Thursday News: NO Report Today As NTS Is Taking The Night Off

It has been a terribly busy day for me at that place that I used to enjoy called ‘work’… AND yes, as a CANADIAN we do not have the privilege of having ‘Thanksgiving’ today like you guys down south in the formerly free nation called the ‘United States’ as ours was celebrated WAYYYY back at the beginning of October…. Thus I am not going to file a ‘news report’ tonight and instead take the night off for some much needed rest..

In the meantime, I do want to wish all of my American readers a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ and hope you all are enjoying today off… And you are going to need it, for honestly the way I see it this may be the LAST ‘Thanksgiving’ for most Americans to have any sense of enjoyment as the COMMIES in charge are going into ‘overdrive’ now in their pursuit of the destruction of the last vestiges of that once great republic…

I will be back tomorrow… And yes tomorrow is indeed ‘Black Friday’ that is a day of craziness on both sides of the American/Canadian border…. Some have asked if I will partake in the ‘shopping madness’, and honestly I have now gotten around to ordering most goods online to avoid the hassle of the shopping centres and especially to avoid contact with all of the RETARDS out there that have taken their 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 KILL SHOTS into their bodies and are now heavily shedding that Spike Protein garbage around so that others and especially those who are still safely ‘unvaxxed’ such as myself, can get sick…NO THANK YOU as I want to keep my healthy body intact….

See you all tomorrow… And as usual…

More to come



2 thoughts on “Thursday News: NO Report Today As NTS Is Taking The Night Off

    1. Actually it is the 49th parallel from the Ontario Minnesota border all the way to the British Columbia/Washington state border as a straight line..

      The 48th parallel runs almost exactly through Grand Forks North Dakota south of here..

      But other than that, thanks…. And check out my latest article…


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