You Know Something HUGE Is Happening When Ukrainian Troops Shoot Citizens Trying To Flee Cities!

When I posted that update to my article yesterday that covered much of the ‘day 8 events’ happening in that ‘war’ in Ukraine showing proof positive that Ukrainian troops are indeed shooting their own civilians trying to flee the siege at Mariupol along the Sea of Azov, I expected a huge number of responses, and of course some criticisms claiming that the information and video was ‘fake’….. But instead I received zero in both categories, which is of course very troubling..

Once again just in case anyone ‘missed it’ , here is the video evidence made by a Ukrainian couple that was indeed fleeing that city and found their escape route blocked by a whole range of vehicles where the occupants were indeed killed by being shot.. And in their panic after witnessing that carnage, apparently they too came under fire and were subsequently shot themselves… Here is that video:

I have been waiting for someone to show me evidence that video is false, and to this point nobody has come forward to claim otherwise…. You would indeed figure that the naysayers would be out there trying to destroy this evidence and show that it is wrong or fake, but there has been zero, nada, zip, to this point..

Thus we are left with a very troubling thought that this is the ‘real McCoy’ and absolutely genuine… And therefore the claims that Zelenskyy, being the psychotic maniac he is, has indeed ordered the Ukrainian army to shoot and kill ANYONE who tries to escape the major urban centres across Ukraine…

OK, I have to ask myself… WHY?? What kind of sick diabolical reasoning does that criminal in charge have for murdering the Ukrainian people? Apparently, the whole plan is to murder civilians and have those murders blamed on Russia to garner ‘sympathy’ in a diabolical effort to get direct intervention by the US and NATO into this ‘war’…

YES, there are so many different aspects of this Ukrainian ‘war’ that still need HARD answers… And, therefore I want to turn to a new article that just came out earlier today from the STATE OF THE NATION website, at, with the title: “You Know Something HUGE Is Happening, When “Ukraine Troops Shoot Citizens Trying To Flee Cities”… Here is that article for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Posted on March 4, 2022 by State of the Nation

Submitted by Deborah aka GA


Might not be able to report more after this one but here we go.

I keep getting asked about the SWIFT money transfer system. It might surprise you to know there are now currently only 9 countries still on the SWIFT system and its about to go down forever. But it’s going to be like a nuke going off. When the US and Europe decided to cut Russia out of the SWIFT system they did not take into account the effect it would have, but now its slowly coming out. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and resultant oil sanctions, all Russian millionaires (Some call them Oligarchs) have lost everything in the West. All Western Oil Titans have lost everything in the East and Middle East. In other words it basically castrated all at once every major player in both areas. Example, Shell, BP, Exxon and Chevron will lose all oil wells in Middle East and Russia, plus all exploration rights, which is about 70% of the oil on the market, the sanctions result in them losing greater than 70% of all income. Russia’s oligarchs stashed their money in Switzerland and London – where everything has been frozen. All their yachts confiscated. These folks are the key to the Central Banks and it will basically now castrate the Central Banking System. That means the banking system is toast as of Friday though it may linger as things fall apart for a few months.

Normally when something like this happens what do we get? We get news programs with dire or tragic news to focus all our attention on something else. I have three possibilities what those can be that would get world wide attention. The Announcement of the Death of the Queen of England and 3+ days of Mourning. That could be a big one, they could close down many banks to hide the fact they are pretty much toast, and believe me when I say the banks would join in solidarity with poor England. Or Taiwan getting nailed for its bio labs. Either one would direct attention away. Add to this there was a facebook post out there today that reported ALL of PepsiCo/Frito Lay employees either got a partial paycheck or none at all due to a “computer glitch”. So possibility three is Cyber attack on all banks and other facilities like power facilities. But it will be soon, either Friday or Saturday or sometime in the next 10 days, pretty sure they cant hide it much longer than that. Add to this inflation is now out of control with Brent crude hitting $119 per barrel today, gas hit $5 per gallon in LA and SF California today. This guy here says just the inflation alone will topple all stocks –

I mentioned all the biolabs in the Ukraine because the US labs are a concern for every American, but the other labs in there are a concern too. I never mentioned them directly but they are just as damming as the American ones. So we have the 11 U.S. State Department/Department of Defense-funded bio weapon facilities we know about because the state department tried to remove the information from their web site. Then there were 4 German toxic chemical research centers. Think about this one for a moment, Toxic chemical research centers you would not dare put in your own country you put here? Let’s not forget (my sources tell me 4 but I am also hearing its 3) Swiss nanotechnology centers. Explain to me why you need these in the Ukraine, unless it is to be used with a special COVID vaccine? Then there is one French bio-tech consortium. Again this makes no sense. Oh and let’s not forget the three Israeli labs evidently working really hard to weaponize airborne rabies. WTF! Then the main reason I bring it up, I hear all these labs were working together and as a fall back position were creating Mobile labs (basically 20 wheeled monstrosities, which I bet were about as safe as a canary in a coal mine) as mobile labs, three of which were supposedly heading west to get out of the Ukraine when they were nailed by Russian planes. Be curious if more on this comes out in the next couple days.

Rumor has it Putin has decided to bomb into oblivion a villa owned by Biden west of Kiev, a 200+ acre facility which was supposedly visited by a number of Russian Jets using precision bombs. I do believe Hunter Biden used to spend time there too. Guess he has that right since Biden declared him the most dangerous person on earth. Funny how he has not done that to any of the cities in the area. So the response….The World Economic Forum (WEF) – Vladimir Putin was removed from the website of the World Economic Forum. So petty.

You know you are winning this fight and Putin is winning this fight when you get Fox news putting people like Senator Lindsey Graham on and he calls for the assassination of Russian President Putin. Very irresponsible move by a sitting U.S. Senator. The Deep State is shrieking on national TV! It can’t get much more obvious than this and if you do not remember it was Lindsey Graham and John McCain who staged a coup in the Ukraine to get a Deep State leader in place. The Deep State is waging war on the world, not a bombs and missile war mind you but an Economic War, which can be even more devastating than kinetic war. They created a phony financial system to rob us and steal from us and enslave us and we are breaking it in pieces one part at a time. Kind of like the stone used to break the feet of the statue in the bible?

I find it interesting the Trucker convoy to DC will arrive there on March 5th, yep this Saturday, what an amazing coincidence, should be so many camera’s in there you will get to see all the DC buildings (white house, FBI offices, house and senate building, and many others even from a distance), boarded up. Or will we? Queens death or Cyber attacks or Taiwan? Which would get everything out of peoples view? Something is about to happen, not sure which will be first or if there is something else, but hang in there.

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thu, Mar 3, 2022 1:52 am
Subject: Re: Some Interesting updates

Some more good news to share. Some not so good.

For those wondering why the Deep State are so desperately trying to cover up any discussion on US bioweapon capabilities in Ukraine; that is because that discussion would lead to exposure of the big daddy cover-up and that is the creation of COVID-19.

If it is publicly confirmed, that Putin struck the bio labs, then the questions will be:
-Why did the US have bio labs there in the first place?
-Why did Putin feel the need to strike them?
-What was going on in those labs that made Putin see them as a threat?
-What recent biological event would have caused Putin to take these measures to move the US away from his border?
-Does this have to do with Covid?
-Is Putin accusing the US of releasing covid? i.e. biological warfare?

These types of questions will get the people keen on shady US research and eventually lead them to the final destination; that the US NIH created covid under Fauci, let it out, covered it up, suppressed viable cures, and pushed faulty vaccines. That this “pandemic” was planned.

That revelation is the nail in the coffin. It implicates every element of the deep state in the greatest scam of all time and the greatest crime against humanity in history.

The bio lab story is merely the gateway to the big picture.

This explains all those biolabs in perfect form:

I’m tired of all the politically correct rhetoric. It is time to simply explain what happened and why.

1. Covid-19 is a man made weapon of mass murder that was funded and created by the American government and NIH
2. The American government serves the globalist elites and is the enemy of the people
3. Successful treatments were and are intentionally suppressed. Anything that gave people hope and reduced fear was obstructed
4. Global fear is used to fool people into taking mRNA shots
5. The mRNA shots were created to accomplish a globalist agenda
6. The globalist agenda is to:

-decrease the world population and cause infertility
-to control and enslave people by injecting tracking technology and link that technology to the use of global cryptocurrency
-trans-humanist agenda through the mRNA delivered gene editing technology

Don’t fear covid. Don’t take mRNA shots
Form military tribunals and bring ALL the global predators to justice
All this can and will be proven with evidence
I’m a conspiracy realist

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Next we have a situation in Wisconsin where Decertification is now called for by Wisconsin Senate officials. Appears not only is Zuckerburgh guilty of Bribery, but the majority of the Wisconsin government violated the law. You should read the report here because I promise you the MSM will never let this out or at least will try not to.

Last there was a report today on the news, there have been no new refinancing contracts for homes started in the last 3 days anywhere in the country. Folks that means a housing bubble is about to pop. Usually, our government uses slush fund money from the Ukraine to handle things like this. But it now means they have to handle this, gold, silver and oil as well and darn it they just do not have enough money to do all of them every day of the week. So watch as the days go by, you are going to see days they suppress gold and silver, days they try to bring oil down some and days they try to prop up the housing market. But bottom line, they do not have enough money to keep doing it long term anymore. They no longer have enough fingers to plug all the holes in the dike, which means all of those are going to be heading up (except for housing though which will be dropping like a rock). It depends on where they put their priorities at, should be fun watching them try to deal with all of them and others about to pop up.

There is one thing very important. They have announced removal of Russia from SWIFT but our very own government idiots say they will keep buying Russian oil and in fact 1-2 months ago they doubled the amount of oil they were buying from Russia. One wonders how they will do this when SWIFT is shut off, since that is the mechanism by which they buy the oil from Russia. The Central Banks are putting as much pressure as they can on Russia, behind the scenes this has to do with destroying their system. Even that idiot Trudeau in Canada says he will ban Russian oil, but Canada does not import Russian oil. A really tough action for the people of Canada wouldn’t you say? Biden puts on an act of course and sanctions Russian oil, but the US is paying 70 million per day for Russian oil. When SWIFT goes off WTF is going to happen? Fed Chairman Powell said that there can be more than one reserve currency. Makes one wonder what that means for the dollar (watch it fall now)? Pretty sure they have not thought this through yet. Hold on to your hats, the ride is about to get very bumpy. Because I think Taiwan is next (remember we got bio weapon labs there too)!

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NTS Notes: OK, This article covers so many different aspects of the present situation in Ukraine, but only briefly covers the actual incident in Ukraine where Ukrainian soldiers are apparently and very much indeed shooting unarmed civilians that are simply trying to flee the advancing Russian forces and are running for their lives…

As I stated in my last article about this horrendous situation, the last act of a truly diabolical and murderous tyrant in charge of a nation is to start murdering his own citizens… Apparently this twisted and sick freak Zelenskyy may indeed be taking such an action, and hoping, as I stated above, that the lying whore media in the west lies, and covers for this act of cold blooded murder by trying to blame the deaths on the RUSSIANS….

And yes the author of this article does indeed cover a lot of the different aspects of the entire Ukraine situation as we stand as of this point… I have for one no longer bothered turning on the IDIOT BOX aka TALMUDVISION any more as they are only spewing lies, lies, and more lies… And strangely but not unexpectedly, the lying whore media is NOT even bothering at all with this sickening aspect of Zelenskyy murdering his own people, but instead from what I have seen over the last week, they only heap even more ‘praise’ on that freak that may indeed be slaughtering Ukrainians…..

The fact is that I myself have tried so hard to try to stay ‘neutral’ in terms of this situation in Ukraine… I have tried my damn best to find ANYTHING that confirms what the lying whore media states in their claims that ‘Russians are murdering Ukrainians’ and that the ‘Russians are the bad guys’ but I have found Zip, Nada, Zilch… Instead I find more and more evidence that the Russians are actually trying to save civilians from being killed by the Ukrainian army, and that VIDEO above only reaffirms my suspicions that the Russians are indeed correct and that they are indeed in Ukraine to liberate the nation and save it from destruction….. If someone wants to counter this statement, please SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE and prove me wrong…

Update, March 4th, 2022: Everyone has seen the lying whore media reports that have come out over the last few days that showed falsified pictures of that criminal Zelenskyy dressed up in an army uniform (actual footage was taken way back in 2019, but of course the lying whore media claims it is current!) along with the caption that he is ‘fighting alongside Ukrainian soldiers’ in ‘defense of Kiev’… But since the photo was already false, what about the caption itself?

Well, apparently I have received some STILL unconfirmed reports that Zelenskyy is NOT in Ukraine at all, and as the Russian army approached Kiev, he has high tailed it out of the country and is presently in POLAND….

I am awaiting proper confirmation of this report, and will update this article once it is confirmed… IMHO, POLAND is exactly where that snivelling murderous coward and psychotic murderer is right now….

And another update, March 4th, 2022: Someone sent me an email earlier to help remind me that the criminal Ukrainian leadership under that freak Zelenskyy has been attacking their own citizens now nearly from the moment the Russians invaded Ukraine… Here is what was sent my way earlier:

Ukraine targeting it’s own people, not the Russian army.

We all know this is true, but it is nice to get on the ground confirmation. The west was expecting this reporter to whitewash it, and she did not. And obviously the video at the top of this page certainly supports her statement.

This caption and report once again comes from Jim Stone’s website at

Yes, the Ukrainians that are trying to escape the battles are indeed being TARGETED by their own military, which is such a horrible act indeed. BUT again, this is an act of desperation and obviously will be ‘sold’ by the lying whore media as the Russians murdering Ukrainians instead.

More to come


2 thoughts on “You Know Something HUGE Is Happening When Ukrainian Troops Shoot Citizens Trying To Flee Cities!

  1. Hi NTS I would like a translation of that video of the people being shot. That would give it some context. I heard about the video and at first decided not even to watch it because I felt at this stage of the caper they would definitely come out with something like that…a bloody depiction of horrific cruelty….to bring home the horror of war.

    But after reading your post I decided to watch it and sure enough it does give me some real questions about it’s authenticity:\

    1. There are no shots of the area around the scene…just very close ups. Nothing that could tell you where it was in Ukraine…it might have even been on a set.

    2. No identifying who the victims were… just quick shots and partial glimpses. Again, a translation of what was being said would have been helpful.

    3. If the man was shot how did the video get out. No Identification of who the man was. This is all too convenient.

    So, based on the above and without further details I will err on the side of the “Fog of War” and call it a fake.



    1. I too have been a bit weary of ANY information coming from both sides in this conflict… But considering the fact that this video has not been ‘fast checked’ (at least not that I have been aware of) by the criminals especially in the lying whore media, I tend to give credibility to it in spite of the ‘Fog of war’ as you so rightly claim..

      And the facts remain that Zelensky and his supporters have indeed been bombing and killing their own people as many reports are now showing and stipulating.. Thus with the fact that whomever was in that video was indeed speaking Ukrainian, ether it is one heck of a good scam, or the real McCoy…

      Thanks again, young lady, for your valuable insights as always….


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