COVID-19 Infections AND Deaths Soar AFTER First Injections!

I decided to take a quick look at today’s bullshit ‘numbers’ put out by the criminals that are running this entire scam-demic here in Manitoba.. And of course these sick and twisted freaks are STILL using the now 100% invalid ‘PCR test’ as their entire basis for their ‘numbers game’ and are trying to throw that in the faces of Manitobans claiming that we are ‘all bad’ for allowing this BULLSHIT ‘Omicron’ aka MORONIC ‘variant’ to spread far and wide everywhere..

I do believe that they are purposely heavily distorting their ‘numbers’ in preparation for this weekend’s ‘Premier’s meeting’ with that sicko PEDOPHILE freak Justin Trudeau, where LORD ‘Justin’ will demand them all, as his minions, to impose ‘mandates’ on the still UNVACCINATED in their provinces…. And yes, that is coming, for these pricks are still trying to ‘blame’ the SMARTLY UNVACCINATED for all of their woes and the exploding number of people now getting sick from taking the KILL SHOTS….

Anyways, the lying sacks of shit running this scam-demic here in Manitoba, especially that bald headed freak, frog faced “Chief Health Officer” Brent Roussin, are definitely enough to make me puke.. AND I am not alone in my 100% hatred and disdain of the criminals running this fraud in this province, for over in British Columbia, the people there have definitely had enough of the lies coming out of their ‘Chief Health Officer” Bonnie Henry, as well…

Which leads me to the following report that comes from ‘The Rant’ website, at, where the writer who is a resident of British Columbia herself, has come out with a scathing letter to Bonnie Henry, and I definitely want to share that with my readers here… It is entitled; “COVID Infections And Deaths Soar After First Vaccine Dose” and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose

Sent: January 13, 2022 12:02 PM To:;; ‘’ <> Cc: ‘’ <>; mayorandcouncil <>; ‘’ <> Subject: Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose

Dr. Henry,

I know you like to keep abreast of current research, so I thought I would point you to the below article which clearly and succinctly shows that, in Alberta, COVID-19 cases spike after the first dose of the “vaccine”. I’m going to assume that, not only are the data not surprising, but British Columbia’s are an exact mirror. To that end, I will be making a FOIP request to the BC CDC and affiliated governmental entities this week requesting this data, as well as all information relating to BC’s calculation of “age adjusted” COVID-19 statistics.

I point you also to the work of (el gato malo) and his article entitled “bayesian datacrime: defining vaccine efficacy into existence”, which I have attached for your reading pleasure as well.

El gato malo clearly and distinctly explains how Pfizer and our governments are manipulating the data, first to deliberately skew cases in the unvaccinated, and now to deliberately skew numbers of the “double vaccinated” to benefit the “boosted”.

In light of the below and attached, along with the statements made by Alberta Bourla, Andrew Pollard, the EU and the WHO in the past week indicating that the vaccines are not safe (Mr. Bourla), and the current vaccination program is untenable and likely to have adverse physical effects (Mr. Pollard, EU and WHO), I demand, as a citizen of British Columbia and as a free person, that you immediately stop discriminating against the unvaccinated through illegal and scientifically unjustifiable mandates and public health “orders”.

It is becoming abundantly clear that this vaccine rollout will go down in history as one of the most lethal and corrupt events in the modern world. I sincerely hope that, as a defender of science (not to be confused with “science™”), and as a rational person, you do not want to be associated with that sinking ship. I would also like to remind you of the track record of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson: anyone who has reviewed their previous criminal and civil charges would be insane to think they are anything but career criminals, grifters and murderers.

I’ve cc’d my local government representatives. Mr. Letnick, Mayor Basran and City Councils: the time for blind acceptance of PHO mandates has come to an end. As more information comes to light, it is getting harder and harder to argue that “following orders” could even possibly be the correct approach to this current “pandemic”, and I encourage you to read the writing on the wall and move over to Team Freedom before you are left behind.

NTS Notes: It definitely does not take a rocket scientist for people to simply stop and take a look around them right where they live to see that nearly EVERYONE that is presently sick and dying have taken 1, 2, or even 3 or 4, of these lethal injections into their bodies… And yet here we have the lying whore media and our criminal governments STILL pushing the idiotic notion that all of that illness and death is because of the ‘unvaccinated’?

Yes, there is ZERO scientific evidence, or even common sense, that can show that all this death and destruction is caused by those who have refused these KILL SHOTS… And yet and very strangely these criminals are continuing to vilify and slam the ones that have been smart enough to refuse this form of medical tyranny…

This letter to Bonnie Henry could definitely be sent to EVERY so called ‘Chief Health Officer’ in every other province across Canada… BUT will any of them actually listen? Probably not, for they ALL have been paid off definitely by Big Pharma to continue this massive charade now nearly 2 years since most launched their attacks on their own citizens back in early 2020.. Thus as I have said before ALL of these criminals must face criminal trials for their actions and receive the highest penalties possible for the destruction they have done to their own citizens… If those penalties for partaking in this mass genocide are the death penalty for all of them, then so be it.

More to come


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Infections AND Deaths Soar AFTER First Injections!

  1. What will it take to return the Branch Covidians to reality? I imagine it’s a lost cause after 2 years of mind control.
    I sure as heck don’t care enough to talk to them and give them a clue with my virology/immunology background.
    It will take about as much to convince the diaper heads that every politician that gets anywhere near a ballot is working for the same Crunts.

    Mor-on Doornopf Blormph Here:


  2. Hello again my Canadian friend,

    If you have telegram, perhaps you can search for ‘@msiavaxevent’.

    The deaths are coming in fast & furious. The deaths have accelerated since end Nov 2021.

    Teachers, armed forces, etc due to the govt’s mandate for civil servants. Kids are dying too.

    The infantile Health Minister & the scumbag D.G. of the MoH, are now rolling out shots for kids under 11.

    They will also be revoking the ‘fully vaxxed’ status (MySejahtera app) of those who have taken 2 shots, unless they get the booster before the end of Feb 2022.

    These criminal bastards are pushing for mixed vax cocktails on the population. They say that it’s perfectly okay to mix ‘vaccines’ & have also shortened the waiting period from 6 mths to 3 mths,between the 2nd shots & the booster. It’s because they’re sitting on a stockpile of Pfizer vials which will be expiring soon!

    For some it’s : SS + P.

    For others it’s : SS + AZ. Some even AZAZ + P.

    (S being Sinovac)

    This is so sickening!!


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