Important Canadian News: Freedom Fighter Tamara Lich Gives RESOUNDING Acceptance Speech For The ‘George Jonas Freedom Award’ In Toronto!

Well…. It was one heck of a really hot day yesterday, and after I fired off my weekend rant, I tried to spend as much time as I could in the 36C temperatures with HIGH humidity until I was so heavily perspiring (in spite of drinking TONS of water..) and had to call it a day…. It was so nice to spend the rest of yesterday, being Fathers Day, with my family and I did get so much needed rest and relaxation that I have needed to fight off the STRESS that I have suffered over the last while..

One other note.. Today is the day that the criminal ‘federal government’ that has turned this formerly free nation called ‘Canada’ into a tyrannical dictatorship, is supposed to have ‘lifted’ so many of the criminal ‘federal mandates’ that have destroyed the lives of so many of the freedom loving “unvaccinated” through medical tyranny… BUT I do want readers to be aware that this ‘lifting’ of these horrific ‘mandates’ is not a return to any form of the previous freedoms that we as Canadians used to have.. .On the contrary, so many of the ‘restrictions’ are still in place and the fucking POS TURDEAU LIBERAL cock sucking (sorry about the language) bastards and bitches in charge are still threatening to ‘reimpose’ most of their horrendous ‘restrictions’ and ‘laws’ as they see fit or if they unleash yet another ‘scamdemic’ on the gullible Canadian people…

Yes, this is ‘Canada’ today… And I am indeed ashamed to call myself a ‘Canadian’, especially in light of the mindless sheep out there that have done NOTHING to stop this tyranny from unfolding… I prefer to align myself with those freedom loving Canadians that would take radical steps to do as much as possible to force the criminals in charge to back down and release this nation back to its former self where people could actually be FREE…..

Many do remember (even with the short memory spans of so many sheep out there) how back in late January to nearly the end of February, we as Canadians had a momentary taste of what FREEDOM should look like, where the proud truck drivers of this formerly free nation launched that massive Freedom Convoy that went right across this nation in the bitter cold of Winter, to get into the city of Ottawa in an attempt to force the Tyrannical TURDEAU regime to ‘back down’ from its horrific ‘mandates’ that have suffocated most freedom loving Canadians…. I for one was so proud at that moment for the message was resounding across the nation that WE the people can still make a difference..

However, that ‘Freedom Convoy’ was vilified so heavily by the lying whore media outlets in this nation, who are nothing but high paid bastards and bitches that care more about their pocket books than actually telling the real truths to the Canadian public, that much of the TRUTH about the entire convoy and its meaning was lost on most of the sheep in this nation…. That vilification combined with the TURDEAU government actually calling in the ‘war powers act’ aka the ‘Emergency Measures Act’ against peaceful protestors caused such a ruckus and after the Freedom Convoy was attacked by Canadian and foreign national armed thugs in the middle of February blatantly in the streets of Ottawa, it dissolved rather quickly leaving so many Canadians aghast and seeing for themselves what true TYRANNY is really all about…

And one of the greatest tragedies from that Freedom Convoy peaceful protest, was to see one of the true freedom loving ‘leaders’ of that movement, TAMARA LICH, arrested on BULLSHIT trumped up false charges of ‘inciting violence’ and summarily thrown into what was nothing more than a brutal solitary confinement in a cold jail cell for several weeks…. After several weeks, she appeared in what was nothing more than a ‘Kangaroo Court’ of complete bullshit where she was evicted from Ontario and basically ‘warned’ to never attempt any ‘peaceful protests’ again!

Tamara Lich was of course 100% innocent, as those phoney charges were of course ordered directly by the bastard in charge, Justin “I am such a piece of shit” TURDEAU, and after Tamara was sent packing back to her home province of Alberta, has been hailed as a true HERO for Canada, and eventually all charges against her were quietly ‘dropped’ as expected…

In fact, Tamara has been honoured by being named this year’s recipient of the ‘George Jonas Freedom Award’ that was awarded to her last week in Toronto Ontario… Tamara accepted the award in person and in fact gave one of the greatest speeches that I have ever heard in some time… In fact, I have the BITCHUTE video of Tamara Lich’s award acceptance right here for everyone to see for themselves:

NTS Notes: This woman is a true Canadian IMHO and one that has stood bravely in the face of brutal tyranny and is now indeed one of Canada’s greatest heroes…

And I am not alone in my statements about Tamara Lich, for my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, has an article herself that she posted earlier today at her website at that I want to share the link to here:

NTS Notes: Yes, the facts are so blatantly obvious in that we as Canadians can never be free until we all take a firm stance against the brutal tyranny now being jammed down our throats and say HELL NO…..

I also do wonder what now is the future for Tamara Lich? Many are wanting to see her now as a leader to possibly test ‘politics’ against the criminals in charge, but knowing how much the Canadian ‘election process’ is so badly fixed and in some instances worse than the horror show in the US, I doubt if she has a chance to take on the monsters in charge here in this formerly free nation via the ‘vote’….. So IMHO, I just want to see her out there continuing this fight for Canadian freedom and never back down…

More to come


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