Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 19th 2023

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Yes, it is Sunday… Still very cold here in this part of central Canada… And time again for my weekly rant!

I just do not see it or get it? Everywhere across this planet we are seeing the definitive signs of a Grand Solar Minimum upon us, and yet the gullible sheep out there are still believing the nonsense thrust into their simple brains that we are somehow in danger of having the world ‘overheat’ through the fraud of man caused ‘Climate Change’ or what used to be commonly called ‘Global Warming’. You can not turn on the idiot box, aka Talmudvision, these days and not see commercials about how “Climate Change affects us all” and that we can ‘do our parts’ to ‘stop Climate Change’ which I find so asinine and ludicrous in their very concepts… And yes, this is the newest method of massaging and manipulating the simple minded out there, and a definite propaganda shift away from the long bashing of the mind through constant ‘Covid 19’ scare mongering..

And yes, we have had that same fear mongering now for decades… So many have already forgotten the FEAR porn generated by criminal morons out there such as ‘Manbearpig’ himself, Al Gore, with his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ bunch of bullshit ‘documentary’ released over a decade and a half ago that was nothing more than pure fantasy and false premises aimed purposely into scaring the gullible into the false notion that WE as human beings are responsible for what was claimed to be ‘Global Warming’…. Few so quickly forget about how Gore was promoting the lies that snowfall would be a thing of the past, or that the ocean levels would be quickly rising and engulf coastal cities.. NONE of his claims are happening or are ever projected to happen any time in our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children as a matter of fact…

I have been starting these ‘rants’ with this shot at the falsehood of ‘Climate Change’ now for years, as I truly see what is going to happen, as now with the COVID-19 SCAMDEMIC falling to pieces, the criminals that want all of us imprisoned in ’15 minute cities’ and want us totally dependent on them for our very livelihoods through the falsehood of ‘Digital Currency’ ABSOLUTELY need a new level of further FEAR porn to engulf the simple minded out there, and they have long chosen to use this ‘Climate Change’ bullshit as their weapon of choice…. And sadly when we consider how some 6 BILLION people world wide so blindly and stupidly fell for their SCAMDEMIC and the need to commit suicide through taking the deadly KILL SHOTS into their bodies, these criminals know that most of Humanity is too stupid to even live and that they will be able to get their Climate Change ‘laws and restrictions’ in place to subjugate the masses with ease…

OK, I have indeed continued my personal observations and testing on myself to see if the reason that I have been constantly sick this last winter has been due to contact with those around me that have been ‘spiked’ with the antigen Spike Proteins through the deadly KILL SHOTS…. And I basically can conclude that it is true and that I may indeed be especially susceptible to those who are SHEDDING these deadly mRNA proteins out of their pores… I spent the last week and a half since my last ‘cold’ just AVOIDING anyone around me that may be shedding like the plague… Even at work,, I made sure that I avoided nearly all contact with “spiked” coworkers, and did my utmost to work alone and work at remote sites alone every day… When I needed a morning coffee, I made sure I went through drive throughs and not go inside any establishment to make that purchase… When I went to stores to purchase groceries, I went either very early in the morning or late at night to avoid contact with the ‘spiked’ and carried some alcohol based cleaning wipes with me to wipe down anything that I touched…. The result has been seeing me now so much healthier than I have been in months, and feeling near ZERO pressure in my sinuses, as well as having very few headaches….. Thus the only logical conclusion that I can reach at this point is that I have indeed been getting bouts of sickness due to SHEDDING!

Is it just me? Or have the reports about the horrendous ‘effects’ and damage being done to those who have been ‘spiked’ getting much more ghastly by the day? I have already read so many parts in the ‘PFIZER documents’ that were released nearly a year and a half ago that listed thousands of ‘side effects’ due to their deadly KILL SHOTS, and from my own personal observations of the ‘spiked’ out there, I would say that list is true and yet does not entail ALL of the horrendous damage done by these deadly Spike Proteins….. I have honestly never before seen so many sick people around me in my entire life these days, as most are pale and acting so ‘out of sorts’ that it is apparent that something is terribly wrong with their bodies and their immune systems…. And their very movements and the way that they act is absolutely frightening, as most are now acting like they are ‘intoxicated’ as you would see in cases of alcohol abuse to their bodies and minds…. The sad part is that I have watched incidents of this ‘intoxication’ being on a rapid increase, with the worst yet to come as we are still early into 2023..

And do not get me started about what it is like in just driving around this fair city of mine… I have been watching and observing the reactions and actions of the drivers around me and it scares the crap out of me to just be behind the wheel of my SUV…. I have seen so many dart in and out of traffic, while others are just cutting lanes now without a care in the world about whomever is in that other lane… And there seems to be a major uptick in drivers driving so extremely slow and well below any speed limit that has caused other ‘intoxicated’ drivers to further drive even more erratically as they swerve and weave around those slow drivers… And yes, in the past when I would see this happen was in my earlier days when local bars and pubs would close and ‘intoxicated’ drivers due to alcohol would get into their cars and take to the roads….. The logical conclusion here is that this ‘impairment’ that I am seeing in driver reactions is definitely due to the SPIKE PROTEINS destroying the cells of their brains as again I must reiterate that antigen Spike Proteins do have an affinity in attacking and destroying nerve cells…. Sadly, I must also reiterate that this is still early 2023 and the worse is yet to come…

Well… I finally had one reader send me an email about how he is now ‘smelling’ those around him that have been ‘spiked’…. He said to me that the smell is an obnoxious and yet putrid stench that does appear to be a combination of both ‘human feces’ and something that is like a strong disinfectant….. As I am still in the waning days of a very long winter in this part of Canada, and as I am presently staying away from so many ‘shedders’ to not make myself sick, I have not detected that ‘smell’ in these parts at least so far this year…. But suffice to say, I would agree with that reader, as I have already written some reports that show that the antigen Spike Protein that not only loves to destroy nerve cells, also attacks and transfects the cells of the victims LIVERS…. As the liver cells affected are now ‘transfected’ into producing even more Spike Proteins, they are no longer able to break down Ammonia in the body to allow that chemical to be passed through the body as Urine…. Thus with the failure of the liver to flush out Ammonia, that dangerous chemical builds up in the victims’ blood stream and the body tries so desperately to remove that build up through sweat through pores…. Therefore it can be stated that the ‘smell’ coming off the ‘SPIKED’ out there is definitely real and is a sign that they are DYING as their very livers are being destroyed and that they are suffering from Ammonia poisoning.. The other side effect of Ammonia is how it attacks brain tissue which also means that such poisoning further causes ‘intoxication’ affects in the victim as well….

Yes, I will continue to bash away at the SCAMDEMIC as it is absolutely THE greatest crisis in all of human history… The number of those who have already died due to the lethality of the KILL SHOTS is already staggering, as some estimates are easily in the 1+ BILLION range and climbing world wide… Some may argue that they are not ‘seeing’ any reports about such a magnitude for this death toll, and suffice to say that shows the magic of the propaganda of the media as well as a coverup by both our governments and our failure of health care sectors in making claims that those who definitely have died from the KILL SHOTS have died from ‘other causes’…. The list of falsification of the real causes of death from all of these victims is staggering in itself, and I do wonder how long it will take before even the most gullible out there finally wakes up to the reality that these KILL SHOTS are absolutely to blame for nearly ALL of those deaths? I would say that if it was not for the fact that this is a program of genocide, I would applaud these criminals for their ability to keep the sheep as stupid as ever in not knowing the real cause of all of the deaths that are happening EVERYWHERE….

Well, that ‘war’ in Ukraine is still going on, and on, and on…….. And I am especially perplexed as to WHY the Russians simply say enough is enough and launch their long needed ‘massive offensive’ with all of those forces that are in place and just waiting for the signal to proceed forward…. The Russians know that the Ukrainians are already beaten, as the Ukrainian military continues to throw untrained and ill equipped elderly men, young men, and even women, now into the front lines against their forces where they are wiped out in huge numbers to better trained and disciplined Russian forces…. We are presently witnessing this happen in that blood bath of a battle around Bakhmut in the Donbas where the Russians are slaughtering conscript and poorly trained Ukrainian defensive forces en-mass, and to the point that even the Russians are now complaining about the psychopathic leadership in Kiev under that madman Zelenskyy sending in these civilian forces to be murdered….

I cannot even fathom the number of Ukrainian forces that have now been sent to slaughter in Bakhmut alone.. Some recent estimates have now stated upwards of 100000+ Ukrainian forces have died in the defense of that city, and the sickos in charge of the Ukrainian military just continue to pump even MORE forces into that cauldron of destruction… I have said for the last month at least that any prudent and logical Ukrainian leader would have called for a withdrawal from Bakhmut to a better prepared defensive position WEST of that key city and basically surrender the city to the Russians… That would have saved those 100000 lives and have the Ukrainian forces better prepared for further Russian advances with their supplies, ammunition, and other military ordnance intact…But instead we have Bakhmut now proving to be one of the greatest disasters in military history, as the psychos in charge are apparently not giving a damn at all about the lives of their own citizens whom they continue to throw into the useless defence of that city….

Yes, I continue to wait and be so angry about the lack of Russian desire to end this conflict immediately and actually save the lives of the Ukrainian people through launching their large scale offensive that would END this entire conflict within days and finally send that murderous maniac Zelenskyy running for his miserable Jewish life….Some have been claiming that this now points to the idea that Vladimir Putin is indeed in on the entire Ukrainian “game” and that he has no desire to end this conflict immediately as he is also controlled by these JEWISH freaks in charge that want this war in Ukraine to go on and on and basically bleed the primarily WHITE lives in Ukraine to death…. I am not yet sold on this aspect, but considering the fact that Putin could have launched that much needed assault months ago, it does make anyone stop and wonder what Putin is really all about?

OK, Now we have the planned ‘failure’ of that Silicon Valley Bank in the US, and apparently according to some reports that I have read over the last while some “168” OTHER major banks in America about to fail as well… And everyone is still trying to figure out what the ‘big picture’ is in all this? OK, a reality check here, as NOTHING that has already happened and will happen is ever by ‘chance’ when it comes to this upheaval in the banking systems… The JEWISH criminal elite that run the entire scam through their ‘fractional reserve system’ have been planning for YEARS now about how to unleash their next cog in the plan for world dominion via collapsing the entire world’s financial systems to bring in both their ‘one world government’ based upon having the seat of power in Jerusalem, as well as forcing everyone into a permanent ‘digital currency’ system that would have everyone on planet Earth under constant and permanent surveillance and control… Thus this ‘SVB’ failure along with the present ‘CREDIT SUISSE’ failing in Europe is all part of the game and has been PLANNED for years….

Suffice to say, there is evidence EVERYWHERE that SVB along with so many other ‘banks’ have been in ‘trouble’ for years, along with so many liars and crooks still pushing everyone to invest heavily into those criminal organizations… And how is it that just a few days before the SVB problems were announced that so many high end executives suddenly got huge bonuses and/or sold off their shares in that very bank? Nothing again is by chance, and the facts are that the heads of these corporations KNEW in advance that they were on a house of cards about to collapse and basically bailed out taking so much of the investors’ wealth with them in the process… GREED seems to be the order of the day with these crooks who could not give a shit about those who have now lost their life savings in the banks that they had trusted would keep their deposits safe and secure…..

Some have been puzzling as to WHY the criminal COMMUNIST US government went ahead quickly after the collapse of SVB declaring that they would insure all depositors of ALL banks across America… That and how the criminal JEWISH run ‘Federal Reserve System’ has also come forward and declared that they would also insure ALL American depositors that their money would be ‘safe and secure’? This is also not ‘by chance’ and not by ‘reaction’ to that failure in California, for these criminals KNEW well in advance that this collapse of SVB was going to happen, and that they are now wanting to take control of ALL of every American citizens’ deposits in all banks…. I can see what is coming next, as the fear mongering of even ‘more’ financial collapses will have these criminals declare that the ‘ONLY’ safe choice for everyone in America is to accept a form of ‘DIGITAL CURRENCY’… And yes, just like in so many ‘panics’ in the past, the American people will blindly and quickly accept this concept and thus have their freedoms taken permanently..

So is there a solution to this ‘financial crisis’? I would say that the first step is to NOT ‘panic’ as the criminals want, and to contemplate a course of action such as withdrawing your money out of a ‘bank’ as soon as possible and consider REAL currencies such as physical Gold and Silver…. It can be stated that throughout history and especially when ‘banks’ become ‘insolvent’, the only means of trade and barter open to citizens was through physical means including direct trading using both Gold and Silver coinage and ingots….. And I do mean PHYSICAL Gold and Silver, as any firm that tries to sell you ‘certificates’ is as criminal as the banks, as ‘certificates’ are as useless as paper money in a banking collapse… Demand physical precious metals at all times…..The bottom line here is simple; If the world wide economy does got through a planned collapse as the criminals want, the only method of ensuring any value to your investments and to have something that can be used in a ‘barter system’, physical precious metals is the only recourse available…

And of course, we have the latest news that former President, Donald Drumpf, is about to be ‘arrested’ this coming Tuesday as the COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington DC are now trying to find something to cover up the recent announcements that President ‘I shit my pants all the time’ drooling pedophile Joe Biden could be under criminal investigation for Chinese money sent to his entire family, and face possible impeachment charges for such a criminal act of treason…. And to me, the ‘charges’ that Drumpf will face on Tuesday are as ludicrous as the present ‘charges’ that are still there against the ‘January 6th insurrectionists’… There is NOTHING substantial and nothing that will hold up in any logical court of law… But remember that America is now a truly 100% criminal state, and the COMMIES in charge will find some drooling idiot of a judge, along with the same number of reject from clown college ‘Lawyers’ to try to make the charges against Drumpf stick…..

And some have asked me why this is now happening, and especially NOW to Drumpf? Besides the fact that it is needed to deflect the gullible American sheep’s attention away from the real criminality of Biden and his cronies, the fact is that if Drumpf is even ‘indicted’ on ONE charge and made to stick and somehow found ‘guilty’, the COMMIES will use that as a weapon to make sure that Drumpf will be unable to run against them in the 2024 US ‘elections’… Somewhere in the US criminal code there must be the statement that NO criminal can ever run for the Presidency, and the COMMIES are banking on the validity of that ‘code’ to be used against the American people…

Well…That appears to be enough of the main topics that I wanted to cover here for this ‘rant’… I again cannot cover everything that everyone wants me to give my honest opinion about, as to do so would have this report become even more ‘unwieldily’ and long to the point that it would become boring and monotonous… I will continue with my daily ‘news’ reports to hopefully cover at least some of what readers want and demand of course……

OK, time to close this ‘rant’ with my usual ‘last minute tidbits’ to hopefully try to at least give my ‘two cents worth’ on some other interesting happenings around our planet…. I usually start these off with a look at Asia, and of course we have the ‘news’ that North Korea has once again been testing ICBM’s by firing them off into the Pacific Ocean. Yeah, so what? When you see these ‘reports’ from the lying whore media, realize that it is just ‘fluff’ and fear mongering for the gullible, as North Korea is a threat to NOBODY, and is only conducting these tests to show their main adversary, aka the US itself, that they want to be left alone and not have any American interference. Having a nuclear deterrence against American aggression should be enough……..Over in Japan, yes it is now over 12 years since the Fukushima disaster that is STILL ongoing and with no solution to the reactors spewing their guts out into the Japanese countryside and the Pacific Ocean. The only solution to fixing these Plutonium producing fast breeder reactors at Fukushima would be for the entire world to finally pay attention and actually work together in ending the deadly radiation outpouring from those exposed cores. Will that happen any time soon? Do not hold your breath on this one…….Over in China, I continue to see how well the Chinese social credit digital currency system has been working as the Chinese people are now living in a permanent police state with zero real freedoms at all. And yes, if you ever want to see what would happen if our own criminal governments bring in a despotic digital currency system on our own citizens, just look at China as the prime example of permanent enslavement!…… I had to laugh when I saw late last week how badly that pant shitting maniacal drooling pedophile that still somehow calls himself ‘US President’ made a complete fool of himself when he made stupid and obnoxious statements to the Irish Prime Minister who was visiting Washington DC on ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’. The word salad out of that fool was bad enough, but to make statements about the Irish and ‘alcoholic drinking’ on St Patrick’s Day should have been enough to make every American cringe. Just more proof that Biden has turned America into a complete laughing stock on the world stage…. And about that equally lunatic and maniacal Kamala Harris? Apparently this psycho has a mentally imbalanced ‘husband’ who constantly tries to throw the still unproven ‘Holocaust’ out there every chance he can. The sad part of course is how brain dead Kamala is still just a heart beat away from being President, that again should have every American just shudder…….Up here in Canada, we have the equally as sick Justin “I am still laughing about how I got away with banging 12 year old girls and am still Prime Minister” TURDEAU hiring yet another of his cronies to ‘investigate’ his wrong doings in the ‘China-gate’ fiasco that should have this criminal in JAIL on charges of treason. But again, this maniac can now act with impunity for he is just daring the Canadian people to try to stop him if they can! And people wonder why I now hate to actually think of myself as a Canadian, knowing how this country is just as sick and twisted as America if not worse?………The ‘war’ in Syria continues to be a never ending struggle for the Syrian people who have continued to resist the evil attempts by the US/NATO/Israel who are bent on their destruction. And now we have news that the suffering of the Syrian people has reached the point that some face food uncertainty due to the criminal US ‘sanctions’ against Syria itself. Apparently with the US and Israel failing to destroy Syria, their next motion is to starve the Syrian people to death to force them to succumb to US criminal control? As we have seen so many times in recent history, the answer is apparently Yes!…. And in terms of the actual fighting in Syria, the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies continue their attacks against the American run ‘terrorists’ known as ISIS that continue to pop up across the eastern Syrian desert to launch hit and run strikes against primarily Syrian targets. I still say the only solution to this ‘ISIS’ problem is for the Syrians to turn and force the Americans out of their illegal Al Tanf base which has been proven to be the training facility for criminal ISIS actions……..Over in IRAQ, this week will indeed mark the 20th anniversary of the illegal US invasion of that peaceful nation. Many have always asked WHY the US went into Iraq in 2003, and the REAL answer lies with Saddam Hussein launching his war against the US Petro-dollar by beginning to trade Iraqi petroleum exclusively in Euros rather than US dollars. The US needed their excuse to end this trade as they saw it as a danger to the supremacy of the Petro-dollar, and voila we have that ‘invasion’ in 2003 as the result. And thus we see American ‘occupation’ of Iraq still now, twenty years later, and the Iraqi people having enough and demanding the Americans to get out and by force if necessary…….Up in Iran, the Tehran government has now been working on major deals with the Saudis, in the aftermath of the newest ‘peace deals’ between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is of course causing the Israelis in that sickness called Israel to just go ballistic as they do not want to see such a deal succeed, but instead absolutely want to see Iran destroyed. Thus I am still waiting for the attempt by the US/Israel cabal to try to destroy this Iran/Saudi peace deal by all means necessary, including the possibility of a US run ‘coup’ or ‘regime change’ in Riyadh that would put in a US puppet government in Saudi Arabia and end the deal with Iran……And meanwhile, down in Yemen, we see the push now for a full ‘peace deal’ between the Houthis and the Saudi invaders, which comes in the aftermath of the new Iranian/Saudi agreements for peace. Hopefully something good will happen here, especially with the Saudis finally withdrawing from Yemen itself. The Yemeni people have suffered long enough and they should be able to finally decide their own future and without ANY outside interference……..Over in Africa, we have the news that the US has now increased their interference into the civil war in Somalia with recent air strikes carried out against ‘rebel targets’ north of the capital city of Mogadishu. The US has in fact ‘interfered’ in Somalia for decades, and all due to the fact that Somalia is strategically located close to the entrance to the Red Sea and nearby petroleum shipping routes to Europe via the Suez Canal. Control of the ‘Horn of Africa’ gives any nation that vital control over these vital shipping routes, and therefore the US will continue to try to keep one of their puppet governments in control of Somalia at all cost, even if it leaves Somali citizens living in a war torn living hell…Over in west Africa, we have word that the ‘war’ against US run terrorist group ‘Boko Harum’ is finally reaching an end, with apparently that US run group now finally ‘on the run’. Do not hold your breath on this one, for Boko Harum is not going away anywhere soon, especially with the recent infusion of new arms to these criminals via the black market out of Ukraine. The US wants to maintain their control over west African nations via these terrorists for the fact that they want those nation’s massive wealth in minerals and especially GOLD deposits……Up in Europe, we have the good news in The Netherlands, as the Dutch Farmer protest movement against the Amsterdam WEF run regime has apparently gone political with their new party taking down these WEF fools and idiots in the recent local elections. Good for the Dutch, as the WEF does indeed want to turn Holland into a living hell and take away the farmers’ own abilities to feed the population by stupidly removing Nitrogen based fertilizers essential for crops to grow. Such madness has to end everywhere, including right up here in Canada where the TURDEAU government wants to curtail Nitrogen based fertilizers on crops across this massive food producing nation…..Meanwhile the aftermath of the Seymour Hirsch expose on how the US definitely destroyed NORDSTREAM II is still being felt across the globe. The sickening aspects of that deliberate US attack is in both seeing how the Germans continue to just bend over backwards for their American controllers when in fact they should be up in arms over how the Americans blew up their vital source for Natural Gas from Russia, and seeing how the American government continues to lie about Nordstream with their laughable claim that it was done by Ukrainian boats operating in the Baltic Sea of all places! The fact remains that the US did that attack deliberately, and in the aftermath there is still nobody willing to challenge such an act of pure evil…….I for one am glad that more and more we are seeing this fraud of ‘wokeism’ finally die the brutal death that it deserves. Nobody should ever have to put up with this nonsense, and just stop and research into how it is part of the criminal JEWISH desire to see societies destroyed… And do not get me started on the sickness of this ‘transgender’ crap, for that especially has NO place in influencing young children as children should be left to be children. If as adults they decide to mutilate their bodies and turn them into something that they are not, then that is their choice as ADULTS…… Do not kid yourselves if you are gullible enough to believe the reports that ‘inflation’ is somehow ‘under control’. We are now entering springtime and with ‘food uncertainty’ now a definite reality thanks to the evil ways of our WEF controlled governments trying to starve their own citizens to death, we are going to see essential food product prices just explode even further over the next while. If you are still able to do so, stock up on essentials in preparation to at least try to ride out the storm that may be coming…….Arsenal won a great game this morning in beating the Crystal Palace Eagles by the score of 4-1. This victory leaves the Gunners now 8 points clear of main rival Manchester City for the fight for the ‘top of the table’ with barely 10 games left to play in EPL action for this season. And yes, I am an avid Soccer fan, so those who do not like these reports can bite me…… In the very twisted and sick world of those two useless parasites, both Meghan and former ‘prince’ Harry, we have word that these two freaks must apologize to “King Charles” before they can attend the fraud ‘coronation’ in the UK coming up in May. That and this ‘apology’ will apparently open the door for these two useless air breathers to move out of the US and into the United Kingdom itself, where they will get ‘royal welfare’ to live off and take their insanity directly to the British people. But apparently, Meghan is unable to make such apology, and therefore these two ass wipes will continue to just plague the American people with their sickness instead? Has America suffered enough of these two rejects, and to me I say that they should either get real lives and real jobs, or get the fuck out of America once and for all and stay out!…….And finally, in the twisted and sick world of Kardashian, I have the sad news that main skank Kim had the audacity to attend the recent Europa League game between Arsenal and Sporting CP where Arsenal lost in goal kicks to Sporting CP. I just hope that this useless whore is not a ‘fan’ of Arsenal, for that would be an insult to yours truly. And for the life of me, will someone please explain to me WHY the American people so stupidly cling to supporting these useless air breathers, for after 13 years now of writing about their insanity, I still do not get it at all?

More to come



One thought on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 19th 2023

  1. NTS,

    I can smell the ‘vaccinated’ sometimes. But in heavily populated areas. It smells like a putrid burning smell.

    Here in Northern Virginia (NOVA) it was -6 Celsius this morning with 20 mph winds. I think the Manbearpig (AKA Al Gore) has a home here. If he’s here now I’m sure his sunbathing plans were ruined. Climate change is such a fraud that I doubt anyone believes in it anymore.

    Steve Kirsch estimates that 1 in a hundred people have suffered severe health effects from the ‘vaccines’. What I’m seeing is many people are just not leaving their homes. The deliveries from the grocery stores are astounding. The delivery people load up their cars with so many groceries that only the driver’s seat isn’t stacked floor to ceiling!

    The ‘war’ against ISIS is such a joke. With Lloyd ‘step and fetch it’ Austin – US Department of Defense Secretary – in charge. Austin ‘yes sir masta Biden’ was running the training of anti-ISIS forces, but only 5 men of those forces actually engaged in combat. There were supposed to be 5,000. 500 million dollars spent!

    The Biden Administration is so full of misfits and losers it’s like a circus side show. The luggage thief Sam Brinton actually took selfies of himself wearing the clothing he stole. The poor woman whose luggage was stolen is a fashion designer and she was going to display her fashions in Washington DC. She had to cancel. Seeing her clothing that she worked very hard on being worn by Brinton must have been tough. Then we have Pete Buttigieg finally visiting East Palestine, Ohio. BUT wearing Berluti Boots! At over $2000 a pair. This same Buttigieg took two months off for paternity leave. If I were president I would have fired him.


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