Remember Those 6 Canadian Doctors Who Died In Just The Last 9 Months After Being Forced To Take The KILL SHOTS? Well, Apparently The REAL Number Of Dead Canadian Doctors Is Now Up To 14!

Many readers do remember how last week I posted an article concerning the reports that ‘4 Canadian Doctors’ had died after taking the deadly KILL SHOTS and/or booster shots… That article clearly showed that the number was NOT ‘4’ but at that time of reporting as many as 6 right across the country…. I also warned at that time that there would be MORE deaths of Canadian doctors, and that when those happened, I would have a follow up article here at this blog to warn readers…

Well… This horrific story about Canadian doctors dying after taking these lethal injections seems to get worse by the day….And I have to thank my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who lives in the insanity of southern Ontario some 1400 miles east of here, for keeping up on this ever changing story…

In fact, I do want to present the link to Penny’s most recent report about this travesty, from her website at … This is a must read by my own readers, for apparently the number of Canadian doctors who have now died AFTER taking these lethal injections is now as much as 14 AND CLIMBING… Here is the link to Penny’s report here:

OK, To me, this is truly diabolical and a case of mass murder… BUT sadly where the fuck is the Canadian media that should be doing their JOBS and actually report on this travesty to the Canadian public? Apparently, and once again, they cannot be trusted at all for they have absolutely refused to even file ONE report in any of the lying whore media outlets here in Canada about this horrific murdering of Canadian doctors…

But at least some of the alternative media in both Canada, and down in the US are keeping tabs on this crime against humanity… And I do want to present the link to one such report that comes from the “Reality Shed” website at that takes a look at what was possible the ONLY ‘report’ that came out of any Canadian ‘news outlet’ where they dismissed the original reports of 5 dead Canadian doctors… AND this link also discusses the ‘reported deaths’ that have been claimed by ALL 14 Canadian doctors as well… Here is that link:

NTS Notes: Yes, the criminals in charge have constantly been ‘moving the goal posts’ so to speak to cover up for their crimes… And of course their ‘definition’ of ‘vaccines’ has changed so often that even I have to look at sites such as ‘Wikepedia’ from time to time just to see what kind of garbage ‘definition’ they are trying next!

But back to the issue at hand.. We do have now as many as 14, YES 14!. Canadian doctors that have now died due to taking these lethal injections and/or boosters into their bodies… To me, this is beyond reproach and should be noted by EVERYONE in not only Canada but across the United States as well…

I continue to be puzzled though by this ever increasing number of doctor deaths in Canada due to taking these KILL SHOTS… You would figure that ‘doctors’ would be some of the most intelligent individuals out there, and after years of training and understanding ‘diseases’ would all know exactly what those lethal injections are all about, right? Thus to me this rising number of dead doctors shows that even our ‘doctors’ are not that bright and have swallowed the ‘KOOL-AID’ as much as the other 5 BILLION stupid people around the planet!

And of course the ‘meme’ picture in that Reality Shed article is just too good to miss, and I will probably incorporate it more and more in future articles as well.. Here is that meme:

Yes, the pricks behind PFIZER, Moderna, and the other pharmaceutical companies promoting these poisons, are indeed pushing for their ‘4th booster’, with word that they will not stop at 4 but will demand that the sheep out there take their 5th, 6th, 7th, etc… And with each subsequent shot of this garbage, their immune systems, for those who survive, is irreparably destroyed leading to certain death….

So, again… How many more doctors have to die before the sheep out there take notice? Time will tell, but the lying whore media can no longer cover for this increasing death toll, definitely..

More to come


3 thoughts on “Remember Those 6 Canadian Doctors Who Died In Just The Last 9 Months After Being Forced To Take The KILL SHOTS? Well, Apparently The REAL Number Of Dead Canadian Doctors Is Now Up To 14!

    1. Anytime, young lady… It was your link that sent me off to see what all has been written about this continuing travesty that both you and I know will only get A LOT WORSE…

      Hopefully with our efforts, more will finally take notice and actually realize that it most definitely was the KILL SHOTS that did in these doctors.


  1. I had a general medical check-up very recently. I would never take the kill shot, a swabbing is entirely out of the question ( I won’t hand over my DNA and I won’t risk having some microscopic technology left behind in my body). And I won’t mask. I did want to stay active with this health (?) clinic. I wasn’t sure if I would wear a home-made old T shirt face covering to facilitate my visit or not. I walked in and approached the front sign-in desk. The girl, wearing bacteria trap, handed me a mask through the window. I’m at the point in life where my true feelings come out aggressively and automatically. A bit hard to describe. I go into auto-pilot and express myself.

    I told her I would not wear a mask. She told me she would not sign me in if I didn’t. I refused and told her to put a cast on her arm. I continued that I didn’t care if her arm wasn’t broken, I wasn’t interested, “put a cast on your arm!” I told her I refuse to harm myself with a mask. She told me she was calling the manager. I said “fine.”

    After a considerable wait, some wimpy little south American doctor came through the nearest door. I did nearly all the talking. I told him not to bill if I wasn’t going to be examined. He told me my PCP would come out to escort me into his office. I couldn’t resist and asked hi if he knew who Klaus Schwab was. Through his slave muzzle he said yes. Then I called him on it and he admitted he didn’t know. (I think EVERYONE ON THE PLANET should know who this demon jew is and what he’s doing!) I briefly told him. I then asked this doctor if he knew what myocarditis is. He said he did (and I believe he did). I then asked him, “Then why are you still giving kids shots?” What did he say in return? Nothing. He just walked away. I could tell this upset him a bit.

    Well my doctor did see me and explained that someone in the waiting room could have cancer and a weakened immune system. He did accept that I wouldn’t be wearing a mask. At the end of my visit I asked if he knew who Klaus Schwab was. He didn’t. I asked if he knew who Kary Mullis was. He didn’t. I decided about that time, with what he said about wearing a mask, that he was indoctrinated into the cult and I probably couldn’t change his mind then and there. It appeared he did no reading regarding anything contrary to government and medical establishment narrative. I wanted to ask him if he’s ever filled out a VAERS report, but forgot to ask. I think I subconsciously decided against it. The visit went well and I decided against saying something provocative. I do commend him for bending the rule to see me. No mask, even in a medical setting. We’ve all got to resist!

    I did leave him with a typed sheet with info on geoengineeringwatch and Dane Wigington’s YouTube channel, and Global Alert News, though. He asked why they would do this if it would hurt them too. I didn’t have time to answer (that they are psychopaths and the pilots are following orders and probably not told what they are doing – which is not forgivable!). The doctor seemed interested and I hope he’ll visit the site and read! I consider the geoengineering above a top priority.


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