Update On Situation In Ukraine: Major Real News Sites Now Shut Down To Keep The LIES Going!

I found it simply amazing that after I spent much of this morning continuing with some major home renovation work, I sat down at my computer just to get the latest in terms of the REAL news coming out of Ukraine… And what I found was shocking…

I attempted to simply go to several websites to start reading about the REAL progression of the Russian forces across Ukraine only to find nearly ALL of them have suddenly been either shut down or I have been getting the usual “unable to connect to server” information that has happened in the past when the CRIMINALS in charge suddenly decided that the ‘real truth’ was not in their best interests and did blatant censorship to such sites…

YES, it is indeed troubling and shows that someone is definitely NOT wanting the REAL situation known to the masses… And it once again goes with the territory and validates the term ‘The first casualty in any war is the truth’…..

So… Here I am doing my best to file a report on today’s situation in Ukraine and I am ‘semi-blinded’ as I have been forced to search elsewhere for the REAL TRUTH and facts about the fighting in Ukraine as of today, and not the garbage that the lying whore media wants us to believe…

Well.. First I want to start by presenting the link to a ‘nearly truthful’ website, Anti-Empire, at http://www.anti-empire.com, that at least tries to give an ‘unbiased’ look at any conflict and especially the one that is happening right now in Ukraine… This article explains in some detail about how the Ukrainian forces that are facing the Russians are in deep trouble and suffering grievous losses at the hands of the superior Russian forces:

NTS Notes: I figured that I wanted to present that information, as many of the naysayers have claimed that my reports at this blog have been so heavily ‘biased’ and have not told about the real situation in regards to the Ukrainian military and how THAT military is faring in this war against the Russians..

And from what I have shown over the last week at least, the Ukrainian military is now not only in ‘serious trouble’ but has been all but defeated already by the superior Russian forces….Many might claim that it is due to poor training and lack of proper equipment, but I blame it on the corruption that flows from the top down especially from that criminal US puppet regime in Kiev itself…

And over the last week at least, I put forward the information that one of the KEY reasons why the Russians went into Ukraine at this time was absolutely to go after the 12+ US financed and controlled ‘bioweapons facilities’ that the US and NATO scoundrels claim ‘do not exist’…..

Well, those criminals now definitely have ‘egg on their faces’ as none other than that criminal Jewess scumbag, Victoria Nuland, aka the insane nut job that was at the forefront when the US. went in and imposed their puppet government in Kiev back in 2014 during the infamous ‘Maidan Revolution’ came out and ADMITTED that these criminal laboratories were 100% real, and that the US-NATO scumbags were now working feverishly to prevent those facilities and what they had produced from falling into the hands of the Russians! Here is a link to a report from the ‘Station Gossip’ website about this most interesting revelation here:


And just in case anyone actually thinks that report is wrong, here is another link to another site’s report about this admission here:

NTS Notes: Yes, READ IT AND WEEP all of you naysayers out there that have claimed that I and so many others that wanted to present the truth about WHY Putin did indeed go into Ukraine now, was about not only to free the Ukrainian nation and people, but to prevent the usage of those biological weapons upon the Russian people….

Thus reality is indeed a ‘bitch’ and for those who are looking at answers about the intentions of the Russian forces now further advancing into Ukraine, they need not look any further than to realize that one of the MAJOR targets for those advances is indeed to seize these ‘laboratories’ before the US can get that material out… I definitely for one would love to have the Russians grab one of those facilities and show the world how dastardly and despicable the US-NATO criminals truly are…

I decided to also check earlier into the status of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers to see what they have to report on the happenings in Ukraine.. Greencrow has yet to file a report for today, and if that comes I will post the link to her material as an update.. But Penny has a new article out from her website at https://pennyforyourthoughts2.ca that I want to share with readers here:

NTS Notes: My interest in Penny’s article is on how that freak President Zelenskyy went and ‘made peace’ with so called ‘Neo-Nazi’ “paramilitaries” who are on the front line ‘fighting’ the Russians… And yet I filed several reports over the last week showing clear evidence that these psychotic ‘paramilitaries’ are the ones that have been SHOOTING UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS on site who are only trying to flee for their lives… These ‘paramilitaries’ are indeed guilty of massive war crimes against humanity, and here we have that psycho Zelenskyy supporting them!

As I said already, truthful reports coming out from the Ukrainian war are going to be tough to find over the next while as the brutal censorship of those who are trying to tell that truth is now fully in the open… To me, this shows that the Russians are indeed winning this war in Ukraine so badly that these bastards are now refusing to let the people out there even know that bitter truth and will instead continue to spin their own lies…

This to me is of course blatant censorship and propaganda at its worse…. It does remind me of course as to why I was knocked out over at Google ‘blogger’ some 6 months ago for only trying to get the real truths out to everyone….

In terms of today’s advances by the Russian forces? I will try to find out what has happened in today’s fighting on the front lines, and hopefully will also find at least one accurate map of the situation as of today, the 15th day of fighting in Ukraine, and have that posted up as well in what may be a LOT of updates to come… Stay tuned..

First Update, March 9th, 2022:

I went over earlier to check on Jim Stone’s ‘take’ on this present situation in regards to not only the war in Ukraine but the horror that is happening right across the planet thanks to that criminal COMMUNIST Joe Biden and his slithering snakes in Washington DC STUPIDLY and RETARDEDLY decide to cut off Russian Oil imports that are so desperately needed by the US just to keep their faltering economy going… Here is Jim’s report for March 9th, 2022:

March 9 updates

The Saudies and UAE refused to talk to Biden when he called to ask them for more oil Guarantee: They’d have talked to Trump, HERE IS PROOF:

This is the benefit of being a legit president!!! YOU TOUCH THE BALL AND DISCUSS OIL.

The MSM is claiming they won’t talk because of their war in Yemen, but the reality is that they know Biden is not the legit president. They won’t talk to an impostor. That said, while Trump was in the Sauds had no problem because of how Trump handled that war. Such a difference between a fraud and the real deal.


Funny thing, she’s arriving just on time to negotiate those jets!!! Was all that pre planned and scheduled? Coincidence??? Probably not, here is a capture that mentions this from a while ago:

Ukrainian forces were using a hospital full of patients as a “human shield” and Russia obliterated it. Obviously the American MSM makes no mention of the fact that the Ukranian military made it a de-facto military base. RT is working fine here and I see no mention of this there.

The CIA is spewing it’s usual B.S. about how bad Russia is and how ugly it is going to get as the CIA itself pumps mercenaries and operatives into Ukraine to use hospitals as “defacto military bases” to force Russia to do as the CIA predicts.

There’s the usual un-founded “chemical weapons” spew about how Putin is going to use them, but I don’t recall them turning up in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else the con job Pentagon, CIA and MSM have claimed they would.

U.S. threatens to sanction China for doing business with Russia

China said “too bad”.

My comment:You mean you are going to sanction China after the snowflake left transferred nearly all of the production for American corporations there??? You mean no more iphones, Nikes and big screens?  GO FOR IT. Biden is rapidly truly showing that the American people are a HELL OF A LOT SMARTER than the idiots who stole the last election from them.



Somehow, (at least for today) “they” managed to get the price of oil and gold under control. And some states are repealing the gasoline taxes to mask the amount gas prices are going up. That’s a good move. NOT A GOOD MOVE: Print billions more in paper gold to drive the price of real gold down. Only an IDIOT would settle for paper!!!! Yes, gold really can vanish like a bitcoin exchange. All it takes is for the holding company to go belly up and ADIOS!!! PHYSICAL GOLD IS THE ONLY GOLD. I won’t keep harping this, if people won’t listen after being told a second time there’s no saving them.

If you have paper gold, it is a fiction, there is NO GOLD TO BACK IT UP, it’s like a game of musical chairs in reverse, where everyone who gets a seat loses and the guy left standing gets the gold. It is leveraged out THAT BAD and you won’t be that guy left standing, the insider will be that guy.

NTS Notes: Honestly, and in spite of my dislike for Donald Drumpf, Jim may be correct in his statement that if Drumpf was in the White House right now, there would not be this Petroleum crisis that is collapsing the US economy right now and there probably would not even be a war in Ukraine to boot!

Yes, America, this is exactly what you get for ALLOWING your nation to be hijacked by Communists and having your election of 2020 stolen right in front of your eyes… Now you, I, and most of the world, are paying the price for that lack of action to prevent that travesty at the pumps definitely…

And someone asked me what the present price is for Gasoline right now where I live here in central Canada…. I checked this morning, and most of the stations near my residence are now up to $1.79.9 per LITRE, which if you take the fact that the US gallon is 3.779 litres and the Canadian dollar is presently hovering around 79 cents per US dollar, you get…. $5.37 per US gallon in US dollars… And from what I have read, this is “only the beginning” for most stations are presently using up their present stock, and the new stuff coming in by tankers is MUCH MUCH higher… We are expecting to see at LEAST $2 Canadian for one LITRE of fuel as early as this weekend, and after that sky is the limit.

And a second update, March 9th, 2022: I have been wondering about the Russian advances on the east side of Dneiper River into the heart of Ukraine, and how several offensive thrusts are now encircling a large portion of the Ukrainian army that is still ‘fighting’ near the Lugansk front… And apparently from the link to this report from STATE OF THE NATION, apparently there are now some 30-40 thousand Ukrainian soldiers about to be surrounded in those encirclement actions by the Russian army:

I am not shocked at all by this report, for the Russian thrusts from the most recent maps that I have been able to obtain (in spite of the censorship) do indeed show that some of their objectives are to encircle Ukrainian army positions and force them to surrender or be destroyed…

The question does remain though as to what that Jewish arch criminal Zelenskyy will do with his Ukrainian army now basically defeated? I still say that he should be bargaining for surrender and abide by the Russian demands that Ukraine be turned into a neutral nation, such as what we see in regards to Finland, and that any desires for the Ukraine to join the criminal group called ‘NATO’ be put to rest immediately and permanently…

Third update, March 9th 2022: A commentator to this blog sent me a most interesting comment that ‘The vineyard of the Saker’ website is up and running and giving uncensored reports about the present situation in Ukraine! In fact I want to present the link to one article from that website that was posted earlier today that contains a video where a RUSSIAN is narrating a report on what the real situation is in Ukraine:

I knew that my supporters would help me in this endeavour for getting the real truths out about this war in Ukraine… I again cannot thank them enough for helping me out and pointing out one or two other websites that are still out there telling us the truth about this conflict, including ‘The Vineyard Of The Saker’ over at https://thesaker.is …..

Fourth Update, March 9th 2022: Finally I have today’s update from my great Canadian fellow patriot Greencrow who hails of course from the ‘left coast’ here in the formerly free nation called ‘Canada’… And even though it does not touch directly on the present war situation in Ukraine, it is definitely worth the read especially with the enclosed videos… Here is the link to Greencrow’s article for today:

NTS Notes: Yes, I too am absolutely flabbergasted at what that fucking INSANE moron that has the nerve to call himself the ‘Prime Minister’, Justin “I have no dick or balls” TURDEAU is up to as he gallivants across Europe while this nation is under economic collapse… This psychotic moron is just ‘shooting his mouth off’ and is probably the laughing stock everywhere he goes.. And yet as Greencrow shows, his foul mouth is only making things WORSE for Canada as he is pushing for a fucking world war against Russia!

Greencrow also presents further information about the scam-demic (Anyone remember that we still have a scam-demic?) and how the revelations about that bioweapon genocidal program for the murder of nearly all of the people around the world is now definitely coming to light everywhere…

But of course with the ‘war in Ukraine’ to fill the simple minds of the retards out there, many are not even paying attention any more to the last 2+ years of suffering, which is sad considering these fucking monsters are ready to unleash their ‘Phase two’ of their master plan by making ‘LAWS’ pertaining to the entire ‘Coronavirus’ fraud ‘pandemic’ PERMANENT…..

We are all in for a very bumpy ride over the next while, and all of the projections that we are seeing a world wide economic collapse are becoming 100% true….. It is now up to the people of this planet to definitely decide what future they want and to FIGHT for that future against these lunatics in charge…

Fifth update, March 9th, 2022: I may have to stop with the updates for the next while, as I have been flooded with a TON of emails just in the last 4 hours with so much information that I cannot possibly post it all here… I again want to thank everyone and I will do my best to present what it most pertinent to this ‘war’ in Ukraine..

Which brings me to a few emails that said that they read that China is now DEMANDING that the US come clean and ‘explain’ their supposed ’26’ (I had thought there were only 12?) bioweapons ‘research’ laboratories in Ukraine… And Jim Stone does have a new article up that shows the actual article where China is wanting answers, and I will present that here:

The biolabs in Ukraine just took a very bad turn for the worse

China is demanding answers. What if Covid was really developed in Ukraine? Everyone chased after the Wuhan lab, but the bottom line is that Covid did not show up in China first. And Ukraine was the playground of the “elite” . . . . . keep your projects close to home? Overseen by Zelensky??

NTS Notes: Yes, the US-NATO criminal axis of evil does indeed have some ‘explaining’ to do… And Jim may be correct in stating that for the last nearly 30 months the idea that this ‘COVID-19’ crap was ‘invented’ in Wuhan China may have been 100% misdirection done PURPOSELY, while the REAL research could have been conducted over in Ukraine…

I again can only hope that the Russians are able to capture a few of those bioweapon ‘research’ facilities quickly before the criminals in the US-NATO axis of pure evil are able to either destroy them or have their documents removed….

This is indeed a major story that we are only seeing the beginning… I will do my utmost to try to keep everyone informed at this site, for the revelations to come could indeed be shocking..

More to come


4 thoughts on “Update On Situation In Ukraine: Major Real News Sites Now Shut Down To Keep The LIES Going!

  1. I’ve been able to find updates at “The Vineyard of The Saker” (thesaker.is). There’s an intelligent bunch of commenters at that site too. The Saker (Andrei Raevsky) has volunteer translators to help him keep up with the many Russian documents and videos he relies on for information.


    1. Thanks.. I used to link to the Saker’s articles over at my second and primary blog at ‘blogger’..

      And I was not aware that they too, just like Stone, have moved to an Icelandic server.. Apparently the people of Iceland are still allowing sites to be based on their island rather than succumb to censorship.


  2. Hi NTS:

    Now that they’re pulling all the Russian news outlets down there’s more responsibility than ever on bloggers to keep putting out the alternative news. How quickly our freedom of the press was shown to be just as much a false facade as all our other freedoms…as we slide into a tyranny the likes of which the world has never seen.

    With regard to Ukraine being the source of the CovID-19 Plandemic virus…I would not doubt it…considering the close gonnection between Ukraine and Kanada under the Turvert/Freeland regime. Those two are going to get Canada bombed by the Russians if they don’t shut the fuck up.


    1. You and I are in the same boat, young lady..

      I too have been so disgusted by the stuff I see on the lying whore media that I just want to puke these days… And most of those ass clowns are just either too stupid to live or are nothing but fools that have sold their very souls for Jewish money…

      It would be interesting indeed if the Russians find clear evidence that this ‘COVID-19’ biological ‘entity’ which was first researched in the United States at Fort Detrich Maryland, had its final destructive makeup done in Ukraine rather than Wuhan…. If the Russians do find that evidence, then the entire war narrative put out by the fucking US-NATO axis of pure evil collapses and they will find themselves the scorn of the planet…


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