A Russian Massacre At Izyum In Ukraine? Here Are Some Of The REAL Facts That Show That Ukraine Did It!

Over the last few days, I have been following the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets once again going ‘hog wild’ about ‘reports’ that the Russians committed acts of ‘atrocities’ in Ukraine, claiming that as the Ukrainian forces ‘advanced’ in their so called ‘offensive’ southeast of Kharkov, they have uncovered a site near the town of Izyum that contained some ‘400 Ukrainian civilians’ that has been CLAIMED to have been ‘murdered by the Russians’…..

OK, I have seen all of the so called ‘media’ reports about this ‘massacre’ and to me their reports are so full of holes that anyone can drive a MAC truck through those holes…. Everything is open to speculation and ‘hear say’ and there were so few initial pictures coming from that ‘massacre scene’, which meant that the ‘photos’ and other ‘evidence’ was still in the process of being fabricated….

Thus I was an instant skeptic, as I knew from what we have seen over the last 7 months since the Russians started this ‘special operation’ that ALL previous allegations of ‘Russian massacres’ were proven to be fraudulent, and in every case, it was the UKRAINIANS that did the massacres and have always tried to blame the Russians for the crimes!

OK, To help everyone to understand what REALLY HAPPENED at ‘Izyum’, I want to turn to the following link to a full report from the SOUTHFRONT website at http://www.southfront.org that gives an excellent analysis of this entire ‘massacre’ and shows that any evidence that the ‘Russians did it’ not only do not make any sense, but are very probably based on 100% fabrications by the Ukrainians… Here is that link here:

NTS Notes: As I said, that is probably one of the best analysis out there, so far, that is based on facts and not on both speculation and fiction….

I have also been looking at some of the so called ‘pictures’ that were said to have been taken from the actual site of this ‘massacre’ and some simply do not make any sense and smell of a complete photo set up using props… One came my way earlier and I will share it here:

NTS Notes: OK… That picture is apparently from the ‘site’ of this massacre, and it begs so many questions, especially this:

When in the entire history of ‘mass killings’ or ‘massacres’ have you ever seen individual crosses with names on them? I have never seen such a spectacle before, and this one shows that what we have here is a complete fraud and definitely a ‘set up’…

Thus, I am sticking to the contention that this latest ‘massacre’ is as phoney as ALL previous ones in this war in Ukraine, and if there are actual ‘deaths’ then the Ukrainian military themselves planted that evidence!

If further evidence arises, I will update this article shortly… But in the meantime, I smell a rat, and knowing that the Ukrainian government has already done so many of these ‘massacres’ already over the last 7 months, this one at IZYUM fits that pattern once again…

More to come


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