Australia Prison Nation: What The HELL Is Really Going On?

I have been asked by so many readers over the last few days to try to give my own ‘2 cents worth’ of what has been happening in the ‘land down under’… And I figure it was time to delve deep into that ever more horrifying situation as that once very free nation is now a dictatorship that would make dictators like Kim Jong Un over in North Korea just blush in envy!

I have said for a long time that the good people of Australia had lost their ‘will’ to fight the treachery in their own governments due to the incessant brainwashing propaganda that has turned most of them into pussies unwilling to fight back against tyranny… That coupled with the fact that Australians have NEVER suffered from any form of tyranny before other than a short time after the original prison colonies were established way back at the beginning of the 19th century… Therefore Aussies were believing (and became complacent over nearly 200 years) that their way of life would never change and never fathomed the idea that freedom and liberty was going to be stripped away from them so rapidly…..This form of hell on Earth that we are now seeing that has been fostered upon the Aussies is something totally foreign to their way of life and so alien, that most have no notions at all about how to fight it..

But of course the incessant propaganda and bullshit from the lying whore Aussie media has done its work too well over these last few years with the fraud scam-demic, putting the ‘fear’ of this non-existent ‘deadly virus’ into the minds of the majority of Australians thanks to the constant and perpetual fear porn… This false fear helped the criminal bastards in charge unleash their hell on Earth on Aussies and most have been unable to fight back and instead acceptance of being hammered with lockdowns, ‘rules’, and ‘regulations’ that were put into place so rapidly…. These criminal fuckers knew that the time was ‘ripe’ to unleash their hell on Earth on Australia and they took full advantage of the false fear porn of a non-existent ‘deadly virus’ that has caused most Aussies to accept these draconian measures with nearly zero opposition….

And it does lead to the aspect about guns and the importance of a nation’s people to ALWAYS have weapons for their own defence.. That defence is of course not so much against ‘foreign invaders’ but has to be in place to keep their own governments from becoming brutal dictatorships… In terms of Australia, the people have been helpless in fighting back against this new tyranny as their GUNS were taken away from them way back in the 1990’s shortly after the false flag attack at Port Arthur in Tasmania… The lying whore media and the criminal governments then were both complicit in that Port Arthur false flag and worked afterwards to CONVINCE and brainwash the minds of the Australian people that the only solution to prevent future such ‘massacres’ was to take the guns away from the people…. And sadly this is where the AUSSIES have themselves to blame, for they gladly and stupidly surrendered all of their guns to these crooked authorities and thus have left themselves totally helpless in the face of this new tyranny that we are seeing today…

That is my interpretation of how Aussies allowed their nation to become the hell on Earth that we are seeing now….. Most are simply too ‘frightened’ of the idea that they should fight back, without even realizing that they do have the ability to stop this tyranny.. AND all it would take is for more Australians to have the balls to stop cowering and start acting like human beings and get off their knees and march on their government houses including the Federal government in Canberra to take these fuckers that have done the damage and have them arrested and put on trial… I can guarantee that most of the Aussie military and the Aussie police forces, even though right now most are indeed acting like goons and loving their ‘power trips’, would join in that overthrow of these criminal authorities… The key is of course to organize and make proper preparations for action rather than take unprepared mobs and try to force out these monsters through disorganized mob riots….

There, that is my own opinion of what has been happening in Australia… AND I do want to turn to the recent events that have been beyond horrendous as the Northern Territories criminal government in Australia has been brutalizing the aboriginal people and demanding that they ALL be subjected by FORCE and against their wills to take the KILL SHOTS into their bodies…. This to me is a clear violation of every aspect of human rights and international law, but apparently the criminals in charge are giving those laws and rights the middle finger right now and have even called in the Aussie army to ‘assist’ with their program of force injecting the aboriginal populace….

There was a lot of news coming out from the Northern Territory just the other day, where claims were made about the situation with the aboriginal people, and one major video has been making the rounds over the alternative media over the last few days by some of the aboriginal leadership calling on the world to help them against this criminal act by the Aussie authorities… Here in fact is that video here:

Next, we have a further update of the real situation in the Northern Territories, and once again I have that video here:

Thus, we can see that the claims that the Aussie army was somehow hunting down the aboriginal people and either forcing them while being held at gunpoint to take these KILL SHOTS is not entirely ‘accurate’… AND neither are the claims that some of the aboriginal people are being ‘shot and killed’ accurate as well…

But even though things have not been to that level of ‘extremity’ the situation is still dire where the Aussie military is still there and trying to coerce with force the aboriginal people to take these KILL SHOTS against their will… These type of measures should NEVER EVER be happening in any society, period…

So what happens next? I have long said that Australia is the ‘test bed’ for these criminals that are trying to push their ‘new world order’ agenda and mass genocide project world wide… AND the facts are that they have been able to succeed so far in Australia thanks once again to the fear porn and brainwashing of the Aussie people themselves…

YES, even the people of Australia do have their limits to this type of tyranny as we have witnessed with the nearly 1.5 MILLION Australians that went out and protested last weekend in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth… But again we are talking about unarmed civilians marching in the streets under the ever watchful eyes of a well armed para-military police force and the heavily armed Aussie army themselves…. Thus these marches may look promising, but REAL action via real revolution is necessary to save Australia to a tyranny that will never end….

My message to the good people of Australia is clear… The time for trying to peacefully restore your nation is long gone, AND real revolutionary actions against tyranny will be the only way to save your nation now… Just remember to always keep the proper focus on the goals of such revolutionary action, for these criminals in charge would surely love to have disorganized madness and riots explode as they would use those as their excuses to lock down Australia forever…. Organization and focusing on goals is always the keys therefore…

More to come


2 thoughts on “Australia Prison Nation: What The HELL Is Really Going On?

  1. Bankruptcy reorganization.
    A public thing very jewish.
    Also known as RESET. Austrailia is being divided up, and the tennents (owners) evicted. Covid is the Smokescreen, the shots are the war.


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