Thursday News: Of Course MORE On The SCAMDEMIC, And Other REAL News

Well… I am back.. I had a lot of catching up to do with some personal and family business to take care of yesterday, as well as just trying to take some time to get some much needed rest….

And today is Thursday, and I have a lot of stuff to ‘catch up’ on as well as once again trying to make sense and some rationality behind what we are seeing from the lying whore media outlets that they still try to claim is ‘news’… Personally, I am sick and tired of the vomiting garbage that we get on the ‘6 o’clock News’ for all that anyone has to do to get the truth is to think of the opposite to everything that these liars spew…

OK, Onto the real news, and first I once again want to take a look at what is happening right now in terms of the mass genocide program called the SCAMDEMIC…. And I continue to get some messages, comments, emails, etc sent my way from readers that still claim that there are ‘cures’ out there for the antigen Spike Proteins and that I am ‘wrong’ about this permanent transfection of the cells to generate Spike Proteins forever…

I want to start by presenting the following link to a report that just came out earlier today from the Natural News online website at that states that there are ‘breakthrough nutritional solutions discovered’ that may somehow halt the blood clotting and possibly unfold the mis-folded proteins in the victims bodies due to antigen Spike Proteins.. Here is that link:

OK, Now for a reality check… I have stated so many times that there are indeed chemicals and other natural even homeopathic solutions out there that will help with the SYMPTOMS of the generated Spike Proteins and possibly slow down the damage being done by these deadly antigens against both the vital blood circulatory systems as well the heart…

But remember this fact; for these are CHEMICAL solutions for the already generated Spike Proteins that absolutely does NOT stop the cells that are generating these Spike Proteins, for the fact remains that generation is PERMANENT and the ONLY possible solution for shutting down that terrible generation by the transfected cells is through a ‘reverse transfection’ process at the genetic level that could somehow restore the affected cells back to ‘human’…. This genetic recoding of the victims’ cells back to human has never been done by these criminals as their program is one of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION only!

Therefore it is nice to see that there are indeed natural solutions out there that will ‘slow down’ the damage done and possibly extend the victims’ lives for several years at most… But remember that this is only a band-aid solution and that the cells will continue to generate antigen Spike Proteins forever or until the victim is DEAD…

AND from what I have been seeing over the last while, apparently we are ‘winning’ this war against these criminal fuck nuts that have wanted to see most of humanity DEAD and/or the rest turned into mindless zombies aka “human 2.0” through their genetic modification of the human genome via these KILL SHOTS..

However, we have long known that these fucking psychopaths would not give up this insanity without a fight, and would indeed try any method possible to destroy people through their deadly KILL SHOTS… Thus if you cannot inject everyone with their deadly antigen Spike Protein generating garbage, there has to be another method of getting that garbage into the human body, right?

Well, apparently these psychopaths are going to indeed try yet another method of poisoning us all.. For I want to present the following link to yet another report from the Natural News website, at that states that these criminally insane monsters are indeed going to POISON our food supply with their deadly Spike Proteins, starting with injecting the US meat supply with this garbage! Here is the link to that report:

I knew this was coming, for there have been other articles over the last. 6 months that claimed that these monsters were indeed going to start injecting cattle, chicken, and even pork, around the world with their garbage KILL SHOTS and that would generate Spike Proteins in the beef cattle’s cells that would be ingested by humans to turn even the safely ‘unvaccinated’ into their human 2.0 zombies….

This is indeed monstrous, and shows how LOW these psychopaths can be in their insane push to have as much of humanity destroyed as possible before they themselves get discovered for this operation of mass genocide… The sad part being is that most of the farmers and ranchers out there are just as brainwashed as everyone else and will think this is a ‘good thing’, while in reality it may destroy much of the livestock on the planet permanently….

Thus I can see the day very soon where I and others that are still 100% human having to look for ‘organic’ solutions and having to find farms that have livestock that are not shot up with this garbage…. The cost alone will be enormous, but what is the alternative? Accept this madness and see our lives destroyed by ingesting Spike Protein laden meat, pork, and poultry?

Well… I could put up a shit load of other material concerning the SCAMDEMIC, but I do want to cover a wide range of other subjects, including of course the situation in Ukraine that is deteriorating at ‘warp speed’ now into a full blown conflict between the psychopaths at NATO against the Russian Federation…

And first, I do want to bring forward as I always do, the latest updated maps from the Ukrainian conflict on the ground to show readers the present REAL situation between the opposing Ukrainian and Russian forces on the front lines…

Starting of course with the latest and fully updated map of the actual battlefront along the key Donbas Bakhmut front, that once again comes courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT ( right here for everyone to see for themselves:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 26, 2023 (Map Update)

As you can see from the map above, the Russians have now concentrated their attacks to the NORTH of the key city of Bakhmut to push further east to further ‘close the gap’ to the west of Bakhmut with the aim being to encircle the city and thus trap the estimated 40000+ Ukrainian and NATO fighters within the city itself… The goal is of course to surround that garrison and force it to surrender…

And lets no longer kid ourselves here… This is indeed a DIRECT WAR between the criminals in NATO against the Russian Federation… Gone are the days when many would say that NATO is not fighting in Ukraine at all, for the reality is that NATO has sent in as much as 50000+ troops already with many thousands more to come over the next while…

And to show that this is indeed an ‘undeclared’ war by the criminals in NATO against Russia, I want to present this updated article, once again courtesy of SOUTHFRONT, that lays it all out in great detail, for everyone to read for themselves… Here is the link to that article:

Yes, there has been so much ‘hype’ over the last week alone about how the psychopaths that make up NATO’s client states are indeed shipping their main battle tanks into Ukraine now directly to take on the Russian forces…

But of course I have a reality check for everyone in terms of these ‘tanks’ and how they will never change the balance and will instead be nothing but blown up hunks of metal in no time flat by the superior Russian forces… The basic fact is that NATO can ONLY provide at most 100+ tanks into Ukraine over the next few weeks, while the US will NOT be able to send their M1A1 Abrams ‘tanks’ to the Ukrainian war zone for at least a few months….

AND I have already written several reports about how the “Abrams” is absolutely not even suited for this war at all, for it is a 70+ ton behemoth that cannot even work in the Ukrainian countryside and would sink away into the mud so easily making it an easy target for Russian missiles and their superior antitank technology… Some have claimed that they could would when the ground is ‘frozen’ enough, but seriously? This means that these ‘tanks’ can only work if and when the weather and even the ground that they run on, cooperates?

And yes, the German made ‘Leopard II’ tanks are indeed smaller and lighter (55 tons) and might work along Ukrainian roads… But the number being sent is so abysmally small (70-100 at most) and would be sitting ducks against the larger number of Russian made T-90’s already deployed along the battle fronts…

And.. To give an ‘analysis’ of this stupidity of sending NATO battle tanks to Ukraine, I want to present the following link to another report from SOUTHFRONT that gives some details of the this shipping of tanks to Ukraine, as well as showing how these ‘tanks’ being sent will face serious ‘obstacles’ in terms of even getting into the shooting war against Russia… Here is the link to that report:

Thus once again I see this as yet another exercise in pure propaganda for the masses out there to swallow, as NATO forces are ill prepared and ill equipped to fight this war against the larger number of Russian forces that they would be against…

AND… On a serious note here; What about the ammunition that will be employed by these NATO ‘tanks’ and other armaments now being deployed into Ukraine…So many readers are not even aware of the fact that the shells and ammunition that NATO has in stock for these weapons are based upon DEPLETED URANIUM which has been the main staple of ammunition by NATO since the 1980’s….

Yes, the madness of depleted Uranium started back in the 1980’s when the psychopaths in NATO had to come up with a solution to answer the larger number of tanks and armaments deployed in Europe at that time by the “WARSAW PACT” forces… Thus a ‘genius’ somewhere came up with the idea of using ‘Depleted Uranium’ in the weapons as it was MUCH heavier than their already used Titanium casing to penetrate Warsaw Pact tanks much swifter and more readily in a shooting war….. Thus the psychos in NATO went along with the recommendation and basically switched nearly ALL of their ammunition to depleted Uranium without even worrying about the dangers of depleted Uranium itself…

And thus the US switched nearly ALL of their munitions to depleted Uranium, and the dangers of its usage showed itself back in Gulf War I against Iraq, where the consequences of the RADIATION itself from depleted Uranium showed its ugly side with ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ which was in nearly all cases, radiation sickness from depleted Uranium!

And we have ‘Gulf War II’ where once again the US was stuck in using depleted Uranium in their ‘invasion’ of Iraq, that has now left much of the Iraqi countryside basically radioactive to this day and beyond thanks to the horrors of using this ammunition…

So, we now fast forward to today, and the US is once again stuck with depleted Uranium munitions that will DEFINITELY be deployed in Ukraine with their weapons! And the Russians are fully aware of this madness and have warned the US directly against this terrible usage, as you will see in the following link to a report from Sputnik News online at … Here is that link:

This is indeed SERIOUS business here, for the Russians know that if the psychos in NATO use ‘depleted Uranium’ which I have zero doubt will be used as there is barely any other ammunition available, that the Ukrainian countryside will be PERMANENTLY destroyed by the radiation and residue from these weapons!

Thus we are indeed dealing with 100% psychopaths on the NATO side of this conflict, who do not give even a shit about the people of Ukraine that will be permanently damaged by the radiation of depleted Uranium alone! Will you see this fact anywhere in the lying whore media reports? I still hear crickets chirping from those fools about this one..

Yes, the facts are right there as a reality check for everyone in that Ukraine has already lost this war, and it does not matter how much crap the US/NATO criminals attempt now to throw into the conflict, as it is nothing more than a waste of BILLIONS of dollars in ordinance, with the horrific reality that these weapons will permanently irradiate the Ukrainian countryside as the major consequence! But as we are now seeing that we are dealing with psychopaths and criminals that do not know when to quit, they may yet attempt to further escalate this conflict into World War III against Russia along with destroying the entire planet in a nuclear conflagration…

And lets not kid ourselves, for World War III against Russia AND China, is no ‘cake walk’ for the US, for as I showed in previous articles, the RUSSIANS are vastly superior to the US in so many fields of military technology, especially in terms of electronic warfare…

You want proof as to how the Russians are indeed ready in terms of electronic warfare, and could easily blind most of the US itself, I want to turn to the following report that comes from the ‘HAL TURNER RADIO SHOW’ website at that shows how a SINGLE Russian missile frigate that is now operating in international waters off the Atlantic coast of the United States itself, singlehandedly just yesterday switched on its advanced electronic weaponry and actually BLINDED the entire internet along much of the Atlantic seaboard for 34 seconds! HERE is the link to that report:

Yes, lets not kid ourselves here.. The Russians did that as a demonstration of their capabilities, much like what they did to the Aegis missile frigate Donald Cook back in 2014 in the Black Sea… The Russians are indeed giving the US a warning here that they are not kidding around and that the psychos in the Biden Administration should think twice about what they are doing in pushing for direct war…

Well… I do hope that is enough for the moment, as I do indeed try to bring REALITY here in terms of what is really happening in Ukraine… But I do have other ‘fish to fry’ and I want to tackle some of the other major ‘news’ happening right now in our sick world…

I want to start off with a look at what is REALLY happening up here in my home nation of Canada, where more and more that criminal psychopathic mental case that still has the NERVE to think of himself as ‘Prime Minister’ of this once great nation, none other than Justin “Yes, I was caught years ago buggering a 12 year old girl” TURDEAU is facing the wraith of the Canadian public now ANYWHERE he goes across Canada with ever increasing calls for him to step down from being Prime Minister immediately…

Here is one example, thanks to a link that comes from the STATE OF THE NATION website, at where the ‘Twitter’ feed enclosed alone shows how much the Canadian public now ‘loves’ this freak.. Here is that link:

Yes, good old Justin is no longer fooling the Canadian public as most are now aware about his psychopathic tendencies and how he is nothing but a warped shill for the WEF monsters…. And the sad part is that this lunatic “in charge” is still out there pushing even harder than before the psychopathic agenda of the WEF itself that will do nothing but HARM most Canadians…

That, and there is still a chance that this fool will indeed try to call a ‘snap election’ in Canada very soon where the LIBERAL regime and their compliant stooges in the lying whore media will undoubtably STEAL the vote much like they did in 2021 to claim that Justin has his ‘majority government’ and give him the ‘mandate’ to further ruin this once proud nation. The problem is that the Canadian SUCKERS fell for it in 2021, with the usage of simulations and not the REAL vote tallies, and probably will be stupid enough to fall for it again this year!

And of course with the closing of that WEF ‘conference’ in Davos Switzerland, we have been waiting for the first implementation of their sinister and psychopathic agenda on the morons across the planet… Well, look no further than the following link to a report that just came out from the SUMMIT NEWS website ( where apparently the WEF has ordered their minions in the fraud European Union to start adding ‘insect protein’ to food staples across Europe! Here is that link:

YES, this is madness as the human body is NOT at all capable of processing INSECT protein at all, and in most cases, this ‘protein’ that will be added stupidly and horribly to food in Europe is indeed 100% CARCINOGENIC…

I for one hope that the people of Europe REJECT this insanity and DEMAND that their criminals in charge remove this horror show from their food staples immediately… And this has to be halted in its tracks, for once it starts in Europe, it will be coming to the shores of North America very soon as well…

My advice has always been to readers, which is to READ THE LABELS of anything that they consume now, and watch for the tell tale signs of insect protein being added to those ‘foods’.. .If even a trace of such additives are in the list, reset them immediately!

Once again, I have been asked WHY I am not going to cover the ‘Biden document gate’ fiasco enthralling America right now…. I have said that people have to ‘get with the program’ here, for all this is is DIVERSION for the gullible American sheep away from what REALLY SHOULD MATTER, especially with America’s escalation of the conflict in Ukraine as well as the collapsing American economic system itself… I have stated what my opinion is on this laughable matter, and I am sticking to my guns in that the COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington are laughing in everyone’s faces as THEY will decide themselves the fate of the sock puppet of drooling, pant shitting mentally unbalanced ‘Joe Biden’ and not the American people at all… Get a reality check, my American readers, for this is all fact…

And here is an example of a REAL problem right now in America, as I want to present the following link to a report that comes from the MADNESS HUB website, at where the lunacy of California’s lunatic asylum in charge of the state up in the capital city of Sacramento knows no bounds, as they are actually voting on a state’ bill’ that will see EVERYONE in California, including those no longer living in California itself, suffer from a new ‘world wide wealth tax’ !!! HERE is that link:

To me, this is beyond lunacy, for HOW exactly will these arch criminals in charge of the liberal insanity of the state of California even possibly try to impose a ‘wealth tax’ on those who have been lucky enough to escape their madness and are living in OTHER American states… Since when can a state’s laws and taxes be imposed on those living OUTSIDE of that state’s actual jurisdiction????

It should be logical for anyone that has escaped from California and its lunacy to tell these criminal fucktards in Sacramento to ‘pound sand’ and laugh in their faces, for they are NOT under California law even if they live in Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon, the states that actually border that ‘liberal paradise’ of hell on Earth any longer… It will be so amazing to see how California ‘law’ can somehow circumvent US national laws with this laughable one…

AND one last thing that I should have been talking about for some time, but have been so tied up with ‘news’ elsewhere, and that is the ever increasing horror of CHILD TRAFFICKING that is increasing horribly world wide and is now BIG BUSINESS across America (and here in Canada) right now! I want to in fact turn to the following report that comes from the ZERO HEDGE website, at that shows how this sickness is indeed EVIL and is indeed huge business across America.. Here is that link:

Yes, we live in a truly sick world where our very children are so badly ABUSED everywhere and in fact right under our very noses….

And when we dig into this ‘child abuse’ that is so rampant across the globe, and see the perpetrators of this horrific crime against children, we see the ugliness of the ‘tribe’ of criminal Jews right there in the forefront… I have already shown how some of the ‘organizations’ that have recently come to the forefront with reports about child abuse in their business practices are all run by criminal elite Jews, and sadly so few have taken notice… To me, all children are precious and are indeed our futures, and ANY abuse must be brought to the forefront and brought to justice immediately..

Well… That is enough for the moment… I do try my best at all times to bring REAL news forward and to give some logical insight into what is REALLY happening, which is so much different than the garbage we see from the lying whore media outlets…. I do hope that my messages get spread far and wide, for I have NO ‘agenda’ and will always try to tell it like it really is!

Until tomorrow, and hopefully another ‘news’ report, stay tuned…

More to come


The REAL Enemy

Well… As it is Wednesday, and I am tied up with some personal business today that I left on the “back burner” so to speak from last week when I was laid up with my Sinus infection… I figure I would just send out one article for today, and concentrate on a full ‘news’ report for tomorrow, Thursday, instead…

And… That one article that I want to post today is a brand new ‘essay’ that was just released earlier today by my good friend and colleague from the nearly ‘free state’ of Florida, John Kaminski…. This new article comes from John’s website over at and is entitled: “The Real Enemy’…. I have it right here, as I always do, in its entirety followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:

The real enemy

 Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 12:29

On the road to nowhere
in the promised land

It is the mystery true believers are forced to accept without evidence that creates the terrible habit of governments to concoct unprovable mythologies that their credulous recruits regard as unshakable truths, such as “all men are created equal.” In all cases these forced beliefs are lies.

As such religion has played an unwitting role in getting people to take a poison vaccine or supporting a criminally unjust war, when they accept assertions that can easily be proven to be false, if they would simply bother to check their facts.

This is the example that allows governments to keep secrets, often used in the quaint rituals in small towns known as “executive sessions” which conceal the identities of criminals who are appointed to high positions of public trust.

It is the formula for fleecing the public that makes our leaders very rich and the people they misrepresent very poor. This has been going on in America longer than any of us have been alive.

Consider the recent Ukraine example as the paradigm. It is a formula that has been executed many times.

First infiltrate the impoverished country with bribes and set up a fake government which allows it to be boobytrapped with weapons of war aimed at the country next door, the true target of the devious gambit. Seed the formula with the surreptitious murder of citizens of the country next door, then when that country gets angry at the murder of its countrymen, and rallies to defend them, accuse them of trying to start a war that we Americans have deliberately started.

Worn down by more than a century of misleading propaganda and unable to discern truth from fiction, the American people have taken the bait and now enthusiastically support the war against the innocent target country even though it further impoverishes themselves and their alleged allies.

They do this because they are totally at the mercy of the media and politicians who support war — any war — as the basis of American prosperity.

Missed the boat on this one

Of course, these mental midgets are the same robots who failed to discern the difference between a vaccine and a bioweapon, thanks to believing that same untrustworthy media that manufactured the need for yet another unnecessary war — only this time on everybody in the world.

After the moneymen of America had finished fleecing every place in the world which possessed commodities they wished to steal, they decided to plunder their own fellow citizens — for profit.

And when they were done with that, they started injecting their own people with poisons, after encouraging denizens from all over the world with promised rewards they denied to their own people to replace the duped depositors they had so heartlessly discarded (read: murdered).

Unbeknownst to most everyone, this was something they had been doing for decades, if not centuries. Through it all the indoctrinated dupes victimized by this process either don’t pick up on the con or are too ashamed to admit they’ve been scammed, like all those people who submitted to multiple booster shots, and then found out about its dire consequences.

What does it say about the human species when our most trusted leaders are in reality our most dangerous enemies? The people most likely to deprive us of our honor, our fortunes and our lives are, because of untrustworthy media, the ones we elect to high office.

We have never been closer to this fiasco than in America today when a bumbling old fool positioned in power by a fraudulent election does his level best to make the wrong decision which a corrupt media in on the hoax declares is the right decision. Over and over.

Who are all those people working for? If you know you should say so, very loudly.

Reversal of fortune

Robin Hood was a legendary people’s hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Our leaders today, as well as traditionally down through history, steal from the poor to give to the rich.

The real enemy are our own leaders who trade our freedom for riches that we will never see.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, are they just like you? More importantly, are you just like them? If so, then who are you blaming for your troubles?

The real enemy are our teachers who seduce our children into becoming perverts, and call it liberation as they steal them from their parents.

The real enemy are our cops who protect the rich and ignore the poor and our preachers who molest our children while supposedly saving their souls.

The real enemy are our doctors, who refuse to answer the question when you ask them, are vaccines dangerous?

Anybody who tells you they believe what their government says is lying, and likely getting paid handsomely to do so.

The real enemy is you, who know all these things and do nothing about it.

Choking on truth

The lost ability of most people to critically think is tragically reflected in their acquiescence to what they hear on the evening news. Many of them have regretted their reflexive agreement with media opinions about the phony war in Ukraine, or even more crucially about information stressing the need for vaccines to combat a disease that has never been proven to exist.

Simply consider recent headlines from Ukraine and ask yourself why we have such a bad attitude about Russia, especially since during the course of our entire lives we have observed it is the United States which has ignited war after war for one specious reason or another.

We may glibly claim this has happened because of the nefarious influence of the Jewish bankers who have warped our minds through control of our wallets, but we may not deny that it has always been American fingers on the triggers.

Just don’t try to argue this is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Here is the latest news roundup from one single recent day, 1/19/23.

• The U.S. government is weighing whether to supply Ukraine with the capability to attack the strategically important Crimean Peninsula, according to the New York Times. The discussions highlight a gradual shift among U.S. officials toward more brazen support for Kiev, even as Washington insists it does not seek confrontation with Moscow.

• The Biden Regime on Thursday announced another massive weapons package for Ukraine. The U.S. pledged a 2.5 billion package of military aid for Ukraine which includes 59 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, missiles, Avenger air defense systems, and more. Joe Biden has already sent tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine in the last year… CBS released a documentary titled Arming Ukraine. The documentary looked into what has happened to the military weapons that have been given to Ukraine. It exposed that only “like 30%” of weapons given to Ukraine reached their final destination.

• U.S. Gen. Mark Milley, the highest-ranking officer in the American armed forces, met with Ukrainian soldiers undergoing Pentagon training at a base in Germany, where Washington recently stepped up efforts to prepare foreign troops for combat. (CLG excerpts)

And just don’t try to tell us fearless leader Biden and his homicidal assistants are our friends when they tell us to keep those masks on and keep up with your booster shots. Here’s just one example of what your president and favorite TV guy are not telling you about Hydrogel in the jabs.

This is a picture of the artificial intelligence interface that feeds off human bio photonic light — the life force. When the life force is harvested, it causes accelerated aging. It is a new synthetic artificial intelligence life form similar to Morgellon’s based on Hydrogel, a material that even the most sophisticated scientists on earth do not completely understand in its properties.

It is able to replace the humans nervous system, is self assembling, self learning, conscious, self replicating. It can grow from Nano scale to centimeter size in minutes when exposed to electromagnetic fields, ultraviolet light or electrical currents.

Do not laugh at people who say they are seeing demons after getting the C19 shots or those with debilitating long Covid that makes them feel like they are not themselves, almost detached from the body.  Remember those who turn around in circles terrified before they fall over convulsing and dying. They are looking at something in a different dimension.

This is the multidimensional artificial intelligence quantum access device that manipulates the neural network and digital biofield and can produce crystal microchips. It was injected via the C19 shots.

The real enemy are those who believe things that can’t be proven and the leaders who enforce those fictions they know to be false. The result is that they kill the very people they have sworn to protect and sabotage the countries they are empowered to defend, in the process revealing to all the world they are psychopathic murderers unworthy of any respect they claim to deserve.

Also included in this package of swindlers are all those who believe what these liars have told them without attempting to verify what they have been told is true, a collection of brain damaged fools that includes just about everybody in the world.

Small wonder that we’re going down the tubes,

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: John is well aware of my own articles at this blog where I have been showing the TRUTH about the entire ‘war’ in Ukraine for the last 11 months, including the FACT that the US itself fomented that war by their takeover of Ukraine through the installation of a puppet regime in Kiev way back in 2014 during that ‘MAIDAN’ revolution which was nothing more than a US/NATO sponsored coup!

And I absolutely agree with John’s statement that our own criminal “leaders” are 100% our worst enemies… Many may point at the corruption of the COMMUNIST controlled Biden administration as a prime example of a true enemy of the people, but up here in Canada, the TURDEAU regime in Ottawa does indeed give the psychopaths in Washington DC a run for their money when it comes to corruption and criminal actions against their own citizens..

And again, I have covered in pretty good detail already the moves by the sickos in the Biden administration to give advanced weapons to Ukraine (actually hunks of junk..) such as the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle that is nothing but a toaster oven for the poor suckers that will easily be trapped and fried to death by a Russian missile… And of course the want to send M1A1 ABRAMS tanks to Ukraine now that will just sink away in the Ukrainian countryside and also be easily picked off by Russian missiles as well… And I will get around to discussing the insane push by the US to have Ukraine attack the Crimean peninsula soon, as everyone should be aware that Crimea is indeed 100% RUSSIAN TERRITORY and such an attack could escalate the entire conflict into a direct Russia/NATO war…

OK, I am not yet sold on the ‘hydrogel’ notion as that was part of the nonsense of the ‘Graphene Oxide’ push that I put to rest months back… There was some interesting aspects of ‘hydrogels’ being promoted by several doctors in the alternative media up until recently, ,but I have not seen much since… I am keeping an ‘open mind’ on the hydrogel aspects but again I would rather look at the fact that the KILL SHOTS produce antigen spike proteins by transfection of mRNA ruptured cells as the real culprit killing people right now..

All this will make for an interesting topic when I have my weekly talk with John before this weekend indeed….

AND, once again, if anyone was expecting a ‘daily news’ report today, I am taking a break to get some other issues straightened out.. I will have a full report tomorrow instead, so until then… Stay tuned…

More to come


Tuesday News: SCAMDEMIC, And Other REAL News

I just do not get it at times… I once again received an email to my gmail account from a reader who claims that he has followed me for ‘years’ and yet is saying that the reason that I have lost ‘readership’ over the last while is my constant articles concerning the SCAMDEMIC… Seriously? I could not believe that someone actually sent me such crap, for I am NOT going to stop reporting on the GREATEST GENOCIDE in all of human history, AND the fact that this is the fight of our lives…. Therefore the naysayers can scream all they want, but I am in this as it is the fight of our lives and our future and people need as much information that they can to ARM themselves against the monsters that want to see over 5 BILLION humans dead!

Well… Once again I want to start off with MORE SCAMDEMIC news, and I want to start with the following interesting report that comes from THE EXPOSE online news service at that suggests as many have claimed for over 3 years now that ‘COVID’ if it is a reality is absolutely 100% man made and that it, and its KILL SHOT that is definitely killing everyone, are based on artificial computer generated DNA … HERE is the link to that article for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, I have long known that ‘gain of function’ research into the development of an artificial deadly bioweapon was ongoing in the US over at North Carolina and subsequently at Fort Detrick Maryland, as well as up here in Canada at the bioweapons laboratory facility in Winnipeg Manitoba for YEARS…. Back in 2019 nearly ALL of that ‘research’ was transferred both legally and clandestinely to a large bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan China where the finishing touches were done to test their weaponized product on humanity…. This is fact and not fiction…

Thus it makes sense that the entire product is a combination of re-combined human genetic DNA with an infusion of artificial genetic proteins derived from computer models…. Therefore I lend a lot of credibility to what that article from ‘THE EXPOSE’ states, as this thing is indeed a bioweapon of mass destruction….

And yes, there will be those who say ‘Hey NTS, what about the idea that COVID is not real and nothing but a phantom?’… I would say yes and no to that statement, for I am a prime example of actually catching this damn thing as it made me horrifically sick for well over 2 weeks last year, and it showed absolutely 100% all the tell-tale signs of being a severe Influenza bug… Thus, there is some fact that ‘COVID-19’ actually does not exist and what they actually have released to do some damage to the world may be a form of ‘weaponized Influenza’….

It is a fact that to this day no laboratory around the world, in spite of searching for this ‘contagion’ for nearly 3 years have ZERO ‘viruses’ anywhere in any of their findings or research… That makes this ‘COVID-19’ indeed nothing more than a phantom, and thus IF there is a ‘contagion’ out there it is definitely something else… Thus the search and the question about authenticity of this ‘contagion’ will only continue, leaving more questions than answers…

And yes, the ‘vaccines’ have always been based on ZERO actual ‘viruses’ but have actually been in development LONG BEFORE they unleashed their ‘bioweapon’ on humanity… These things are ABSOLUTELY NOT VACCINES, and I am sick and tired of constantly still hearing everyone refer to them as such… The whole program is nothing more than a mass genocidal program aimed at killing BILLIONS, with the weapon of choice being absolutely these insidious KILL SHOTS…

OK.. What about all of those who have been ’employed’ in this program of killing humanity? You would figure by this time that even MORE of those in charge, beyond what has already been stated by Michael Yeadon, the former pharmaceutical expert over at ‘PFIZER’ who is now a huge ‘whistle blower’ giving the facts about these bioweapons, would have finally had a level of consciousness and turned against these monsters wanting humanity dead, right?

Well, there are a few out there that are now coming out with the truth about these bioweapons, as I want to turn to the following link to an article from the NATURAL NEWS website, at , where a 25 year veteran of the Pharmaceutical industry of death, Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Latypova has come out stating that these ‘COVID jabs’ aka the KILL SHOTS were specifically designed to cause harm and DEATH to those stupid enough to take them! Here is the link to that article:

Well… I can see now a ‘slow’ movement by those who have been promoting these deadly KILL SHOTS now realizing what they have done, and while some will ‘run to the hills’, while others will continue with the ‘program’ as they are being paid handsomely to murder people, OTHERS will come forward and spill the beans on what they have done, with many of these ‘whistle blowers’ wanting forgiveness for what they have done…

Yes, the ‘tide is turning’ against these criminals…. The sad part being that it is so agonizingly slow, as I could not help but to notice even earlier TODAY how many retards and suckers were waiting so patiently at the local pharmacy ‘shooting centre’ just waiting their turn to have ‘boosters’ shot into their already weakened bodies… I decided for a change to walk slowly by them and actually look at their physical health, and several did indeed look so sickly wearing their face diapers so proudly….

I said several times over at my previous blog at that horror show called ‘Blogger’ that I had a simple solution that would save everyone the anguish, pain, and suffering that they will get from taking these KILL SHOTS… That is to simply line them all up against the wall and have them all take a bullet to their heads… That is so much quicker and possibly less painful than enduring years of suffering from taking these lethal injections into their bodies… Some have said that this is ‘morbid’ and something that we will never see, but to me those who are taking these death jabs are basically committing suicide, and if they are so willingly wanting to die, then WHY NOT just shoot them and get it over with?

OK, I guess that is enough for today, for I truly could have this entire ‘news’ report just filled completely with reports concerning the SCAMDEMIC… I will continue with just putting up two or three links to important material about that subject on daily basis, and get onto other news…

Well, it is time to turn to the war in Ukraine, and once again I do want to start off with the latest ‘updated map’ of the fighting fronts in and around the besieged city of Bakhmut…. Here is today’s updated map that comes once again courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT (www.southfront.org0 for everyone to view for themselves:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 24, 2023 (Map Update)

OK, As you can see by that map, the city of Bakhmut STILL has not been captured by the Russian forces at this time.. The Russians instead have broken through the Ukrainian defensive positions north of Bakhmut, and are moving steadily westward with the goal of creating a northern ‘pincer’ movement, combined with a southern ‘pincer’ movement, to encircle Bakhmut and prevent ANY defensive forces inside the city the chance to escape to the west….

And there have been some recent reports about a well trained Russian force known as ‘WAGNER’ that has made itself known in and around the Soledar/Bakhmut front, with the recent reports that they were front and centre in terms of the force responsible for the conquest of Soledar itself… And now, I want to turn to an interesting article, that once again comes from the SOUTHFRONT website, that states that the ‘WAGNER’ fighters have indeed encircled the garrison at Bakhmut! Here is the link to that article here:

Again, that link states that the city of Bakhmut is NOT yet fully encircled, but that WAGNER fighters have continued to score major victories against the already weakened Ukrainian military defence lines….WHEN the Russian forces are indeed able to achieve their best victory along this battle front, with the encirclement of Bakhmut itself, I will report it in a subsequent article…

SO.. Exactly how badly are the Ukrainians now losing this war against the Russians? Well, I want to turn to the following link that comes from the TASS online news service at that states that the Russians in just the last few days has annihilated a large portion of Ukraine’s operational forces alone.. .HERE is that link:

The one thing that really caught my eye in that TASS report was the last paragraph that shows the Ukrainian losses to be enormous:

In all, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 376 Ukrainian warplanes, 203 helicopters, 2,934 unmanned aerial vehicles, 401 surface-to-air missile systems, 7,607 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 987 multiple rocket launchers, 3,893 field artillery guns and mortars and 8,153 special military motor vehicles since the beginning of the special military operation, Konashenkov reported.

I honestly can see these numbers to be accurate, and which means that most of that tremendous loss of military ordinance is IN FACT material that has been sent to Ukraine by the US and NATO! There is no way in hell that Ukraine had this kind of numbers in weaponry back at the end of February of last year when the Russians began their ‘special operations’ into Ukraine to stop their attempts to destroy the Donbas republics, and thus we see the evidence of how much this war has cost NATO and its member states in thrown away weaponry…

And I need not state that this war has been lost by Ukraine, which I have stated for a LONG time ALREADY.. Just watch the following YOUTUBE video where analyst Scott Ritter comes out and states it clearly that this war is indeed over for Ukraine.. Here is that video:

I fully agree with Scott Ritter on this one… This war has turned into a living HELL for the people of Ukraine and primarily thanks to the criminal regime in Kiev through that maniac Zelenskyy, who for the most illogical reason continues to throw away so many Ukrainian lives in useless slaughter against superior Russian forces…

And yes, all we hear in the lying whore media outlets here is how we must ‘support Ukraine’, with so many gullible and stupid people parroting that stupidity not even knowing the exact situation in Ukraine right now, let alone not even realizing that Russia was IN THE RIGHT in their need for attacking Ukraine in the first place back last February…

AND lets have a reality check here.. The US and NATO created this war by their ‘MAIDAN’ revolution back in 2014 and subsequently attempting to not only arm Ukraine for the war we are seeing now, but also to build their bioweapons laboratories across Ukraine with the goal of trying to develop a ‘bioweapon’ that was to be specifically to target Russian people… Thus again, when you hear anyone say that Russia is the bad guys in this, tell them the truth and tell them to give their heads a shake… Reality is indeed a bitch…

OH, and about that estimated now to be 250+ BILLION dollars in ‘aid’ provided by the criminal scumbags in NATO and the US? I have already pointed to the FACT that nearly 90% of that ‘aid’ money and weaponry has been diverted through the ‘black market’ to ARM AMERICAN “ISIS” fraud terrorist groups operating primarily in West Africa, as that is a bitter reality of this entire ‘war’… But what about the other estimated 30-50+ BILLION dollars in ‘direct aid’ that has been given to the Zelenskyy criminals in Kiev?

Well, read the following report from Southfront once again, and weep.. For apparently so much of that ‘aid’ to the Zelenskyy regime has been corruptly diverted into the pockets of ‘Ukrainian government officials’ for them to have a life of luxury in spite of their own people suffering so tremendously by their tyranny and the war itself.. Here is the link to that article:

Yes, CORRUPTION is just putting it mildly… I have already asserted in so many previous articles that the sinister JEWISH freak himself, Zelenskyy, is a multi-BILLIONAIRE and thanks to the money that the suckers in the US and NATO just continue to pour in.. But now we see that the whole crooked government is also beyond corrupt and making BILLIONS themselves…

Well, there you go.. A whole shit load of real ‘news’ about the ‘war’ in Ukraine and the facts that everything is NOT what you see in the lying whore media outlets at all…. I have no qualms in bringing readers the straight goods at all times as I want the REAL and BITTER truths about Ukraine to be known by everyone…

Well, onto other news, and someone just yesterday asked me why I have no follow up reports about the WEF sinister ‘conference’ in Davos Switzerland which concluded last weekend with apparently the evil participants being strangely ‘quiet’ all of a sudden about what these criminals hammered out as their next ‘agenda’ to destroy our freedoms and bring in their WEF controlled ‘one world government’…. I have been waiting for something tangible to come out and to post at this blog, and I am still waiting… There has been word that these evil bastards may have agreed to how they are going to impose their ‘digital currency’ system of enslavement on the masses, but again nothing tangible from any alternative media sites as of yet… WHEN I do get a report available, I will post it up here and hopefully very soon in these daily ‘news’ reports, for everyone to see…

But to satisfy those looking for what may come out of that WEF sinister conference, I want to present the following link to a report from the ‘STATION GOSSIP’ website, at where some of the ‘panelists’ in attendance at Davos Switzerland are claiming that a major world wide ‘cyber event’ may happen in the near future.. .Here is the link to that report:

A reality check here, for if there is a ‘cyber event’ sometime in the ‘near future’ it will have been planned, and orchestrated by these criminal psychos in the WEF with the aim of scaring the gullible sheep out there into acceptance of their ‘ digital currency’ and ‘digital ID’ systems of permanent tyranny…. I can only say that WHEN that happens we all must be ready to lay the blame EXACTLY where it belongs and to NOT fall for their ‘digital currency’ as the solution at all..

And just the other day, we have reports that the “Paul Pelosi Homosexual Scandal’ that occurred some 2 months ago in the ‘Pelosi Mansion’ in California, has once again reared its ugly head, with the insane report that Nancy Pelosi performed an ‘Exorcism’ on Paul just after he got attacked by his male lover at that mansion…. I read several reports and I have to laugh, for the facts are that IF “Nancy” who obviously is nothing more than a ‘beard’ for Paul actually did attempt an ‘Exorcism’ at the mansion, she would probably have burst into flames, for she herself is indeed the devil incarnate….. That would have been real justice and a sight to see, rather than finding out now from Nancy’s own daughter that there was absolutely no ‘exorcism’ and that is was complete and utter bullshit.. But we could dream, right?

And.. I do want to present the link to the latest article from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who writes her blog at her website over at … Greencrow has once again gone after that heinous SOB who again has the ungodly nerve to call himself ‘Prime Minister’ of this once great nation called Canada, none other than Justin “I prefer banging trannies rather than Sophie” TURDEAU, and I do want to present the link to her report right here:

Yes, the corruption with that sick freak that thinks of himself as ‘Dictator’ here in Canada knows no bounds… And again Greencrow hits the nail on the head with this one that shows that the level of corruption with this prick seems never ending…

And yet, here we are as Canadians stuck with the lies coming from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets, and the fact that this arch criminal prima donna may indeed soon try to call a ‘snap election’ in Canada just to make his dictatorship a fact and to slam Canadians with the horror show of the WEF agenda!

Well.. That appears to be enough for today… But before I go, I want to show right here a piece of REAL HISTORY and something that I have personally been aware of for at least the last 15+ years in that the singer Paul McCartney, formerly of the BEATLES and more recently of WINGS and then going into solo performances, that we see still alive today is NOT THE REAL PAUL MCCARTNEY and that the REAL Paul McCartney died on November 9th, 1966 and subsequently at the behest of MI5 in the United Kingdom was ‘replaced’ by a look alike…

I want to present here the following BITCHUTE video that was also sent my way recently that backs up what I have known for decades… Here is that video, where apparently none other than George Harrison himself gave a ‘death bed’ confession that the real Paul did indeed die on November 9th 1966 and what we have seen subsequently is an imposter.. Here is that video:

Yes, I wanted to end this ‘news report’ with a bang…. And hopefully I gave readers a good one with that report..

Just knowing about how corrupt our society is and how evil people do run the planet gives credibility to this ‘Paul McCartney Really Is Dead’ report…. As I have said for years, reality really can be a bitch at times..

More to come


Monday News: As Usual, More On The SCAMDEMIC And Other REAL News That You Will Not See At The Lying Whore Media Outlets!

Well… I am indeed feeling so much better today… I am well over the Sinusitis and of course the terrible lack of sleep that I have had over the last week due to my head throbbing… And since it is Monday, I have a shit load of stuff to cover, so lets get down to business here…

First, and what I have usually begun all of these ‘news’ reports with, is even more essential REAL news about the Scamdemic for my readers to ponder and hopefully to pass around to others… That fraud is still ongoing and apparently the criminal psychopaths behind the entire program of mass genocide of humanity are not going to give up their sick dream of killing as many people that they can and of course to escape the real justice that they all deserve..

And slowly but surely the facts are now coming out about exactly how deadly these KILL SHOTS really are.. I want to present here an important link to a report that comes courtesy of “THE EXPOSE” at where apparently some ‘experts’ are now coming out and saying what I and others have been saying for the last 2+ years at least, in that its the COVID KILL SHOTS, and absolutely NOT the fraud ‘deadly virus’ that is causing the horrible and ever increasing cases of Myocarditis in its victims… Here is the link to that report:

Yes, I have seen over the last while as the lying whore media outlets have ‘confirmed’ that there is indeed an ‘increase in Myocarditis’ but they are lying their asses off as usual by falsely claiming that increase is due to the ‘deadly virus’ and especially its ‘variants’! Such BS, indeed….

The problem is that we are surrounded by brain dead sheep that will ignore logic and common sense, and swallow everything that the lying whore media portrays without any question… I personally have tried to talk some sense into these individuals for years now, and have always asked them exactly WHERE they are getting their information rather than just sit down and actually research for themselves, and the usual answer is ‘On CNN or CTV news’… Thus they have become mindless drones that have taken a whole shit load of KILL SHOTS as well as many ‘boosters’ as possible!

And the facts are now in the open in that these fools and retards that have taken these KILL SHOTS are indeed walking biological weapons of mass destruction that have been turned into PERMANENT antigen Spike Protein factories that generate that mRNA material and ‘shed’ it into the environment thus making everyone else, especially the safely ‘unvaxxed’ sick in the process…

AND I want to turn to this report that comes from the ‘ALL NEWS PIPELINE’ website at that explains in detail how these KILL SHOTS do indeed turn the ‘vaxxed’ into walking talking bioweapons factories and that this was all planned out nearly a decade ago by the criminal DARPA group in the US! Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, I have indeed been working as hard as ever these days in trying to get the message out to the fools that have taken these KILL SHOTS that they are indeed walking bioweapons and how that was PLANNED over a decade ago by sinister bioweapons research groups through DARPA in the US and elsewhere…But again and as usual, I always get that ‘deer in headlights’ look in their eyes and some saying that I am ‘nut’s or a ‘kook’ for making that statement… Yes, you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you do try, and I could give thousands of examples of that statement to be absolutely true..

And yes, I continue to get my critics out there trying to slam me all the time for my statements… I always tell them to please PROVE ME WRONG.. And to this point of time, I have yet to be challenged….

One other thing on the SCAMDEMIC… And it has to do with what I stated yesterday in my weekend rant where I have indeed been in conversations with REAL health care workers here in Manitoba, and they are absolutely scared to death by what they are seeing in the hospitals here in this province.. The hospitals are now filled to. CAPACITY with the retards that have taken these KILL SHOTS and are now very sick and DYING… This is a fact, and I can guarantee it is the same right across Canada..

But what about elsewhere on the planet? Are other nations also seeing this horrible explosion of death and destruction from these bioweapons? YES, for right now I want to present the link to the following report that comes courtesy of the RAIR Foundation website at where the news coming out of JAPAN is so bad and that the ‘vaccinated’ in Japan is bringing the entire nation to its knees because of RECORD hospitalization cases due to the victims taking the KILL SHOTS.. Here is the link to that report:

Yes, this report may try to disguise these record number of cases in the hospitals by still trying to claim that it is due to the ‘virus’… But everyone with half a brain now knows fully that the ‘virus’ never did exist and that those who are now dying in our hospitals are definitely 100% due to taking the KILL SHOTS…..

Thus the facts are that this is a world wide crisis that is only getting worse by the minute… It just amazes me as to how the lying whore media and our criminal governments are somehow STILL able to cover up the truth that these KILL SHOTS are doing exactly what they were designed to do, which is to KILL their victims…. The time is fast approaching where these fools will no longer be able to cover up this truth, and at that time I can guarantee that they will go to their spin doctors and come up with a brand new ‘excuse’ for this ever increasing death toll….

Well… I have so much more that I could put into today’s “news’ report, but I do indeed as usual have other fish to fry, and I do want to turn to the ever changing events happening right now in regards to the war in Ukraine…

First, and what I do on a regular basis, I want to present the updated ‘battle front’ maps of the REAL situation right now in terms of the fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces, particularly in and around the southern and southeastern fronts… And therefore I want to present here the latest updated map of the Southeastern battle front, that once again comes courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT ( right here for everyone to see:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 23, 2023 (Map Update)

Next, I do want to present the updated map of the southern battle front, where Russian forces are now on the offensive just south and east of the key city of Zaphorozhie along the Dneiper River… Here is that map, once again courtesy of Southfront, for readers to view here:

Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On January 22, 2023 (Map Update)

Yes, the facts are that the Russian forces are indeed continuing their offensive pushes along both battle fronts, and against severely weakened defensive lines, where the Ukrainian forces are being forced to retreat even in spite of being ‘bolstered’ by NATO forces….

And for those readers that want a ‘video’ narrated presentation that covers the present battle situation along both of these key fronts, I want to present the following link to yet another article from SOUTHFRONT that explains in detail exactly what is happening right now in Ukraine… Here is that link:

Yes, the Ukrainian defences are definitely at the breaking point, and with little reserves present behind the lines to bolster and to prevent a Russian breakthrough, it will only be a matter of time before the Russians do indeed breakthrough and move more rapidly across the southern Ukrainian countryside…

And for a REALISTIC report about the REAL situation in Ukraine, I want to turn to the following important video that comes courtesy of ‘YOUTUBE’ of all places, where Douglas MacGregor is in conversation with Gerald Celente and gives listeners the bitter reality of the real situation in Ukraine right now.. HERE is that video:

I agree with Douglas MacGregor in that the lying whore media is selling everyone a bunch of 100% BULLSHIT in terms of the real situation in Ukraine…

The facts are that this ‘proxy war’ in Ukraine is a lost cause by the criminals in NATO and the US…. But these maniacs just continue to pour in BILLIONS of dollars in money and military ordinance where it is being thrown away for basically nothing.. This to me is abuse of every nation involved and against their own citizens as those hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars that have now been wasted away in Ukraine can NEVER EVER be recuperated!

The bottom line is plain and simple; The Ukrainian criminal government in Kiev has already lost this war against Russia but instead of actually sitting down and trying to find a negotiated peace, they are demanding even MORE from their western client nations that is being abused and thrown away in useless battles against superior forces… And all this is happening against Russian forces in the present battle lines which does not include the MASSIVE Russian build up of forces that are definitely now ready to be sprung into action in a tremendous offensive that will surely end this conflict once and for all…

Well…I do want to cover some other ‘happenings’ elsewhere in our sick world… And of course want to once again start by attacking the critics out there that continue to still want me to cover that fiasco in America in regards to the soap opera of their ‘President’, MR ‘I did a doo-doo in my pants’, the brain dead drooling pedophile Joe Biden and his ‘document gate’ BS..

Look, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that this ‘document gate’ bullshit is nothing but fluff and something for the dumb ass brain dead masses in America to swallow and to divert their attention away from what really matters, including trying to save their nation from that MASSIVE illegal invasion of third world garbage just flowing across the US southern border right now… The lying whore media in America is just riddled with report after report on a nonstop daily basis about the latest happening in terms of POOPY-PANTS Joe Biden’s ‘mansion’ in Delaware that apparently is just loaded with secret documents that Joe should never be in possession of and should be a TREASONABLE offence in the least..

But here once again is a reality check… The gullible can scream all they want about how ‘Joe has to go’ for what he is doing which is an impeachable offence, but the reality is that the COMMUNISTS are in absolute control in Washington DC and will NOT get rid of their sock puppet in the White House any time soon.. Joe does their criminal bidding in spite of being totally brain dead, and the Commies just do not give a damn or care what the American citizens say or scream about .. They seized America in a coup over 2 years ago and are not about to surrender that control except by a much needed revolution by the American patriots out there, that is not coming any time soon!

So just sit back, America, grab some popcorn and just laugh at this ‘document-gate’ fiasco for that is all it is.. NOTHING of essence will come of it, and the reality is that the COMMIES in charge are laughing their asses off at the gullibility and sheer stupidity of the American sheep for actually thinking that anything major will happen that could change the political landscape in America….It is indeed a soap opera, and one that I refuse to even bother with..

OK, I again want to answer a few critics that are saying that I actually believe that Elon Musk has taken the death jab as reported barely two days ago through Jim Stone’s website… Well, yes, the facts are that Elon and the other criminal masterminds controlling the planet most probably have ALL not had the KILL SHOTS, and in most cases got placebos of SALINE solution instead… But we could always dream that was true, right? And thus I can see that Elon is lying in that report, which leads to exactly what his game is all about? I have never trusted Elon Musk, as he is indeed part of the criminal ‘elite’ and does have his own agenda, and thus we must be weary of anything that somehow claims that Elon is a ‘good guy’….

And many are well aware about how I am dead set against this fraud of “electric cars’ basically for the FACT that their batteries are beyond wasteful and through their manufacturing alone cause more damage to our environment than any gasoline powered vehicle ever could… And of course I have seen for myself right here in COLD central Canada how these things are useless to operate in Winter, where their batteries cannot stand up in extreme temperature conditions…

And someone sent me the following most hilarious video where two brain dead American women were seen at a gas station in America trying to fill their ELECTRIC ‘Tesla’ vehicle with gasoline! Here is that video:

Yes… I have said many times and it is worth repeating after watching that laugher that you can not fix stupid no matter how hard you try…

Some have claimed that video was ‘staged’ and even so, it is indeed extremely funny to watch….

AND, I have had a few critics once again state that I have been so wrong about ‘Demar Hamlin” and agreeing with claims that he died now over 3 weeks ago during that incident on “Monday Night Football’ where he collapsed in the middle of the playing football and apparently ‘died’ only to be ‘resuscitated’…. It is due to what was seen in yesterday’s game between Cincinnati Bengals, and the host Buffalo Bills, in the ‘playoff divisional round’ football game, where the television feed scanned a suite in Buffalo where Demar Hamlin was claimed to be in and acknowledged himself to the world…

But was that really ‘Demar Hamlin”? All I saw was a black person wearing a hoodie that covered his entire body as well as a face diaper to conveniently cover his face… And I am not alone in still wanting some answers to some questions about ‘Demar Hamlin’, for Jim Stone at presented an article earlier today that shows a ‘TWITTER’ feed filled with comments that are asking the same hard questions as well.. HERE is that article:

OK, I am still not going to ‘confirm’ that Demar Hamlin is dead… BUT for ‘Demar’ to be present at that game, considering barely 3+ weeks ago he was DEAD on a football field, is beyond ‘remarkable’.. To me, for proper medical care and possible ‘recovery’ he would still be in the hospital and not at the Buffalo Bills game at all…

Thus I have been heavily leaning towards the ‘Demar is dead’ idea, for the facts are again that he did indeed DIE on that field and was brought back to ‘life’ after resuscitation procedures for at least 10 minutes after he died.. Thus the brain injury alone would and should have been permanent, as the human brain dies itself under 5 minutes without Oxygen flow from the heart… If that was the case, then Hamlin would most probably be a ‘vegetable’ in the hospital being kept ‘alive’ artificially due to brain death…Thus the question is of course; Did they throw a ‘Hamlin double’ into the fray by having that poser at that game? THAT is possible and remains the million dollar question…

OK, I think that is enough for today… As I always say I cannot possibly cover EVERYTHING that is going on right now in our twisted world, but I do my best by giving rationality to so many topics that the lying whore media refuses to even cover! So, until tomorrow, and another daily ‘news’ report… Stay tuned…

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 22nd 2023

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Sunday… And once again time for my weekly rant…

I am finally (knock on wood..) over my near ‘annual’ bout of Sinusitis… This year’s was not as wicked as what have endured in previous years, as I did not get the high fever or abnormal throbbing in my head that I have had before… But it did knock me a bit for a loop and I found myself having a dickens of a time trying to even sleep… Pain medicine and alternative medicines did help a lot, and again I want to thank readers for some of their suggestions….

One of the sickening aspects of my bout of Sinusitis was when I was at work last Wednesday and a ‘manager’ noticed that I was not feeling too well and asked ‘Well, did you get tested for COVID?’…. I just could not believe such gibberish coming out of the mouth of that fool, and I just thought to myself about how typical and yet sickening that very statement is, as well as being absolutely ludicrous… All I could do was to say ‘Absolutely not’ and watch as he slithered out of my office… I just sat there and shook my head in disgust, while also thinking to myself that since that fool has obviously had at least several shots of the KILL SHOTS, that he should go out and have another booster as there is no room now for these stupid retards in society…

Yes, I have little regard now for those who have taken multiple KILL SHOTS into their bodies… Most to me are now ‘too stupid to live’ and they did not have the intelligence at the time of taking their FIRST dose of deadly poison in their systems, to even bother to first do their own research and discover that these things are indeed DEADLY to human health and 100% EXPERIMENTAL….But as I have stated already in so many previous articles, the perpetrators of this Genocidal program of permanent death have always known that most of humanity are nothing more than brain dead sheep that will follow other sheep, or lemmings, over the cliff….

Thus I have no time for those who have destroyed their health, and their very futures, by taking these KILL SHOTS and the stupid ‘boosters’… These people are indeed no longer human as they made their choice to basically commit suicide and have their bodies mutated into something that is no longer even human at all… To me, most now have their days numbered, and I do hope that most die a most swift death rather than go through an agonizingly painful time as their own bodies are destroying themselves OR if they suddenly come down with a form of terminal Cancer that will give them excruciating pain and suffering for a few years before meeting their untimely demise….

What is truly sad is seeing the death toll from these KILL SHOTS just explode right before our very eyes… People have to stop sitting down like mindless drones and just look around them in their own communities to witness how many of their fellow human beings are now DEAD from these death jabs…..I have witnessed it for myself as I have always been a keen observer of my own surroundings as there are less and less people on the very street that I live on here in central Canada… That and I have seen reports about how some of the local police forces have had to break into homes these days to extract people that have probably been dead for weeks or months now due to these shots of pure death…

And has anyone else noticed the shift and changes in the ‘reports’ now coming out from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets these days? Gone are the reports about the ‘deaths from Covid’ or of course the laughable change to ‘death with COVID’ crap, as the slithering snakes that call themselves ‘news anchors’ and ‘news reporters’ have absolutely AVOIDED even reporting on such deaths and have gone onto other so called ‘news reports’ like as if “COVID” and the entire set of lies put forward by that falsehood has indeed now ‘disappeared’…. Is this intentional as well as purposely misleading? ABSOLUTELY, as the facts are that reporting now on the exploding number of deaths does not fit the criminal ‘agenda’ of still wanting the gullible fools and retards out there to continue to line up blindly to take even more ‘boosters’ into their already damaged bodies…

One thing that I have noticed when I have been out and about is all the signage at the stores and pharmacies that I have gone to over the last while that state ‘We are temporarily out of Rapid Tests’, to which I can only shake my head in disgust… These so called ‘tests’ are as FRAUDULENT as the entire original ‘PCR tests’ that test for nothing and give 100% false tests period… These ‘rapid tests’ are also very deadly to human health as the very swabs that they contain that are supposed to be shoved up the nostrils of the retards out there contain dangerous carcinogenic chemicals that nobody should be exposed to…. But of course since we are dealing with mindless sheep these days that still believe ‘COVID’ to be a real thing, we have them stocking up on these fraud ‘rapid tests’ and destroying their nostrils and possibly giving themselves CANCER as a result… And of course since the ‘tests’ are invalid, they are fooled into believing that if one of these ‘kits’ gives them a fraud ‘positive test’ result, that they should be in a panic and get out there to get even MORE ‘boosters’ into their bodies… Yes, you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try!

I have been in contact over the last while with several nurses that work at the local hospital here in central Canada, as I wanted to get some updates from these individuals that I will absolutely protect by keeping them anonymous… They have told me that the hospitals are now 100% filled with those who are sick and dying FROM taking these lethal KILL SHOTS and that the burden on Manitoba’s already ailing Health Care system is so enormous that it is nearly to the ‘breaking point’ and facing a form of collapse… But will you ever see this reality on the ‘6 OCLOCK NEWS’ on the lying whore media outlets? Gone are the days when these pricks lied their asses off barely two years ago claiming that hospitals were ‘overwhelmed’ with ‘COVID patients’ which was a 100% fantasy and propaganda lie, for now with the hospitals now brimming with patients sick and dying from these lethal injections, the ‘media’ is avoiding this reality like the plague… You will never find the truth here being reported anywhere as it does not fit the criminal agenda at all….

I do remember barely a few months ago where there were reports about how some of the criminals that were pushing this COVID fraud just barely a year ago asking that ALL those who were safely ‘unvaxxed’ (including yours truly) should all be locked up, forced jabbed by the KILL SHOTS, or even be ‘put to death’ for our so called ‘belligerence’ and refusing to comply with evil, were suddenly changing their tunes and asking for ‘amnesty’ for the criminals that wanted the ‘unvaxxed’ dead or removed from society… The outcry then was enormous as even those who took the KILL SHOTS and now realize their terrible mistake came to bat for the rest of us stating clearly that there should be NO AMNESTY for any of the criminals pushing this genocidal program…. It was sickening to behold at that time..

Well, that was then, and this is now, for suddenly last week I saw several reports claiming that it is no longer ‘amnesty’ that is being sought by these criminals, but trying now to give a form of ‘reparations’ to the unvaxxed and especially those who have suffered the anguish and hatred from those who were stupid enough to take the KILL SHOTS… Yes, this to me is just trying to ‘sweeten the pie’ and try to have we, the safely unvaxxed’, basically accept and forgive those who have persecuted us… To me, this is beyond revolting, as there should be ZERO amnesty for these criminal fuck nuts and there is not enough ‘reparations’ on the planet to me for the hell that I personally suffered from over the last few years of being smart enough to know not to take any experimental jabs of certain death in my body…

Yes, these criminal bastards are actually thinking that they can now get away with the harm that they did to the ‘unvaxxed’ by NOW saying that they would ‘pay us’ and give us ‘restitution’ and ‘reparations’ for the harm that they did… I say that I do not want ‘reparations’ but REAL JUSTICE served for these criminals instead, and I have always stuck to my guns in that statement… Money is not the issue here, but the very livelihoods of the brightest on the planet, that could be the ONLY humans left alive on planet Earth when this genocidal program is finally ‘over’… Saying ‘sorry’ and now wanting to throw a few bucks in our faces for the harm done, simply does not cut it for I do hope I speak for so many in saying ‘Go and pound sand’ for what you all did to us for being FAR smarter than you, is indeed something that is never forgivable… Instead of saying ‘sorry’ how about joining us in going after the fucking REAL criminals behind this entire program of human culling instead?

Well… I have said enough about the SCAMDEMIC, as I am definitely going to continue to hammer away at that fraud in my ‘daily news’ reports…. And to those who still stupidly claim that I put too much ’emphasis’ on this one subject, I keep saying to them “Are you fucking kidding me?” as THIS is THE most important fight of our lives and the entire future of mankind is at stake here… We are facing the genocide of BILLIONS and the possible extermination of mankind as a species, to be replaced by something that is no longer even human, and all you critics can say is ‘move on’ to other subjects? I just shake my head in disgust here, for I know better….

OK, Onto other subjects, and of course I am still disgusted when I see so many of the gullible and stupid in these parts waving ‘Ukrainian flags’ and not realizing the TRUE reality of the entire ‘war’ in Ukraine…. I have stopped from time to time when I see these flag wavers to just ask them a few simple questions to see if they actually know what the war in Ukraine is really all about…. And the answers I get are as equally disturbing as the fraud flag waving as most say “Well, its all Russia’s fault” and the usual crap parroted by the lying whore media of ‘Russia invaded Ukraine’…. After listening to such fraudulent rhetoric, I have tried on some occasions to give them the straight goods, especially how the US basically seized Ukraine in the ‘Maidan revolution’ back in 2014 and especially how the Ukrainian military had been murdering tens of thousands of their fellow ‘Ukrainians’ in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine for nearly 8 years before the Russians said ‘enough’ and went into that region to stop the massacre of civilians.. The result has always been a ‘wide eyed look’ in most of them and some saying ‘How did you get that information?’ or ‘I did not know that’…. I have told many of them to not fall for the false rhetoric coming from media and government liars and to simply DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH….

Yes, living here in Canada, we continue to see nothing but lies, lies, and even more lies, in regards to Canada’s evil and most criminal involvement in helping to prop up that criminal JEWISH run regime in Kiev, Ukraine… You cannot turn on any Canadian ‘news’ network these days without reporters and even news hosts just fawn all over that criminal psychopath Zelenskyy and brainwashing Canadians into the false aspect that this criminal is such a ‘great man and leader’ of the Ukrainian people, when all I see is a coward and a mass murdering freak that continues to send tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to be slaughtered wholesale at the southeastern front lines against superior Russian forces…. All that and this criminal psychopath has stripped Ukrainians of their very rights and freedoms, taken away all of their free speech and their basic rights, and has even moved recently to outlaw their own freedom of religion by moving to outlaw the Orthodox Church in Ukraine itself…. That and he has made it the ‘law’ that all able bodied Ukrainians from the age of 14 all the way to 60 be ‘conscripted’ into the Ukrainian army and then thrown into the front lines against disciplined Russian forces with nearly ZERO combat training… Thus what we have here is a Billionaire JEWISH megalomaniac that is willing to sacrifice thousands of Ukrainian citizens just so he can continue to remain in power as a poodle for US/NATO interests….

And do not get me started about the MONEY that the Canadian government has poured into Ukraine… The exact amount since the ‘war’ began nearly 11 months ago is now definitely over 5 BILLION dollars from Canada alone, and is something that Canadians can ill-afford since we have runaway inflation and an economic system near total collapse… That, and that 5+ BILLION alone in a country with barely 39 Million residence could have done wonders for the homeless and those who are living in poverty.. But instead we have the TURDEAU regime in Ottawa just handing the money over to Zelenskyy in what basically has become a ‘blank cheque’ for that psychopathic monster, and bleeding Canada dry in the process….. The sad part is that these criminals in charge here in Canada have NEVER told the Canadian public how much they have actually sent to the Ukrainian ‘money pit’, as there are some that have told me that this ‘5 BILLION’ may actually be ‘too low’ and that the real amount is now 10+ BILLION and climbing…

In terms of the actual fighting in Ukraine… I have been trying to keep up with all of the ever-changing reports, especially about the rapidly changing situation along the key southeastern front where the Russians are now definitely on the offensive at both the Bakhmut/Soledar region as well as the Zhaporozhie region along the Dneiper River… The Russian forces have indeed done their homework well, as they would basically allow the already ravaged and weakened Ukrainian forces to attempt to regain lost territory at enormous losses and then wait for the right time to counter attack against those severely weakened forces and make enormous strides deeper into Ukrainian territory… This shows the superior leadership of the Russian forces as compared to the makeshift and horrible leadership of the Ukrainian military indeed…

The other aspect of the present Ukrainian war situation is just how deep NATO and the US involvement is now? There are still so many out there that have been fooled by the lying whore media outlets that continue to falsely claim that NATO and the US have not sent any of their combat forces directly into Ukraine, which is such a complete lie as the Russians themselves have reported for WEEKS now that they are no longer facing just Ukrainian military units but full fledged NATO troops…. The Bakhmut/Soledar battle front has been the major case in point, where the Russians have advanced and captured so many ‘English and foreign speaking’ forces in their recent advances and know that these are indeed NATO forces…. The last estimates that I have seen is that there is now over ‘50000’ NATO and Us forces just in the Bakhmut region and especially defending Bakhmut itself… I say that WHEN the Russians do finally encircle Bakhmut and capture these forces, they should PARADE all of these captured NATO forces every chance they get just to show the world that they are now in direct conflict with NATO itself….

The other troubling aspect of this NATO force now in Ukraine is exactly how many Canadian combat forces are in the front lines battling the Russians right now? The crooked and corrupt TURDEAU regime in Ottawa has kept their ‘lips sealed’ as to exactly WHAT Canada’s present commitments have been to Ukraine, and have flat out denied that Canada has any ‘combat forces’ operating in Ukraine at present.. But we have seen this lie already, especially with the capture of Canadian military officials when the Russians took Mariupol last May/June, and I can guarantee therefore that Canadian forces are indeed right there at Bakhmut fighting as part of the NATO forces…. How many to be exact? I have discussed with some other Canadians that are in the know and some have told me that there may be at least ‘1000+’ in Ukraine at the moment…. Thus when the Russians finish off Bakhmut and capture those NATO forces, I truly hope that they show Canadians how much their own government has been lying to them by parading those captured Canadian forces for all Canadians to see the bitter truth…

So basically this ‘war’ in Ukraine is no longer a ‘proxy’ war where the psychos in NATO/US are funnelling money and weapons into Ukraine for the Ukrainians to use and die with, but these criminals have their fully armed combat forces in the front lines fighting the Russians… This means that the war in Ukraine is absolutely a direct conflict between NATO and Russia… Thus when some state that if this war escalates into a direct conflict between Russia and NATO it could be ‘curtains’ for the entire world, that time is now…. How far this ‘escalation’ could become is anyone’s guess especially WHEN the Russians launch their long planned offensive to finish off Ukraine once and for all…. As I said before, I cannot even stomach the idea of global nuclear war against Russia, but that reality is rapidly coming to our very doorsteps, thanks primarily to the sickness of the US/NATO criminal governments that will not allow their ‘proxy’ in Ukraine to fail at all costs….

OK, I have yammered and spewed long enough…. Needless to say but NTS is now definitely pulling the plug on his ‘work’ by this coming April… And yes, I said that I wanted to go at the end of this month, but my better half said that was a bad time as it would be in the coldest part of this Winter, and that I would be sitting around for a few months with nothing to do and not be able to get out and do some major yard work until the snow melts in April.. Thus she recommended that I hold off until the beginning of April and just sit around at work doing absolutely nothing and making a pay cheque for that… Yes, I am taking her recommendation and will basically do NOTHING for the next 2+ months and get paid for it…. I had endured the wrath of the monsters at my corporation that did indeed furlough me for nearly 6 months last year by demanding that I take the KILL SHOTS as a means of employment, and it is about time I get my payback from these bastards by telling them that they can pound sand and that I will just sit around and socialize and get some rest at work for the next while…. In April I will leave and give these pricks ‘the bird’ as I go out the front door at my place of employment with my head held high….

Well.. It is time to close this ‘rant’ and just take the rest of the day off for some much needed rest and relaxation.. But of course I have left so much ‘on the table’ as I always do, and will try here to give my two cents worth on those other subjects in my usual closing ‘last minute tidbits’….. I have seen the recent reports that are claiming that up to 400 MILLION Chinese civilians have been purposely murdered over the last 3+ years where the criminal Beijing government has used the fraud of ‘COVID’ to cover for that mass genocide. I have yet to find reports anywhere that prove this to be false, and if true then it shows to what length these criminals that want their ‘one world government’ system of permanent tyranny would stoop to just to get their citizens turned into slaves!…..Not surprisingly and actually expectant, there is no ‘news’ this last week about North Korea and their ‘nuclear threat’ to Asia and even America. As I have said so many times and proven right all the time, the lying whore media will bring up this ‘North Korean threat’ when they need some new fear porn to scare the gullible and stupid out there……Once again, we have an enormous amount of so called ‘news’ that keeps coming out about that ‘Oops I did a ‘doo-doo in my pants’ pedophile and psychotic drooling moron “President” Joe Biden and his ‘documents’ that were miraculously discovered at his mansion in Delaware. Honestly, when will the American people get with the program here? The COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington are just laughing in the faces of the American people now as they know that they will continue to just prop up their sock puppet as ‘President’ and will ignore all the evidence presented and go about their criminal ways as always. The facts are that this ‘document gate’ will get nowhere as long as the criminals stay in power, and they will get rid of Joe when they feel he no longer has any use for their criminal agenda!…….And again just the thought that sicko and brain dead Kamala Harris is still sitting in the wings just waiting for her chance to be ‘President’ is beyond revolting. This creature is even more brain dead than Joe Biden and has NO CLUE on how to tie her own shoe laces let alone run a nation as corrupt as the US. But apparently the COMMIES in charge are indeed about ready to have her sit in the Oval Office, where she will take her drooling idiocy and make America look even more laughable than what Joe has done so far. And people wonder why I say America is fucked?……..The war in Syria did ‘escalate’ for the moment last week with some increased fighting along the Idlib pocket front in northwestern Syria. That and the illegal American occupation in northeastern Syria made news with reports that the US were indeed in that area ONLY for the theft of Syrian oil, to which I say “No kidding, Sherlock!’. The other news is that a peace deal may finally be made between Syria and Turkey in which the Turks would withdraw from northern Syria and allow the Syrians to take control of the Idlib pocket as well. Does this mean the end to the conflict in Syria? Not a chance as long as the US continues to illegally occupy northeastern Syria and continue to maintain their illegal base at Al Tanf to the south where they train and equip their fraud ‘ISIS’ proxy ‘terrorist’ forces……..The war in Iraq is still going on, with the latest fraud news about combined “Iraqi/Us forces” against ‘ISIS pockets’ in northern Iraq, which is so laughable since the US controls and runs ‘ISIS’ itself. All this is more propaganda bullshit to give the US their ‘excuse’ to maintain their illegal bases in Iraq for some time to come. The only hope for Iraq and its people to be free is for a full blown civil war against the American occupiers which to me should have been done years ago!……Up in Iran, the ‘revolts’ that were 100% fomented and operated by US/Israeli criminals in key cities across that nation have finally ended. Most of these ‘uprisings’ were squashed by the Iranian people themselves that are no fools and understand that the US/Israel were fully behind them as part of their sinister plans to try to overthrow the regime in Tehran. Now for the psychos in lsrael, it is back to ‘plan A’ which is to continue to lie to the world about Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program, and still try to coax their slaves in the US to attack and destroy Iran for them. This has been the same nonsense now for over 40 years and hopefully by now the rest of the world is no longer fooled…….And of course over in that shitty ‘state’ of Israel we have the news last week where the insane Miliewkowsky aka ‘Netanyahu’ government is going to increase their attacks and slaughter of Palestinians with the goal of seeing the Palestinians wiped out completely. But has this not been the plans all along? The psychos in ISRAEL have always wanted ALL of Palestine for their greedy selves and in their psychosis there is NO ROOM at all for the Palestinian people in their sick dream of domination. Thus I am sticking to my statements that the only hope for the Palestinian people is to fight back and fight back with ALL of their might. It becomes a situation of fight or be exterminated, and I know which one I would choose in a heartbeat……Meanwhile down in Yemen, I saw a few reports that showed the horrific losses in material alone that the Saudis have suffered from due to their illegal invasion and occupation, which is now in the tens of BILLIONS of dollars and climbing. But are the Saudis even considering a ‘peace deal’ with the Houthis and finally giving up their occupation? Not a chance, as the Saudi crime family of Jews will never surrender and just continue to pour more men and equipment into this war of futility for the near future. The sad part is watching the number of innocent civilians in Yemen that are being slaughtered and starved to death just continue to rise……..Over in Brazil I am still waiting for ANY new ‘news’ reports about what exactly is going on between the Brazilian people and the most hated WEF regime now ‘in charge’. The news blackout is still going on, and I do wonder how many civilians are now being slaughtered or being ‘forced injected’ right now with the KILL SHOTS as the ‘civil war’ continues. If and when I find anything new, I will definitely have it posted in one of my upcoming ‘daily news’ reports…….And there is still little coming out of neighbouring Peru where the people are openly fighting a ‘WEF’ attempt to have the Peruvian people subjugated much like the people of Brazil. I for one want to definitely see the people win in both Peru and Brazil as it would send the message to the entire world that PEOPLE are the real power in nations and not crooks and scumbags……. The WEF ‘meeting’ in Davos Switzerland is about to wrap up, and apparently nations now have their ‘marching orders’ to impose digital tyranny against their own citizens. We shall see if this happens, as people everywhere are no longer fooled, and will strongly oppose such action from these tyrants who need their ‘digital system’ just to enslave the entire world……Yes, I put up a report yesterday where Elon Musk ‘apparently’ has come forward claiming that he has been ‘injured’ from the KILL SHOTS, and several commentators noted that as I have said before, Musk cannot be trusted at all as he is part of the evil agenda and most probably has NOT had any of these KILL SHOTS at all. I do agree with what they are saying in that I had hoped that Elon may have indeed taken these shots of certain death which would be most fitting, but after some thought in the matter, I seriously doubt it at all. We shall see what ‘Elon Musk’ is up to, as I continue to state that he cannot not ever be trusted …..The ‘Climate Change’ agenda was made a laughing stock last week, where none other than that sickening ‘poster child’ for the entire fraud, Greta Thunberg’ was caught ‘red handed’ in trying to create a ‘false arrest’ in Germany that has now been fully exposed as being a ‘set up’ and a 100% fraud. But seriously? Is not the entire ‘Climate Change’ agenda nothing but a fraud in itself, and yet so many out there have fallen for it as badly as the scamdemic? Yes, as PT Barnum famously stated over a century ago, there are indeed ‘suckers born every minute’, and yes he was absolutely right!….. Yes, the idea of ‘woke-ism’ continues to try to rear its ugly head across both Canada and the US, but finally so many people are ‘awake’ and are fighting back against that insanity. ‘Woke-ism’ has absolutely NO PLACE in any modern society and is nothing more than a measure of corruption meant to destroy our very fabric of society and what family actually means… I have seen reports that that transgender freak, Michael Robinson aka ‘Michelle Obama’ is once again considering a run for the President of the United States, even possibly for 2024. What a great idea in having a tranny in charge, which would fit nicely considering all of the previous homos, and freaks that have occupied the Oval Office in the past. Yes, what a fucked up mess America has truly become………Arsenal is playing Manchester United right now as I type this report and I am of course hoping for a Gunner victory at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester England. With Manchester City not doing so great this year, the door is wide open for the Gunners to take the table, which would make this soccer fan ecstatic indeed……Are you kidding me? The soap opera of the sickness called Megan and former Prince Harry is STILL out there and apparently as FORBES online has stated last week, their upcoming ‘ventures’ will pocket them both a cool $135 MILLION in profits? How sickening is that, as I had always hoped that these two losers would stop being parasites and get real jobs. But with that amount of money to be had, these two losers will be around for some time to come which makes me want to puke…….And speaking of wanting to puke, what would my ‘rants ‘be without taking my usual pot shots at the sickness of Kardashian. And apparently the main skank and trollop of the entire group of misfits, Kim herself, apparently went to Harvard Business School last week where she gave a lecture? Seriously, what would a brain dead skank have to say to a business school, other than nothing but a word salad of complete drooling nonsense? It is no wonder online forums and other ‘social media’ outlets have ripped this skank apart for that ‘lecture’ which alone makes me howl. But once again this is typical in the twisted world of Kardashian skank-ism, and makes for great laughter to end these rants, right?

More to come


Saturday News: Of Course More On The SCAMDEMIC, The War In Ukraine, And Other REAL News!

Well… I am finally on the road to recovery after enduring much of last week with a bout of Sinusitis… My head is finally clearing up and the headaches are gone…. I DO want to thank those readers that gave me a long list of products and supplements to try to get over this illness, and I have taken a few things that were recommended…. And honestly, I absolutely HATE getting these infections as they do knock me for a ‘loop’ at times..

But good old NTS is back… And I have been reading since early this morning one heck of a lot of material that has been sent my way, and via just surfing the internet for research….. Thus I do once again want to start off this report with my usual shots at the SCAMDEMIC, as I have to remind readers from time to time that THIS is THE most important event of our lives, and if we lose this ‘war’ then our very futures could be lost…..

And one very astute reader that sends me comments from time to time, asked me to take a look at an interesting report that was just released yesterday, via the ‘HAL TURNER RADIO SHOW’ online news service at that claims that nearly 1/2 TRILLION ‘free roaming’ ANTIGEN SPIKE PROTEINS are released into the suckers that take one of the criminals’ so called ‘boosters’! AND that their heart damage done by these killer SPIKE PROTEINS is phenomenal and results in their hearts being permanently damaged and/or destroyed! Here is the link to that article for readers to view right here:

I also did the calculations myself in that link provided, and yes you do come up with that phenomenal ‘435897435897’ number based upon the figures presented…

Thus we once again have further proof that these foul and most deadly injections are fucking up the hearts of its victims… And the damage done to heart tissue is indeed PERMANENT also for the basic fact that heart tissue itself is one organ material that has probably the worse time in trying to repair itself….

That and we must again realize that once the cells in and around the Heart are transfected into producing Spike Proteins on a permanent basis, the damage done to the Heart goes on and on until the victim DIES from HEART failure…. The sad part being that there are BILLIONS of suckers out there that have taken these KILL SHOTS and ‘boosters’ that do have permanent heart damage and that damage will most probably kill them all within the next few years….

And I actually have about a 1/2 dozen more links that I will try to put up at this report for today just focused in on the horror show of these KILLER antigen Spike Proteins and of course the KILL SHOTS themselves… One in particular was most alarming and I do want to focus on that article’s very disturbing findings here….

I have long reported in so many previous articles that these KILL SHOTS absolutely DESTROY the immune systems of those who are stupid and retarded enough to take them….. In many of my previous articles I showed proof positive that nearly everyone that takes even ONE ‘dose’ of these horrendous death jabs will doom themselves to a life of despair as they have basically given themselves AIDS, or what is now called “VACCINE induced IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME” aka ‘VAIDS’ for short…. AND the MORE ‘boosters’ that these retards line up to so willingly take just magnifies this horror show to the point that the victims have ZERO immune systems left to combat ANY illnesses at all!

And therefore I want to turn to a new report that comes courtesy of the NATURAL NEWS online website at that shows how ‘getting vaccinated’ for this fraud called ‘COVID’ leads to near complete collapse of the immune system! HERE is the link to that report here:

Yes, this once again vindicates exactly what I have been stating now for well over 2 years… How quickly so many have forgotten that in my original reports about these mRNA experimental crap shots that the developers psychotically and purposely incorporated some of the genetic material for HIV in their concoctions… This is fact and not fiction, and we are now seeing the dividends of their sickening aspirations come to fruition with everyone that takes these KILL SHOTS now having AIDS!

Thus, and once again, we have so much evidence that these KILL SHOTS are definitely THE most evil concoctions ever created in all mankind, and are done intentionally to MURDER as many human beings as possible… The last estimates for the actual death toll by this point are easily in the 500+ MILLION range and is continuing to climb making 2023 the deadliest year in all human history..

But I am not done yet, as I do want to present one more interesting aspect about these deadly KILL SHOTS, and it has to do with the man now in control of that criminal ‘social media’ network called ‘Twitter’, none other than Elon Musk himself…

Many should be aware by now that Elon Musk has taken at LEAST one of these death jabs, and just today he supposedly sent out a ‘Tweet’ via ‘Twitter’ that even I have found alarming, and shows that even those who supposedly should know better and have some ‘intelligence’ have been played as fools by these KILL SHOTS.. Here in fact is that ‘tweet’ that shows that Elon is suffering from the adverse effects of taking his SECOND dose right here:

OK… This indeed shows that even Elon Musk is not as ‘bright’ as many have claimed.. He states that he felt like he was dying from taking the second KILL SHOT, and actually hopes that there is no ‘permanent damage’?

But this is typical, as we still live in a world surrounded by SHEEP that do not have a clue at all that these things are indeed DEADLY! I personally have continued my own observations of the sheep around these parts and they are as brain dead as always, just clamouring for even MORE DEADLY ‘boosters’ to be shot into their bodies, for fear of that still unproven and magical ‘disease’ called ‘COVID’! Yes, you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you do try, definitely!

Well, I want to turn away for the time being from the SCAMDEMIC, as once again I have ‘other fish to fry’… Which leads me to the latest news concerning the ‘war’ in Ukraine…

And first, as I typically do, I want to present an updated map of the present battlefront situation in southeastern Ukraine, where the Russians are STILL and steadily enveloping the key city of Bakhmut…. Here in fact is the latest updated map of that situation courtesy of the great writers over at the Southfront website ( for readers to view right here:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 21, 2023 (Map Update)

Yes, as noted in the information presented on that map, the Russians continue to seize towns on both the north and south sides of the city of Bakhmut, with what is obviously the intention of entrapping the Ukrainian forces within Bakhmut itself that will undoubtably lead to the surrender of tens of thousands of Ukrainian AND NATO fighters…

AND there has been a key and most important major event that has happened starting yesterday, where the Russians have now launched a brand new offensive aimed at seizing the Ukrainian city of ZAPOROZHIE, north of course of their already controlled major nuclear power station along the Dneiper River… Here in fact I want to present a most interesting article that also comes from the Southfront website, that covers in detail the ‘military overview’ of that situation near Zaphorozhie, along with other information to help readers get ‘up to speed’ about exactly what is really happening in Ukraine right now.. Here is that link:

Yes, what has been happening is the Ukrainian military, in their need to bolster their already weakened forces in and around Bakhmut, have had to pull forces from other defensive fronts including those around Kherson to the south as well as Zaporozhie… The Russians so obviously knew about these troop movements and have now sprung a brand now offensive against the weakened Zaporozhie front, with the latest news that I read earlier today seeing Russian forces already more than 15 KM deep into Ukrainian territory…

And of course all this is taking place by the bolstered Russian forces along the southern fronts in Ukraine, while the bulk of the Russian forces to the north especially along the Belarus front, waiting the word to spring into action in that long awaited major OFFENSIVE that should end the entire conflict once and for all….

So… Here we have REAL news and not that garbage promoted by the liars in the lying whore media outlets about what is really going on in Ukraine right now….And I have read reports about how the pricks in NATO, including the scumbag government here in Canada, continues to send their ‘military hardware’ including armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine, which to me will all turn into toaster ovens for any Ukrainian soldiers that are unlucky to be seated within them!

You want an example as to how useless these armoured personnel carriers are, including the US BRADLEY useless machines, in REAL combat? I want to present the following report that also comes from the Southfront website, where a CANADIAN ‘armoured personnel carrier’ known as the “SENATOR” was attacked by Russian forces, and indeed turned into a flaming hulk of scrap metal due to that attack… Here is the link to that article:

Yes, here we have the proof that the sinister “LIBERAL regime” here in Canada is sending military hardware into UKRAINE only to see it utterly destroyed by the superior firepower of the Russian forces… Honestly.. WHAT A WASTE, especially in terms of any Ukrainian/NATO forces that may have been unlucky enough to be on board that ‘Senator’ at the time of the Russian strike!

And that article also shows how much waste in terms of Canadian taxpayer dollars has now gone into this ‘conflict’… That article states ‘BILLIONS’ in direct aid to the criminal Zelenskyy government in Kiev as well as now over a BILLION dollars in direct military hardware! All that money should have been spent here in Canada, especially in helping the homeless and those in poverty, but instead has been thrown away by those TURDEAU maniacs into UKRAINE!

Well… I do want to touch on a few other ‘news’ items before I do close today’s news report… And I do want to start off by presenting here the link to the latest article that came out just the other day by my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who writes her blog over at … In Greencrow’s article, that I do have the link to, you will see some of the real happenings both here in Canada, as well as over at that horror show in Davos Switzerland where the criminal WEF is about to now wrap up their ‘meeting’ and absolutely fuck every one on this planet with their latest ‘agenda’ of pure evil… Here is that link:

Again, kudos to Greencrow for this fine report, and one that covers a wide range of important information for my Canadian readers and friends… And yes, when we look at that scumbag LIBERAL regime in Ottawa and its evil ways, “Power” does indeed corrupt!

And I do want to answer one ‘critic’ here to this blog, as he/she has come out and claimed that I am ‘wrong’ about there being NO CURE for the antigen SPIKE PROTEINS released by the transfected cells of those who have stupidly taken the KILL SHOTS… That person sent me an email just a short time ago asking me to take a look at the latest news coming from Jim Stone’s website at, where apparently Jim has come out and said that it was worth a try in taking foods that release a chemical known as ‘Bromalein’ that supposedly KILLS Spike Proteins… HERE first is that article from Jim Stone:

RUMOR: Bromelain plus NAC destroy the spike protein

UPDATE: A reader calculated the actual doses needed to destroy the spike protein and they are not attainable in real life. /update

I am putting this down as rumor because with AI out there shitposting it could be the opposite. HOWEVER – 

Bromelain is in pineapple in copious amounts. It is robust and will survive pasteurization so processed pineapple (in juice) still has practically all of it. Already a con artist is saying it is only in the core, where there is less bromelain than anywhere else in the pineapple.  Have you ever noticed when eating pineapple that it seems to eat you too? Bromelain is quite literally a digestive enzyme and it is the bromelain that does that, it is not the acid in the pineapple doing that. The juice and yummy parts of the pineapple contain the most bromelain.

NAC is found naturally in very large amounts in raw uncooked onion and also to a lesser degree in garlic. Though a small amount will survive cooking, it will be diminished greatly so it is much better to eat the onions raw. Like on a nice, thick cheeseburger.

The only question is, is this legit? considering how they wanted to ban NAC supplements along with the ivermectin, I’d say there is probably something to this. What are they going to do next? ban pineapple and onions??? Or are they going to GMO the benefits out of them??

If I got jabbed, I’d say this is worth a try. 

Coulden’t be easier, could it? And that’s exactly how the so-called “elite” would have it if one of their own accidentally disastrously somehow got the real shot. How much do you need? Bromelain is such a huge portion of a pineapple that only 1 ring per day would do the trick. But who eats only one? And there’s so much NAC in onion I would assume that one appropriate hamburger slice per day would do it, but with onion I don’t know for sure. 

OK, I have read about this chemical from ‘pineapples’ and other sources for some time, and YES, there may be something here in terms of this chemical killing Spike Proteins that are generated from transfected cells… But the KEY issue here is that this chemical may indeed kill Spike Proteins that are released, but what about the transfected cells themselves? People have to realize that even if this chemical works against Spike Proteins, it does NOT shut off the transfected cells as they will continue to pour Spike Proteins into the body as their are programmed to do..

The ONLY real ‘cure’ remains to be where the transfected cells of the victims are somehow returned to normal by a ‘reverse transfection’ that changes the DNA of the affected cells back to ‘normal’… NO ‘chemical’ will do that, period, and thus the only way to fix this problem of transfected cells is for another ‘gene therapy’ that may be able to change cells back to their normal state BEFORE the victims started taking the KILL SHOTS…. Do we see this type of injection being offered ANYWHERE across the planet? OF COURSE NOT, for the facts are that the sinister pricks behind this mRNA ‘experiment’ absolutely want their victims to be destroyed… None of these monsters invested one penny into a ‘reverse genetic process’ what so ever…

And on the ‘men identifying as women and participating in women’s sports’ fiasco, I saw the following interesting report from the ‘DAILY SIGNAL’ online at where apparently a US Judge has finally had some common sense and has now BARRED biological men from competing in women’s sports against biological women… Here is that link:

When I read about this victory for women, I said thank goodness… Personally I am sick and tired of this entire fiasco, as biological men are MEN and are NOT women no matter how much they attempt to mutilate their bodies… To me, these transgender men are indeed freaks and mental cases that surely need HELP psychologically AND to stop trying to suddenly think that they are something that they were not born as….

The facts are that I have been so sick and tired over the last few years about this fraud of ‘transgenderism’ and especially how it is being used by the SICKOS in charge to ruin our children… THERE ARE ONLY TWO SEXES, MALE AND FEMALE, and do not let people try to convince you otherwise……

I just hope that this victory leads to a massive awakening across our planet as to how MEN should never be allowed to compete in any athletic event as WOMEN and vice-versa…. I have said that those who have militated themselves or are so psychologically damaged that they think they are a sex that they are not, to be able to compete ONLY against other freaks out there…

And last but not least, comes this ghastly news out of that meeting of psychopaths and freaks over at Davos Switzerland, where the WEF itself is now criminally pushing their latest ‘agenda’ of the imposition of their DIGITAL ID and DIGITAL monetary system, by the ‘introduction’ of a “NATIONAL DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE” program that will be used to ‘monitor and verify’ the user’s ‘vaccine status’ AND potentially push the agenda of where the safely ‘unvaxxed’ people out there will be forced out of society entirely due to not taking the KILL SHOTS! Here is the link to a report from the “RAIR FOUNDATION” website at ,where none other than former UK “Prime Minister” the hideous and most evil Tony Blair himself is pushing this horrific agenda:

Yes, We all knew that the WEF Davos criminals would never let go of their ‘SCAMDEMIC’ and are now going to try to use it to impose this ‘Digital system’ by FORCE on everyone, especially those who have been smart enough and brave enough to NOT take the KILL SHOTS!

And of course who else but that freak Tony Blair that has always been a criminal as well as a major proponent of the WEF ‘new world order’ agenda being at the forefront of this push… I just hope that the people of the world will absolutely RESIST this evil plan and hopefully have the WEF fully exposed for the monsters they are and put out of their misery…

Well, that about covers it today in what I see is some of the REAL ‘news’ happening around our sick world… I will of course be presenting my weekly rant tomorrow and hopefully cover some more of these events as well as other important issues that I always give some rational and my own two cents worth of truth… So until tomorrow, stay tuned..

More to come


America’s Treasonous Tradition

I am going to do one article tonight, and take the rest of the night off… My SINUSES have decided to give me a massive headache that caused a most restless sleep last night, and even though I am now on the mend from my bout of SINUSITIS, I am just exhausted and need a bit of rest… I have of course already covered a lot of ‘news’ yesterday, and will follow up with a full report tomorrow… Therefore I have only ONE article to put up at this blog for today!

But in the meantime, I do want to present the latest article that my good friend and colleague, John Kaminski, just released yesterday through his website at … This one is entitled; “America’s Treasonous Tradition’ and takes shots at the US government and how it is made up of nothing but treasonous crooks, liars, and scumbags…. Here in fact is that article in its entirety, followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:

America’s treasonous tradition

 Published: Thursday, 19 January 2023 12:01

Traitor presidents
all chosen by Jews


Pick an adjective. They all apply. Dimwitted? Semiconscious? Gullible? Deranged?

Easily fooled Americans have never been sufficiently alert to realize that their leaders have never acted in the best interests of the people they were supposed to lead and serve. The picture is all too obvious. All politicians become inexplicably rich by being elected to high office.

Now they’re in the process of killing off all the people they don’t want hanging around the ghettos they’ve created, as well as eliminating all the independent countries in the world and creating their one and only nightmare Jewish superstate.

Especially throughout the 20th century, unbiased American history records a series of betrayals by weak willed leaders who chose personal rewards over the welfare of the nation they presumed to lead. The tradition continues unhindered today.

Woodrow Wilson has led the parade of White House villains on many lists as he approved the takeover of America’s money supply by 13 Jewish families with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which enabled him to break his campaign promises for peace and commit America to the totally unnecessary “war to end all wars,” which before and since has been the chief formula for success for the Jewish bankers who run the world and control all the politicians in every country.

(Don’t try to kid yourself with some kind of Democratic poppycock that says the USA is a functioning republic. Knowledgeable people would laugh at you . . . or more likely spit on you.)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt continued this profitable policy of preaching peace and craftily preparing for war by engineering the debacle at Pearl Harbor and obliterating Germany for a second time at the behest of his Jewish handlers, and also by nurturing the Soviet superstate which conveniently served as our permanent enemy and reason for the lucrative arms industry which has always powered the ruthless American economy.

Skipping over two secretly Jewish presidents — Harry Solomon Truman and Dwight (“the terrible Swedish Jew”) Eisenhower — we come to the assassin of his predecessor who actually had two Mossad agents, Arthur and Mathilde Kim, living with him in his house much of the time.

That would be Lyndon Johnson, who resuscitated the needless extermination of Asian peasants in Vietnam which his predecessor had attempted to curtail. LBJ later altered immigration quotas and welfare systems that turned the United States from a respectful European democracy into a chaotic African insane asylum where immigrants became accustomed to a free welfare ride and burned down buildings if they didn’t get enough government freebies.

George H. W. Bush introduced the New World Order signaling the end of American independence and worst of all bequeathed to us a son who blithely supervised the event that allowed the U.S. to make war on the whole world. In between these two perverts came William Jefferson Clinton who managed to send most American jobs overseas, exterminate most of his bodyguards who delivered him to his girlfriends and allowed China to take over the federal government.

Since then we’ve had our first black president, a former street hustler with a scrubbed background who murdered Africa’s greatest leader and now lives in a white man’s mansion among the very well-t0-do. He was followed by a New York real estate hustler who had a street named after him . . . in Israel.

But Donald Trump pretended to be a patriot so convincingly that they had to get rid of him because too many would-be patriots actually thought he was real. Then came Joe Biden. I guess the kosher powers that be thought if they could elect a president who was married to a man, they could get away with electing someone who was not actually alive.

Whether this is the real Joe Biden or not (check out those ears!), you definitely can’t remember a president who has acted against America’s best interests as profoundly as this child molesting creep from Delaware has.

For sure Biden owns the corrupt presidential child award given the bribes his crack-smoking, child-molesting offspring Hunter has managed to accrue in the family name. Too bad the Biden family doesn’t treat the American people as well as it has overseas despots, like that little faggot weasel in Ukraine.

If you still have a pulse and are able to read an eye chart, you have to notice that the queer performances of all these questionable presidents pale in comparison to the deliberately dysfunctional decisions of Creepy Joe to close the pipeline, open the borders, mandate the jabs, and deliberately start a war in which we Americans are definitely the bad guys and once again a menace to the entire world that refuses to knuckle under to our strong-armed financial blackmail.

The undereducated majority of Americans continues to fail to see the government in Washington — particularly the White House — has always been dominated by Jews. Their control of the money guarantees their dominance in all other areas. Americans think this situation is normal because Jews run the media.

Their behavior in Israel clearly shows what kind of people they are, shooting children in the head for sport, reveling in their ability to ignore all the laws of civilized society and then bragging about it.

Will the world ever wake up and neutralize this chronic collection of mental patients? They are not working to improve and protect the country, they are working to plunder and destroy it.

Or will the Jews manage to kill off everyone who can think for themselves whom they cannot retrain into becoming their obedient slaves?

Since Alexander Hamilton — yes, a Jew himself — did his dirty work for the king of England and prevented America from becoming the independent republic it has always — and falsely — pretended to be, presidents chosen by Jews, from Abraham Lincoln on down, have proven universally to be the destroyers of the country and the world, and not its protectors.

They have proven and continue to prove they are the betrayers of the American people.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: John and I have discussed for years how badly corrupt and evil the US Government is, and how these criminals absolutely do not give a damn about the American public and especially the ‘voters’ that so gullibly vote them into power.. They all do in fact answer ONLY to their Jewish masters!

And I am again reminded of Cynthia McKinney, who warned the American public over a decade ago when she was a US Congress woman, about how the ‘Congress Critters’ ABSOLUTELY DO NOT pledge their allegiance to the American Republic at all, but instead swear their allegiance to the criminal state of ISRAEL instead! It was Cynthia’s own refusal to follow this evil demand that had the criminal Jewish elite in America pour money in the campaign of her opponent that had her serve only one term in Congress and replaced by that opponent who was indeed a firm supporter of ISRAEL first and foremost….

And.. I do have to remind readers that this horrific situation is not just in America, but elsewhere and especially right up here in Canada where the “members of Parliament’ are just as corrupt as American Congress-critters and basically do not obey or support the wishes of those here in Canada that were also stupid enough to vote them into Parliament….And Canada’s corrupt government is on display for the entire world to see, with the evil tyranny of that heinous Prime Minister, Justin “I just love hanging out with trannies’ TURDEAU against the Canadian people…. Thus when people think that things are better here in Canada as compared to the US, think again…

Well, like I said above, that is about it for tonight…. I am crossing my fingers that with the right medication and proper sleep, I can be back to my ‘normal’ self tomorrow, for there is indeed a LOT happening in our sick world, and I do want to cover some of that madness in one of my ‘daily news’ reports… So, until then…

More to come


Thursday News: MORE On The SCAMDEMIC, Ukraine, AND Other Interesting Events Worldwide

Well… It is Thursday and the weather up here in central Canada has been absolutely both miserable and actually quite ‘weird’… Usually this month being January we get a lot of massive cold fronts rolling through that leaves the sky quite clear and blue.. But not this year as it has been nothing but nonstop overcast clouds, high humidity, and temperatures still above normal….If this is indeed ‘weather manipulation’ happening, then I am at a loss as to why and why bother with this part of Canada at all?

That and this miserable humidity has affected my already vulnerable sinuses tremendously…. Most long time readers are aware that I have a LONG history of severe sinus problems, and that I had an operation performed 7 years ago to try to correct the airflow through my nostrils… That operation did help a bit as I found that I was getting bad sinusitis less regularly… However with this year’s Winter being a horror show of unusually high humidity, the inflammation of my sinuses has been occurring again! I have been doing everything I can just to stop the headaches alone, and I do thank some readers that have been advising on the usage of natural remedies AND taking the right vitamins and supplements to fight this condition…

OK, NOW onto the REAL news… And once again I want to start off by tackling the SCAMDEMIC head on as I have now for well over 3 years running… This is the WAR for our lives, and I can only hope that by this time most people understand and see the psychopaths running this program of mass genocide and hope that they take the information that I provide and spread it around to EVERYONE…

I always get so many questions about the material that I present in regards to this program of GENOCIDE… And a few that I have always been trying to find answers to in regards to this massive program of mass genocide via the KILL SHOTS are; ‘Where are all the deaths?’ and ‘Where are all the dead bodies?’…. We are well aware by now that the lying whore media has continued as they have for the last 3+ years to flat out lie about the deaths… Most deaths have been claimed to be by the fraudulent ‘killer virus’ itself aka ‘COVID’, while the other deaths are still being covered up by using other excuses such as ‘died suddenly’, ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ (ludicrous in itself of course..), and a wide range of other ‘reasons’ of course where they are constantly claiming that the victims are dying from OTHER causes or by something that they ‘already had’ such as Cancer…. The sad and ironic part in the last ’cause of death’ aka Cancer is that the KILL SHOTS themselves are causing the victims to get CANCER!….

But of course we are also seeing the silencing of those who have indeed had to work on the dead bodies caused by these KILL SHOTS, especially funeral homes that are presently doing a BOOMING business in terms of the ‘sudden increase’ in those deceased suddenly….And therefore I want to turn to an interesting link to an article from the “News Punch” website at where apparently the funeral homes in ‘fully vaccinated’ aka KILL SHOTS to the extreme, Norway are ‘overwhelmed’ ‘with dead bodies! HERE is the. link to that article:

Yes… Norway is so badly shot up with these KILL SHOTS with an estimated over 90% ‘vaccinated’ rate… And now that is coming to bite the entire nation in the ass as the expected deaths from taking these lethal injections is now becoming very apparent…

It does of course bring forward the interesting question about the number of corpses that the funeral homes here in Canada are processing right now, and if those numbers are on the expected increase? I have been waiting for reports about the situation here, and granted all that anyone has to do is to open the “obituary section” of any newspaper and just see pages and pages of deaths happening now, and so much higher than in previous years!

And of course we cannot help but to realize that people are indeed now ‘dying suddenly’ everywhere…. I personally have not witnessed anyone (YET) falling over and suddenly dying as I am indeed a good observer of what is happening around this part of Canada…. But I have had so many others send me information and videos that show that this horrible situation is indeed very REAL, and again at a rapid increase…

AND for the last few years I have read so much information about the dangers that airline passengers face now, as MOST ‘pilots’ of the aircraft themselves are now DEMANDED by the US FAA and Canada’s equivalent, to be ‘FULLY vaccinated’ aka shot up with the KILL SHOT juice… And the result is now aircraft flying the ‘friendly skies’ are loaded with pilots that are now ticking time bombs that could suddenly collapse while operating their aircraft and risk the planes themselves, full of passengers, to crash!

We have indeed read some reports about such ‘incidents’ where the fully ‘vaccinated’ pilots would suddenly ‘black out’ and force the copilot that also could be fully ‘vaccinated’ to take over the controls and bring the aircraft to a successful landing… In those situations, at least so far, there have been no ‘plane crashes’ and the airlines have been lucky… But how long will it be before the pilot falls over dead and the copilot is also ill and/or cannot land the plane? That is coming, and I will dread the day when I see reports about airplanes ‘suddenly crashing’ and killing millions of passengers due to the KILL SHOTS…..

So how bad is the situation right now in terms of ‘vaccinated’ airline pilots? Well, I want to present the following link t a report that comes courtesy of the RENSE website at that shows a startling and disturbing situation where the very EKG aka the very heartbeats of NEARLY ALL ‘vaccinated’ pilots has been permanently altered and is no where near ‘normal’ enough for any of them to even be in an aircraft let alone try to fly a plane! Here is that link:

Yes, that is so disturbing…And again the US FAA has allowed this dangerous situation to happen by simply ‘altering the parameters’ of what they claim makes the pilots safe enough to operate an aircraft!

Thus again, this makes all of these ‘pilots’ ticking time bombs that could fall over dead at any time and potentially cause planes to start crashing EVERYWHERE…..

And where are the people in terms of this increasingly dangerous situation in terms of air travel? The facts are as usual that most are not aware of this horrible situation as the lying whore media outlets are keeping silent about these findings and the airlines are still out there profiting from those who are now having their lives at risk by flying!

I again will try to just give two or possibly three such SCAMDEMIC reports in each daily news report.. This is because I have so much more OTHER ‘news’ to try to give my two cents worth of rationality to, including the ever changing situation over in Ukraine…

Yes, the war in Ukraine is now well over 10 months old, and the present actual battle situation has the Russian forces continue to gain ground in and around the Bakhmut/Soledar front as the Ukrainian defences are disintegrating… The facts are now also blatantly clear that the psychos in NATO and the US will not let their ‘proxy’ war fail and are sending some of their fully armed forces directly into the Ukrainian front lines to face the advancing Russian forces…

First of course, another ‘follow up’ report about that ‘helicopter crash’ that occurred in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev that took the life of one major Ukrainian government official as well as many as 18 passengers in total… I want to present here the link to the following report that comes courtesy of the great writers at SOUTHFRONT ( that asks so many more questions about this travesty.. HERE is that link to that article:

OK, I am now having nearly zero doubt that this was indeed an accidental shooting down of this helicopter by Ukraines’s own ‘air defense’ in and around Kiev….

And yes, there are and will always be so many questions about this tragedy… But the facts are now clear that this was Ukraine’s own fault and nothing to do with the Russian air forces.. As I said in yesterday’s report, this type of disaster due to ‘friendly fire’ and/or ‘collateral damage’ occurs in ALL wars and will probably happen at least a few more times in this Ukrainian conflict…

And what about the present actual battle situation in Ukraine itself? I have at least for the last few reports provided a few close up maps of the battle fronts in southeastern Ukraine, AND now I want to once again present the latest and fully ‘updated’ map of the military situation, especially in the battles raging right now in and around Bakhmut, for everyone to see right here, courtesy of SOUTHFRONT once again:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 19, 2023 (Map Update)

Yes, from the maps that I have presented, readers can see the Russians continue their assaults both south and north of Bakhmut in what I have stated are obvious ‘pincer movements’ to eventually surround and trap the 10’s of thousands of Ukrainian AND NATO forces that are in the city of Bakhmut itself….

And…I am also very anxiously waiting for that long awaited main RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE that has been so planned out now for months and is ready to be unleashed on Ukraine very soon…. I have no doubts that WHEN the Russians do finally unleash their fury it will be ‘hell on Earth’ for the Ukrainian forces and shatter the criminal government in Kiev once and for all..

Just how bad will this offensive be for the Ukrainian military and their evil Government officials? I want to turn once more to the SOUTHFRONT website, where a former US Intelligence Officer has reported that this upcoming Russian offensive will be ‘a slaughter’ to the Ukrainian army and will undoubtably lead to the fall of the entire nation itself…HERE is the link to that report:

Thus.. We wait… The Russians are of course not going to tell the world when they will launch that war ending offensive.. But needless to say, it is coming, and yours truly will be filing reports here at this blog with the REAL truths about the attacks that to me will indeed be a slaughter for Ukraine…

OK… I want to turn to some other ‘news’ for today, and one MAJOR event did indeed just happen very late last night where that criminal horse-faced psychopathic monster that has called herself the ‘Prime Minister’ of New Zealand, the butt ugly JACINDA ARDERN has apparently just handed in her ‘resignation’ as New Zealand’s Prime Minister effective this coming Sunday!

When I saw the reports that ‘Mr Ed’s butt ugly sister horse’ Jacinda Ardern was ‘stepping down’ I honestly did not know whether to cheer or laugh…. THIS poor excuse for a ‘woman’ or what ever tranny she actually is, has done HORRIFIC damage to the people of New Zealand with her brutal demands that EVERY Kiwi be forced ‘vaccinated’ with the KILL SHOTS… And with New Zealand being an island nation, the citizens could not run and had nowhere to hide from this brutal demand that they ALL take the death jabs….The net result has been seeing Kiwis DYING en-mass right across New Zealand and the sickos in government in Wellington demanding that they take even MORE lethal injections into their bodies via the deadly ‘BOOSTERS’ as well!

Well, I am not alone is seeing that sinister WEF butt ugly horse faced MONSTER now ‘running for the hills’ and trying to make sure that she gets ‘out of the way’ now before being put on trial for the genocide of millions of Kiwis in New Zealand…. For Jim Stone, over at has a pretty good article covering this ‘escape’ by ARDERN… Here is that article:

New Zealand Prime Minister probably just woke up about the Covid shot

She pushed the shot hard, and is now resigning because she does not have “enough gas in the tank” to do the job anymore, and she’s obviously distressed about something. She was NASTY about those shots, nailed the entire country super hard, and she might have been conned. Then woke up and realized what she was caused to do. She also said “she’s only human” which is often said after people realize they totally screwed up. Sure looks like it anyway. Obviously the media is not saying anything about the shot.

This is the look of “I effed up big, I quit”.

Honestly, I agree with Jim that the look on HORSE FACE’S mug is priceless in itself… I seriously doubt that this foul creature has any ‘remorse’ for what she has done to the Kiwi people at all, and is indeed ‘getting out’ while she still can..

Yes, I do wonder now how many other WEF maniacs that forced their people to take these KILL SHOTS will now see the ‘writing on the wall’ and will also be ‘running to the hills’ to try to avoid being put to the gallows for the genocide that they caused?… I am saying this also as a message to my fellow Canadians, as that sicko freak Justin ‘I do enjoy having sex with trannies’ TURDEAU is STILL out there and should face the full wrath of the Canadian people hopefully once the sheep here actually wake upland realize that these ‘vaccines’ are indeed KILL SHOTS!

OK, Horse face Ardern is now gone… AND good riddance… I do hope that she is NOT allowed to flee the island nation of New Zealand so that when the Kiwis do come after her with pitch forks and flaming torches she faces the GALLOWS for her part in this genocide… There has to be nowhere for these monsters to run, ever!

Well… I have been doing my best to keep up with ANY reports coming out of that WEF Davos Switzerland ‘meeting’ that is still taking place right now and is not set to adjourn before this coming weekend… We are now well aware that part of their ‘agenda’ is to try to FORCE their long planned ‘digital currency’ system down our throats…

The question is of course by ‘what means’ will they try to ram their Digital fraud system in our faces, and we have already seen the attempt by the WEF to try to ‘ban’ the usage of gas powered stoves and other gas powered utensils with the ludicrous claim that these devices can cause ‘harm’ to their users…. Luckily and in spite of so many suckers falling for this lie, apparently they cannot force this on the people…

But there are still a few ‘tricks up their sleeves’ that the WEF may try to use to fool the sheep into compliance.. AND one of course is their continuing fraud and hoax about ‘Climate Change’ and how we as humans are causing the planet to somehow ‘overheat’…..

Thus the ‘climate change’ hoax is still out there, and these criminal fuckers are indeed twisting real science at every chance they can just to meld the minds of the simpletons out there into accepting their enslavement… One such case comes courtesy once again of JIM STONE’s website at where apparently some FRAUD ‘researchers’ are now coming up with a ludicrous notion that there is this ‘protein’ that has long been researched called “Proline’ in the very food that we ingest that can cause ‘depression’! Here is that article:

More hocus pocus from the climate change vax scam Davos crowd

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, here is a quote:

Newly released research confirms the link between a certain amino acid called proline and depression. Proline is a nonessential amino acid and is found in grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks. According to the study, a diet rich in proline is linked to an increased risk of depression.

QUESTION: how do a chicken’s ovaries suddenly produce bad eggs once it’s let out of the cage, automaticallywith all other things equal?  It’s called BULLSHIT. Eat bugs!!!

Honestly.. HOW stupid do these pricks think people are? Well, the answer is so obvious that most are very stupid as many will indeed fall for this crap…

As JIM rightfully states, Someone does indeed have an agenda around this one and since meat and other animal products are rich in amino acids including this long researched ‘proline’ the goal here seems to be to once again vilify ‘meat’ and drive the gullible and stupid into eating their cockroaches and so called ‘insect protein’ that is 100% carcinogenic and deadly to human health….

Well, I want to stop at this point as I have covered some of the important real ‘news’ that I see happening today… I will continue my assault against these criminals and will continue with these daily reports as I am indeed wanting to get the REAL truths out to my readers…. So… Until tomorrow, stay tuned…

More to come


Wednesday News: More Interesting REAL News That You Will NEVER See On Lying Whore Media Reports!

First, I want to clear the air on one thing that I was asked about just a few days ago…. Someone asked me WHY I call the so called media liars the ‘LYING WHORE MEDIA’, and my answer is both logical and straight forward, as these bought and paid for lying scumbags are indeed WHORES who will never ever try to use REAL journalism and tell the people the REAL truths.. .Instead nearly ALL of them are indeed bought and paid for shills for corporations, criminal organizations, and even crooked governments… They have their agenda which is to LIE their asses off… Thus what else can you possibly call them other than LYING WHORE MEDIA scumbags….

Well… I want to thank everyone for their patience with me.. I do have a so called ‘real’ life outside of this blog, and as I have said so many times, sometimes real life bites you in the ass and you have to take care of that first and foremost….

Meanwhile, onto today’s report, and I do of course want to start off as I seem to always do with MORE reports of interest concerning the SCAMDEMIC fraud that is presently unravelling right before our very eyes… It is now apparent that most of the dumb ass retarded sheep out there that have taken multiple KILL SHOTS are now beginning to FINALLY wake up….. I for one do hope that the tide turns quickly now, for apparently the bastards that want to see most of humanity dead are still trying to play one last card in this high stakes poker game before the sheep rise up and have them all arrested for this crime of Genocide AND to see most of them hanged for what they have done…

So much of my work about this massive genocide have concentrated on the KILL SHOTS which have always been the whole SCAMDEMIC basically in a nutshell… These deadly injections have absolutely been used to prime the victims’ bodies to transfect and produce large numbers of antigen SPIKE PROTEINS what do cause irreparable damage to their bodies, their immune systems, and eventually do KILL those who are gullible to allow these death jabs into their bodies… And I must reiterate that once the cells are transfected into becoming PERMANENT Spike Protein manufacturing centres, there is NO antidote and NO turning the cells back to any sense of being ‘normal’… The conversion to death factories for cells via these KILL SHOTS is a one way ticket to certain death…

And about the SPIKE PROTEINS themselves? There are still so many asking hard questions about exactly how deadly this insidious mRNA derived proteins are to the human body and how they actually do attack and destroy not only our blood streams, our nerve cells, and every organ in our bodies…. And to help answer some of those questions, I do want to turn to the following article, that comes courtesy of the STATE OF THE NATION website, at, where Doctor Joel S Hirschhorn presents some facts about ‘Circulating Spike Proteins’ are indeed harmful to every part of the victim’s body… Here is the link to that article here:

Well, I have covered nearly everything that Doctor Hirshhorn states in this article, but it is good to see more and more REAL medical experts come forward with even MORE evidence that these mRNA generated ‘proteins’ are indeed DEADLY to human health…

Yes, this is indeed GENOCIDE on a global scale.. And the pricks running this program of mass death are indeed working extra hard now on new ways to make sure that they KILL as many human beings as possible now even if they do eventually get caught! To me, this shows how truly sick and demented these foul creatures are, as they definitely do not give a damn about humanity itself and as some are now claiming appear to be not even human at all!

And as part of their sick and twisted agenda of finding new ways to get their deadly KILL SHOTS into everyone, the question has been for a while as to whether or not these psychopaths would try to go after the safely ‘unvaxxed’ that have rightfully refused to never ever allow their garbage to be injected into their bodies…

Thus lo and behold, we find ourselves confronted with a sinister plan to have the very food that we consume to be injected with their mRNA spike protein generating KILL SHOTS… I do want to turn to the following report that comes from the ‘Revolver’ website at where none other than ‘Doctor Robert Malone’ has come out WARNING the world that these fucking psychos are going to inject their deadly ‘mRNA vaccines’ into our very food supply! Here is the link to that article:

Yes, I have been in discussions with so many over the last while about this strong possibility that these fucking pricks would indeed poison our food supply just to make sure NOBODY escapes their deadly KILL SHOTS!

Thus what we have here is ‘no escape’ from their poisons… They want to make sure that they get their 90+ % wipe out of all humanity and will indeed do so via the very food that we ingest…. The question to me is as to how long before these monsters proceed with this evil scheme of destroying our food supply, and if we can defeat them before they carry out this diabolical plan?…

I DO want to turn away from the SCAMDEMIC for the moment, as I want to turn to cover some of the latest news concerning the ‘war’ in Ukraine, as things are indeed heating up very rapidly and I do want to give the REAL facts to readers that the LYING WHORE MEDIA will never report….

And thus I want to start off with the latest NEWS concerning a Ukrainian helicopter that was carrying 18 passengers on board including the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Denis Monastyrsky, along with supposedly 4 children on board that ‘crashed’ near the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, crashed and has now been reported to have killed nearly all passengers…. First, I want to present the link to the latest ‘update’ from the SOUTHFRONT website at that covers this tragedy in good detail here:

When I first heard about this tragedy earlier today, and being the true skeptic that I am, I dismissed the lying whore media reports that claimed that it was due to some ‘malfunction’ on the helicopter itself, and quickly leaned towards the Ukrainian air defense systems around Kiev as being the culprit in targeting the helicopter and shooting it out of the sky…

And I am not alone in saying that the Ukrainian military shot this helicopter out of the sky themselves, for Jim Stone has his own take on this tragedy, over at his website at and I want to share that article here:

People are saying Ukraine shot down their own heli.

I agree. With all the “aid” Ukraine has been given, they can just toast these like pop tarts

Add the rampant corruption of a failed state, and it will be done.

Yes, THIS does happen in ALL wars where innocent civilians do get killed by ‘friendly fire’ OR as claimed, ‘collateral damage’…. And since the lying whore media has not bothered to try to ‘spin’ this one and try to blame Russia for it, we have our answer….

OK… Onto other ‘news’ about the REAL war in Ukraine, and I want to start off with an updated map of the actual battle front along the Bakhmut/Soledar front, where the Russians continue to make steady gains against the now severely weakened Ukrainian defensive lines… Here is that updated map, that comes once again courtesy of the great writers over at Southfront, for my readers to view for themselves:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 18, 2023 (Map Update)

And of course the latest reports show that the Russians are indeed fighting what is left of Ukrainian defensive forces in Bakhmut itself, while at the same time continuing to seize villages north and south of Bakhmut in what are obviously pincer moves to have Bakhmut and the nearly 50000 Ukrainian soldiers that are claimed to be in that city itself, surrounded and cut off from the rest of Ukraine….

The facts are now very clear that Ukraine is losing so badly that they would have probably surrendered and accepted Russian terms if not for the direct influx of NATO forces directly into the battle lines against superior Russian forces…

And there has been a lot of changes now in terms of the Russian strategy employed against these Ukraine/NATO forces now as compared to the initial ‘special operation’ launched against Ukraine nearly 11 months ago… And to give a good analysis of the actual war as it stands today, I want to turn to the following YOUTUBE (Yes, of all things; “YOUTUBE’) video where Douglas MacGregor discusses in great detail how Ukraine has now lost 70% of its military strength against the Russians, and indeed how the Russians have changed their ‘strategy’ going forward in this war… Here is that video:

Yes, I agree with a lot of what Douglas MacGregor states, as again Russia is no longer trying to fight this ‘war’ the way that they did back starting late last February, and are no longer going to fight with the restraint that they showed then…

Therefore anyway you slice it now, the Russians have now taken the gloves off and will be going for broke… AND the fact remains that we are only witnessing a small part of what Russia has now intended in Ukraine in their battles for Bakhmut and Soledar, for we must not forget that the Russians have hundreds of thousands more forces now ready to go in what surely will be a war ending OFFENSIVE that should be beginning any day now… When that offensive happens, the criminal regime in Kiev under that psychopathic Zelenskyy criminal will not know what hit them!

Well… That appears to be all that I do want to cover on the Ukraine war… There is still other ‘fish to fry’ as I have some interesting information that has come out over the last few days concerning those criminal psychopaths that are indeed in that WEF ‘conference’ in Davos Switzerland….

And of course, most of us in the alternative media are fully aware about the ‘news blackout’ that is happening in Davos, as these criminal fuck nuts in attendance are trying to put a ‘cone of silence’ or ‘secrecy’ around what they are presently discussing for the further enslavement of humanity… But luckily there have been some REAL news reporters on the ground in Davos, including a few reporters from none other than ‘REBEL NEWS’ out of right here in Canada, that have been able to file reports about the truth about Davos and its attendees….

Which brings me to the following report that was sent my way earlier today, that comes from the REBEL NEWS website, at where the Rebel News reporters were able to catch up with none other than that sinister JEWISH prick, Albert Bourla, aka the CEO of ‘PFIZER’ criminal corporation in Davos, where they bombarded this evil genocidal maniac with so many questions… I have the link to that report here, and do watch the video itself that is enclosed, for it is priceless:

Yes, I have to give kudos when they are due, for the people at Rebel News are indeed right there in Davos trying to confront these monsters every chance they can to get some REAL truths out of them….

AND of course everyone is still asking the questions as to WHAT exactly these fuckers are discussing right now in Switzerland…. And many have now stated that these bastards are indeed ‘going for broke’ by wanting to force their ‘DIGITAL CURRENCY’ and thus a Digital ‘enslavement’ system down our throats!

In fact, I want to present the following video, that once again comes from of all things, “Youtube” where the ‘breaking news’ is indeed that these bastards at Davos are indeed rolling out their ‘digital’ currency takeover of the planet! Here is that video:

And of course this is exactly what I and so many others have warned about over the last few months…

The concern now is as to under what ‘pretext’ these sickos will use to try to convince the gullible and stupid out there to give up ALL of their rights and freedoms and accept a horrific future where you no longer free under a ‘digital system’ of control….. Will they attempt to try to use their ‘climate change’ fraud? Or will they try to use the bullshit ‘KRAKEN’ so called ‘variant’ of the phantom COVID ‘virus’ as their pretext? OR as some say they have yet ANOTHER fraud fear mongering plan that they want to hurl on humanity to strike enough fear in the sheep that they will accept this tyranny? We shall soon find out, definitely…

OK, I do want to cover a few other ‘news’ reports that I may have missed in just the last few days… AND one that caught my eye of course, was that sickening ‘unfurling’ of that horrific $10 Million dollar US bronze ‘statue’ in Boston Massachusetts just two days ago on what is called ‘Martin Luther King’ day (damn, I missed the memo and did not celebrate that at all!), that I do consider a true travesty and such a fucking insult to everyone..

Just for those who have not seen some major ‘news’ that criticizes this horrendous insult in Boston for themselves, I want to present the link to a report from “Global News’ out of right here in Canada that tries to give a ‘positive spin’ on this massive insult right here:

Yes, to me that ‘statue’ does indeed look like 2 hands ’embracing’ a massive DICK… And thus it once again shows the insult and insanity of the ‘woke’ morons out there that actually think that this PENIS statue is a tribute to Martin Luther King… Such a terrible waste of US taxpayer money and an absolute insult to ANYONE’S intelligence… And if this does not show another truly sickening aspect of ‘wokeism’, then nothing will…

And again, I have been getting so many comments coming my way asking WHY I am still refusing to cover that ‘ DOCUMENT GATE’ fiasco in America where none other than ‘Oops, I did a doody in my pants’ dementia laden and psychopathic drooling pedophile, “President” Joe Biden, is in deep shit over the ‘discovery’ of secret US documents at his mansion in Delaware… I absolutely have to repeat it right here that this drooling poor excuse for a human being is 100% guilty as charged, and in any NORMAL American society and normal American judiciary system, he would be in JAIL right now being tried for TREASON…

But since America is now fully in control of COMMUNIST psychopaths that want to see this drooling idiot remain in ‘office’ for at least another 2 years while they continue their operation for destroying the American Republic, Joe Biden will be able to play ‘President’ for the next while or until the COMMIES decide they have had enough and have him ‘removed’…. This is the reality that is America today, and sadly not a ‘patriot’ in sight to even bother to save the nation from destruction…

In other news, there is apparently the start of the ‘Australian Open’ Tennis tournament down in the criminal and ‘vaccine destroyed’ city of Melbourne Australia, that I used to watch from time to time, but now cannot be bothered due to Australia itself now a lost hope as their criminal government in Canberra continues to torture and KILL their own citizens with their ‘vaccine mandates’ of the KILL SHOTS…

But I came across this interesting report, where Aussie Open ‘defending Champion’ and fully shot up with the KILL SHOTS, Rafael Nadal, has lost in his second round match at that tournament, due to what the following link to an article from the ‘BBC news’ online website claims is due to ‘injury’… Here is the link to that article:

Yes, Rafael Nadal definitely is suffering the horrific consequences of taking these KILL SHOTS, for I remember how he claimed major injuries at the US Open last fall that were logically and undoubtably due to the KILL SHOTS themselves… Now that he possibly is further shot up with ‘boosters’ he is definitely on his way out of life itself, permanently…

And finally… At least for today…. I was sent the following link to another report from ‘Rebel News’ online that claims that none other than ELON MUSK has come forward stating that the WEF that is meeting in Davos Switzerland is an ‘unelected world government’ and a danger to humanity… HERE is that link:

OK, I have to give credit where credit is due, for Elon Musk is spot on with this statement of truth… The WEF is indeed acting and operating like they are the WORLD GOVERNMENT that everyone has warned for years now to be the true danger to all mankind…

So, does that give Elon Musk a ‘pass’ in my books? ABSOLUTELY NOT, for as we have seen already, Elon does try to do some ‘positives’ such as his release of the Twitter reports, but I have done my own research into his real history and some other aspects of the man, and I see a sinister agenda afoot that we will soon find out about! Thus this is indeed a good revelation, but the man still cannot be trusted…

OK, That appears to be all for the moment… I will be back tomorrow with another of these ‘news’ reports, as I do want to tear through all the bullshit and get to the REAL truths that everyone does deserve.. So, until then…

More to come


Genealogy Of Mass Murder

Yes, I am back…. I had some major errands and other family business to take care of last night, and I had it all completed at around 10PM CST… Thus I should have NO ‘distractions’ over the next while and can get back to what I actually do like doing, which is to write articles at this blog!

And… I have a good one here, as my good friend and colleague out of the formerly ‘free’ nation called the United States, none other than John Kaminski, has just released his latest ‘essay’ at his website at and I definitely want to share it right here with my own readers… This one is entitled: “Genealogy Of Mass Murder” and here it is in its entirety, followed once again and as usual with my own thoughts and comments:

Genealogy of mass murder

 Published: Tuesday, 17 January 2023 21:39

A tale of three lies: The Holocaust, 9/11
and the COVID scamdemic

The COVID hoax is the bastard grandchild of the Holocaust, as well as the maniac son of 9/11 — both of them Frankenstein concoctions of the monsters known collectively as international Jewry, who for centuries have surreptitiously and sadistically controlled the world’s money, as well as its media, its medicine and the minds of men.

Since I began seriously tracking this suppressed thread — initially from the demolition of the Twin Towers in 2001 — I began to notice two undeniable and ever expanding patterns — the increasing shrinkage of all knowledge into a premeditated formula of duplicitous propaganda (a kind of programming now blatantly observable on Google as the truth of the past systematically disappears), plus this unending and unrestrained hatred of all things German (illustrated by draconian laws Jewish against telling the truth), which have led me to several irresistible observations.

First, and most recently, the COVID scam perpetrated by the Jewish monster known as Big Pharma, never would have happened without the success of the 9/11 scam, which was engineered by the coverup provided by Big Media, another kosher monopoly which tried unsuccessfully to blame the whole charade on Muslims.

It is my unshakable conviction that the COVID scam never would have happened had the true criminals behind 9/11 been adequately identified, which they never were. These were the Jews manipulating all aspects of the conspiracy, from start to finish. They were protected by Jewish media, Jewish judges and Jewish presidential advisers. And they still are — in a closed feedback loop that may not be challenged by the deluded goyim who are being systematically herded toward their own oblivion by prohibiting them from revealing the truth of these matters.

Had they been arrested, tried, convicted and executed — as they should have been — the planners of the 9/11 caper, in concert with the Jewish owners of Big Media, covering for their Jewish hirelings in Big Government, never would have gotten away what was then the crime of the century, but which has now been demoted to second place by this demonic worldwide effort to murder most of the world’s population with demonstrably toxic injections.

Since they fooled the world about 9/11, the satanic trio of Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government — Jewish enterprises all — proved its descent from the biggest lie of all, one that still shackles our minds today as it is mentioned every night on the evening news — SIX MILLION DEAD, oh those poor Jews!

This is the lie that captured the world, and is now on the verge of murdering most everybody in it.

It is the greatest lie ever told that has led to tsunami of colossal lies which have now ruptured human civilization. It is crystal clear who is to blame, and you should know that right now they’re coming for your life.

If you deny this, then you are working for them, and everyone should take notice that you are the enemy of everything decent and true. Unfortunately for all of us, this includes just about every single member of your Congress.

Poisoned perceptions

The missing perceptual element throughout the 20th century that is still missing today is the pivotal fact that Jews control the media; thus everything the public eventually believes is a warped perception devoted to concealing their manipulative and largely successful greed.

The actual thread of this persistent conspiracy tracks backwards in human history as far as you wish to go, but for purposes of reasonable comprehension of the events of our own day, we take it back now to the Balfour Declaration, the promise by the English to the rich Jews who controlled them that Jews could possess the homeland they wanted in the Middle East. This document famously described by renegade Jew Benjamin Freedman triggered World War I around 1913.

Unremembered in this frenetic fog of war were the creation of the Federal Reserve, the private Jewish group that controls America’s money, as well as the ever increasing income tax, and the direct election of senators, which terminally corrupted U.S. democracy.

The modern defamation of Germany, which continues to this day, dates back to the original crime of World War I in which American and British Jews turned that country into a pornographic horror story with the unfair restrictions of the Versailles Treaty, a Jewish conference that falsely blamed Germans as the sole reason for this war.

Twenty years later, after Hitler had rescued his country from this depraved depression, impartial scholarship vividly records Hitler’s desire for peace and Roosevelt’s secret move to arrange the invasion of Pearl Harbor as a backdoor dragging Germany into the needless conflict of World War II, which, like 9/11 and COVID, injured everybody in the world and killed many millions in the process.

What too few people realize today is that this war never ended for Germans, who still today are brainwashed into believing the Jewish version of reality and still thrown into jail for remembering the one government in world history that tried to escape from the Jews’ worldwide financial control and was utterly destroyed when the Jews mobilized the corrupt world against it.

My purpose for writing a story in this way is to show how the lies used to destroy Germany in this fashion are the same lies used to mislead the world about the charade arranged, conducted and covered up by Jews on September 11, 2001, as well as the deliberately fabricated epidemic that has paralyzed the entire planet in the years 2021-22.

This terrible technique once triggered by the deceptive catastrophe now known as Pearl Harbor was used to ignite World War II. Sixty years later it was blamed on invisible Arabs and became a reason for America to invade every country in the world. And now, twenty years after that, it was used to paralyze all the nations of the world using a fake test and a poison cure for a disease that didn’t actually exist.

All three of these events were planned, manufactured and covered up by Jews who controlled the governments, the media, and the business community. We are describing the greatest crimes ever committed against all the non Jewish people of the world. And we are witnessing our corrupt law enforcement apparatus throughout the world failing to respond to this penultimate Jewish conspiracy because it itself, along with all the supercilious officials ostensibly in charge of our welfare, are owned by the same Jews committing these colossal crimes against humanity.

Your epitaph

The stakes are much higher now, high than they’ve ever been, because the poison is now inside most everyone on Earth, and doctors not in the employ of big corporations, like Mercola, Tenpenny, Cowan and others of conscientious, noncorporate demeanor, are predicting many more will die — young people twitching their last while in the prime of life, babies coming out of their jabbed mothers wombs found inexplicably dead . . . .

We can’t help but conject how all this agony is all going to turn out, but somewhere back along then trail, there was a phrase that sticks in my mind, I think it was one of JFK’s: “past is prologue” . . . and it reminds me of those many stories the Jews tried to keep us from seeing, yet which nevertheless found its way to the eyes of conscientious citizens who because they were actually human needed to see them.

It was that moment, after all those American boys had done what they were told to do by the Jewish General Eisenhower. When the shooting had finally stopped, all those krauts were rounded up in a field in France, kept there for months, no food, no water . . . 2.1 million Germans starved to death . . .

If you’re a fool who still believes mainstream (Jewish) media, refuse to believe it at your peril.

Or Dresden, where the British bombs melted unarmed refugees into pavement so that you couldn’t tell one from the other . . . only 750,000 there, after the war was over . . .

They say Germans today don’t know what the Third Reich was all about. They aren’t allowed to talk about that stuff, they can’t comment when their leaders put 90-year-old women in jail for saying Germans were the good guys, and all American and Russian rapists were not . . .

Why was the death toll so high in Afghanistan and Iraq when no single organizer of the complex 9/11 caper was ever even named, never mind caught . . .

Still later, it seems like yesterday, when Governor Cuomo put all those senior citizens on ventilators . . .

Do you have the courage to get the picture, or are you one of them?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: Yes, it has been a while since John’s last essay at his website… And this one is as superb as ever…

John and I have had ‘weekly talks’ together now for nearly a decade, and we constantly discuss ALL of the material that he presents in this essay…. And we have both agreed that this SCAMDEMIC is in fact THE GREATEST HOAX and mass murder exercise EVER in the history of all mankind…

The sad part to me is that people out there simply DO NOT GET IT, and constantly believe ALL of the lies of our history that are constantly promoted and have been written in those so called ‘history books’… And of course when one does their own research into the Second World War, they soon discover that what we have been told, and what has been written about the ‘genocides’ of that 6+ year war is indeed nothing but complete and utter bullshit….

But of course ALL of our history is just full of lies, and once the JEWISH pricks got what they wanted and fooled the world with their aspirations from the Second World War, the attacks of 9-11 happened soon enough.. It was their success in pulling off that mass murder of some 3000 innocent American lives that has definitely led to them upping the ante and trying to pull off the GREATEST mass genocide of all humanity via the KILL SHOTS of the SCAMDEMIC that has cost so many lives already in just the last 3 years and sadly is continuing… These monsters are definitely ‘going. for broke’ now and will not stop with killing off as many human beings as they possibly can UNLESS WE STOP THEM!

I will of course continue to support John’s works at this blog, and continue to ask readers to take a look at his other fine works at his very long archive at his website…. It is worth your while, indeed..

More to come