Week Of War In Ukraine – Russell Bentley Update From Russian Operation Z Front Lines!

Once again, I want to turn to the present and ever changing situation in Ukraine… And there is a LOT to talk about after a ‘week’ of this ‘war’ that basically is as I have always claimed, the Russians going into Ukraine to liberate the entire nation from the TYRANNY of the US puppet regime in Kiev under that most evil psychotic freak Zelenskyy…

And yes, for the first week I tried my damn best to find ANYTHING that shows, as the LYING WHORE MEDIA propaganda channels claim, that the Russians are committing genocide or mass murdering Ukrainian civilians in any manner.. AND I have found ZERO evidence of that occurring in any shape or form at all…

On the contrary though, I have found growing evidence that it is the UKRAINIAN ARMY, or what remnants remain of that former fighting force, that are indeed MASS MURDERING their own civilians and especially ANYONE that even attempts to flee the cities presently under siege by Russian forces…. That video that I presented in yesterday’s article and have promoted for the last few days has NOW been found to be 100% legitimate and proves that the Ukrainian military is indeed slaughtering their own civilians! But will you hear that truth out of the lying whore media outlets? Absolutely NOT which also proves that the sheep in our own nations are being inundated with nothing but nonstop lies and falsehoods in an attempt to brainwash the stupid out there into the false belief that Russia is somehow the ‘bad guys’ in all this….

OK, enough of that rant, for as many can tell I am supremely PISSED OFF at the incessant lies and fucking garbage that is still running nearly 24/7 in the propaganda garbage media whore outlets HERE in Canada and everywhere I look… I want the truth and I will present the truth here for everyone to see for themselves..

Therefore I want to present right here a most important and factual presentation on the REAL war in Ukraine, that comes from none other that Russell Bentley, who is presently right there in Ukraine and on the front lines of the Russian forces operating under Operation Z for the liberation of Ukraine… Here in fact is the latest and best report from Russell so far, that comes courtesy of Jeff Rense’s website at http://www.rense.com, and has been mirrored by not only my great fellow Canadian patriot and friend, Greencrow, who lives on Canada’s ‘Left coast’ and writes the most excellent blog at https://greencrowasthecrowflies.ca but also through Arthur Topham’s Cariboo Sentinel online REAL news service, at https://cariboosentinel.ca … I have that entire report right here, along with my own thoughts and comments to follow:

A Week Of War In Ukraine – Russell Bentley Update From Russian Operation Z Front Lines

A Week Of War In Ukraine – Russell Bentley
Update From Russian Operation Z Front Lines

By Russell Bentley

The liberation and de-nazification of Ukraine continues apace. The resistance is strong, and  the Russian and Republican Liberators face a desperate and ruthless enemy. The ukrop nazis’ most effective tactic is the use of civilians as human shields in built up urban areas. Russia’s extreme precautions and deliberate pace to avoid the kind of bloody “collateral damage” that is the trademark of every US and NATO invasion, has cost the Russians quite a lot in time, treasure and blood. But the advance continues, and will continue until all Russian strategic objectives are achieved. 
As of 3 March official military reports for the entire Russia/Ukraine operation are as follows – 
Ukrainian soldiers killed and missing – 8395 Russian & Republican soldiers –   498 dead, 1,600 wounded Civilian casualties throughout the area of military operations exceed 300

  • 1,612 targets were hit by Russian artillery and precision missiles including 62 command and control centers and communication centers,  
  • 39 S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems as well as 52 radar stations.  
  • 49 military aircraft were destroyed on the ground and 13 in flight,  
  • 606 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles were destroyed,  
  • 67 Multiple Rocket Launchers destroyed,  
  • 227 howitzers and mortars,  
  • 53 drones.  

The fake news report about Russians shelling a Ukrainian nuclear site is completely false. On Thursday night, a fire broke out at a building near the six-reactor Zaporozhskaya nuclear power plant, with Ukrainian authorities accusing Russian troops of  “shelling”  the nuclear site. Moscow had informed the international nuclear authorities on Tuesday that Russian forces had secured the territory around the plant and it was operating normally.  

The Russians had already taken the plant under their control, when a Ukrainian sabotage unit fired on a Russian perimeter patrol with small arms. During the attack, a fire started in an office/storage building on the plant grounds but not connected to the actual reactor. The fire was extinguished and the Ukrainian sabotage unit was eliminated. There is currently no danger of radiation leakage or explosion at the plant. 
The fake news report about Russian forces shelling the Jewish Holocaust Memorial at Babi Yar near Kiev are also completely false. A Russian missile strike was carried out on a main Kiev TV broadcast antenna located about 500 meters from the memorial. The TV antenna was destroyed, the memorial was not hit. 

Below is a map of the military situation as of 3 March, courtesy of  Erwan Castel 

https://alawata-rebellion. blogspot.com/ )
The strategic city of Khersan has been liberated by Russian forces. Though sporadic fighting continues in the city, it has been liberated and will remain so. The three main areas of active combat operations are currently Kiev, Kharkov and Mariupol. 
Kiev is blocked by Russian troops on the north and west, and Russian troops are actually operating inside the north and west parts of the city. Russian troops continue their advance on Kiev from the east, and will soon begin encircling the city in a southern direction, in conjunction with Russian troops to the west. Strategic missile strikes continue to target Ukrainian command centers, troop and equipment concentrations. The Human Shield tactic is being used in Kiev, but to a lesser extent than elsewhere.  

The completely unregulated handing out over 18,000 AK assault rifles and ammunition on the street to anyone who walked up and wanted one has resulted in scores, if not hundreds, of murders, accidental and indiscriminate shootings in Kiev in the last few days. This criminally insane act on the part of the Kiev regime was done intentionally to cause chaos and anarchy among the civilians and to make the job of Russian liberators more dangerous and difficult.  

Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city, has a significant percentage of Russian speakers in the population, but also a strong concentration of regular and nationalist troops who will use ethnic Russians as human shields. Russian troops are advancing on Kharkov from the north, northeast and northwest. They are operating in northern suburbs of the city, but the urban operations have met heavy resistance and difficult terrain. Russian casualties there have been significant. 

On the east and west outskirts of Kharkov, Russian units continue to move south  to complete the encirclement, which should be complete in the next 48 hours or so. Once the city is surrounded, some Russian troops will be freed to advance towards Poltava to the southwest and Kramatorsk to the southeast. Once Kramatorsk and Zaparozhia are liberated, Russian troops will link up and the bulk of the Ukrainian military on the Donbass Front will be surrounded. 

Mariupol remains a heavily contested area. It has been surrounded by Russian and Republican troops, including my comrades in the VOSTOK Battalion. Mariupol, an industrial city on the coast of the AZOV Sea, has been the headquarters and main base of the nazi AZOV Battalion for many years. Other neo-nazi units as well as ISIS units are stationed there as well. These war criminals will fight to the death, because they know the justice that awaits them if they are captured will be harsh and last for the rest of their lives. These are terrorists and murderers who enjoy killing, and will make the most of innocent civilians as last minute victims and human shields. There are multiple videos of cars full of civilians, men, women and children, being murdered by nazis and other terrorists as they try to leave the city. However, as of today, March 4th, some civilians have successfully evacuated via humanitarian corridors.  

It has now been officially confirmed by the spokesman of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s Army, Eduard Basurin , that last night the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a Tochka-U attack on the AZOV headquarters in southwestern Mariupol. According to his information, the reason for the strike was between  Azov’s complete refusal to obey   AFU command orders  to coordinate their actions with the command of the Ukrainian forces. As a result of the strike, more than 20 fighters and 10 units of equipment were destroyed.  There are some unconfirmed reports of AZOV terrorists murdering a Ukrainian Army General shortly prior to the missile strike. 

My Personal Experiences Of The Last Week

I spent Feb 28th and March 1st on the Front lines deep into territory formerly controlled by ukrop army. Traveling with Russian war correspondent Alexander Sladkov, we made it as far as the village of Andon, almost 50 Km beyond the former front lines. Fighting is heavy, we saw many blown up ukrop block posts, and armored vehicles from both sides, but mostly ukrop. It was like something out of a World War 2 newsreel, with shell shocked civilians gathered in town squares, wary of us as we approached, then breaking into tears of joy when they understood who we were. Ukrops are randomly bombing the areas they retreat from as they retreat, apparently equally as willing to hit newly liberated civilians as they are to hit the Russian liberators.

(Unexploded GRAD missile inside civilian house in the village of Andon)The Russian liberation forces are huge – multi-hundreds of tanks and armored infantry vehicles, very tough and ready soldiers, led by highly competent officers. The DPR Republican forces are still holding the line along the central Donetsk Front – Donetsk, Makeevka, Yasynuvata, Gorlovka. There are still extremely large and dangerous concentrations of ukrop soldiers on the Front, and while they have been mostly quiet and have not advanced, they are still shelling civilian areas of all our cities daily. One of the major ukrop strongpoints is the Mari’inka area, barely 5 miles from my house in Petrovsky District of Donetsk. There is also a high concentration of nazis and war criminals there, and it will not be taken without a hard fight. Nothing in this war will come easy. 

CONCLUSION – In the first week of February, I wrote  an article  predicting with 90% certainty that before the beginning of March, the Ukraine Army would attack Donbass, and Russia would be forced to react immediately to prevent genocide against the civilians and defenders of the Donbass Republics. With the single exception of Scott Ritter, virtually every other self-styled “expert” and “geopolitical analyst” on the subject of the Donbass War, in both the mainstream and “alt” media not only disagreed, but scoffed at my predictions and even at me personally.  And just as in the lead up to the Iraq invasion, these “experts” simply ignored Scott Ritter. 
Well, nobody’s right all the time, and I do understand that I have a huge advantage over all the pundits “covering” the war from thousands of miles away, since I am in Donetsk, on the ground, and have been here for the last 8 years. My sources include personal friends who are officers in the DPR Army, including in Spetsnaz units, and people, including myself, who have lived, and live (and die) under ukrop shelling on a daily basis.  

It is no surprise that I got it right. What is surprising is how so many so-called “experts” got it so wrong, and did so in such a pompous and condescending manner. And I mean, in particular, Andre Raevsky, Ray McGovern, and above all, the poseur, plagiarist and outright liar,  Dean O’Brien . Here is one of his Tweets (from London, where he “covers” the Donbass War from 2,000 miles away) posted less than 2 weeks before the actual invasion, and more than a month after my specific predictions of it. 

“Those of us that know” didn’t know shit, but were happy to insult me, the one who got it right.


I was also the  only  one to correctly predict the  exact  plan for the ukrop attack, which I said would involve a massive assault directly into the major cities of the Republics. As confirmed by Russian GRU Military Intelligence and Russian State Duma, (and Pepe Escobar, who also got it wrong until after it happened) The Ukrainian Army, under US/NATO orders, were to attack the Republics on February 23rd (which is a BIG Russian national holiday, The Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland, commemorating the Heroes of the Red Army who smashed the nazi armies in WW2). The attack was planned to include a massive artillery and rocket bombardment of military and civilian targets in the major Donbass cities, followed by a no-holds-barred combined arms assault directly into the densely populated city centers, where the human shields tactic now being used in all other Ukrainian cities would have been used on a massive scale, not as just a tactic, but  as one of the strategic elements of the overall attack , while simultaneously carrying out world war 2 style genocidal “cleansing” of the Russian population by the very nazi battalions that Western media now denies even exist. 

As more of Ukraine is liberated and de-nazified, just as in the aftermath of WW2, the genuine scope and depths of the nazi depravities and atrocities will become more obvious and undeniable, as will US and NATO complicity in these abominable crimes. It must never be forgotten that it was determined at Nuremberg that those who give the orders for war crimes are even more guilty than those who commit those crimes themselves.   

The criminal overthrow of the legitimate government of Ukraine and the installation of a genuine nazi regime in Kiev will soon reach its denoement, thanks to God and Russia, and to the long suffering Russian people in Donbass and Ukraine. Thus the latest of a seemingly interminable list of US and NATO criminal wars of aggression (the supreme war crime) will again end in defeat and shame for the criminals themselves.  God grant, along with the help of the Russian military, that justice will be done, and this will be their last. 

NTS Notes: Yes, this is very FACTUAL and TRUTHFUL information, unlike that garbage coming out from the lying whore media on a continuing basis….I for one must again ask that readers just switch off the idiot boxes and get over to the alternative media to get all of the correct information on what is actually happening in Ukraine just to save their own brain cells from permanent brain damage…

And of course I do not want to forget the links to the articles from both Arthur’s website:

And of course, Greencrow’s most interesting article that also contains some very important follow up information as well:

And….I DO want to give kudos to Greencrow for now seeing that the most viral video out there, the one that shows that couple trying to escape from the HELL in Mariupol and were subsequently shot and killed by UKRAINIAN MILITARY FORCES is indeed legitimate…

Once again, here is the link to the BITCHUTE video of this heinous act of cold blooded murder here:


In fact that video is so damning, that the lying whore media actually had the nerve to try to submit their own ‘video’ where they claimed that ‘media reporters’ came ‘under fire’ from Russian forces where many were ‘shot and killed’… I have that lying whore media laugher of a video here:

Yes, I have looked at this ‘YOUTUBE VIDEO’ so closely, and besides making me want to puke, I find EVERYTHING wrong with it, including the FACT that the supposed ‘Russian sharpshooters’ are such bad shots, which I find outrageous…. But this piece is indeed just more of the falsified propaganda being pushed out there to make the sheep believe the Russians are indeed the ‘bad guys’….

AND yes, we still have the ‘timing’ of this entire operation, and how the criminal Canadian government under that heinous TURDEAU is indeed now using it as their ‘smoke screen’ to work with the crumbling financial criminals to bring in their ‘National ID card’ that they want imposed on all Canadians AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE….

And of course, while the ‘war in Ukraine’ continues, the so called ‘mandates’ that are here in Canada are continuing unabated while the same ‘mandates’ have now fully crumbled south of the border in the United States and are being lifted off of EVERY American citizen so quickly now… BUT TURDEAU is indeed hell bent on keeping them in place so that he can RAM THE FUCKING KILL SHOTS into every Canadian by force! Greencrow does indeed have a picture at the end of today’s article that speaks a thousand words about this heinous situation here in Canada perfectly:

NTS Notes: Again, thanks Greencrow, for that picture perfectly shows how Canada is indeed now a criminally locked down nation thanks to the damn ‘mandates’…

I will indeed update this article as more information comes forward… So stay tuned….

First Update, March 5th, 2022: Once again I can always count on Southfront for some additional factual information on the REAL situation in Ukraine… Here in fact is the latest summary from Southfront:

Yes, as Russell Bentley even says in the article above, the nuclear plant at Zaporishzhia is in NO danger of going ‘critical’ at all as the Russians launched a masterful attack to secure the facility and prevent the UKRAINIAN military from possibly causing the nuclear reactors to blow!

And one other note… I have indeed been aware that Russia Today is now ‘banned’ from being accessed here in central Canada… But I have to wonder if the morons doing such a heinous act will have this blow up in their faces, for it will only push more and more to the alternative media sites such as this one to get the REAL truths as many will properly speculate that this act against Russia Today is blatant censorship! IMHO, it would have been better to leave Russia Today alone and thus give everyone a chance to examine ‘both sides’ before coming to their own conclusions in looking for facts…

*It appears at this moment at 1430 CST, RT online is back up… But for how long?

And another update, March 5th, 2022: I was just sent an email a short time ago that asked me to look at new and very startling evidence of a significant UKRAINIAN MILITARY war crime that was just committed in Mariupol, where these criminals blew up a building with some 200 innocent civilians still inside and now trapped or dead underneath the rubble.. Once again, Southfront is on top of this latest act of genocide by the Ukrainian military and I have the link to their article here:

I will bet ANYTHING that the lying whore media will absolutely NOT report anything on this latest travesty and act of barbarism by their ‘Ukrainian heroes’….. And again people, or should I say ‘sheeple’, actually believe that the Russians are the bad guys in this war???

Another great update, March 5th, 2022: I cannot forget my other fellow Canadian real truth seeker and Patriot, “Penny” from the insanity of Southern Ontario some 1400 miles east of here, and who of course writes the excellent blog over at https://pennyforyourthoughts2.ca . Penny has also been covering this ‘war’ in Ukraine closely and has her own article covering the recent revelations about Ukrainian military SHOOTING AND KILLING THEIR OWN CITIZENS.. Here in fact is Penny’s recent article covering how these criminal UKRAINIAN thugs are indeed blocking Russian efforts to allow civilians to exit the war front at Mariupol:

Once again, we see the REAL murderers and thugs here in this war, and it definitely is NOT the Russians…. But of course try telling that to the lying whore media who are still frothing at the mouth with their never ending lies claiming “Russia bad… Ukraine good” which is such a load of garbage and lies…

More to come


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