Important Must Read: We WARNED You Over And Over, And We Were Always Right!

Well… Some updates today on my good friend and colleague, John Kaminski… He finally got his vehicle fixed thankfully, and today made it back to his residence in Northport Florida…. He informed me earlier that power is now ‘restored’ although sporadically to his home and that the damage to his home is minimal… NO real water damage which is good news, although he has had to throw out a lot of food that went rotten due to NOT having any power for 4 straight days…

I have also had concerns about John’s mental health, as this has been the WORST Hurricane that he has endured in his lifetime and he has seen plenty of them in the past due to his living in both the New England region as well as Florida… He has said that he is OK, even though you could tell in his eyes when we spoke that it has been a massive drain on him both physically and mentally….. It has been hard on him, considering he is now 77 years old, AND yes I was worried that this would have either pushed him over the edge or caused him to have a heart attack…Luckily, neither is the case and he will be spending the next while in ‘recovery’ mode…

And some good news, as he is back on ‘Speak Free Radio’ and just concluded today’s (Monday) show even though it was done via his cell phone… Hopefully he will have his trusty computer fired up and be back on his normal show this coming Thursday as well….

OK, with all that out of the way, onto the business at hand… And once again I have been receiving one heck of a lot of links, messages, etc, that are sent my way from so many astute readers to this blog to me email at …. I cannot express enough my gratitude in those that are keeping me ‘in the loop’ on so much material, and I do want to once again say THANK YOU for that….

Well, one major link that was sent my way caught my attention, and I definitely want to share that one here with my own readers for them to read for themselves… This one comes courtesy of the great “Substack” being published on a regular basis by Doctor Paul Alexander, and I have it right here for everyone, followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:

We WARNED you over & over and we were always right; Bobby Kennedy jr., McCullough, Malone, Risch, Tenenbaum, Cole, Wolf, I, etc.,we warned you; see short list of some of the things we warned you about

Dr. Paul Alexander

27 min ago


We warned that the lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates, vaccine mandates would kill more than it helped and would never work. We were right.

We warned the COVID gene injections, so called ‘vaccines’, could not stop infection, replication, or transmission. We were right.

We warned that denial of early treatment that was safe, cheap, available, would cause deaths to the vulnerable. We were right.

We warned that the vaccines were causing blood clots, micro thrombi with catastrophic implications. We were right.

We warned that the vaccines were causing bleeding. We were right.

We warned that the vaccines were causing myocarditis and pericarditis. We were right.

We warned you that the content of the COVID gene injection does not dissipate quickly, and that the mRNA and the spike and sub-unit components persist and maybe life-long. We were right.

We warned you that if you locked children down and closed schools, you would dampen and impact their developing immune systems and illnesses like hepatitis and normally benign or rare illnesses in children will emerge. We were right.

We warned the vaccines were linked to HIV e.g. gp120. We were right.

We warned that the spike protein is an endothelial pathogen that ravages the vascular walls causing clots and bleeding (vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia). We were right.

We warned about Gain of Function and the furin cleavage site insertion. We were right.

We warned that Fauci and Francis Collins and Baric and Daszak etc. were engaging in dangerous Gain of Function research that could be deadly to humanity. We were right.

We warned that the vaccines were causing fertility changes and miscarriages. We were right.

We warned that the vaccine was deranging immune systems. We were right.

We warned the vaccines could be passed in breast milk. We were right.

We warned that the vaccine content e.g. lipid nano particle, mRNA etc. leaves the injection site and goes all over the body with dangerous implications. We were right.

These are just a short list of some of the things we warned you about.

NTS Notes: Yes, a wonderful article by Doctor Paul Alexander.. BUT of course I must add here that these KILL SHOTS have never ever been ‘vaccines’ and are NOT ‘vaccines’ at all by any proper definition of that term (proper definition of ‘vaccines’ was nefariously changed over the last while to fit with this criminal program of genocide)….. Thus I am sick and tired of this constant claim of these weapons of mass death as being classified as ‘vaccines’….

This list is only a small part of the bigger picture of course…. We could add dozens of more ‘warnings’ including a massive list of WARNINGS that yours truly has personally warned about in my own writings for the last 3 years since they launched the entire scam….

Sadly… I am continuing to witness the HORROR that these death jabs are doing to people on a daily basis… Just today, I was driving down a residential street and suddenly an elderly gentleman just walked directly in front of me without even looking at any oncoming traffic before jay walking right in front of my car! And even after I hit the brakes hard to come to a screeching halt to avoid hitting him and then honking my horn at him, he was 100% oblivious and continued on his ‘merry way’ not even noticing that he almost got himself hit….. SADLY I am seeing more and more of this on a daily basis now, and it is becoming more precarious to even drive anywhere these days…. Is this all because of the horrendous damage being done from these KILL SHOTS? YOU tell me!

We are indeed now in dangerous times, and the death toll from these foul death jabs is on an exponential rise…. Dark times are ahead, and we all must do our best to be prepared for what is coming as it will not be a pretty sight at all…

More to come


11 thoughts on “Important Must Read: We WARNED You Over And Over, And We Were Always Right!

    1. SO WHAT?

      Are you taking the KILL SHOTS?

      Have you bothered to try to warn those around you, especially your loved ones, about what their future entails if they take these shots?

      Have you tried to warn parents to not subject their children to this living hell?

      Have you bothered to try to even spread the word to everyone around you about the dangers of these death jabs?

      When I see someone come out with this ‘So what?’ comment, I question THEIR sanity, for this is a fight for our very future!


  1. So it looks like you have a fact checker as well. Is your moderator qualified? What are his qualifications? Was he approved according to the “COMMUNITY STANDARDS”?


    1. Seriously? You are either a complete moron, or a troll… I am leaning on the latter…

      Further comments of this type without making any sense what so ever will be sent to the spam bin immediately…This is just a warning for the moment..


  2. My apologies to readers, as I am obviously being attacked once again by another in the long list of trolls and JDIF that come here to stir up trouble..

    Future comments from this individual will be sent immediately to SPAM-BLINKA, as I have no time to deal with trolls and complete idiots.


  3. Good for you, NTS.

    If the lunatics were to get their way, they wouldn’t stop at just White People or just Humanity. It seems to me they want to destroy ALL life, and this idiot says “so what?”.


  4. NTS,

    The hurricane Ian is here in Northern Virginia (NOVA). Three days of rain!

    I’ve noticed the impaired reactions during my forays into the urban environment here. Very slow driving, driving on the wrong side of the road, people lost.

    I also am noticing people disappearing! I’ve counted 4 people at my grocery store that have just vanished.

    I’ve been thru two earthquakes and one really bad hurricane.

    Earthquakes are very odd. It feels like a bomb at first, and then it keeps going.

    The hurricane was Agnes, not much wind but the flooding was horrific.

    Here in NOVA the streams will become raging torrents in minutes and will carry away a car in the blink of an eye.

    I was also ‘caught’ in a Tsunami! While I was stationed in Alaska we got a Tsunami warning! We headed up the mountain. But the Tsunami was only a few feet.

    The ‘vaccine’ damage is horrendous.

    Numbers men like Kirsch and Dowd have looked at the ‘vaccine’ mortality and morbidity data from many different sources and the conclusion is grim. In fact Kirsch is convinced that 10,000 people a day are dying from the ‘vaccine’.

    I saw that Turdeau went bungee jumping. I thought the NWO would use this opportunity to dispose of one of their useless idiots.


    1. Actually I do smell them and they do stink… It is just a bit harder to smell them now as they are bundled up for a very cold winter in these parts… But they are definitely SHEDDING and I do recommend that we the UNVAXXED avoid contact with them at all cost..


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