Giving My Two Cents Worth On Several Ongoing Issues For Today

Well…. I have been once again busy with a LOT of chores and projects today around my humble abode….. Summertime is rapidly approaching, and with Spring being so gawd awful short thanks to those late ‘Colorado Low’ storms that gave us unusual amounts of snow earlier this spring and a heck of a lot of RAIN over the last few weeks, I have had to spend a lot of time in getting my yard to look like some form of what I call “normal”…

Therefore once again I have been sitting down in front of my IMAC computer when I have some ‘breaks’ and my surfing has been so limited over the last few days… However, with so much happening around our sick world over these last couple of days, I figure I would give my ‘2 cents worth’ on trying to give readers some sense of the TRUTH about these incidents…

First and foremost, we have that new fangled ‘false flag shooting’ down in Uvalde, Texas just the other day, and lo and behold but that ‘shooting’ occurred at a school of all places, which quickly had me thinking of the 100% FRAUD ‘mass shooting’ nearly a decade ago at ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School’ in Sandy Hook Connecticut where NOBODY DIED….. I actually spent 5 minutes reading the crap from the ‘official story’ of this latest bullshit and I smelled horse manure almost instantly!

In fact, and thanks to Jim Stone, over at his website at, apparently this Uvalde Texas fraud, where they are claiming some ’19 people have died’ (at the time of my posting) is 100% bovine excrement, as apparently the ONLY shooting was of the ‘transgender shootist’ that 18 year old latino ‘transsexual'(gee, what are the odds?) Salvador Ramos, was SHOT DEAD by someone using a concealed weapon (legal in Texas) even BEFORE he got anywhere near the school!

Here in fact are some of the details, derived right from Jim Stone’s website, here:

A reader sent:

Jim, my youngest son (who is 19 years old now) went to elementary, middle and high school in TX. Three different cities.

By the time 2014 rolled around, ALL schools in our area had been retrofitted (and new schools designed with) buzz- in systems, where you could not walk into the school without being buzzed in by the front office. Parents would literally have to give their name, the name of their student, and the reason for their visit. You would sit outside and wait a couple minutes while the administration and staff verified that your student was a real student at the school. 

Once inside, the only place accessible to any visitor was the front office. There was bulletproof glass and / or heavy locked doors leading to all other areas of the school, and this was at multiple schools throughout the years that my son attended. All schools were designed this way! It was done intentionally to stop mass shootings. 

There is no way that in 2022 the shooter had access to a classroom.

My response: Of course not. He never made it out of the parking lot. As you probably read, thanks for this confirmation. For everyone else, keep reading. This shooting was fake no ifs or buts.


But first this little tidbit. Some are saying this is not him, but early on this is who they said it was until he was swapped out for the guy with an AR15. I’ll go with this, since the earliest news reports said he was trans and upset with the way he was treated. It’s possible to get one or two details wrong, but when the original story was a trans with a hand gun who was mad about being disenfranchised and got shot by concealed carry in the parking lot where he was stopped I am having a hard time with a total flip to not trans with AR15 that went into the school. Sorry. Actually no. Not sorry. I know the agenda. The following tweet was posted HOURS after I knew this guy was trans.


Disgruntled LATINO TRANS teenage nutcase pulls up to school, shoots one round from a hand gun and is then shot by concealed carry IN THE PARKING LOT. It ended RIGHT THERE, IN THE PARKING LOT.

Anything else they spew is just another Sandy Hook. That was the FIRST STORY, where in the hell did 21 dead come from??? I was ignoring this because even an hour into it only the shooter got nailed and the story ended in the parking lot. So I figured the story would die and I ignored it only to find out some assinine gun grab pervert decided to launch.


Actually that’s not the ABSOLUTE ORIGINAL story, the ORIGINAL was that it was stopped IN THE PARKING LOT, there was no one “running to the school”. But at least this release said everyone was safe with only one person shot, omitting the fact that the one person shot was the original shooter. Taken out by concealed carry.

THAT is the story. Anything more is a “Sandy Hook”!!

NTS Notes: Yes, this is the REALITY of this 100% massive fraud that is being concocted and pushed by the LYING WHORE MEDIA right now…

And of course these liars are trying to fool the gullible and stupid American people into the falsehood that this is a ‘real shooting’ just to push for what the COMMIES in charge 100% want which is to unarm the American people…

And State Of The Nation has also picked up on this fraud, and have written their own summary in an article that I want to link to here:

NTS Notes: SPREAD this truth around, everyone.. And show everyone the reality that this ‘Texas Shooting’ is nothing of the sort, and is just as PHONEY as the Sandy Hook fraud from a decade ago… People do need to wake up on this one, definitely…

And of course I cannot overlook the happenings in the war in Ukraine… I will try to keep this short and simple here, as first I want to present the updated maps of this Ukraine war, thanks to the good writers over at Southfront (… Here is the first one of the overall war in Ukraine here:

Military Situation In Ukraine On May 25, 2022 (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

Next, we have the close up map of Eastern Ukraine, where the major fighting continues in the Donbas region as Russian forces are indeed doing ‘pincer movements’ to surround and trap Ukrainian army units.. Here is that map here:

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On May 25, 2022 (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

NTS Notes: Again, as before, these images may appear ‘blurry’ but they can be seen with more clarity by just clicking the pictures themselves…

The actual fighting in Ukraine, that is now in its 90th day, is exactly as I had predicted where the Russians are continuing to enlarge their holdings in the Donbas region and increasing the size of that large buffer zone to protect the Donbas and its breakaway republics…

Oh, and about that $40 Billion that is being thrown away in Ukraine by the criminal US government.. Here is an interesting link to a TASS article that shows the reality that barely 15% or some $6 Billion will be sent directly to Ukraine, here:

NTS Notes: My question of course is WHERE is the other $34 Billion going? Obviously to more bureaucracy and waste (and possibly into so many criminals’ pockets) definitely much like so much money that the US throws around these days….

And the real sad part being, that in spite of only getting barely $6 Billion which will be wasted in Ukraine, the Ukrainians will have to pay back the ENTIRE $40 Billion!!!!

I am of course going to continue over the next while my RELENTLESS attacks on the ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit, for I definitely want to see these bastards defeated on this one so as to at least wake up some around the world that they are truly being played as SUCKERS….

And in terms of ‘Monkeypox’, apparently the criminals are raring to go with injecting the fools out there with ‘Smallpox vaccines’ that they claim are ‘effective’ against ‘Monkeypox’! Yes, we have seen how effective the mRNA KILL SHOTS have been in ‘treating’ the fraud called ‘COVID-19’ over the last 2 years, so why not have the SUCKERS out there actually believe this nonsense as well…

I will be delving more into the FRAUD ‘vaccines’ that they have ‘ready to go’ for this FRAUD called ‘monkeypox’… But in the meantime, here is an interesting report from the website that discusses the presently known ‘side effects’ of these ‘Smallpox vaccines’… Here is that link here:

NTS Notes: Yes, most interesting.. And I do wonder what this will do to those who have had their immune systems utterly destroyed already by taking the COVID KILL SHOTS…. I can see countless numbers of deaths coming from this outrageous ‘vaccine’ indeed…

Well, that is enough for the moment… Right now I am beat as I spent nearly all of the day outside and I do need to have some much needed Rest and Relaxation… I will be presenting even MORE information of course over the next while to get the truth out about so many key issues that we face, and I do hope that readers are indeed going their diligence and taking my material and giving it out FREELY to everyone…

More to come


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