Reflections On 10 Years Of Hard Work At Jew Run Blogger

Well… I have not yet received a reply from the psychotic Jewish freaks that run Blogger…. I definitely pissed them off with my simply asking a few hard questions about their so called “Holocaust” through the last article that I posted as a reflection on Lasha Darkmoon’s ( article: “Thou Shalt Not Doubt The Holocaust”….

Again, all this proves is that censorship is definitely alive and well and now Google is gone as a platform for trying to find any truth in our sick world…

OK, I am still doing home renovations for the next while, and as a result I have not the time and the patience to do a lot of writings here…. If I do lose “Blogger” permanently, then it will take a lot more time to get this blog at WordPress up to full steam, and honestly, I do not want to go all out and try to create this as my platform of reaching people only to find that who ever is behind WordPress suddenly does not like what I am writing and then removes my blog here at WordPress as well!

I want to spend the time here “reflecting” on some 10 years of hard work at Blogger… I do hope that my efforts and my articles did stir a lot of people’s minds and that I have had an impact on everyone….

When I started “Northerntruthseeker” up over 10 years ago, I just wanted it to be an outlet for my thoughts on our sick world…. I honestly had thought for years that it was ONLY the so called “Zionists” that were the troublemakers, but from research for years on their sick and twisted “religion” called Judaism, I had discovered that the entire sick freak “tribe” are indeed most evil and are to blame for the damage to this planet that we see today… That and discovering how mentally corrupt they are and how they absolutely are hell bent on either destroying or subjugating the rest of mankind, I have been appalled by these freaks…. AND to top that all off, we have their sickness of both pedophilia and of course “ritual child sacrifices” (Look at the facts: over 100000 children go missing across this planet every year, and I would bet that the majority are part of this ritual child sacrifice practice done by these freaks) that should have everyone up in arms against these monsters….. Yes, there are those who scream that we should not blame ALL of the “Jews” for these crimes, but I point out to those naysayers their own teachings through their sick “Torah” and “Talmud” as proof of how truly evil they are!…. And to those who scream “racism” at me?  I point out how these freaks INVENTED that term as well as their tried and true “antisemitism” as their psychological methods of suppressing those who see their criminal ways… THEY are the real Racists!

Of course, I must reflect on the one touchy subject that finally got me kicked off of “Blogger” which is of course my questions about the supposed Jewish “Holocaust” of the second world war….. I have done my own research into that “topic” for over 4 decades and I long concluded that there has been something terribly wrong with the “official” record about that supposed “genocide” of the second world war… .The math for example simply does not add up at all, for there were indeed some 2.4 Million Jews living in Europe in 1939 at the start of the second world war in all of the countries that Germany conquered….. Then we have the records showing after 1945 how there were some 3.8 Million Jews claiming themselves to be victims of the supposed “Holocaust” and have claimed or are still claiming reparations from that event… Now then, to top that all off, we have the “6 Million” that supposed died from that genocide… This math then equates to:   2.4 Million minus 6 Million equals 3.8 Million, leaving a massive 7.4 Million hole in the “official record”…..Does this make any sense at all?  I of course cannot officially question the “holocaust” or challenge its authenticity as I live in Canada where the “rule of law” stipulates that to challenge the official record means jail time… I will therefore say:  OK, If the “holocaust” did happen, then it can survive ANY scrutiny, right?… WHY have laws to block any of those who are willing to scrutinize?  The proof of this event will stand out and is verifiable, right?…….Something is terribly wrong with the official record indeed….

And of course being a man of science, I had discovered in my own journey to reality about how we have been LIED to for decades by our criminal governments about our “exploits” in outer space… I could write dozens of these posts about how the US space agency, known as NASA, has lied for nearly 5 full decades now on their fraud “Project Apollo” missions of 1968-1972, but suffice to say, if everyone just takes the time to research it and open their minds to a bit of critical analysis, they will see that EVERYTHING is wrong with that part of our history…. I first came across the illogical “science” of the entire Apollo fraud back in 1979 during my time in Physics in University, and I have never looked back……  It is to me so amazing to see how powerful the brainwashing has been to this day, for in spite of the overwhelming evidence that shows this entire scam to be a fraud, there are still almost 75% of the people out there that blindly believe that man has set foot on the moon….

I find it laughingly disgusting that we find a group of well paid or probably the most stupid people imaginable, out there trying to sway so many gullible people with the sad notion that: “NASA has lied about their Apollo moon missions, and therefore the world is flat”…. I first encountered this group of shills and idiots about 5 years ago, and even to this day I am surprised that so many stupid and idiotic people have fallen for this trap… Knowing that mankind did not land on the moon does NOT make the world flat, period!….. I can definitely say that this “flat earth” nonsense was purposely injected into the alternative media to try to destroy the fake Apollo mission crowd, and sadly some in the group fell for this stupidity…. It was also purposely thrown out there to try to cover for NASA’s continuous lies, by creating the false link of “Ok, you do not believe in Project Apollo, so therefore you are a “flat earther”….. People with even one ounce of critical thinking can see the game being played here, and I for one am still laughing my ass off at not only these flat earth rejects, but about how truly gullible people can be for falling for this crap!

And about this “Global Warming” nonsense… It is true that our very weather is being manipulated today by the usage of so many weather modification technologies developed over decades, and that weather modification is probably being applied at this moment to create the illusion that the planet is “overheating” to further the scoundrels behind the global warming fraud to try to give them some sense of false credibility… But the facts are still the facts, in that man caused “global warming” is a massive fraud and swindle…. This planet is driven by that big ball of nuclear fusion driven gas and plasma at the center of our solar system, which goes through cycles of solar minimums and maximums…. Humans can pour out all of the “greenhouse gases” that they want and it has MINIMUM effect on the climate of this planet… Solar cycles are and always have been the key to the changing climate of our world, and these cycles have been naturally occurring for billions of years… Therefore I look upon this entire “Global Warming” aka “Climate Change” bull crap as an agenda by criminals, and apparently the “agenda” is to fleece every human through their pocket books by the imposition of fraud “carbon taxation”…..  The sad part in all this is how many people have fallen for this scam, and shockingly so many still do not get it that the entire “carbon tax” is nothing but a lie in itself for the simple fact that Carbon Dioxide is NOT a “greenhouse gas” at all…….The joke is on all of us as our governments plunder us all through “carbon taxes”, and continue to scream that everyone must do their part to “save the planet”….

I also spent one heck of a lot of time writing about how Fluoride in our water is a pure poison and being used to numb our minds… That and I have written so much material on how vaccines are being used as weapons of choice to destroy our immune systems as well as further damaging our minds……These weapons of choice by the criminal Jewish elite have done their damage well, as we see so many people now walking around like dumb ass sheep oblivious to the damage that these criminals have done… I for one have been shocked in seeing colleagues and friends turned into mindless automatons without one ounce of critical thinking in their fried brains…. And we find our own governments on the warpath wanting to make sure “everyone” has their proper amounts of vaccine poison injected into their bodies.. Yes, the agenda here is to definitely turn everyone into mindless robots and compliant slaves… And to do it through the usage of poisonous chemicals such as Fluoride, Mercury, and Aluminum…..

I also have tried to tackle this “political correctness” bullshit that has so many people in an uproar these days… I cannot stand this “LBGTQ” or what ever these fucking freaks like to call themselves….. There are two sexes in the human genome, period… Men and women are men and women, and not these freakazoids that we find out there trying to destroy our societies…. People need to wake the fuck up and see that all of this “political correctness” is part of the Jewish plan for world domination as part of their sick and twisted scheme of destroying the family unit… They indeed want to see so many people fucked up morally and mentally that their opposition to their push for world domination becomes non-existent…. The Jews were always the driving force behind the fraud of “feminism” and the entire “LBGTQ” bullshit, and when you look at the ringleaders behind these scams, guess what?  They are almost 100% Jews!….  AND lets face reality here, for opening the “gates” to allow these freaks out has opened the sickness of PEDOPHILIA to be let loose on our planet…. It has been no shock to me at all to see that we have Pedophiles out there right now trying to promote their sickness openly and I can only point the finger as to how we have become complacent in allowing this “political correctness” bullshit to progress to where we are today!  Wake the fuck up people!!!!  I know that I am pissing off a lot of these freaks that happen to read this blog right now, and all I can say to them is to fuck off and get back into those closets where you belong.. I would even help them out by nailing the closets shut behind them!

Yes, the entire purpose of my writings has been always to try to reach out and awaken the masses… I have preferred to not use a carrot but a stick in so many of my writings, as I have found that the shock treatment is far better than just ‘beating around the bush’ …. Have I offended a lot of people in what I state? You bet I have!  If you can handle the truth, then all the better for you.. If you can not, then I cannot help you out and you can go back to sleep now…

The future of NTS?   I cannot say what plans I have for the moment.. .I have received a “black eye” of course from the criminals behind “Blogger”, but I am still out there being the radical and true critical thinker I am…. I will not give up in trying to awaken people to the dangers they face in our sick world, and I will not be sidelined by what the Jewish pricks did to me over at “Blogger”…… I am not a quitter, and these fuckers responsible for trying to shut me down over at “Google” will only rue the day that they have tried to muzzle me…. Northerntruthseeker is out there, and people know where to find me…

More to come




Knocked out of Blogger (again)!

This is getting so ridiculous… I have to thank the Jewish elite for their blatant censorship of Google and especially Blogger…  For as of this morning, August 7th, 2018, I have officially been knocked out of Blogger due to my last article concerning Lasha Darkmoon’s excellent article concerning the so called “Holocaust”

That article in question can be reached at, and is entitled: “Thou Shalt Not Doubt The Holocaust”….  I do recommend that everyone take the time to read up on it there!

Yes, censorship lives… And it is being done due to the vast majority of people waking up and seeing the reality of the Jewish criminal control of our planet.. These criminals do not want the sheep to know who is culling them and the majority will only wake up when it is too late… It is therefore important to have that voice in the wilderness and to try to reach people, which I have been trying to do for well over 10 years…

If Blogger is restored, then I have to once again walk on egg shells… If not, I will be using this site at WordPress from now on for my outlet..

Thanks everyone.. and as usual…
More to come


Northerntruthseeker knocked out of Blogger!

Greetings from WordPress..

As many of you are now aware, I have been censored “temporarily” at Google’s “blogging site” known as “blogger”…

Yes, I knew this was coming, and was caught off guard this evening by this nefarious act…

I will be at WordPress for the time being, and will be trying to post articles here for the near future until either Blogger readmits my blog, or I have it permanently removed…

My apologies to everyone.. This came as a shock!

More to come