Updates On The ‘War’ In Ukraine: Present Situation, And Has The Criminal “International Red Cross” Been Harvesting Children’s Organs In Ukraine?

Well… The weather here in central Canada continues to be rather balmy and enjoyable… I just spent much of this morning and part of this afternoon getting some exercise and doing some more yard work as I do want to enjoy this rather short Summer this year….. I again want to thank readers for understanding my need to have a lot more rest and relaxation to alleviate my stress levels…

But, I have time now to sit down and do a few articles… And one is to get an ‘update’ on the present special operations aka ‘war’ in Ukraine fired off…..

And yes, the present actual battles are still focused on the southeastern front just north of the major Donbas city of Luhansk…. The Russian forces are still focused on seizing the key city of Severdonetsk, where apparently what is left of the Ukrainian army operating in the entire region is trying to hold so desperately that the Ukrainians are losing hundreds of soldiers now on a daily basis ….. To me, this shows the madness of the Ukrainian leadership that they are now sending forces to a certain death, rather than even try to withdraw to save lives…

OK, Once again to give everyone a decent ‘picture’ of the actual battle front in southeastern Ukraine, I want to present the following updated map that comes courtesy of the great writers at ‘Southfront’ (www.southfront.org)….. Here is that updated map dated today, June 11th, 2022 for everyone to view for themselves:

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine, Izyum-Severodonetsk Region, On June 11, 2022 (Map Update)

OK, As you can see from the map (once again click on the image to blow it up in another window for clarity) the primary focus of the entire conflict over the last while continues to be in and around the city of Severdonetsk….

I am not one to try to figure out the present MO of the Russian operations, but to me it is obvious that the Russians could speed up the demise of the Ukrainian military in the entire region and possibly force the criminal Zelenskyy government to accept Russian surrender terms by the Russian military gathering enough offensive forces to launch a massive pincer movement from both the north and south to close the pocket around Severdonetsk some 50-100km west of the city of Severdonetsk itself…. Such a large pincer movement could trap tens of thousands of Ukrainian forces and rip a massive hole in the entire Ukrainian military defense in the region…. This is just my own observation of course…

AND to give everyone an ‘overall picture’ of the entire ‘war’ in Ukraine, I once again want to present the most recent and updated map that once again comes courtesy of the writers at Southfront.. Here is that map:

Military Situation In Ukraine On June 11, 2022 (Map Update)

Yes, as I have stated now for the last month at least, the focus of Russian operations continues to be in southeastern Ukraine as the Russian and DPR forces continue to enlarge the ‘buffer zone’ around the breakaway Donbas republics as well as enlarging the land bridge now established between the DPR/Russian borders and Crimea…..

And I came across the following report that shows that the insane Ukrainian ‘leadership’ under that JEWISH maniac Zelenskyy have indeed been murdering their own civilians and trying to sell to the world the 100% lie that those murders have been conducted by the Russian forces…. I do want to share the link to the following report that shows that the Ukrainian military forces that have been unable to conduct ‘offensive operations’ against the Russian forces in the Donbas region have turned to MURDERING CIVILIANS instead… Here is that link here:

Yes, I continue to see horrible reports about how the Ukrainian military forces have indeed been murdering their own civilian population…. We have already seen enough reports from the surviving civilians in the battle for Mariupol that have come forward making such claims, and now we see this war crime continuing with the Ukrainian forces further north in the battles around Severdonetsk as well….

I am of course very interested in some ‘other’ aspects of this entire Ukrainian war, where I have put up articles covering the Russians uncovering and showing the world the horrific ‘bioweapons laboratories’ that the Russians have shown to the world that sadly our lying whore media outlets have refused to even acknowledge….. To me this is sickening enough…

But now comes a few reports that I have been looking at over the last while, where apparently the criminals in the ‘International Red Cross’ that have been operating in Ukraine under the ‘assumption’ of being there for the ‘benefit’ of the Ukrainian civilians, have actually been there carrying out the ghoulish operation of harvesting human organs from children… Here in fact is a report on this horrific claim that comes courtesy of the ‘expose-news’ website (www.expose-news.com) for everyone to read for themselves:

OK, Some may cry ‘foul’ on this and state that the “Red Cross” would never conduct such a fiendish operation… But I used to state at my old blog over at that horrendous ‘Blogger’ site in at least a few articles that the ‘International Red Cross’ had been CAUGHT several times before. in doing child organ harvesting in places such as Haiti, and more recently in both Palestine and very possibly in Syria….. AND I used to state in other articles that the ‘Red Cross’ is not this peaceful humanitarian organization at all, but has some real dark hidden agendas and I had recommended that NOBODY should be making any ‘donations’ to this criminal group at all…

And yes, it is once again the Russians showing the world what is REALLY HAPPENING in Ukraine including this horrific program being conducted by the “Red Cross”…. And since the Russians have already exposed both the bioweapons labs, as well as the Ukrainian military killing their own civilians, I seriously doubt that the Russians are suddenly ‘lying’ about this latest travesty…

I will be following this story about the international Red Cross closely, and if this claim does prove true, I will present the evidence in an upcoming article….

Well, that is it for the moment in regards to the continuing ‘war’ in Ukraine… The overall situation continues to remain very ‘volatile’ especially with the criminals in ‘NATO’ along with the US sending in BILLIONS of dollars in military hardware that the Ukrainian military is wastefully throwing away against the victorious Russian forces…..

The fear of course is that the actual war could still escalate as the Russians have clearly stated that the continuing interference by both the psychos in NATO and the US may lead to the Russians targeting NATO and the US itself that will quickly lead to the entire situation becoming ‘out of control’ and World War III…. We can only hope that the maniacs in the ‘west’ consider what they are doing in this ‘war’, but remember that we are indeed now living in near totalitarian regimes that are seriously contemplating escalating the entire situation into global nuclear war….

More to come


One thought on “Updates On The ‘War’ In Ukraine: Present Situation, And Has The Criminal “International Red Cross” Been Harvesting Children’s Organs In Ukraine?

  1. “EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Prisoner Issues Warning to Americans Over Televised Committee Hearing”

    ‘Tonight, they’re going to scream their lie loudly and often with much Hollywood drama. They hope you will buy it as truth. Do not be deceived.’

    “On the evening of June 8, The Epoch Times received an audio recording from Jeremy Brown, which he addresses to the American people. The transcript of the recording can be found here.

    “I am coming to you today on the 253rd day of my illegal, unconstitutional imprisonment to advise and warn the American people that what you are about to see is part of this compromised government’s well-orchestrated, highly-produced lie,….
    Brown further notes that while the government is using American tax dollars to arm Ukraine, they are actively seeking to take away guns from the American people. Why?

    “Think about this statement,” Brown challenged. “When politicians want to take away your guns, that is exactly when you need your guns, and the Founding Fathers knew and lived through this. These criminals know the people are waking up to their corruption and when the lights come on they’ll be the rats and roaches running to hide.” [More]:


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