Criminal WEF Group Out Of Davos Switzerland Plans To STARVE Over 1 Billion People To Death!

I have to say it.. I HATE the so called World Economic Forum group of criminals with a passion.. These monsters who want world dominion have definitely infiltrated nearly ALL ‘democratic’ nations in the so called free world, and their poisonous programs of death and destruction know no bounds…

We have seen the horrific damage that these fuckers want as part of their ‘Great Reset Agenda’ as their minions in places like Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, and a few others, have already tried to inflict ‘programs’ of mass starvation on their own people by the sheer insanity of ‘cutting Nitrogen emissions’, especially in the use of Nitrate based Fertilizers, that will undoubtably STARVE those nations’ people to death starting as early as this Autumn… And yet here we are right now with most of the dumb ass ‘triple jabbed’ moronic sheep out there doing absolutely ZERO to stop such tyranny and the impending death of millions due to mass starvation…

To help focus on the HELL ON EARTH that these criminal fucks in the WEF are doing to their own people and their own nations, through their insane programs aimed at mass starvation, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from author ‘Horse237’ over at the ‘VIDEO REBEL’S BLOG’ at www. that is entitled: “Davos Plans To Starve A Billion People To Death”…. Here in fact is that very important article for everyone to read for themselves, followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:

Davos Plans To Starve A Billion People To Death

Posted on August 10, 2022 by horse237

I don’t see how we could possibly be stupider here in the West unless we took courses in stupidity. Jordan Peterson. 

The following are some quotes from a recent Jordan Peterson video:

The World Economic Forum at Davos says 1.2 billion people will be forced to migrate. Lara Logan 

The WEF (World Economic Forum) wants to build a tri-state “Smart City” out of farm land taken from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to be populated by tens of millions of immigrants from around the world. Michael Yon

One billion people will starve to death by 2025. Michael Yon

Kill a billion people and force another billion to migrate from their homes in the Third World knowing that the lack of food combined with massive migration will lead to a pandemic. Perhaps, even the one that Bill Gates predicted.

In their discussion Peterson and Yon lay much of the blame for the coming mass starvation and mass migration to Neo-Liberal fantasies about climate, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. They did heatedly discuss Mark Rutte and his war against Dutch farmers.

Wageningen University in the Netherlands is probably the best agricultural school in the world. In 2019 the Dutch were the second largest exporters of food worldwide. They did tell their academics that their research would be restricted to improving Dutch farming productivity, not allowed would be studies on the history of Alpacas prior to the Spanish era in South America. The Dutch grew 890,000 pounds of tomatoes per acre in greenhouses. In the past they sent lots of food to Britain, the EU and elsewhere.

That was until NATO (or really the US) tried to implement their pipe dream of establishing a first strike nuclear capability by moving their missile launching pads ever closer to the Russian border, maybe even near those 26 biolabs.

The latest step on the path to mass starvation was taken by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte when he announced his new goal – reducing nitrogen emissions 50% by 2030.

PM Rutte, who is also a member of the Bilderberg Society, said that Holland would be coordinating their farm policies with the World Economic Forum. WEF believes that our present system of growing food is fragmented which means that there are too many farmers making too many decisions and that all decision making should reside in Davos and maybe the UN.

It should be pointed out that the Bilderberg Society was founded by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. David Rothkopf, the former CEO of Kissinger Associates, wrote Superclass in 2006 in which he said the West was ruled by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. Our climate policies which designates carbon dioxide and now nitrogen to be pollutants would not stand serious debate if those 6,000 Minions allowed us to have free and open debate on climate change or anything else that mattered.

Tim Ball is a retired college professor from Winnipeg Canada. He pointed out that only 2% of all the gases in our atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. Supposedly these gases allow sunlight to strike the surface of the earth but do not allow the heat to escape. Of the greenhouse gases 95% are water vapor. Carbon dioxide is 4% of all greenhouse gases. But only 3.4% of all carbon dioxide is caused by human activity. So we are going to shut down farms and tax people trillions of dollars to regulate the 3.4% of the 4% of the carbon in the 2% of the atmosphere that are greenhouse gases.

The problem is that all actual scientific data tells us that the temperature increases before the carbon dioxide does.

I went to college for ten years but never studied agriculture until a few years ago when I became interested in gardening and climate battery greenhouses. Let me explain what is happening in the soil in our gardens and our forests. If a leaf on a tree wants calcium, it can send down a message to the roots demanding it. Mycorrhizal fungi can deliver any one of 41 elements to your tree, your corn crop or your rose bush in exchange for sugar produced in the leaves of your trees, bushes, flowers and plants. The soil biology below your feet includes, microbes, nematodes, arthropods and other creatures in addition to worms. The soil biology hibernates until the soil reaches 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 F) with worms waiting until 18 C (64.4 F). When it warms up, the soil biology in your garden breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide.

Your plants thrive on that carbon dioxide rising out of your soil. American agricultural scientists who have studied at Wageningen University tell us that experiments with carbon dioxide have increased plant biomass by 30% which is a good thing as most people like to eat.

Hint: Worried about frosts killing crops? Increase the soil biology in your fields by feeding those little creatures compost and old leaves. The increase in soil biology will increase the temperature of the soil and save your crops from the same freeze that bankrupted your neighbor who spent his money on Big Ag inputs.

Previously, I have said the West will face total economic devastation and that we might not even have presidential elections in November of 2024. I also said that in America we have a federal form of government so that when, not if, Washington DC collapses, we will still have state governors, state and local police, a state judiciary plus an army of sorts, the National Guard. Just don’t depend on a Democrat governor to save you. And avoid all areas with a drought as you will be growing your food locally.

Below are two videos. One is of Dr Tim Ball explaining the lack of science behind carbon pollution. And the second is of Jordan Peterson discussing the vile creatures of the WEF and their plans to kill people by the billions.

The Ukrainians have taken 60,000 ethnic Russian children away from the Donbass back behind their frontlines. They might be being held as hostages. The local people in the Ukraine fear that the children might be trafficked to sexual predators, never to return.Please do what you can to save them:

The American Empire will collapse as early as 2023 or 2024 at the latest. You might consider this article:

Other Things of Interest.

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This next article did not get the attention it deserved: There is an active BRICS plan to kill the dollar, pound, euro and yen in May of 2023 or 2024 at the latest.

David Rothkopf said the world is ruled by the 30 families and their 6,000 Minions. One group they use to control politics and the media is the Bilderberg Society. Jens Stoltenberg is a member of the powerful Steering Committee and the head of NATO. The Bilderbergers got us into the disastrous war in the Ukraine. After their last meeting he said that the war should end and the Ukraine should ask for terms. For the past 10 years I have published short bios of everyone attending the Bilderberg meeting.

One of my most popular articles of late has been on Catherine Austin Fitts conclusion that the Globalists have been using various means including covid vaxxes to poison us. She said in a video that they want to poison the US military. She also said she thought all this gender confusion nonsense was designed to destroy families because in the future they want to gene edit babies so they are not quite human.Catherine Austin Fitts And The Great Poisoning.

This is my most up to date article on their current bioweapon. Covid was made in a lab at the University of North Carolina. Covid Truths.

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1990s: Dr Fauci Killed 80 Black And Latino Children.

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On the theme of the Great Reset. I wrote the following two companion articles. The first tells how the Bankers plan to take everything you own. And the second tells you how they plan to kill you after they have bled you dry on drugs and medical care.

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I am also interested in 911. Did you know that a billion dollars in gold and silver went missing from the COMEX vault at the World Trade Center the night before 911? What did Osama bin Laden do? Did he impersonate David Rockefeller from his hospital bed in Pakistan? 911 Truths.

The best authority on the 911 attack at the Pentagon is Barbara Honegger. On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that $2.3 trillion had gone missing from the Pentagon. On 9-11-2001 the auditors tracing the Missing Trillions were killed. Barbara Honegger And The Pentagon Attack Papers

So far this century has been a Jewish century as was the 20th. You need to understand Jewish people and more importantly the mind of their self-appointed leaders.

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Deep State Democrats To Cut Wages 60%. Then It Gets Worse.

In the future you will have to raise your own food to make sure you get something to eat. And you will have to learn how to prevent disease. To learn about gardening in a Grand Solar Minimum try this:The Wisdom of Mother Nature.

Read this before planning your future health needs:Video: Enzymes, Cancer And Healthy Blood Pressure.

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Update: America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund.

Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared.

You can read about Kim Dotcom’s analysis that America is way beyond broke here:

This is Julian Assange’s explanation of the war in Afghanistan as a money maker. Please share it. It applies to the Ukraine.

The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe and back into the hands of the transnational security elite. Julian Assange.

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NTS Notes: I want to state it here clearly that ALL of this death and destruction has long been in these criminals’ planning for years now… Thus these maniacs have been wanting this mass culling of humanity to take place in all this time and nobody has done anything to stop their insanity from happening..

AND absolutely YES this is on top of the nearly 5 BILLION dumb ass sheep out there that have taken these KILL SHOTS into their bodies already with a shit load of ‘boosters’ as well,, that are certain to die off over the next few years….. Thus the psychotic criminal want to reduce the world’s population from its present 7.8 Billion or so to a ‘controllable 500 Million’ is definitely underway….

SO, where are the real patriots out there that should be up in arms and going after these lunatics to save themselves and this planet? Sadly we are living now in a world where the sheer scope of the incessant propaganda has definitely turned so many into nothing but brain dead pussies that are too stupid to live and as far as I am concerned deserve what is coming….

And do not get me started about how this affects my fellow Canadians.. That lunatic and maniacal son of Fidel Castro, the so called ‘Prime Minister’ none other than Justin ‘I am such a fucking retard’ TURDEAU has indeed unleashed the same ‘Nitrogen emission’ control structure as ordered by his WEF bosses on Canadians… Thus this Autumn could indeed see massive food shortages here in Canada, a nation that is famous for its massive exports of food to around the world, as well with Canadians actually for possibly the first time in our history starving to death… And what are the vast majority of the Canadian sheep out there doing about this? NOT A FUCKING THING! Most are simply too stupid to live IMHO…

More to come



6 thoughts on “Criminal WEF Group Out Of Davos Switzerland Plans To STARVE Over 1 Billion People To Death!

  1. Been working on “Conspiracy Theory” for the last 28 years, ever since I took home “High Treason: The Murder of JFK and the Case for Conspiracy.” How do you explain to one of the sheeptards, having had their brains turned to mush in the 13-years of the Government funded “Public Education” Gulag, then the so-called “Leaders of the Future” get their brains further wreaked in the Gulag of the University System? … That the world is run by a small cabal of (likely) Incarnate Demons, involved up to their eyeballs in Devil worship, Black Magick, and baby and child traffic for the purposes of ritual sexual abuse and rendering into adenochrome? 😳😱 Even after nearly 30 years of studying it, these ideas still seem to me, risible and insane. But they’re the truth.


    1. I have been aware of these monsters now for 43 YEARS and counting now… In my early days it was the case of ‘this cannot be possible’ as I truly believed in the goodness of mankind and that such foul creatures definitely could not exist… Oh, but after further discovering the truth that there is such intense evil, I had to spend time just thinking to myself about how I could have been so wrong… Being a most logical and rational individual with a mind that races 1000 mph at all times, that revelation alone left me feeling sick for months until I was able to pick up the pieces and say to myself ‘What can I do to stop these monsters?’….

      NOW 43 years later I have dedicated so much of my life to the awakening of everyone to REALITY and have them all unite to fight these bastards… That has been a horrific uphill battle, obviously, and has cost me a lot of ‘friends’ and even ‘family’ that has swallowed the lies and thinks that I am a ‘nut job’ and of course a ‘conspiracy theorist’ laughable lie….

      I will never give up of course, for I am and have always been a fighter.. I can only do what I can by what I am presently doing, for I am NOT a rich man in so many aspects, and I do have to worry about my own health… But if my work and the work of so many others can do the deed and open the eyes of everyone to fight back with all of their might, then my hope is that future history looks back at this time and my efforts and the efforts of others as the true warriors and saviours of mankind’s future…

      The future is definitely of the brave and the bold… Those who do not resist and accept the present system are the ones who will be the cannon fodder for the great culling..


  2. My other thoughts on reading your article (thanks for all those links BTW)?

    1. “Where’s a tactical nuke when you need one?”
    2. “Where’s a Mannlicher-Carcano with a defective bolt and a non-functioning toy scope mounted on it when you need one?” and
    3. “And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care.”
    — George Carlin

    Having had a couple of truly unpleasant run-ins with the masked morons over the last 2 1/2 years, told in no uncertain terms if I wouldn’t wear a mask to get out of their stores or they’d call the police.. You just want to beat these morons bloody senseless they’re so fucking stupid. And what would that get me other than a few years in the slammer? I’m beginning to see the consequences of “vaccine” uptake here in Victoria, a co-worker whose brain was obviously fried after 4 injections, and atrocious amounts of absenteeism due to people calling in sick, and at this point frankly? “Fuck ’em!” These idiots deserve what they’ve given themselves. So my advice to you, NorthernTruthSeeker, is if you’ve got yourself as prepped as you can? Just sit back in your “Kawartha Chair” on your back deck while the summer wanes, sip on your beer and watch Western Civilisation disintegrate for your comestible pleasure…🙄💩

    You’ve done all you can, and a lot more than most.


  3. Indeed so, NTS! If the brain-dead pussies with all of their KILL SHOTS and BOOSTERS want to complain about the “foul language,” then send them to me! I will fill their ears with so much verbal filth that they will come back begging for more, like the sick bastards that they are! CARRY ON, NTS!


  4. You’ve done all you can, and a lot more than most.

    You certainly played your part in my own education, NTS, you, IncogMan, The Truth Seeker UK, Even David Icke and quite a few others, many of whom have since been silenced.

    Keep going for as long as (((they))) let you, and use whatever expletives seem appropriate. Sometimes we have to add a bit of emphasis.


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