About Northerntruthseeker

A 62 year old Canadian citizen sickened by the lies of history, and especially about the REAL criminals that are out to destroy our lives and enslave us all for millennia… Fighting for the truth and will always speak his mind no matter what the circumstances… Will never accept ‘censorship’ and will never allow material at this blog to ever be censored…. Never wanting to accept gifts or donations of any kind, for the truth about our sick world should never ever come with a price tag!

Been writing at a multitude of blogs now for nearly 15 years.  Previous blogs were removed over time due to ‘censorship’ from Blogging networks… Still persistent though, as my total readership over those 15 years has totalled well over 20 MILLION readers and rising..

The material at this blog is free for everyone to take for their own use, as NTS does hope that the messages presented are spread world wide for everyone to wake up and fight to take our planet back from the criminals that basically want us all either DEAD or to be their permanent slaves..