waiting for yours truly to post up today’s ‘news report’, patience, for it is coming..

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 19th 2023

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Yes, it is Sunday… Still very cold here in this part of central Canada… And time again for my weekly rant!

I just do not see it or get it? Everywhere across this planet we are seeing the definitive signs of a Grand Solar Minimum upon us, and yet the gullible sheep out there are still believing the nonsense thrust into their simple brains that we are somehow in danger of having the world ‘overheat’ through the fraud of man caused ‘Climate Change’ or what used to be commonly called ‘Global Warming’. You can not turn on the idiot box, aka Talmudvision, these days and not see commercials about how “Climate Change affects us all” and that we can ‘do our parts’ to ‘stop Climate Change’ which I find so asinine and ludicrous in their very concepts… And yes, this is the newest method of massaging and manipulating the simple minded out there, and a definite propaganda shift away from the long bashing of the mind through constant ‘Covid 19’ scare mongering..

And yes, we have had that same fear mongering now for decades… So many have already forgotten the FEAR porn generated by criminal morons out there such as ‘Manbearpig’ himself, Al Gore, with his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ bunch of bullshit ‘documentary’ released over a decade and a half ago that was nothing more than pure fantasy and false premises aimed purposely into scaring the gullible into the false notion that WE as human beings are responsible for what was claimed to be ‘Global Warming’…. Few so quickly forget about how Gore was promoting the lies that snowfall would be a thing of the past, or that the ocean levels would be quickly rising and engulf coastal cities.. NONE of his claims are happening or are ever projected to happen any time in our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children as a matter of fact…

I have been starting these ‘rants’ with this shot at the falsehood of ‘Climate Change’ now for years, as I truly see what is going to happen, as now with the COVID-19 SCAMDEMIC falling to pieces, the criminals that want all of us imprisoned in ’15 minute cities’ and want us totally dependent on them for our very livelihoods through the falsehood of ‘Digital Currency’ ABSOLUTELY need a new level of further FEAR porn to engulf the simple minded out there, and they have long chosen to use this ‘Climate Change’ bullshit as their weapon of choice…. And sadly when we consider how some 6 BILLION people world wide so blindly and stupidly fell for their SCAMDEMIC and the need to commit suicide through taking the deadly KILL SHOTS into their bodies, these criminals know that most of Humanity is too stupid to even live and that they will be able to get their Climate Change ‘laws and restrictions’ in place to subjugate the masses with ease…

OK, I have indeed continued my personal observations and testing on myself to see if the reason that I have been constantly sick this last winter has been due to contact with those around me that have been ‘spiked’ with the antigen Spike Proteins through the deadly KILL SHOTS…. And I basically can conclude that it is true and that I may indeed be especially susceptible to those who are SHEDDING these deadly mRNA proteins out of their pores… I spent the last week and a half since my last ‘cold’ just AVOIDING anyone around me that may be shedding like the plague… Even at work,, I made sure that I avoided nearly all contact with “spiked” coworkers, and did my utmost to work alone and work at remote sites alone every day… When I needed a morning coffee, I made sure I went through drive throughs and not go inside any establishment to make that purchase… When I went to stores to purchase groceries, I went either very early in the morning or late at night to avoid contact with the ‘spiked’ and carried some alcohol based cleaning wipes with me to wipe down anything that I touched…. The result has been seeing me now so much healthier than I have been in months, and feeling near ZERO pressure in my sinuses, as well as having very few headaches….. Thus the only logical conclusion that I can reach at this point is that I have indeed been getting bouts of sickness due to SHEDDING!

Is it just me? Or have the reports about the horrendous ‘effects’ and damage being done to those who have been ‘spiked’ getting much more ghastly by the day? I have already read so many parts in the ‘PFIZER documents’ that were released nearly a year and a half ago that listed thousands of ‘side effects’ due to their deadly KILL SHOTS, and from my own personal observations of the ‘spiked’ out there, I would say that list is true and yet does not entail ALL of the horrendous damage done by these deadly Spike Proteins….. I have honestly never before seen so many sick people around me in my entire life these days, as most are pale and acting so ‘out of sorts’ that it is apparent that something is terribly wrong with their bodies and their immune systems…. And their very movements and the way that they act is absolutely frightening, as most are now acting like they are ‘intoxicated’ as you would see in cases of alcohol abuse to their bodies and minds…. The sad part is that I have watched incidents of this ‘intoxication’ being on a rapid increase, with the worst yet to come as we are still early into 2023..

And do not get me started about what it is like in just driving around this fair city of mine… I have been watching and observing the reactions and actions of the drivers around me and it scares the crap out of me to just be behind the wheel of my SUV…. I have seen so many dart in and out of traffic, while others are just cutting lanes now without a care in the world about whomever is in that other lane… And there seems to be a major uptick in drivers driving so extremely slow and well below any speed limit that has caused other ‘intoxicated’ drivers to further drive even more erratically as they swerve and weave around those slow drivers… And yes, in the past when I would see this happen was in my earlier days when local bars and pubs would close and ‘intoxicated’ drivers due to alcohol would get into their cars and take to the roads….. The logical conclusion here is that this ‘impairment’ that I am seeing in driver reactions is definitely due to the SPIKE PROTEINS destroying the cells of their brains as again I must reiterate that antigen Spike Proteins do have an affinity in attacking and destroying nerve cells…. Sadly, I must also reiterate that this is still early 2023 and the worse is yet to come…

Well… I finally had one reader send me an email about how he is now ‘smelling’ those around him that have been ‘spiked’…. He said to me that the smell is an obnoxious and yet putrid stench that does appear to be a combination of both ‘human feces’ and something that is like a strong disinfectant….. As I am still in the waning days of a very long winter in this part of Canada, and as I am presently staying away from so many ‘shedders’ to not make myself sick, I have not detected that ‘smell’ in these parts at least so far this year…. But suffice to say, I would agree with that reader, as I have already written some reports that show that the antigen Spike Protein that not only loves to destroy nerve cells, also attacks and transfects the cells of the victims LIVERS…. As the liver cells affected are now ‘transfected’ into producing even more Spike Proteins, they are no longer able to break down Ammonia in the body to allow that chemical to be passed through the body as Urine…. Thus with the failure of the liver to flush out Ammonia, that dangerous chemical builds up in the victims’ blood stream and the body tries so desperately to remove that build up through sweat through pores…. Therefore it can be stated that the ‘smell’ coming off the ‘SPIKED’ out there is definitely real and is a sign that they are DYING as their very livers are being destroyed and that they are suffering from Ammonia poisoning.. The other side effect of Ammonia is how it attacks brain tissue which also means that such poisoning further causes ‘intoxication’ affects in the victim as well….

Yes, I will continue to bash away at the SCAMDEMIC as it is absolutely THE greatest crisis in all of human history… The number of those who have already died due to the lethality of the KILL SHOTS is already staggering, as some estimates are easily in the 1+ BILLION range and climbing world wide… Some may argue that they are not ‘seeing’ any reports about such a magnitude for this death toll, and suffice to say that shows the magic of the propaganda of the media as well as a coverup by both our governments and our failure of health care sectors in making claims that those who definitely have died from the KILL SHOTS have died from ‘other causes’…. The list of falsification of the real causes of death from all of these victims is staggering in itself, and I do wonder how long it will take before even the most gullible out there finally wakes up to the reality that these KILL SHOTS are absolutely to blame for nearly ALL of those deaths? I would say that if it was not for the fact that this is a program of genocide, I would applaud these criminals for their ability to keep the sheep as stupid as ever in not knowing the real cause of all of the deaths that are happening EVERYWHERE….

Well, that ‘war’ in Ukraine is still going on, and on, and on…….. And I am especially perplexed as to WHY the Russians simply say enough is enough and launch their long needed ‘massive offensive’ with all of those forces that are in place and just waiting for the signal to proceed forward…. The Russians know that the Ukrainians are already beaten, as the Ukrainian military continues to throw untrained and ill equipped elderly men, young men, and even women, now into the front lines against their forces where they are wiped out in huge numbers to better trained and disciplined Russian forces…. We are presently witnessing this happen in that blood bath of a battle around Bakhmut in the Donbas where the Russians are slaughtering conscript and poorly trained Ukrainian defensive forces en-mass, and to the point that even the Russians are now complaining about the psychopathic leadership in Kiev under that madman Zelenskyy sending in these civilian forces to be murdered….

I cannot even fathom the number of Ukrainian forces that have now been sent to slaughter in Bakhmut alone.. Some recent estimates have now stated upwards of 100000+ Ukrainian forces have died in the defense of that city, and the sickos in charge of the Ukrainian military just continue to pump even MORE forces into that cauldron of destruction… I have said for the last month at least that any prudent and logical Ukrainian leader would have called for a withdrawal from Bakhmut to a better prepared defensive position WEST of that key city and basically surrender the city to the Russians… That would have saved those 100000 lives and have the Ukrainian forces better prepared for further Russian advances with their supplies, ammunition, and other military ordnance intact…But instead we have Bakhmut now proving to be one of the greatest disasters in military history, as the psychos in charge are apparently not giving a damn at all about the lives of their own citizens whom they continue to throw into the useless defence of that city….

Yes, I continue to wait and be so angry about the lack of Russian desire to end this conflict immediately and actually save the lives of the Ukrainian people through launching their large scale offensive that would END this entire conflict within days and finally send that murderous maniac Zelenskyy running for his miserable Jewish life….Some have been claiming that this now points to the idea that Vladimir Putin is indeed in on the entire Ukrainian “game” and that he has no desire to end this conflict immediately as he is also controlled by these JEWISH freaks in charge that want this war in Ukraine to go on and on and basically bleed the primarily WHITE lives in Ukraine to death…. I am not yet sold on this aspect, but considering the fact that Putin could have launched that much needed assault months ago, it does make anyone stop and wonder what Putin is really all about?

OK, Now we have the planned ‘failure’ of that Silicon Valley Bank in the US, and apparently according to some reports that I have read over the last while some “168” OTHER major banks in America about to fail as well… And everyone is still trying to figure out what the ‘big picture’ is in all this? OK, a reality check here, as NOTHING that has already happened and will happen is ever by ‘chance’ when it comes to this upheaval in the banking systems… The JEWISH criminal elite that run the entire scam through their ‘fractional reserve system’ have been planning for YEARS now about how to unleash their next cog in the plan for world dominion via collapsing the entire world’s financial systems to bring in both their ‘one world government’ based upon having the seat of power in Jerusalem, as well as forcing everyone into a permanent ‘digital currency’ system that would have everyone on planet Earth under constant and permanent surveillance and control… Thus this ‘SVB’ failure along with the present ‘CREDIT SUISSE’ failing in Europe is all part of the game and has been PLANNED for years….

Suffice to say, there is evidence EVERYWHERE that SVB along with so many other ‘banks’ have been in ‘trouble’ for years, along with so many liars and crooks still pushing everyone to invest heavily into those criminal organizations… And how is it that just a few days before the SVB problems were announced that so many high end executives suddenly got huge bonuses and/or sold off their shares in that very bank? Nothing again is by chance, and the facts are that the heads of these corporations KNEW in advance that they were on a house of cards about to collapse and basically bailed out taking so much of the investors’ wealth with them in the process… GREED seems to be the order of the day with these crooks who could not give a shit about those who have now lost their life savings in the banks that they had trusted would keep their deposits safe and secure…..

Some have been puzzling as to WHY the criminal COMMUNIST US government went ahead quickly after the collapse of SVB declaring that they would insure all depositors of ALL banks across America… That and how the criminal JEWISH run ‘Federal Reserve System’ has also come forward and declared that they would also insure ALL American depositors that their money would be ‘safe and secure’? This is also not ‘by chance’ and not by ‘reaction’ to that failure in California, for these criminals KNEW well in advance that this collapse of SVB was going to happen, and that they are now wanting to take control of ALL of every American citizens’ deposits in all banks…. I can see what is coming next, as the fear mongering of even ‘more’ financial collapses will have these criminals declare that the ‘ONLY’ safe choice for everyone in America is to accept a form of ‘DIGITAL CURRENCY’… And yes, just like in so many ‘panics’ in the past, the American people will blindly and quickly accept this concept and thus have their freedoms taken permanently..

So is there a solution to this ‘financial crisis’? I would say that the first step is to NOT ‘panic’ as the criminals want, and to contemplate a course of action such as withdrawing your money out of a ‘bank’ as soon as possible and consider REAL currencies such as physical Gold and Silver…. It can be stated that throughout history and especially when ‘banks’ become ‘insolvent’, the only means of trade and barter open to citizens was through physical means including direct trading using both Gold and Silver coinage and ingots….. And I do mean PHYSICAL Gold and Silver, as any firm that tries to sell you ‘certificates’ is as criminal as the banks, as ‘certificates’ are as useless as paper money in a banking collapse… Demand physical precious metals at all times…..The bottom line here is simple; If the world wide economy does got through a planned collapse as the criminals want, the only method of ensuring any value to your investments and to have something that can be used in a ‘barter system’, physical precious metals is the only recourse available…

And of course, we have the latest news that former President, Donald Drumpf, is about to be ‘arrested’ this coming Tuesday as the COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington DC are now trying to find something to cover up the recent announcements that President ‘I shit my pants all the time’ drooling pedophile Joe Biden could be under criminal investigation for Chinese money sent to his entire family, and face possible impeachment charges for such a criminal act of treason…. And to me, the ‘charges’ that Drumpf will face on Tuesday are as ludicrous as the present ‘charges’ that are still there against the ‘January 6th insurrectionists’… There is NOTHING substantial and nothing that will hold up in any logical court of law… But remember that America is now a truly 100% criminal state, and the COMMIES in charge will find some drooling idiot of a judge, along with the same number of reject from clown college ‘Lawyers’ to try to make the charges against Drumpf stick…..

And some have asked me why this is now happening, and especially NOW to Drumpf? Besides the fact that it is needed to deflect the gullible American sheep’s attention away from the real criminality of Biden and his cronies, the fact is that if Drumpf is even ‘indicted’ on ONE charge and made to stick and somehow found ‘guilty’, the COMMIES will use that as a weapon to make sure that Drumpf will be unable to run against them in the 2024 US ‘elections’… Somewhere in the US criminal code there must be the statement that NO criminal can ever run for the Presidency, and the COMMIES are banking on the validity of that ‘code’ to be used against the American people…

Well…That appears to be enough of the main topics that I wanted to cover here for this ‘rant’… I again cannot cover everything that everyone wants me to give my honest opinion about, as to do so would have this report become even more ‘unwieldily’ and long to the point that it would become boring and monotonous… I will continue with my daily ‘news’ reports to hopefully cover at least some of what readers want and demand of course……

OK, time to close this ‘rant’ with my usual ‘last minute tidbits’ to hopefully try to at least give my ‘two cents worth’ on some other interesting happenings around our planet…. I usually start these off with a look at Asia, and of course we have the ‘news’ that North Korea has once again been testing ICBM’s by firing them off into the Pacific Ocean. Yeah, so what? When you see these ‘reports’ from the lying whore media, realize that it is just ‘fluff’ and fear mongering for the gullible, as North Korea is a threat to NOBODY, and is only conducting these tests to show their main adversary, aka the US itself, that they want to be left alone and not have any American interference. Having a nuclear deterrence against American aggression should be enough……..Over in Japan, yes it is now over 12 years since the Fukushima disaster that is STILL ongoing and with no solution to the reactors spewing their guts out into the Japanese countryside and the Pacific Ocean. The only solution to fixing these Plutonium producing fast breeder reactors at Fukushima would be for the entire world to finally pay attention and actually work together in ending the deadly radiation outpouring from those exposed cores. Will that happen any time soon? Do not hold your breath on this one…….Over in China, I continue to see how well the Chinese social credit digital currency system has been working as the Chinese people are now living in a permanent police state with zero real freedoms at all. And yes, if you ever want to see what would happen if our own criminal governments bring in a despotic digital currency system on our own citizens, just look at China as the prime example of permanent enslavement!…… I had to laugh when I saw late last week how badly that pant shitting maniacal drooling pedophile that still somehow calls himself ‘US President’ made a complete fool of himself when he made stupid and obnoxious statements to the Irish Prime Minister who was visiting Washington DC on ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’. The word salad out of that fool was bad enough, but to make statements about the Irish and ‘alcoholic drinking’ on St Patrick’s Day should have been enough to make every American cringe. Just more proof that Biden has turned America into a complete laughing stock on the world stage…. And about that equally lunatic and maniacal Kamala Harris? Apparently this psycho has a mentally imbalanced ‘husband’ who constantly tries to throw the still unproven ‘Holocaust’ out there every chance he can. The sad part of course is how brain dead Kamala is still just a heart beat away from being President, that again should have every American just shudder…….Up here in Canada, we have the equally as sick Justin “I am still laughing about how I got away with banging 12 year old girls and am still Prime Minister” TURDEAU hiring yet another of his cronies to ‘investigate’ his wrong doings in the ‘China-gate’ fiasco that should have this criminal in JAIL on charges of treason. But again, this maniac can now act with impunity for he is just daring the Canadian people to try to stop him if they can! And people wonder why I now hate to actually think of myself as a Canadian, knowing how this country is just as sick and twisted as America if not worse?………The ‘war’ in Syria continues to be a never ending struggle for the Syrian people who have continued to resist the evil attempts by the US/NATO/Israel who are bent on their destruction. And now we have news that the suffering of the Syrian people has reached the point that some face food uncertainty due to the criminal US ‘sanctions’ against Syria itself. Apparently with the US and Israel failing to destroy Syria, their next motion is to starve the Syrian people to death to force them to succumb to US criminal control? As we have seen so many times in recent history, the answer is apparently Yes!…. And in terms of the actual fighting in Syria, the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies continue their attacks against the American run ‘terrorists’ known as ISIS that continue to pop up across the eastern Syrian desert to launch hit and run strikes against primarily Syrian targets. I still say the only solution to this ‘ISIS’ problem is for the Syrians to turn and force the Americans out of their illegal Al Tanf base which has been proven to be the training facility for criminal ISIS actions……..Over in IRAQ, this week will indeed mark the 20th anniversary of the illegal US invasion of that peaceful nation. Many have always asked WHY the US went into Iraq in 2003, and the REAL answer lies with Saddam Hussein launching his war against the US Petro-dollar by beginning to trade Iraqi petroleum exclusively in Euros rather than US dollars. The US needed their excuse to end this trade as they saw it as a danger to the supremacy of the Petro-dollar, and voila we have that ‘invasion’ in 2003 as the result. And thus we see American ‘occupation’ of Iraq still now, twenty years later, and the Iraqi people having enough and demanding the Americans to get out and by force if necessary…….Up in Iran, the Tehran government has now been working on major deals with the Saudis, in the aftermath of the newest ‘peace deals’ between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is of course causing the Israelis in that sickness called Israel to just go ballistic as they do not want to see such a deal succeed, but instead absolutely want to see Iran destroyed. Thus I am still waiting for the attempt by the US/Israel cabal to try to destroy this Iran/Saudi peace deal by all means necessary, including the possibility of a US run ‘coup’ or ‘regime change’ in Riyadh that would put in a US puppet government in Saudi Arabia and end the deal with Iran……And meanwhile, down in Yemen, we see the push now for a full ‘peace deal’ between the Houthis and the Saudi invaders, which comes in the aftermath of the new Iranian/Saudi agreements for peace. Hopefully something good will happen here, especially with the Saudis finally withdrawing from Yemen itself. The Yemeni people have suffered long enough and they should be able to finally decide their own future and without ANY outside interference……..Over in Africa, we have the news that the US has now increased their interference into the civil war in Somalia with recent air strikes carried out against ‘rebel targets’ north of the capital city of Mogadishu. The US has in fact ‘interfered’ in Somalia for decades, and all due to the fact that Somalia is strategically located close to the entrance to the Red Sea and nearby petroleum shipping routes to Europe via the Suez Canal. Control of the ‘Horn of Africa’ gives any nation that vital control over these vital shipping routes, and therefore the US will continue to try to keep one of their puppet governments in control of Somalia at all cost, even if it leaves Somali citizens living in a war torn living hell…Over in west Africa, we have word that the ‘war’ against US run terrorist group ‘Boko Harum’ is finally reaching an end, with apparently that US run group now finally ‘on the run’. Do not hold your breath on this one, for Boko Harum is not going away anywhere soon, especially with the recent infusion of new arms to these criminals via the black market out of Ukraine. The US wants to maintain their control over west African nations via these terrorists for the fact that they want those nation’s massive wealth in minerals and especially GOLD deposits……Up in Europe, we have the good news in The Netherlands, as the Dutch Farmer protest movement against the Amsterdam WEF run regime has apparently gone political with their new party taking down these WEF fools and idiots in the recent local elections. Good for the Dutch, as the WEF does indeed want to turn Holland into a living hell and take away the farmers’ own abilities to feed the population by stupidly removing Nitrogen based fertilizers essential for crops to grow. Such madness has to end everywhere, including right up here in Canada where the TURDEAU government wants to curtail Nitrogen based fertilizers on crops across this massive food producing nation…..Meanwhile the aftermath of the Seymour Hirsch expose on how the US definitely destroyed NORDSTREAM II is still being felt across the globe. The sickening aspects of that deliberate US attack is in both seeing how the Germans continue to just bend over backwards for their American controllers when in fact they should be up in arms over how the Americans blew up their vital source for Natural Gas from Russia, and seeing how the American government continues to lie about Nordstream with their laughable claim that it was done by Ukrainian boats operating in the Baltic Sea of all places! The fact remains that the US did that attack deliberately, and in the aftermath there is still nobody willing to challenge such an act of pure evil…….I for one am glad that more and more we are seeing this fraud of ‘wokeism’ finally die the brutal death that it deserves. Nobody should ever have to put up with this nonsense, and just stop and research into how it is part of the criminal JEWISH desire to see societies destroyed… And do not get me started on the sickness of this ‘transgender’ crap, for that especially has NO place in influencing young children as children should be left to be children. If as adults they decide to mutilate their bodies and turn them into something that they are not, then that is their choice as ADULTS…… Do not kid yourselves if you are gullible enough to believe the reports that ‘inflation’ is somehow ‘under control’. We are now entering springtime and with ‘food uncertainty’ now a definite reality thanks to the evil ways of our WEF controlled governments trying to starve their own citizens to death, we are going to see essential food product prices just explode even further over the next while. If you are still able to do so, stock up on essentials in preparation to at least try to ride out the storm that may be coming…….Arsenal won a great game this morning in beating the Crystal Palace Eagles by the score of 4-1. This victory leaves the Gunners now 8 points clear of main rival Manchester City for the fight for the ‘top of the table’ with barely 10 games left to play in EPL action for this season. And yes, I am an avid Soccer fan, so those who do not like these reports can bite me…… In the very twisted and sick world of those two useless parasites, both Meghan and former ‘prince’ Harry, we have word that these two freaks must apologize to “King Charles” before they can attend the fraud ‘coronation’ in the UK coming up in May. That and this ‘apology’ will apparently open the door for these two useless air breathers to move out of the US and into the United Kingdom itself, where they will get ‘royal welfare’ to live off and take their insanity directly to the British people. But apparently, Meghan is unable to make such apology, and therefore these two ass wipes will continue to just plague the American people with their sickness instead? Has America suffered enough of these two rejects, and to me I say that they should either get real lives and real jobs, or get the fuck out of America once and for all and stay out!…….And finally, in the twisted and sick world of Kardashian, I have the sad news that main skank Kim had the audacity to attend the recent Europa League game between Arsenal and Sporting CP where Arsenal lost in goal kicks to Sporting CP. I just hope that this useless whore is not a ‘fan’ of Arsenal, for that would be an insult to yours truly. And for the life of me, will someone please explain to me WHY the American people so stupidly cling to supporting these useless air breathers, for after 13 years now of writing about their insanity, I still do not get it at all?

More to come


Once Again, Saturday As A Day For Rest And Relaxation. Full Weekend Rant Coming Tomorrow

I am indeed getting into the habit now of spending Saturdays as a day to take care of a LOT of personal and family business… Thus I have NO ‘news’ report prepared or slated for today at all…

Things may change once I am retired, which I am aiming for by the beginning of this May…. I have been spending a lot of time over the last while doing calculations on how to get my company Pension paid out, and I have some more financial calculations to do over the next week as well…. Hopefully that will all be worked out and I will put in my retirement date to that criminal corporation by the end of this coming week at the latest… It will be good to get that burden off my back as I have no time for a company that tried to KILL ME last year with their ridiculous ‘KILL SHOT mandates’ as a demand for employment…

I will of course have a full ‘weekend rant’ for tomorrow as there is a LOT of things happening around our sick world that I do want to give my usual two cents worth of rationality and logic towards…. So, until tomorrow…

More to come


Friday News: SCAMDEMIC, Ukraine, Other REAL News, And Honouring The Memory Of Rachel Corrie

Once again, I will at least TRY to keep this one short and simple…. I have a lot on my plate with some family issues and other personal issues to take care of… Therefore I probably will NOT have an article up tomorrow aka Saturday and instead concentrate on my weekly rant for Sunday…

In the meantime, I am continuing to use myself as a ‘human guinea pig’ just to see what effect SHEDDING has on someone that is not ‘vaxxed’…. And so far it has proven to be interesting, by my simply just AVOIDING those who have been ‘spiked’ with the KILL SHOTS, I am feeling actually quite well and not suffering from any headaches or head colds at all…. Does this prove that the SPIKED are a danger to us all? Possibly, and I will give my final conclusions in an upcoming report here at this blog…

OK… Onto another report about the SCAMDEMIC…. And first I have the following link to a disturbing report that comes courtesy of the NATURAL NEWS website at where apparently there is now evidence that somewhere around 100000 deaths that have occurred over the last 3 and 1/2 years of this entire SCAMDEMIC that have been claimed to be from ‘COVID’ (which still to this day has never been proven to even exist..) were actually caused by the horrific treatment called REMDESIVIR !!! Here is that link:

Yes.. Early on when the SCAMDEMIC was launched, the ‘medical experts’ quickly discovered that the ‘deadly virus’ (more like weaponized INFLUENZA) was easily treatable using IVERMECTIN… But of course the criminals running the scam did NOT want to see patients quickly ‘cured’ of their weapon by simply taking IVERMECTIN, and did their utmost to block and dissuade the public from actually using the very safe drug, IVERMECTIN, and instead used the TOXIC chemical called REMDESIVIR which I can guarantee they all knew would KILL the patient by causing horrible respiratory failure..

And now we find evidence that REMDESIVIR was also causing severe RENAL FAILURE in the patients that took that toxic substance into their systems? I would say that when the reality finally does come out that this was indeed a scam and a grand plan for human extermination, the producers and even the users of REMDESIVIR will have a lot to answer for in a court of justice for this horrible crime of murder!

The one thing that I have found the most disturbing in this entire project of mass death using these deadly KILL SHOTS is the ultra long list of ‘adverse effects’ and horrible permanent damage done to the patients that have been stupid enough to put this garbage mRNA destructive lethal injections into their bodies… I have in fact at this blog reported on a very long list of these problems that is staggering in itself..

But now it gets even better, for I want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the GLOBAL RESEARCH website at that covers the horrible damage done by these KILL SHOTS in terms of oratory damage, including VERTIGO, TINNITIS, EAR PAIN, (PERMANENT) HEARING LOSS, and even DEAFNESS… HERE is the link to that report:

Yes, I personally have heard from some around this part here in central Canada, about how after they took their ‘shots and boosters’ they are now suffering from EAR PAIN and even a near permanent ‘ringing’ in their ears… My advice to them after hearing about these complications was to obviously NOT take any more shots into their bodies, but some have proven so belligerent in claiming that they had to take the KILL SHOTS because they did ‘not want to catch COVID’ while a few others said they had to just to ‘keep their jobs’!

To me, taking these KILL SHOTS is more and more now proving to NOT be worth the suffering from making that deadly mistake to anyone.. The facts are now so blatantly obvious that these KILL SHOTS had absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘COVID’ at all, but have more to do with killing the recipient…..

I will continue to research more and more into every aspect of this entire global plan for mass genocide… And I have been working on a side project which is my own upcoming article where I examine in detail what exactly has been happening over the last 3.5 years of this ‘hell on Earth’ genocide plan for human destruction, and WHY nearly 75% of the world’s population basically crumpled under the incessant and false FEAR thrown at them in near endless propaganda and ‘bullying’ into taking these lethal injections… Hopefully I will unleash that article soon, so stay tuned..

Meanwhile, I have ‘other fish to fry’ and once again I do want to turn my attention to the ‘war’ in Ukraine, especially now in light of the American clear stupidity in ‘poking the Russian Bear’ with their blatant usage of a ‘Reaper drone’ off the coast of Crimea in RUSSIAN territory in the Black Sea…. That was a most blatant and stupid move by the US military, and shows that the US is indeed now DIRECTLY involved in the ‘war’ in Ukraine where they have no gawd damn being in the first place…

But first, I want to present an update on the actual military situation in Ukraine itself…And right now as I am doing this article, I do NOT have the usual ‘updated’ map of the KEY fighting in and around the city of BAKHMUT in the Donbas region to present to my readers at this time… But instead, I have the following interesting article that comes from THE INTEL DROP website at that presents a very good video report about the actual fighting in and around Bakhmut.. .HERE is that link:

Yes, the facts are that the Russians are continuing their slow and steady capture of Bakhmut, while at the same time massacring the inexperienced, poorly trained, and ill equipped Ukrainian forces that they are facing during their advance… What is astonishing is the FACT that the Russians are now facing more and more younger and elderly Ukrainian conscripts that may show that the psychopath Zelenskyy may now be out of fighting men and are sending little boys and elderly men to the front lines instead!

And, once again to give an overall summary of today’s fighting in UKRAINE, I do want to present the following link to an article that comes courtesy of the great writers at SOUTHFRONT at… Here is that link:

As I said above, the Reaper drone incident is indeed, at least to yours truly, a stupid move by the American military as now the Russians are indeed well aware that they are fighting not only NATO in Ukraine, but the US itself….

But, and most sadly, it is not just the US now that is causing this ‘war’ in Ukraine to even further escalate into a global war of total destruction;.. For I want to present the following link to a report that comes from the ZERO HEDGE website at where apparently the IDIOTS that are running Poland are now definitely going to send Soviet era MIG 29s to Ukraine for the Ukrainian Air Force to use against the Russians! Here is that link:

OK, I have to ask it here.. ARE THE POLES FUCKING NUTS? To me, this is such a boneheaded and most fool hearty decision by the government in Warsaw that for the strangest reasons is trying to act so ‘butch’ and now trying to lead the entire NATO operations in Ukraine… All that these morons have done is further piss off the Russians, who will not only blow these dozen or so MIGS to hell, but now could start targeting Poland itself….

Yes… Things continue to get more interesting by the day in terms of this ‘war’ in Ukraine… The dumb fucks in NATO continue to poke Russia so stupidly as they do NOT have the capabilities or even the hardware available to take on Russia directly… Thus instead they continue to prop up that maniac in KIEV that now is sending CHILDREN tot eh front lines to fight Russians and be slaughtered in the process…

All this and more is the reason that I definitely want to see the Russians FINALLY get their massive and planned offensive going just to save the world from the insanity of NATO and the US and to save the people of Ukraine from the insanity in Kiev that cares not about their own people but would rather see them sacrificed in useless battles… Hurry up, Russia, and finish the job!!!

Meanwhile, we have some lunacy to report from up here in Canada, and only this time it does not involve the psychopath in charge, Justin “I am laughing in the faces of all Canadians as I got away with poking 12 year old girls’ TURDEAU, but instead has to do with his near equally psychotic ‘foreign minister’ named Melanie July has had the sheer audacity to come out just a few days ago and claim that Canada is seeking ‘regime change’ in Russia! Here in fact is the link to one report about this madness, courtesy of SUMMIT NEWS for everyone to see right here:

Honestly, are the fuckers in charge in Ottawa all NUTS? Or has the insanity of TURDEAU himself rubbed off on all of them that someone such as this complete MORON could make such a ridiculous statement?

Yes, I live in a nation of sheep here in Canada that is being run by either rejects from an insane asylum, or rejects from Canadian clown college… I am not sure which is which these days, as the lines are now definitely blurred with TURDEAU in charge…

And all this does is piss off the Russians even more, and sadly the consequences are now in seeing a lot of Canadian cities now in the bullseye of the massive Russian nuclear arsenal if the maniacs running this planet finally get their nice little global thermonuclear war going…

Well… I did want to keep this report relatively short and sweet once again, and therefore I do want to touch on a few other REAL news that the lying whore media outlets refuse to cover….

One of my key targets over the last 15 years of writing articles has ALWAYS been the complete and utter BULLSHIT of ‘Global Warming’ aka ‘Climate Change’ that continues to be one of the key ‘platforms’ for the maniacs in charge that they will use if their other scams fail… The sad part is that there are still too many SUCKERS out there that have already fallen for this ‘man caused Climate Change’ garbage, and are going to so willingly accept what is coming next, which would be ‘Digital one world Currency’ based on the fraud of ‘saving the planet’ from of all things; Climate Change!

And in this ‘climate change’ regard, I came across the following interesting article that once again comes from ZERO HEDGE that shows how it is not enough. that nations besides the US itself are indeed championing COMMUNISM, BUT they are now throwing ‘Climate Change’ into the mix, especially now with the hysteria of hyperinflation happening world wide that some of these lunatics are blaming on ‘Climate Change’ itself! Here is that link:

Yes, these criminals cannot let a good opportunity go to waste it seems, and will continue to promote the ‘Climate Change’ fraud at every chance they can including in nearly ALL of the present ‘crises’ that we have going on world wide….

I just feel sorry for the people of the UK that have to endure this madness as shown clearly in that Zero Hedge article…

OK… In terms of the other issue of the day, which is the ‘Financial world wide crisis’ that has absolutely been engineered DELIBERATELY by the criminals that want to see their “One world government’ , “ONE world currency’ plan unleashed on all of us, there is at the moment a bit of ‘stability’ in terms of what has been happening in the aftermath of the SVB crash and burn of last weekend… And at present, other than that “Credit Suisse” crisis in Europe that has been deliberately done much like SVB in America, the financial systems are at the moment being held together with ‘duck tape’ and ‘bail wire’, with the possibility that some other failures will occur shortly just to send the whole system crashing down… People need to understand that this has all been done, and again, DELIBERATELY, and all I can say is that if you do have large investments to consider liquidating them and look into other stable and secure methods of investment such as physical GOLD and SILVER…

And, I do feel like an idiot here, for YESTERDAY marked the 20th ‘anniversary’ of the sad day when peaceful protestor Rachel Corrie was DELIBERATELY murdered by the Israeli military while she stood with other protestors in the West Bank trying to save some Palestinian buildings from destruction via Israeli armoured American made bulldozers, and here I am missing that anniversary!!!…

Thus, I once again want to close this report with my salute to the memory of Rachel Corrie, through the following video that pays tribute to the memory of Rachel and is STILL available via Youtube for at least this time.. HERE is that video:

Yes, watch the video link to Youtube, everyone… We must always remember that Rachel stood for freedom and that the ISRAELIS crushed her out of existence…

OK… That is enough for the moment… I will continue with these ‘news’ reports for the foreseeable future, as it gives me a chance to combine a lot of real “NEWS’ into one article, and a format that hopefully more readers will notice…. So stay tuned…

More to come


Thursday News: Again, Keeping It Short And Simple

Once again I will be keeping today’s ‘news’ report relatively short and as simple as I can…. I will periodically do very long ‘news’ reports, but am finding it more easier to post much shorter reports on a daily basis…

I also have continued my personal observation to determine if I have been getting ‘sick’ more often by just being around those who have taken many KILL SHOTS and ‘boosters’ into their bodies… In just the last few days, and by simply working more alone and not in the company of other coworkers, I have not had a throbbing headache or any problems with my nasal passages as well… Does this prove that those who are ‘shedding’ have been the cause of some of my recent health issues? Perhaps, but I will not come to that conclusion yet as I need more time to make that determination.

But in the meantime, I want to start today’s ‘news’ report as I usually do by taking on THE biggest scam in all of human history, the so called ‘SCAMDEMIC’ that is still wanting to see BILLIONS of human beings put to death via the criminals’ KILL SHOTS…..

And I want to present here the link to an important report, that comes courtesy of THE DEFENDER website at , that discusses the criminal action by the US Food and Drug Administration, that has apparently just approved a FOURTH (!) COVID KILL SHOT for infants and children under the age of 5 !!! Here is the link to this troubling report here:

Yes, this is insanity and shows that the FDA in the United States is out to blatantly murder American children by this criminal and psychotic action…

And honestly, I would dearly love to see all of the criminals running the FDA in America put up on charges of murder, for these KILL SHOTS are indeed killing our children…. And now apparently they want to shove a FOURTH dose of certain death in very young children just to make sure they finish the job!!!

I have been saying for the last few years that children absolutely should NOT be subjected to these death jabs… And it is a fact that ANY parent that allows this criminal action be done to their children should be put up on charges of attempted murder… If the children die from these lethal injections, then the parents of these children should have those criminal charges upgraded immediately to full blown murder!

It is therefore very obvious that this criminal program is to murder our children….. These psychopaths are definitely aiming at destroying humanity and making sure that there are NO ‘future generations’ as well…. Lets get the message out there and have parents demand that this approval and action against the innocent lives of our children be halted immediately..

As I have already said.. I want to keep this report relatively simple and short for today.. .And therefore I want to turn reader attention to what is really happening in the ‘war’ in Ukraine….

And therefore once again I want to start off by presenting the latest and fully updated ‘battle map’ of the KEY fighting in and around the Donbas city of Bakhmut… And of course that latest map comes once again courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT at .. Here in fact is that latest map:

Yes, the Russians continue to make very agonizingly slow and ‘steady’ progress into the centre of Bakhmut… And the attempts to finally encircle Bakhmut via forces driving north and south, just west of Bakhmut, continues to also be very slow and sluggish…. Many including myself had hoped that the Russians would have concentrated on that encirclement and ‘closed the ring’ to trap at least 30000 Ukrainian and NATO fighters in Bakhmut WEEKS ago, but the resistance against the advancing Russian WAGNER forces has indeed been very tenacious…..

And, as I showed in the last few ‘news’ reports, the idea that the Ukrainians can somehow muster some form of ‘counteroffensive’ by the brigades that they have gathered west of Bakhmut could definitely be out of the question, for those forces are NOT well trained or equipped and would be massacred by the well armed Russian forces they would be attacking…. Thus from a logical aspect, the best course of action by the Ukrainian military would still be to withdraw from Bakhmut and establish a better ‘defense line’ west of Bakhmut itself…

And of course to give a good overall summary of today’s fighting in Ukraine, I want to turn once again to the daily report that comes courtesy once again of SOUTHFRONT, that also shows that there is still a major problem happening in terms of NATO nations trying to muster enough ‘tanks’ to be sent to Ukraine… HERE is the link to that report:

Yes… ALL of those propaganda reports over the last while coming from the lying whore media outlets about both ‘NATO’ and the US sending hundreds of front line and main battle tanks to Ukraine IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN… NATO itself does NOT have any real ‘tanks’ available that could even come close to the Russian armour in the field, and to send a ludicrous number like ’57’ as claimed in recent reports is a laugher for they would be turned into scrap metal in no time flat by the superior Russian anti-tank weaponry that is already deployed in the war in Ukraine..

Thus for those who still think that sending tanks to Ukraine can ‘upset the balance’ and turn the war in favour of Ukraine are living in a pipe dream… Few NATO nations can provide such armour, and even up here in Canada, the sending of a pitiful number of ‘4’ main battle tanks is just ludicrous… The Russians are well prepared and ready for the pitiful number of NATO ‘main battle tanks’ that they would face or are already facing and are again just going to destroy them in no time flat….

And of course we have that other ‘news’ from just yesterday about how the Russians have downed at least one US made ‘Reaper combat drone’ that was operating in the Black Sea well north of the Ukrainian theatre of war… And apparently there is a lot more to this ‘Reaper’ that was rightfully taken down by Russian Su27 fighter jets than what we are told… For instance, we have the link to the following report from SPUTNIK NEWS online at that shows evidence that this ‘Reaper drone’ was operating without its own transponder turned off, as questions arise as to what in the fuck was the US doing flying a COMBAT DRONE near Russian territory in the Black Sea at all? Here is that link:

Yes, I have read many different reports about this Reaper drone ‘incident’ and I do wonder if this was done ON PURPOSE by the US to get a Russian response to try to further escalate the conflict in Ukraine… That, and according to the following report that comes from the Russia Today online news service at this ‘Reaper incident’ basically proves that the US is now DIRECTLY involved in the war in Ukraine.. Here is that link:

I do agree with the Russian assessment of this incident.. The US is purposely provoking the Russians once again which could lead to a full blown direct war between Russia and the US…. The only good news so far otherwise is that the Russians have now been able to get a hold of that downed Reaper drone and are obviously going to examine it very closely, and this in spite of the US government having the gall to actually ask the Russians to give this Reaper back!

Well.. There is a lot happening in Ukraine and I will be keeping close tabs on anything new and any breaking news in further articles…. But in the meantime I want to turn my attention to other news, including what has been happening up here in Canada in regards to that ‘China-gate’ fiasco, where “Prime Minister” Justin “I am laughing in the faces of all Canadians as I got away with banging 12 year old girls” TURDEAU….

And the news about TURDEAU gets worse by the day, as apparently this scumbag and his cronies have hired a TURDEAU Foundation member and prime donor to the LIBERAL PARTY in the name of ‘David Johnston’ who was in fact a former Governor General for Canada, to be the head of the new ‘investigative commission’ to look into Justin TURDEAU’s involvement in taking CHINESE money to help him ‘win’ the October 2021 Canadian election! Here in fact is the link to an article from Canada’s CTV news online at about this ‘appointment’:

Once again here we have yet another LIBERAL party ‘cronie’ and a firm supporter of TURDEAU being hired to look into Justin’s criminal and treasonous actions in taking money from the Chinese illegally so that he could steal the 2021 vote here in Canada….

And I am NOT alone in seeing this “appointment” of a TURDEAU Foundation supporter to head the investigation into TURDEAU as being yet another slap in the face for all Canadians much like what happened with the TRUCKER CONVOY commission being led by a relative of TURDEAU himself…. For I want to present the latest ‘news letter’ that was sent my way by MAXIME BERNIER, leader of Canada’s ONLY true political party, the People’s Party of Canada, via their website at for everyone to read right here about this latest travesty against Canadians:

Again, nothing surprises me any more when it comes to the criminality of this TURDEAU maniac as he basically is laughing in the faces of ALL Canadians knowing that he is getting away with every CRIME that he does with impunity…

Thus, this entire ‘investigation’ into the treasonous wrong-doings of TURDEAU will probably turn into another fiasco as previous ones have done… This lunatic knows that he can do ANYTHING now, and sadly so many stupid Canadians, primarily out east of here in southern Ontario, are apparently still going to vote for him if and when he attempts to call a snap election which apparently may be coming soon here in Canada…. The only hope that I see now if and when this ‘election’ gets called, especially when we now see that the ‘official opposition’ is as crooked as this prick, is for Canadians to vote overwhelmingly for a true change in Canada which obviously more and more is the PPC party…

Yes, and again, I want to keep this report relatively short and simple.. And therefore I will touch on a few other subjects for today before closing this report…

Someone sent me the link to the following ‘Rumble’ video earlier today and asked my honest opinion on what is said by the narrator in this video, Katherine Watt, especially in what is claimed to be the US Department of Defense using a “Kill Box” plan against humanity that has been centred around the entire SCAMDEMIC that is definitely a DOD construct.. Here is that video for readers to view:

I have not heard about this ‘KILL BOX’ idea before now, AND this is something that definitely warrants further investigation by yours truly, especially in light of what Katherine Watt claims is being used by the US military in terms of this entire SCAMDEMIC program… If I find other information about this claim, I will present it in upcoming articles…

And yes.. I continue to watch the happenings in terms of the ‘fallout’ from the SVB banking ‘failure’ with keen interest, as I have smelled a rat since SVB collapsed last weekend as there is NO WAY IN HELL that this was not done purposely by the criminal ‘elites’ as most probably just another move towards their push for a world wide “one world government” and of course a ‘ONE WORLD WIDE CURRENCY’ that may indeed be 100% digital…. The move in fact by the US government to take over control of the failing banking system and ‘guarantee investments’ is not for the betterment of Americans, as we are indeed dealing with psychotic COMMIES in charge in Washington DC who do NOT have the ‘best interests’ of the American people in mind at all…. If I do come across some evidence that points to the REAL evil plans by these monsters in terms of this ‘banking bailout’ in America, I will present that evidence in subsequent reports here….

And to finish off today’s ‘news’ report, I want to present an interesting link to an article that comes from the WOMEN SYSTEM website at , where apparently thousands of pounds (actually according to other reports approximately 2.5 tonnes) of ‘natural Uranium’ has now disappeared from Libya in north Africa.. Here is that link:

This is one that has me thinking that this “natural Uranium” is not ‘missing’ at all, but has clandestinely been grabbed and whisked off to that hell hole called ‘Israel’ where it can be put into centrifuges at the Dimona enrichment facility to extract the U235 as bomb making material… And this makes sense for WHO ELSE would have the means to carry out such a ‘theft’?

OK… That about does it for today… I will of course continue with my daily ‘news’ reports as I absolutely want to try my best to get the REAL truths out there for readers to contemplate for themselves…. So, until tomorrow…

More to come


Wednesday News: Again, Just Keeping It Simple And Shorter Today!

I have some personal business to take care of this evening, and therefore I will try to get this report out and just keep it relatively short and simple…

I continue to explore the possibility that what caused myself to get sick last weekend was due to exposure to those around me that are ‘shedding’ the mRNA material out of their pores due to their complete brain dead ignorance in taking the KILL SHOTS into their bodies… I have found that by just staying away from these morons, I do NOT have a pounding headache and stuffiness in my nose… I will continue to observe and give my final analysis soon…

Meanwhile, the SCAMDEMIC continues, which to me is just beyond sad now… The lying whore media has nearly ‘switched off’ all of their FEAR mongering about this fraud called ‘COVID-19’ as well as their near endless commercials about ‘getting your shots’ and ‘wearing face diapers’… Apparently the damage has now been done, as the psychopaths in charge realized early on that they ONLY needed to have some 70% of the world’s population shot up with their KILL SHOTS, as they absolutely took into account the fact that those who are still safely ‘unvaxxed ‘would be ‘shed upon’ by the ‘vaxxed’ causing them to become sick with nearly the same horrible problems as the’ vaxxed’!

And I have been waiting for a while for any new ‘reports’ that have come from my fellow Canadian REAL truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia and writes the excellent blog over at … Greencrow’s last report was late last week as she continued her attacks against that criminal psychopath in charge here in Canada, Justin “I got away with banging 12 year old girls, you Canadian morons’ TURDEAU and his continuing escapades in what I have been calling “China-gate”…. BUT apparently Greencrow is back and has ‘switched gears’ and has a most EXCELLENT report that she posted just today that tackles some amazing aspects in regards to the SCAMDEMIC… Here in fact is the link to Greencrow’s article:

Yes, I do want to thank Greencrow for this one, for she presents some most interesting information ESPECIALLY the fact that the criminal Conservative leader, PIERRE POILIEVRE’S own wife “Ana Poilievre” has been involved in this entire SCAMDEMIC as she was the CEO of ‘SWITCH HEALTH’ which supplied those bullshit ‘COVID-19’ test kits using the fraud POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION aka “PCR” principle that is nothing more than an amplification tool, to so many gullible and stupid Canadians and made out like a bandit from profits! This alone shows that even Poilievre is deep into the entire SCAMDEMIC and therefore ABSOLUTELY should never ever be Canada’s next Prime Minister!

Well… I DO want to keep this one very short and sweet, and therefore I want to change direction and bring forward some of the REAL latest news in regards to the ‘war’ in Ukraine…

And as I have done for a while now, I want to start off by presenting here the latest ‘battle map’ of the KEY Donbas front centred around the city of Bakhmut…. And once again it comes courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT at … Here is that latest map:

Yes, the battle for Bakhmut seems to no longer be on the peripherals and attempts by the Russian forces to finally close the ring around that embattled city, but instead is in the city itself where Russian ‘WAGNER’ forces have continued with slow progress in capturing more and more of the city by the day…

And… There has been a lot of chatter over the last few days about the Ukrainian army now about ‘ready’ to launch a major counteroffensive strike against the Russians at Bakhmut… I reported over the last few days that Ukraine has amassed some 10 ‘brigades’ of fighters which is around ‘30000’ men, west of Bakhmut and was making preparations for that counter strike that apparently was to be launched within the next few days…

But, I have also known for the last few months that Ukraine does not have the resources or even the trained troops anywhere to launch such a ‘counteroffensive’… And I may be correct in this analysis, for I want to present the following link to a report that comes courtesy of ZERO HEDGE at where a Ukrainian official has come forward and stated clearly that Ukraine does NOT have the resources necessary for a counteroffensive at Bakhmut.. Here is that link:

Yes, the facts are that the psychotic Zelenskyy and his other maniacs in Kiev have had to resort to using poorly equipped and untrained conscript forces over the last while to replace all of the estimated 500000 troop losses in this war against the Russians… These ‘conscripts’ would be nothing but ‘cannon fodder’ for the Russian forces if they even attempt such a counteroffensive….

Thus the news in terms of the war in Ukraine is basically much the same as it has been over the last couple of days.. The Russians are continuing their agonizingly slow capture of Bakhmut, while the Ukrainian forces continue to try to throw in reinforcements into that battle using conscript forces that are mostly destroyed BEFORE they even get to the front lines… That, and I am STILL waiting on the Russians to get their final blow, aka their long awaited OFFENSIVE going that would finish this war off in no time flat… I am still deeply puzzled as to what is causing this delay in getting that Russian blow going?

Meanwhile, the ‘fallout’ from the SVB Bank failure in the US continues, with so many reports that not just Silicon Valley Bank, but so many others are STILL on the precipice of total collapse in spite of the US government ‘guaranteeing’ their survival….

And yes, I have called this what it has been from the beginning, which is a massive BAIL OUT of yet another criminally operated banking firm in the US… And I am not alone in calling a ‘spade a spade’ here in regards to this bailout of SVB bank, for I want to present the following link to a report that once again comes courtesy of ZERO HEDGE at for everyone to see right here:

Yes, Let us not kid ourselves here… This has been a HUGE bail out and one that still can have serious repercussions for the entire US ‘banking industry’, especially in light of the criminal JEWISH run Federal Reserve System coming forward and guaranteeing the US banking system’s entire ‘survival’…. AND in the long run EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN WILL PAY DEARLY for this disaster…

Which leads me to the following link to an interesting report, that comes courtesy of the STATE OF THE NATION website at that is entitled: “The Great Bank PSYOP Of 2023″… Here is that link:

I agree with SOTN on this one, other than the fact that they continue to call the criminals behind this massive problem the ‘Khazarian Cabal’ rather than call them what they truly are, which is JEWISH criminals….

And yes, what we may be seeing happening now in AMERICA is the first major cog in the ultimate criminal ‘Great Reset’ program, which is to take control of the entire finances of ALL Americans and put Americans at their mercy in preparation for their ‘DIGITAL CURRENCY’ and ‘One World Government’…. People everywhere must finally realize that NOTHING is ever ‘by chance’ as these criminals in charge have carefully and purposely unleashed this massive PSYOP, definitely!

And… Someone asked me my opinion earlier on an interesting report that just came out from JIM STONE’s new website at (Jim’s “is” account got wrecked..) where apparently there is now evidence that, of all things, LAND RECORDS across America have been clandestinely since about 1990 been sold to ‘foreign powers’… Here is that report from Jim:

Land records across America sold to foreign powers??

This appears to be an insanely important report

From Timothy Charles “one man away from Trump”

Evidence has been uncovered that shows agents of a foreign power are stealing the land records in Minnesota (and across the United States), in what appears to be an operation that began in the 1990’s – and has been executed with military precision.

“They are stealing all of our records,” said Randi Lynn Erickson, a licensed abstractor, Notary, and former Truth and Taxation judge for the State of Minnesota.

Minnesota state statute requires Erickson, who has an oath to Public Trust, report any concerns of illegal activity, first internally, and then, to the legislature.

But time may be running out.

The oath that binds Erickson to the U.S. Constitution has been systemically removed as many officials are no longer bound by oath and are not required to swear an allegiance to the United States.

The revelations brought to light by Erickson appear to be a national emergency that has been kept well hidden from the American public.

After learning details from Erickson, the investigation branched out.

There are several County Recorders in Minnesota who were willing to talk on the condition of anonymity.


“If they steal all the land records – commerce across the whole country will completely shut down,” one County Recorder in Minnesota said.

My comment: A great way to accomplish “You will own nothing and be happy”.

That’s about 5 percent of a very lengthy report, I suggest giving it a good look. It wanders after a while, but has very valuable info.

Yes, this is SERIOUS business and can have very dangerous implications for America…. And as Jim rightfully states, this may be part of these psychos’ plan to shut down Commerce in America! So while everyone have been ‘diverted’ with other crap and other false ‘news’ elsewhere, this has been happening right under the American public’s noses!

OK… As I said, I am wanting to keep this ‘news’ report relatively simple for today…. I have other business to take care of and therefore will close this report at this point… I will be back tomorrow with more REAL news as I want the truth to be told and known by everyone as to what is REALLY happening across our world… So until then, stay tuned..

More to come