Breaking News: Release Of Fabulous Online Movie- Died Suddenly!

Well… Life sometimes throws you a monkey wrench… And this evening I am once again going to be tied up taking care of a whole shit load of personal business and will not be able to do one of my usual ‘daily news’ reports today…

However, while I still have time before being tied up in a bunch of projects, I DEFINITELY want to make sure that ALL readers watch the following video, that comes courtesy of BITCHUTE and from ‘Stew Peters Productions’… This one is the video that everyone has been talking about (at least those whom I talk to..) as it clearly shows the horrendous damage being done by these KILL SHOTS to the bodies of the fools and morons out there that are stupid enough to take them into their bodies…. It is called ‘Died Suddenly’ and I have it right here, followed by my thoughts and comments:

NTS Notes: OK, Some may say WHY are you posting up anything from ‘Beef Stew Peters’ considering the fact that he has been promoting not only the ‘Graphene Oxide’ bullshit, but has joined the parade trying to promote the garbage that there are NO ‘Spike Proteins’ being generated by the KILL SHOTS themselves… I will state it here that I do not give a damn as to the source of this fabulous video, for the video speaks for itself and is very accurate in its statements of fact..

The only thing that I want to add to the mix is the fact that these ‘clots’ being removed from the blood of the KILL SHOT victims are not ‘blood clots’ but Amyloid Clots…. If you look up ‘amyloid clots’ in places such as ‘Wikipedia’ you will see that I am right about this…

I do hope that this video gets spread around like WILDFIRE and that everyone has it up at their sites as well… We must do our damn best now in fighting these sicko bastards with their genocidal agenda, for the facts are that they are now working on bring back not only ‘lockdowns’ and ‘restrictions’ based on false pretences, but are going to ram through their long planned Digital Currency and Social Credit systems that will undoubtably have us all permanently at their mercy with NO freedoms and NO liberties!

I will be back hopefully tomorrow with a full daily news article to attack so much that has been happening in our sick world over the last few days… So until then..

More to come


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Release Of Fabulous Online Movie- Died Suddenly!

  1. NTS,

    I knew most of this information before I viewed the movie.

    What astounds me is that it was clear to me in May 2020 that something was very wrong about this Covid pandemic narrative. I can even pinpoint the month in 2020. It was May.

    How people can be so stupid that they didn’t see this is weird.

    ‘Vaccines’ being rolled out in a few months when it takes at least 5years to determine if a vaccine is safe and effective.

    Useless rules like social distancing, which was just made up.

    People taking their masks off to eat. But yelling at you for not masking up.

    The Covid narrative is crumbling and there will be a reckoning coming for those that shilled for this hoax.


  2. I won’t post a link this time, NTS, but have you seen the short video, also on Bitchute, entitled “Johnny’s cash and the smart money nightmare” that shows how far this (not very) “smart” money could go (and probably will)?

    (No connection to the singer Johnny Cash).

    S.M.A.R.T. Not smart, not clever. Just another form of spyware. Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. That’s from Wikipedia.


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