Scam-demic Updates: New Zealand’s Pandemic Of The Fully “Vaccinated”- Up To 100% Of Fraud COVID-19 Hospital Cases Are The Ones That Took These KILL SHOTS! And Other Interesting News…

I figure I would take a break from reporting on the situation in Ukraine and take a shot or two at the entire scam-demic fraud that is falling to pieces right before our very eyes right now…. The recent revelations made by the criminals behind Pfizer that show that not only their KILL SHOTS do not work at all and are in fact bioweapons is indeed bad enough… But now and FINALLY we are seeing more and more of those that were stupid enough to take these lethal injections wake up to the fact that they have destroyed their lives and are now asking a lot of questions and demanding answers… It is no wonder the assholes and monsters running the scam-demic decided to have their ‘war’ in Ukraine now, for it did indeed happen at just the right time to prevent the sheep from going into full revolution against the pricks that have basically signed their death warrants!

OK, We all do remember how just a short time ago, the lying whore media outlets were proclaiming and very falsely that the hospitals were just ‘overloaded’ with ‘unvaccinated’ patients… Many of us with real common sense could only scratch our heads in disgust and wanted to know how these lying bastards were making such an outlandish claim, when we could clearly see that it is those fools and morons out there that have stupidly taken these KILL SHOTS that were starting to get very sick and were in fact filling the hospitals up to near full capacity… In fact, nobody at that time was even challenging these liars on their claim that this was a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’… But that was then, and this is now…

Now we fast forward to today, and we find reports that the hospitals are indeed overloaded now with victims of these KILL SHOTS….. And that plague of the ‘vaccinated’ is not just here in Canada and the United States, for I do want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the Global Research website, at, where the NEW ZEALAND “Ministry of Health” recently put forward a shocking report that states that this is indeed a ‘pandemic of the FULLY VACCINATED’ as the hospitals in New Zealand are now brimming with nearly 100% of their so called ‘COVID-19 cases’ are in the fools that have taken their KILL SHOTS… Here is that Global Research article here:

New Zealand’s Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated. Up to 100% of COVID-19 Hospitalisations Are Among the Fully Vaccinated According to Official Data

By Lorphic News

Global Research, March 04, 2022

Lorphic News 18 February 2022

Official data hidden within News Reports published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health has revealed that the fully vaccinated population account for the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations in New Zealand, with some days seeing the triple/double jabbed account for 100% of people admitted to hospital.

The Expose – On the 16th Feb 22 the New Zealand Ministry of Health published a News Report containing information on Covid-19 Hospitalisations by vaccination status. In it they confirmed that of the current hospitalisations among the Northern Region, the unvaccinated population accounted for 2 hospitalisations, whilst the fully vaccinated accounted for 23 hospitalisations.

So we took a look back at previous news reports published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health to paint a picture on the current alleged Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the country.

A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

These are the reports we analysed, dating back to 25th Jan 22.

The following chart shows the total number of Covid-19 hospitalisations by vaccination status each day in New Zealand between 25th Jan 22 and 16th Feb 22 –

As you can see, every single day has seen the fully vaccinated account for the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations, and as of the 16th Feb 22 things look like they are getting progressively worse for the fully vaccinated but improving for the unvaccinated.

On the 25th Jan 22 just 6 people were hospitalised with Covid-19, with the fully vaccinated accounting for 5 hospitalisations, and the unvaccinated accounting for 1 hospitalisation. But by the 16th Feb 22, there were 25 people hospitalised with Covid-19, with the fully vaccinated accounting for 23 hospitalisations, and the unvaccinated population accounting for just 2 hospitalisations.

The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 hospitalisations by vaccination status in New Zealand between 25th Jan 22 and 16th Feb 22 –

Six of the 19 days have seen the fully vaccinated account for 100% of Covid-19 hospitalisations, this is despite approximately 79% of the New Zealand population being considered fully vaccinated.

The most recent 2 days of data has seen the fully vaccinated account for 90% of hospitalisations on the 15th Feb and 92% of hospitalisations on the 16th Feb 22.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has refused to publish the number of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status, but we think it’s plain to see by the very limited data they have quietly published on Covid-19 hospitalisations, that the country is very much in the midst of a Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated, and it looks like Covid-19 vaccination has offered zero benefit in preventing hospitalisation.

In fact, from the numbers given it appears vaccination has made things worse.


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Featured image is from Children’s Health Defense

The original source of this article is Lorphic News

Copyright © Lorphic NewsLorphic News, 2022

NTS Notes: Honestly… Is anyone that knows the TRUTH about this entire scam-demic in the least surprised by this information?

And yes, this report is from mid February.. And I do not doubt in just the last 3 weeks, that percentage has even further approached the 100% mark for this to be a ‘pandemic of the fully vaccinated’….

And that is for New Zealand, which has been in near total ‘lockdown’ and evil restrictions thanks to that diabolic horse faced criminal psychopath man, Jacinda Ardern, for the last nearly 2 full years with nearly nobody coming in or leaving that island nation at all… Thus in reality, New Zealand is the near perfect place for everyone to see the effect that these KILL SHOTS have on an isolated population, and the results are abominable ….

OK… We now have a prime example to show that these KILL SHOTS are indeed causing horrific damage to human beings…. But I do have some other information of course on the scam-demic, and for some interesting facts I want to turn to a brand new report that comes courtesy of my great Canadian fellow patriot, Greencrow, who lives on the ‘left coast’ of this once reee nation and writes the excellent blog at her website: . Here in fact is Greencrow’s latest article from today that discusses the evil revelations about ‘Pfizer’ as well as some other very interesting tidbits:

NTS Notes: Yes, kudos to Greencrow as always.. She is indeed a great Canadian ally..

I too was made aware the other day about how the head coach of Romania’s top Soccer team has now banned ANY and ALL players that have taken these KILL SHOTS from even being on his team, for it is absolutely true that any players that take these lethal injections are ‘useless’ and cannot play at all….

The facts are now coming out that any athletes that have taken these lethal injections very quickly run out of energy if they participate in any strenuous team play as the KILL SHOTS are indeed doing horrific damage to their hearts as well as cutting off vital Oxygen to their organs… THAT and we cannot overlook the horror show that is still happening world wide as top athletes are suddenly collapsing during games and are either dying instantly or having to be rushed to the hospitals due to heart failure…. Sadly, as I said before, the lying whore media continues to hide this horror show, and the question is how long can they continue to keep the general public in the dark about this calamity?

Greencrow discusses in her article about how ‘unions’ in Canada failed in their support of their own workers especially in the ‘unvaccinated’… Personally, I am a prime example of that failure as I basically lost my job as not wanting to be shot up with these KILL SHOTS and I and others received ZERO support from our own union that simply called us all a bunch of ‘nut jobs’ and demanded that we ALL bend over and take the shots to keep our jobs… Yes, so much for ‘union representation’ as I basically told our union heads that they can all fuck off for being nothing but obedient stooges to the corporation in supporting medical tyranny, rather than support their own members…

And as Greencrow shows, the sheep are indeed slowly but surely FINALLY waking up from this nightmare and the time for open revolt against these monsters may be at hand.. The sad part being that this call for open rebellion may be too late into this game, as the criminals in charge are now moving ‘beyond’ the KILL SHOT phase of their criminal program and are about to unleash their world wide ‘financial control system’ by forcing all of us into the WEF program and having us all permanently enslaved through a world wide ‘national ID card’ system as well as seeing our life savings disappear in a planned world wide financial collapse…. But remember, that the goal of this ‘Great Reset’ by the sinister WEF is for ‘Everyone to own nothing and be happy’ right?

So, once again… I am still awaiting for ANYONE to come forward and tell me about any ‘benefits’ from these KILL SHOTS? I have found zero benefits myself for the last 18 months since they unleashed that hell on Earth, and I am still waiting for an answer that I guarantee will never come..

More to come


One thought on “Scam-demic Updates: New Zealand’s Pandemic Of The Fully “Vaccinated”- Up To 100% Of Fraud COVID-19 Hospital Cases Are The Ones That Took These KILL SHOTS! And Other Interesting News…

  1. The good news for anyone wanting to prove the scamdemic isn’t real is that doctors Andrew Kaufman,Thomas Cowan. Stefan Lanka and others have created a video entitled “Terrain”, that exposes the fraudulent “germ theory” and the fact that “viruses” have never been shown to exist.

    The bad news is that it has a running time just a few minutes short of five hours.

    The even worse news is that the first 33 minutes consists almost entirely of “ballast”, meaning adverts and what I call anti-music, and there are even more adverts half way through, between the first and second parts.

    I’m sure someone with video editing skills could salvage this disaster, but that would have to be done by the people responsible for creating the video, unless it was done for personal use only.

    A search yields a number of sources, both for promotional trailers and the full video, some apparently having to be paid for, some not.

    Here’s a free version I found on Odysee.


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