Termites Never Sleep

Honestly, I just had to turn away from never ending reports and information sent my way over the last while pertaining to the ever changing situation in regards to the ‘war’ in Ukraine… It indeed can be so ‘overwhelming’ at times, and it has been so hard to just keep up with the emails that I have been flooded with over the last while… I do indeed want to once again thank everyone for that information as I do my best to read ALL of the articles sent my way….

Meanwhile, I was informed just yesterday from my good friend and colleague, John Kaminski, who of course lives in the nearly free state called ‘Florida’ in what is now becoming an unmitigated disaster called the “United States” thanks to the sickness of the Biden Communists in charge, has just released a brand new article and I do want to share that article with my own readers here…This one is entitled: “Termites Never Sleep” and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Termites never sleep

 Published: Tuesday, 08 March 2022 18:49

Klaus Schwab’s plan to abolish
every government in the world
put on hold by Ukraine invasion

The total weight of all the termites in the world exceeds the total weight of all the humans in the world.

Termites don’t sleep. They just keep eating, and they do all their work in the dark. They avoid light at all costs. Ignore them and they’ll eat your house down.

What’s the best way to get rid of termites? Simple answer. Sunlight.

Great events in world history usually camouflage other great events which usually remain uncovered until the damage they intend to do is done.

Contemplate if you will what well might be the most important question in world history.

Did Vladimir Putin’s stunning decision to invade Ukraine to take out America’s lethal biological weapons labs actually save the world from the sudden stealth imposition of a one-world government?

Global Research writes:

In the shadow of the Ukraine war, the WHO is preparing – unnoticed by the public – an “international agreement on the prevention and control of pandemics” binding under international law.

The negotiations in Geneva have already begun. Originally, the “transfer of power” was planned for 1 May 2022, i. e. all 194 member states of the WHO would then be forced to implement the measures decided by the WHO, such as lockdowns or general compulsory vaccination.

Get clear about this. This is orders from the WHO taking precedence over orders from national governments.

However, a new memorandum from Concilium Europa, dated 3 March 2022, has delayed the process considerably.

Meanwhile, a working draft of this new WHO “World Government Agreement” is planned to be ready for further internal negotiations on 1 August 2022. See this.

“An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness“

The power mad freaks who gave us the fake COVID epidemic which still festers in the oppressed backwaters of civilization with its lockdowns, masks and poison jabs have planned to take their totalitarian tyranny one giant step further. These wretched beasts have concocted an international agreement legally binding under international law to ensure permanent lockdowns in every country on Earth in the horrific plan called an international agreement on pandemics.

Now that their first plandemic has fizzled out because of millions of unnecessary deaths by treatments now exposed as techniques of medical poisoning for pharmaceutical profits producing 1,271 different diseases, ole Klaus and his well trained political flunkies deployed in many countries around the world plan on making this fake medical attack on the world PERMANENT.

And the only reason the world isn’t going to vote on it on May 1 is because Bad Vlad decided to round up the neocon criminals operating their bioweapon manufacturing labs and white slavery rings in Ukraine.

So as Zombie Joe and his misfit henchman strategize more fruitless insults to Russia and China while ruining the West’s economy at the same time, the Strangelovian saboteurs have been temporarily foiled in their attempt to usurp ultimate power from 194 countries on May 1.

Except for the psychopaths running the COVID scam and stealing people’s bank accounts, almost nobody saw this one coming.


Just imagine. The misanthropes who produced this two-year-long nightmare when they met during Event 201 in 2019 and concocted the scamdemic that shut down the world, ruined millions of peoples’ livelihoods and killed and maimed millions of others, were just about to hold another round of psychotic get togethers to make this nightmare medical chokehold permanent, while simultaneously disempowering every national government on Earth.

Doesn’t that make you feel good about all those responsible leaders you’ve elected to positions of power who take such good care of your health and welfare?

So as the entire world has forgotten about the medical tyranny that has pretty much destroyed their health and their lives for the past two years, and are now bedazzled by the curious events that roughed up Ukraine and split the world apart into two nuclear armed camps all chomping at the bit to annihilate each other, our good diligent billionaire doctors are busy putting the final nails into the coffin of our individual freedom with a document that will take precedence over all the laws our governments have passed during the past several hundred years.

Get a grip on what these well-respected criminals have in mind.

Unelected council gives green light to start negotiations on international pandemic treaty. Read the government doublespeak if you like, but better would be to think about all the things they won’t be discussing, like . . .

• How the COVID 19 “virus” was never isolated nor purified and because of that officials were never able to prove the disease in question ever actually existed.

• How medications for the unproven disease were never vetted for their previous failures, notably Remdesivir which was responsible for uncountable deaths owing to the damage it did to people’s kidneys, all neatly covered up by the medical establishment.

• How the terrain theory is more germane to human health than the germ theory, which has accounted for astronomical Big Pharma profits over the years and actually increased the overall spectrum of illnesses with the iatrogenic creations of new diseases such as autism.

• How the entire medical profession has been prostituted in service to Big Pharma, compelled to violate their Hippocratic oaths by having to follow Big Government edicts rather than common sense curing techniques overruled by pharmaceutical profit strategies. (I’m thinking of $3200 doses of Remdesivir as opposed to $6 for HCQ.)

• I think first and foremost of all the horrific aspects of the contrived COVID epidemic that need to be addressed are hospitals’ willingness to kill patients for profit which can be easily proven in millions of cases with honest legal investigations.

So as the world goes ga-ga with all the latest revelations about the circus in Ukraine, it would behoove everyone to stay focused on the medical sabotage of human health in the continuing-to-fester plan of human population reduction that continues to progress in secret and not only neutralize the power and authority of the remaining governmental structures that we still possess, but also continue the ongoing onslaught by billionaire medical scions to reduce the population of the world with programs meant to deceive and poison unenlightened populations.

Another important thing to remember — as if you could actually forget about it — is that this is only one minor subplot in a much larger drama that involves American leaders, because they have been bribed by billionaires both foreign and domestic, deliberately sabotaging their own country, shutting down supply lines, and debasing the currency so that widespread starvation and death as the inevitable future of millions becomes the unavoidable prognosis of the human future as we speak.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


NTS Notes: Yes, while most of the planet has gone absolutely nuts about this ‘war’ in Ukraine, the lunatics running the WHO coupled with the psychotic freaks running the WEF did indeed come out with a plan to roll out their next phase of world wide enslavement that was originally slated to ‘take effect’ as of MAY 1ST of this year… And of course nearly 99% of the world’s population was not even aware of this diabolical travesty as the lying whore media was busy at work turning their already vaccine damaged minds to mush with the ‘war in Ukraine’…

BUT what will the citizens of this planet do now as these psychotic freaks are now ‘delaying’ that roll out for total world domination until August 1st of this year? That means that we have basically some 5+ months at best before these monsters force us all into their ‘World Government Agreement’! What action are the people going to do to stop this impending madness???

Yes, and all this based upon a ‘virus’ that has still to this day never been proven to even exist and has NEVER been isolated…

I have also read up on ‘terrain theory’ and it does have some valid points… Many out there are still making arguments about whether ‘viruses’ actually exist or not, and my point has always been to do research and to understand that we are still stuck with viruses as a ‘theory’ with NO valid proof of their actual existence, with only evidence of their actions on our bodies… We could be dealing with, as many such as Dr Lorraine Day has said, other key factors such as Exosomes, Bacterial infections, or ‘poisoning’ of our bodies…. This is why a lot more research is needed and for people to not believe that the ‘science is proven’ in this regard…. Science should never be firm and always open to new ideas…..

One other note… John told me earlier today that he probably will NOT be doing the show this coming Friday on Republic Broadcasting, and that his future with hosting RBN shows is up in the air at this point…. It is understandable, as John is not a young man any more and the stamina needed to host a 2 hour broadcast can be very difficult indeed….. If things change in this regard, I will let everyone know as soon as I find out.. So stay tuned…

More to come


One thought on “Termites Never Sleep

  1. By the time I left school back in what now seems like the stone age, I knew the impossible official story about what a “virus” was supposed to be.

    It was claimed that a “virus” was a non-living sub-microscopic particle, effectively a tiny speck of dust that somehow became “alive” when it encountered a living cell.

    In a classic reversal of cause and effect, the non-living “virus” was then said to “attack” the living cell, reprogramming it to create more “viruses”.

    Translation. A dying cell breaks up into hundreds (thousands?) of tiny particles. This is the result of normal cell death, but the medical mafia finds it more profitable to claim this effect is really the cause of cell death and declare “war” on the resulting dead fragments.

    Throughout my life, whenever I’ve heard any “medical” person talking about “viruses”, he or she has contradicted what has gone before, leading to the conclusion that everyone blaming illness on a “virus” is LYING.

    That was just an observation. I didn’t know why they were lying because I didn’t give it a lot of thought. I just knew to stop listening whenever I heard the word “virus”.

    I’ve learned a lot during the past two years though, thanks to all the honest doctors and other knowledgable people daring to tell the truth.


    The worldwide criminal gang known as “government” wouldn’t lie to us, so now we know all illness is caused by dead matter called “viruses”, which in turn are the result of man-made global warming, so if we don’t stop producing plant food in the form of carbon dioxide, we’re all going to fry, like our ancestors did during the mediaeval warm period a thousand or so years ago. /sarcasm off


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