Canada’s Weekly COVID KILL SHOT (Remember; These Death Jabs Are NOT ‘Vaccines’) Injury And Death Report

Yes, I am back… I was basically absolutely exhausted over the last few days, and tried my damn best to actually stay away from my computer while I tried to catch up on some much needed sleep… But since my mind is always racing at over a hundred miles an hour constantly, I could not help but to get back to surfing and seeing what has been happening over the last few days in our sick world and especially in regards to the state of the ‘scam-demic’..

Well, time to play a bit of catching up here… And the first order of business is this week’s ‘Canada’s Weekly COVID KILL SHOT Injury And Death Report’ that has once again been analyzed and subsequently skewered by my great Canadian fellow real truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes her articles at ….. I absolutely do want to present Penny’s analysis of this week’s bullshit ‘data’ put out by those criminals over at ‘Health Canada’ right here for everyone to see for themselves, followed by my own thoughts and comments afterwards:

Canada’s Weekly Covid Vaxx Injury & Death Report

Another week. More stats. Last week’s report can be found at the link below.

Canada’s Weekly Covid Death & Injury Report

While our Canadian government claims 3 and ONLY 3 safety signals are monitored- we should all understand there are many more “safety signals” being monitored. Some are called safety signals. Some are called safety updates.

More accurately these ‘safety signals’ should be should be called vaccine hazards because they have the potential to cause a great deal of harm

8 Documented Vaccine Hazards:

  • Reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome following vaccination
  • Reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)
  • Facial paralysis/Bell’s Palsy following COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Reports of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining around the heart) following vaccination
  • Capillary leak syndrome following vaccination
  • Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) and venous thromboembolism (VTE) following vaccination with Jannsen vaxx
  • Thrombocytopenia including ITP following vaccination with AstraZeneca Vaxzevria
  • Death

Count it up, go ahead. That’s 8 documented vaxx hazards.

Now that the Vaccine Hazards are named- let’s check the numbers. This is where we compare reported numbers of adverse reactions going months back- So we understand how inaccurate the numbers continue to be. Also how great the data lag is.

The shaded grey is supposed to represent the data lag. It doesn’t.

Last week vs this week data lag:

July 16/21 incidents sat at 876. This week 882
July 23/21 sat at 916. This week 925
July 30/21: the reaction count is 765- This week 765 (no change from last week)
August 6: the reaction count was 558- This week the number is 774

We know the lag is not weeks. It’s months.

Now we’ll follow the numbers from the specific vaxx hazards cited:Reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome following vaccination89 this week– up from last weeks 88Facial paralysis/Bell’s Palsy following COVID-19 vaccination. 649 paralyzed faces last week 625Reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)103 cases up from 100 last weekReports of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining around the heart) following vaccination1241 damaged hearts, permanently so, hugely up from last weeks 1075Capillary leak syndrome following vaccinationthe count stays the same at twoImmune thrombocytopenia (ITP) and venous thromboembolism (VTE) following vaccination with Jannsen vaxxThrombocytopenia including ITP following vaccination with AstraZeneca VaxzevriaDeath222 dead with vaxx- up from last weeks count of 213: 9 additional dead. 

This death count is useless. It’s hopelessly inaccurate.

Open Vaers in this time period

Based on the American number we know Canada’s number can’t be real.

When you look through the chart below do notice we have a new syndrome added to this chart. Multi system inflammatory syndromeThat number will grow rapidly, but, will it be reported accurately? NO!

Keep in mind the two previous posts…

Vaccine Induced Disease

Vaccine Induced Disease Pt 2

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NTS Notes: Once again, I do want to thank Penny for the details presented in this week’s report..

And I agree fully with Penny that when these fuckers try to claim that there have only been ‘222’ Canadians that have ‘died’ from these lethal injections, I have to say “SERIOUSLY? WHAT ARE THESE FUCKERS SMOKING?” for the facts that there is NO WAY in hell that Canada has only ‘222’ deaths compared to the VAERS data coming out of the US that shows ‘18853’ deaths..

Thus I am left once again with having to ‘estimate’ the number of dead in Canada by using the ‘VAERS’ inaccurate data… We know that Canada has 1/9th the population of the United States right now (39 Million compared to 338 Million in the US) and we also know that Canadians are more shot up with these KILL SHOTS (an estimated 75-80% of all Canadians with at least one jab, compared to possibly 50-55% stateside)… Therefore by taking some mathematics, we come up with an estimate of ‘3200’ dead Canadians if we take the ‘18853’ VAERS number as the base data…

BUT we all know by now that the VAERS data is hopelessly inaccurate in itself, with many claims made that it is only around 1-5% accurate with more claiming around ‘1%’ as the actual accuracy….. Thus if we take the ‘median’ in that ‘1-5%’ figure and say ‘2.5%’ accuracy leaning more towards that ‘1%’ mark, we have to take the ‘3200’ and multiply that by a factor of 40 times, giving us around ‘130000’ dead Canadians right now…

I would say ‘130000’ dead Canadians is about right for the actual death toll from these KILL SHOTS…. And to me that is horrendous and shows that these are indeed instruments of mass destruction indeed…

And yes, Penny is right about the ever increasing number of horrific ‘side effects’ from these KILL SHOTS that these criminals are claiming as ‘new syndromes’… To me, these ‘syndromes’ will only increase as we watch our CHILDREN now being heavily subjected to these KILL SHOTS…

And one other note.. What we are seeing is definitely only the beginning… Our hospitals here across Canada are rapidly filling up with serious and horrible ADE and immune deficiency cases that are directly attributed to these horrible instruments of death… Therefore, there will be a time soon when these liars at ‘Health Canada’ can no longer hide the truth about what is really happening, and especially the true death toll from these death jabs…. When that happens, there will definitely be hell to pay.

More to come


2 thoughts on “Canada’s Weekly COVID KILL SHOT (Remember; These Death Jabs Are NOT ‘Vaccines’) Injury And Death Report

  1. NTS have you heard about all the “variants” coming from Africa that go all the way thru the Greek alphabet from the “alpha” to the “omega” which no doubt will require more “kill shots” to “immunized” against all these free-floaters? Even a half-brain-dead clown could see thru this! Do the sheeple think they can as well? No way! I don’t know how many letters are in the Greek alphabet but, if the Television tells them that they need “vaccs” for these, they will no doubt line up for these as well! Amazing! The Jew-controlled mass-media rules!


    1. You mean like the ludicrous ‘Nu variant’ that these lying sacks of shit claim is some ‘500 times’ more ‘deadly’ than that most ludicrous and ridiculous ‘delta variant’? I am getting around to that in an upcoming article..

      All of these ‘variants’ are 100% bovine excrement of course as there is NO ‘test’ anywhere that can discriminate between ‘variants’ of this phantom illness… Therefore all of these ‘variants’ were simply pulled out of their asses and thrown at the gullible public that is just so stupidly lapping them up!


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