Updates On The ‘War’ In Ukraine: Where It Stands As Of Today, And GREAT Statement Made By Maxime Bernier About How Canada Should Stay OUT Of This ‘Conflict’

As I stated in my last article about this ‘war’ in Ukraine, the Russians are continuing their now slowed down advance into the heart of Ukraine on this, the 8th day of the entire ‘war’..

The Russian offensive along the northern front continues to be ‘bogged down’ due to Russian troops having to go into the major urban centres and basically fight hand to hand with not only remnants of the Ukrainian army, but with CIVILIANS as well…. Thus we are indeed watching civilian reports of dead and injured skyrocket, in spite of the Russian efforts to NOT fight ‘civilians’ but concentrate their efforts on the military and military targets exclusively…

I continue to avoid the crap that is coming out from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets, as they continue to only promote pure GARBAGE with their claims that the Russians are this ‘big bad evil’ and that the ‘Ukrainians are fighting to stop Russian brutality’…. I therefore have turned entirely to the alternative media outlets to try to get the REAL truths about the day to day situation and avoid ‘media reports’ like the plague…

Once again, I can count on at least one media outlet, Southfront, at http://www.southfront.org, to try to give a truthful perspective on this entire war in Ukraine… And I want to present the link to one of today’s reports from Southfront here for everyone to read for themselves:

NTS Notes: Yes, Southfront does indeed give us a fantastic amount of REAL reports from the front in Ukraine which to me is FAR superior to the crap from the lying whore media….

And, as it stands, the major offensive punch by the Russian forces continues to be along the southern axis of the Crimean/Lugansk front, that has continued to advance along not only a northwestern pivot, but once the key Sea of Azov port city of Mariupol is FINALLY ‘secured’, the movement of forces may be towards the key Black Sea port city of Odessa……

And in terms of the ‘battle for Mariupol’ itself, we find reports that the retreating Ukrainian army may have in fact targeted their own headquarters in the city of Mariupol itself! Here is the link to that report also from Southfront, here:

NTS Notes: This once again give credibility to the reports that the Ukrainian army has indeed been targeting their own people just as much as the Russian troops…. The report above claims that this attack was only a ‘contradiction’ but I am honestly not so sure….

And of course we continue to find ‘contradictory’ reports on the status of the Nuclear power plant, the largest in Ukraine, that is situated in the Ukrainian city of ‘Enerdogdar’, where apparently there has been fighting since yesterday for full control of that essential facility…

We also saw so many reports from the lying whore media claiming that the Russian launched ‘missile attacks’ at that facility, which could have caused a catastrophe with the facilities’ reactors possibly becoming damaged and releasing one HELL of a dangerous amount of radioactive nucleotides into the Ukrainian countryside… BUT apparently those ‘rockets’ were not targeted at the reactors themselves, but the nearby administrative buildings that were being garrisoned by Ukrainian forces…And as of the end of today, that facility has been secured by the Russian forces, as you will see here in another Southfront report:

NTS Notes: To me, I can only say thank goodness that facility has been seized and undamaged.. I had a gnawing suspicion that the criminal Zelensky psychopaths in charge of Ukraine may have tried to have that facility destroyed and have its radioactive material unleashed on Ukrainians purposely to be blamed on the Russians… But luckily the Russians may have thwarted that operation from ever happening…

Well, we are now at the end of ‘day 8’ of this ‘war’ and the Russian advances are continuing in spite of increasing Ukrainian army resistance…. The next few days may see the Russians begin their advance on Odessa as well as a push by southern forces along the Dneiper River up towards Kiev….. And the ‘battle’ for Kiev itself will definitely continue for at least the next few days as well as the Russians are once again attempting to seize the cities and towns surrounding Kiev to isolate the capital itself….

In the meantime, I have seen increasingly stupid and horrifying reports that the Canadian criminal government under that bastard Justin ‘son of Fidel Castro’ TURDEAU is pushing for some form of ‘direct’ intervention by Canada, and other nations into the Ukrainian conflict that they have ZERO BUSINESS to get involved in at all…. Sadly, most Canadians are simply too stupid and are listening to these ass clowns in charge in Canada’s Parliament froth at the mouth for ‘war’…

But there is at least ONE decent ‘politician’ here in Canada that is NOT wanting to see Canada get involved in Ukraine.. And that person is Maxime Bernier, leader of Canada’s People’s Party of Canada…

In fact, Maxime sent out a brand new ‘newsletter’ to fellow supporters of the PPC, including yours truly, and I do want to share the context of that letter here for EVERYONE to see for themselves:

The covid hysteria seems to be over, but it was quickly replaced by another one. 

Stop worrying about the covid mess or the rising inflation. The Russians are coming!

Just two weeks ago, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland were giving themselves extraordinary powers to crush a peaceful demonstration and freeze the bank accounts of freedom loving Canadians. 

Now they claim to be defending freedom on another continent!

I deplore the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The loss of innocent lives and the destruction that war brings can never be justified. 

But Canada has no business getting involved in this conflict.

The West and NATO have horribly managed relations with Russia since the end of the Cold War. 

Putin has a point when he says he can’t accept hostile troops and missiles in Ukraine, just like the US did not in Cuba in 1962 and would not if Mexico aligned with China or Russia today. 

We could have avoided this war if we had given Russia assurances that Ukraine would not join NATO. 

Instead of making empty promises and pushing Ukraine to defy Putin only to abandon it to its fate, the West should have supported this solution in the first place. 

The economic sanctions on Russia are destabilizing the global financial and monetary system. We are also pushing the Russians into the arms of the Chinese communist regime. 

I believe this is a geopolitical blunder on the West’s part that will have huge economic and military consequences.

This being said, we obviously cannot support a murderous autocrat willing to invade another country and to kill innocents instead of resorting to diplomacy. 

Canada should stay out of this explosive situation. We should not take part in the escalation of this conflict. One that could lead to a nuclear war. 

NTS Notes: Yes, common sense here, rather than blithering hypocrisy from other so called ‘Canadian leaders’…

And yes, Max does indeed state that he ‘deplores’ the invasion of Ukraine, which is understandable, as everyone that is not fully up to speed on exactly what this ‘invasion’ is truly all about would wonder why the Russians invaded in the first place…. Only through doing proper research and sorting out the REAL facts does everyone come to the understanding that Ukraine is NOT the ‘victim’ here and Russia did have some very legitimate ‘beefs’ that led to this attack…

And Max does point out how Putin’s major issues with Ukraine are very valid… And in spite of his claim that Putin may be a ‘murderous autocrat’, that does require a lot of further research into Putin himself, he does talk about how the ‘west’ has created a geopolitical blunder that does indeed have major economic and military consequences, to which I do agree…..

Basically, Max’s arguments that Canada should stay the hell out of the Ukrainian conflict shows that he is at least thinking with his brain.. Unlike TURDEAU who has no brains to begin with and is nothing more than a WEF sock puppet…

I will be continuing to update this article as more facts about the present situation in Ukraine do come my way… And of course I will present the daily updated map of the present battle lines as well… So stay tuned…

Update, March 4th, 2022: I figure that for a change I would use a map from a different source for the present battle lines in Ukraine rather than Southfront to show that I am unbiased and trying to give everyone a clear picture of the present situation.. Thus here is a pretty good one from the ‘Institute for the Study of War’ website (www.understandingwar.org) showing the present battle lines as of today, 3PM EST (midnight in Ukraine) March 4th, 2022:

As the above map shows, much of the forward progress until today into the heart of Ukraine had been on the southern fronts, as most of the northern forces have been bogged down by increased resistance from remnants of the Ukrainian army as well as civilian fighters in the cities…

But apparently the northern forces have been able to breakthrough east of Kiev and are now approaching the capital from the east and about to link up with the forces from the north to help surround the capital itself….

The movement over the next few days is obviously to further surround Kiev itself to force the resistance within that city into a smaller and isolated pocket… The southern axis should also begin, as I have long assumed, their next assault which should be towards Odessa….

There is also growing speculation that the Russians will stop their advances at the Dneiper River line and thus force a split of Ukraine into two entities, one east of the Dneiper and south all the way to Odessa, firmly under Russian control while the western section will be left ‘neutral’ and left to be non-aligned much like Finland is today….. This may be exactly what Russia will demand of Ukraine before the fighting ends….

The fact is that when people do look at these maps, they may assume that the overall Russian advances are slow and have gained minimal ground… But everyone must remember that Ukraine is not a small country (even though US VP moron Kamala Harris seems to think so with her pea brain) and by the maps alone we can see that in 8 days, some of the advances, especially along the northern eastern axis east of Kiev, have averaged as much as some 40-50 kilometres a day which is astounding in ANY war….

More to come



5 thoughts on “Updates On The ‘War’ In Ukraine: Where It Stands As Of Today, And GREAT Statement Made By Maxime Bernier About How Canada Should Stay OUT Of This ‘Conflict’

    1. YES, Maxime once again shows real leadership.. Much like he did during the Trucker convoy as he stood with them in calling for Freedom for ALL Canadians…

      Sadly, Maxime is not heard enough by the Canadian sheep out there, that will blindly follow the lunatics that still want World War III…


  1. If there’s anyone here who still doesn’t understand what’s going on in the world, or at least, what the msm is up to, (((they))) gave us the answer in 1997.

    Just a few examples of zog’s current problems.

    Bozo caught having parties when he’d made it “illegal” for us to do the same.
    Biden’s dementia.
    Trudeau’s over-reach in Canada.
    Schwab boasting about having infiltrated governments.
    That horse-faced creature calling himself “Jacinda” Ardern in NZ.
    The raving lunatic Dan Andrews in Australia.
    Macron threatening to cancel the citizenship of those who refuse the poison injection.
    Austria fining people who refuse the poison.

    They’re all out of control, and it’s all out in the open now, so what else could (((they))) do but have a war, whether it’s real or imaginary, like the non-existent “covid” plague?

    Here’s a direct link to the film that explains everything. No need to register or anything. Just click “Play”.



  2. Ever notice the avoidance of the word Communist?
    If you wanna know who the shills are on YouTube, Russin Times, or TelAvivision pay attention.
    I have noticed among shills the willingness to portray the good guys as jews, and the bad guys as nationalist or the standby canard NAZI , but no details on all sides being communists.
    By now it is clear what is happening. The Soviets are invading again, and a Holodomer is underway.
    The communist Washington DC cabal who rarely don’t support Communists has its great depression well underway for America, and the communists running Canada have a parallel economic disaster in progress. The Spanish flu aka Covid 19 vaccine scam was a flop, but the rest of the communist/jew plan will proceed.
    That’s what happened, and will be happening.


    1. Yes, from what I am witnessing we are actually about to head into the GREATEST depression ever in the history of this planet..

      THAT, and since I have been pouring over the Pfizer documents now over the last few days, the damning evidence is now clear that anyone that has taken the KILL SHOTS has 2 years, with at most 5 years, left to live….

      To me, the entire war in Ukraine is perfect for the criminals as it has been the perfect cover for their mass genocide of the sheep with their KILL SHOTS, as well as their ‘excuse’ to have the entire world placed under their new fangled ‘ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL System’ where we will no longer have cash, or ANY individual rights… It is the WEF’s ultimate dream!


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