Update On The Kremenchug Mall Fiasco: Kremenchug Mall Fire Occurred Due To Detonation Of Western Supplied Ammunition Stored At Nearby Munitions Facility!

I had hoped that my answer to the Kremenchug “Mall” attack that the western LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets are still screaming is all ‘Russia’s fault’ in my previous article would have been enough to satisfy readers… But as I always do, I have received a LOT of ‘hate mail’ and the usual garbage that is frequently sent as ‘comments’ over the last two days, and all I can do is laugh and shake my head at such ignorance… I will never, of course, give these ass clowns the time of day and will never post ANY of their comments but instead send them immediately to the trash bin… I have zero tolerance for such stupidity, period..

Further, I am standing behind my assertions made in yesterday’s article where I stated CLEARLY that the ‘mall’ was NEVER EVER targeted by the Russian missile strike, as the Russians were rightfully going after that massive ‘ammunition dump’ aka ‘munitions facility’ that most ‘strangely’ was so conveniently located nearly RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the mall in Kremenchug itself….

Now, I again must repeat it here about how the UKRAINIAN military did indeed use a LOT of civilians as ‘human shields’ over the last nearly 5 months of this ‘war’ in Ukraine against the Russians… Using civilians as ‘shields’ was a vain attempt to prevent the Russians from going after prime targets, as there was the fear that many civilians that were in those facilities would die as well during said attacks … And this was proven to be the case especially in Mariupol, where those bastard ‘Neo-Nazis’ definitely held so many civilians against their will and definitely used them as human shields to prevent the Russians from going after the strongholds that these criminals occupied… So many civilians did indeed die as a result, and the LYING WHORE MEDIA was all over those sad ‘deaths’ blaming them all on the Russians!

So now, we ‘fast forward’ to a few days ago, and the Russians launching a precision missile strike on that massive ‘ammunition dump’ near that mall in Kremenchug… I again must ask the big question therefore; Did the Ukrainian military PURPOSELY store a shit load of prime and western ammunition at that military facility knowing full well that it would be right next door to a civilian shopping mall? Knowing from what they did at Mariupol, I would say ABSOLUTELY YES, with the intention of course of using that proximity to the shopping mall as a means of warding off any Russian attacks!

And therefore this all makes sense, for when the Russians blew up the ammunition dump/facility next to that shopping mall, there were ‘civilian casualties’ as the collateral effect….. This to me shows the horrible and maniacal nature of the Ukrainian military that they would do such a thing to their own civilians….

And once again, I am not alone, for here is a link to a new article from Sputnik News, that covers the actual cause of the massive ‘fire’ at that supposed ‘crowded’ mall in Kremenchug:


NTS Notes: I do want readers to understand that in a WAR there will always be civilian casualties… This is a given…

But I find it so offensive that the LYING WHORE MEDIA here in the west is still frothing at the mouth claiming that Russia ‘murdered’ those patrons at that mall in Kremenchug without giving the REAL STORY about how the Ukrainian military operated a massive ‘ammunitions dump’ that was located almost RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the mall itself…

Again, I am only presenting the facts and will never fall for the ‘outrage’ that is all over the propaganda pieces that still somehow classify themselves as ‘news’… The facts are that these ‘media outlets’ have been lying for the last 5+ months now about this ‘war’ in Ukraine without even bothering to show any evidence or actual facts to back up their claims… Therefore when they scream about this ‘massacre’ in Kremenchug, they are not backing it up with any facts about the Ukrainian ‘ammo dump’ going sky high that actually caused that ‘massacre’ at all…

So who is to blame for this fiasco in Kremenchug? I use rational thinking and have looked at all of the evidence, and I am blaming the Ukrainian military 100% for PURPOSELY storing a huge amount of deadly ordinance at a ‘military facility’ right next door to a civilian shopping mall… THAT to me is 100% criminal, as obviously it is logical that if that military facility was attacked, then the mall and the patrons inside could indeed suffer the consequences…

Update, June 29th, 2022: Here is a report from Russia Today that shows confirmation from the criminal Ukrainian government that the Russians did indeed TARGET THE MUNITIONS DUMP that again was so ‘conveniently’ located nearly right next to that shopping mall in Kremenchug:


And well, there you have it.. The UKRAINIAN MILITARY is indeed 100% fully responsible for what happened in Kremenchug, as they ‘conveniently’ put a shit load of high explosive ordinance at that facility and when the Russians blew it up the resulting explosion hit that shopping mall!

Facts are facts, readers… Never fall for the crap from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets as they have a truly criminal agenda..

Update, June 30th, 2022:

I was just sent a comment from a fellow blogger, who has written a fabulous in depth detailed article that clearly shows that this ‘mall attack’ was once again caused clearly by ‘collateral damage’ from that AMMO DUMP that was located nearly right next door to that mall.. Here is the link to his article here:

Yes, the more anyone actually sits down and takes a look at this ‘attack’ the more they realize that it is indeed 100% the fault of the Ukrainian military that definitely decided to put all of that military ordinance in that ‘munitions depot’ located besides this mall…. Therefore I am standing firm behind my statement that this was not a Russian attack on that mall at all, but the result of the ‘carelessness’ (not) of the Ukrainian military.

More to come


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