Northerntruthseeker Taking Some Breaks For Much Needed Rest And Relaxation

Yes, it is that time of year…We are FINALLY getting some Summer weather here in central Canada, and in spite of my inability to travel anywhere and especially internationally, I am going to try to take some time to get some much needed rest and relaxation..

It has been a year from hell (so far) for yours truly… I basically lost my job due to ‘forced’ furlough and termination due to my unwillingness to take the KILL SHOTS into my body (gosh darn..). Thus I am safely ‘unvaccinated’ and still a HUMAN BEING, and proud of that fact..But the mental strain was nearly too much as it caused my blood pressure to rise and I had nights that I barely slept at all…

But right now, I am trying to relax more, and enjoy taking so many hikes and runs to the local parks to enjoy this very short Summer, and thus I find that I will be doing articles at this blog very sparingly over the next while…

I do hope that readers understand… I am still out there, but now working on getting over so much stress build up while at the same time working on trying to get my body into form that will undoubtably help my mind along the way….

And since I do not like what I see coming as Summer leads into Autumn in these parts, especially with so many now sick and dying from the KILL SHOTS that will absolutely explode in numbers this Autumn, I want to be prepared and be in the best mental and physical shape possible…

I again want to thank readers for putting up with me… I do hope that most understand, and that I am NOT going away any time soon, but do need to take some respite from this blog and everything that is so troubling when I read articles online…

Thanks everyone… I will do my best to post at least an article or two tomorrow as time permits..

More to come


One thought on “Northerntruthseeker Taking Some Breaks For Much Needed Rest And Relaxation

  1. Take as long as you need, NTS. We value your information, but your health and happiness (is that allowed nowadays?) has to come first.

    As I’ve always said, “if I don’t survive, I can’t help anyone else”. It’s not selfishness, it’s common sense to put yourself first. We all have to do it, or what good are we to others?


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