Some Canadian News, And Articles From My Fellow Canadian Real Truth Seekers

I got very busy today at work, which has been very unusual as basically I have had nearly ZERO to do since my ‘return’ back in mid-July… Apparently the criminals in charge of my ‘corporation’ are no longer going to try to demand that I be shot up with their insidious KILL SHOTS and are now trying to find me a few ‘projects’ just to keep myself busy… I do hope that they get the message though through their sick and thick skulls that would be best to just give me my retirement package so that I can get the fuck out and never have to put up with their retarded actions of pure evil and insanity again!

OK, After blowing off that bit of steam… I have received a few emails over the last while from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who writes some very amazing articles at her website ‘Penny For Your Thoughts’ at … And apparently her site came under a DOS (denial of service) attack recently that nearly wrecked her site… Thankfully, at least for the moment, that nonsense has ended…

In the meantime, I do want to give those who have not been aware of Penny’s writings, the link to one of her most recent articles, for it is ‘right up my alley’ in terms of my constant assault on the entire SCAMDEMIC… Here in fact is that link to her article, entitled “Cutting The COVID Cord – What Does It Take?” for everyone to take a look at here:

I know that Penny has always supported my work here at this blog, and I figure I would repay her for that support by giving everyone that link to a great article in return…

And one key picture in that article did catch my eye and shows EXACTLY the mentality of most of humanity today as they are IGNORING the terrible situation of giving CHILDREN these deadly injections, and instead are so focused in on the death of that 96 year old evil pedophile murderous monster in the UK that should NEVER be honoured at all…. Here is that picture:

Again, thanks Penny, for your superb work!

And… I can NOT forget the job that my other Real Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, has been doing over on Canada’s ‘left coast’ over in British Columbia… Greencrow has also been a most avid supporter of my work at this blog, and I do want to give some respect to that fine lady back in return…

Therefore I do want to present the link to Greencrow’s latest article, from her website at that is entitled: “#TrudeauMustGo Trends On Twitter WITH 1.81 MILLION Interactions”… Here is the link to that superb article here:

And thank you so much for that fine article, Greencrow… It actually covers very nicely the ‘Canadian News’ that I was going to cover here at this blog, but obviously you beat me to the punch and have indeed shown EXACTLY what I was going to discuss in regards to that sinister and twisted sick freak, Justin “I am indeed a psychotic fuck” TURDEAU…

And just an update to Greencrow’s superb analysis… Apparently that ‘Twitter’ number of interactions and views has now grown way beyond the ‘2 MILLION’ mark and is still climbing rapidly… Thus the call for that sinister monster to resign is now growing louder and louder by the day..

It is just too bad that it has taken the recent insanity of TURDEAU where he was caught getting drunk and acting like a complete idiot, to finally get a lot of Canadians to wake up to his madness… I for one have wanted, just like Greencrow and Penny, to see this monster gone a long time ago for his LIES and FALSEHOODS in regards to his criminal actions against Canadians during this entire SCAMDEMIC alone!

Greencrow has indeed presented some great facts about TURDEAU’s insanity.. And I want to add ONE MORE detail to that long list, as I was sent the following important link to an an article from Doctor Paul Alexander, where apparently the head Epidemiologist for all of Canada, recently swore under oath that she NEVER recommended the KILL SHOTS for ANYONE flying into or leaving Canada to this maniac, TURDEAU, at all as there was NO SCIENCE to back up such a program of shooting up Canadians with that crap! Here is the link to that very important substack here:

NTS Notes: Honestly, NOTHING surprises me any more about this lunatic TURDEAU….

But the ‘million dollar question’ becomes as to WHY this lunatic disregarded and ignored his own ‘health care officials’ and went ahead with his sinister program of trying to force the KILL SHOTS into EVERY Canadian?

Well… To me the answer is quite simple as so many so quickly forget that TURDEAU himself is a MAJOR SHARE HOLDER in that British Columbia based bio-research company called ‘ACUITAS’ that discovered and patented the major breakthroughs necessary to have the LIPID NANOPARTICLES in these deadly injections ‘transfect’ into the cells of its victims bodies… TURDEAU has been ‘making a killing’ for EVERY shot administered around the planet, that possibly numbers as high as 10+ BILLION doses! Thus TURDEAU has possibly made BILLIONS from these lethal injections as ACUITAS does indeed get a kick back from every one of these shots given to everyone world wide!

Therefore we are dealing with a narcissistic lunatic that is just a very greedy bastard that has NO BUSINESS at all in calling himself Canada’s ‘Prime Minister’… This monster has had his hands all over this world wide GENOCIDE and has been making BILLIONS in profits from having people die from these KILL SHOTS… I just wish that the people of Canada would wake the fuck up and if necessary have this bastard taken out of office by FORCE….

I again cannot thank Greencrow and Penny enough for the work that they have been doing… It has been hard on all of us at times, and we three have lost so many friends, and even family members, that cannot see that we are fighting the good fight and for everyone including THEM… I for one am so glad to have these two as great allies, friends, and colleagues in this war for humanity! Keep up the fight, ladies!

More to come


4 thoughts on “Some Canadian News, And Articles From My Fellow Canadian Real Truth Seekers

  1. Hi NTS I was a bit late reporting on the Winnipeg demonstration demanding that the police take action against the local and national criminal/traitor politicians and medical “doctors”. You said you were at that gathering handing out material. Good for you.

    We are finally coming to the end of this horrific saga in our nation’s history. The entire world knows what we’ve had to endure with Turvert. Did you see that man yelling at him in London? “Get out of my country you fascist! he shouted.

    Canadians want him out of our country too. I don’t know anywhere in Canada he can travel without being yelled at. Let’s keep up the fight and maybe Canada will get an amazing Christmas present.


  2. Like the turd, Bozo (the Turkish jew sometimes known as Boris Johnson) here in Britain also ignored medical advice stating that the ‘flu is no more dangerous than the ‘flu when ordering the entire country shut down to destroy small businesses and transfer their trade to Amazon.

    John Magafuli of Tanzania learned the penalty for defying a direct order from the Rothschild family, who act as the devil’s representatives here on Earth.


  3. NTS,

    Good for you with your hideous job.

    I had no trouble retiring. I worked for the US Department of Transportation for 33 years.

    I got into big fights with the HQ people. They finally called my competence into question in writing and sent it to agency leadership.

    I still remember the one person who was marginalized and he was pretty high up. He disagreed with a policy decision. He spent his last two years making toy castles in his office out of Styrofoam cups. The toy castles were magnificent!

    You think Trudeau is bad Fauci makes money on each ‘vaccine’ also. And the US congress asked Fauci how much he made on each vaccine and he won’t answer! Fauci has had numerous criminal referrals to the US Department of Justice and nothing happens!

    The man is completely depraved and totally evil.


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