(TOXIC) Lipid Nano-Particles For mRNA Delivery: Best Explanation Of The How And Why This Technology Has Been Used For These KILL SHOTS

As a man of REAL science, and one that does understand technical and medical jargon and terminology, I have gone over so much of the research used in the last two plus years since these criminal bastards claimed that there was a “new and deadly virus” over there in Wuhan China, just to try to understand what these criminals may or may not have concocted….

It was more recently over the last year and a half that I turned to looking over the message RNA aka mRNA ‘technology’ used in their ‘rushed into full production’ so called ‘vaccines’ that absolutely are NOT ‘vaccines’ at all but an experimental delivery system for genetic manipulation of a person’s very own DNA in their cells that I came across the usage of ‘LIPID NANOPARTICLES’…. That has always spiked my interest to try to understand the how and they why these criminals would indeed want to use this method to fight a ‘virus’ at all and throw out the traditional method of developing ‘vaccines’ by using severely weakened ‘viral’ material on a person causing a person’s own cells to develop ‘antibodies’ against said ‘viruses’?

Well, to help people understand what ‘lipid nanoparticles’ are all about and how they are used for this mRNA ‘delivery system’ employed in these KILL SHOTS, I want to turn to the following report that comes from the :Nature” website at http://www.nature.com, that is entitled “Lipid Nanoparticles For mRNA Delivery” … This is an EXTREMELY long article with so many notes at the end of the fact sheets, and thus I only want to present the link to that article here for everyone to take a close look at:


NTS Notes: Yes there is a lot of material presented in this article that even I had a hard time in first understanding… But this is indeed one of THE BEST articles that I have seen in the last while that does indeed explain in full detail exactly how this technology is employed..

And honestly, this type of ‘delivery system’ is indeed TOXIC to our bodies, as the biological agents introduced are foreign to our cells and our very DNA…. The sad part being that once this crap gets into the cells there is NO ‘shut off valve’ as the material does indeed force our own cells to mass produce the ‘spike proteins’ that ravage our bodies in a never ending process..

My point in all this is simple.. Why would anyone with even a few brain cells do such a thing to their bodies at all??? I am still trying to figure out the mass psychosis in people that they are basically committing mass suicide by allowing this horror to destroy their own bodies as it has always been nothing but a massive experiment using human beings as nothing more than guinea pigs??

The bottom line remains.. IF you do want to remain as a human being, or as many are now calling ‘pure bloods’ then you must never ever allow this crap to be injected into your body and you must resist any temptations or coercion by these sick freaks into allowing this to happen to yourselves, period… The very future of all what is human is truly at stake here…

More to come



3 thoughts on “(TOXIC) Lipid Nano-Particles For mRNA Delivery: Best Explanation Of The How And Why This Technology Has Been Used For These KILL SHOTS

  1. I can shed some light on this. If anyone has read my previous comments I was a mol. biologist in academia and later big pharm (which truly is quite corrupt) for a bit more than 20 yrs. One project for a biotech comp I was in charge of involved injecting mice with antisense oligos to knock out an inflammatory mRNA involved in heart disease. It is hard enough to get DNA into mammalian cells and expressed (requires retroviral flanking sequences) , mRNA is almost impossible. Anyways I spent a lot of time studying liposome chem and physics.

    Long story short, it didn’t matter which lipids you use to form the liposomes- I did get good activity (oligos are quite stable), but in every instance the liposome controls alone caused lung damage and about 20% of the mice died, basically drowned.

    But I find it more likely that what that german PhD said is the case, they are using graphene hydroxide stacked to bind to the mRNA bases and yes, they will form tiny razor blades to puncture cell membranes and introduce the autoimmunity generating mRNA – a simple scam to be blamed on corona “variants” – none of which exist.


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