Breaking AND Most Shocking News: Canadian FREEDOM FIGHTER Tamara Lich Has Been Arrested At Her Home In Medicine Hat, Alberta!

Just last week, I presented a most important article where the great Canadian Freedom Fighter, Tamara Lich, had received the George Jonas Freedom Award in Toronto Ontario, for her stand against the TYRANNY imposed on this once great nation, Canada, and for what most definitely was her taking a stand for freedom and liberty in Canada when she participated in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa Ontario between late January to near the end of February of this year…

I could not be more proud of Tamara Lich, and her acceptance speech for this fantastic award was indeed one for the ages and symbolized the fight for freedom for EVERYONE…. Here is the link to my article about Tamara receiving that award in Toronto, which includes her fabulous acceptance speech:

Now, lets fast forward to today, and I was just alerted to a shocking development where apparently Tamara Lich was just ‘arrested’ earlier today by the GOONS in the RCMP, on totally fictitious and ludicrous charges that she had somehow ‘violated her parole’ by ‘refusing to abide by the rules that restricts her from accessing the internet and/or social media, and only using her phone or ‘text’ messages for all contacts’…. Can you believe such bullshit? And in this nation that I used to call ‘Canada’..

Here is the link to one of the first reports about her ‘arrest’ which comes from Rebel News online:

I have several thoughts about this fraud arrest, and they ALL are based upon that sinister prick of a psychotic freak, Justin ‘I am such a fucking retard’ TURDEAU being well aware of Tamara’s stature as a freedom fighter, and that SOB wants to make sure that she is arrested and out of the way when the NEWEST FREEDOM CONVOY is put into motion for this weekend where protestors are to gather in Ottawa once again..

Thus, I can bet anything that the freak in charge aka the psychotic Dictator himself of Canada, wants to try to stifle the upcoming FREEDOM rally in Ottawa by making sure that one of the key people involved, Tamara Lich, is arrested and unable to attend at all…

Yes, readers… This is Canada now, and a land that is ruled by tyranny and a true megalomaniac… I absolutely want to see ALL CANADIANS get involved with the newest freedom rally and to march on Ottawa if you can… And the rallying cry now must be ‘FOR TAMARA!!!’….

If all of you, my fellow Canadians, still love this nation and want this nation to be free, then you must say enough is enough and work with other freedom lovers to free this nation from tyranny.. That time is now!

More to come


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