The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 – Another Death Of An Elderly Person In Her 80’s With Other Serious Health Issues!

I am going to continue to write my daily Manitoba COVID-19 reports here at WordPress…. I have now given up hope of any restoral of my material over at Blogger, and thus this may be my permanent platform for any and all future writings…

OK, Onto the business at hand… I got today’s “official Manitoba COVID-19 report” a short while ago, and once again they are claiming a new ‘death’ from this ‘deadly virus’… But of course they are LYING as usual, as this new ‘death’ was actually an 80+ year old female resident of a seniors centre that had severe health issues already! Thus the manipulation by these criminals to try to sell their ‘pandemic’ to the gullible people of Manitoba goes on….

OK, Onto today’s numbers as posted by those scoundrels, and once again I first want to present them here in alphabetical order:

(a) Now a grand total of ‘2108’ cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks since the state of emergency declaration for this province back in mid-March.. This is an increase of “36” new cases since yesterday’s total of ‘ 2072’ cases..

(b) The officials are saying there are ‘technical issues’ in regards to the hospitalization numbers including those in the Intensive Care Units as well.. Yesterday’s totals were “18” total patients in the hospitals and ‘7’ in the ICU units, and I am expecting them to increase this number slightly…

(c) Now there are ’22’ deaths that the criminals in charge are saying were ‘from’ this ‘deadly virus’ but upon further review, we find that ALL of these ’22’ deaths were caused by severe ‘underlying health issues’ that each case suffered from….

(d) Now there are ‘1409’ recovered cases of this ‘deadly virus’ for the last 28+ weeks, which is an increase of ’10’ recovered cases from yesterday’s total of ‘1399’ recovered cases…

(e) Now there are ‘677’ active cases for all of Manitoba suffering from this ‘deadly virus’… This is an increase of ’25’ active cases from yesterday’s total of ‘652’ active cases.. And ALL of these ‘active cases’ are of course suspect at best as they are obtained from the fraudulent and totally inaccurate ‘PCR tests’…

Yes, the criminals are continuing to manipulate their ‘numbers’ as they have for months now… And they are indeed scoundrels in claiming their ’22nd death’ was from this ‘deadly virus’ when the reality is once again it was a frail elderly woman who had severe health issues already that were the actual cause of her death! Liars and scoundrels indeed…

OK, Time again to take a closer look at their “numbers” as I always do, and as usual in the same alphabetical order right here:

(a) I watched the Jewish controlled media after this criminal report was put out there for all to see, and once again they are harping this number and claiming that Manitoba is in a ‘second wave’ of this ‘virus’… But of course when you do look at this ‘2108’ figure and compare it to the numbers from REAL respiratory illnesses suffered by Manitobans in the last 28+ weeks, it continues to be a pathetic joke! But of course it is the fear propaganda that is driving this entire scam!

(b) Interesting that they were unable to ‘update’ this hospital number… I do see so much manipulation taking place here, and I can easily guess that they found themselves in a quandary with this ‘number’ and thus will not post it today until they can manipulate it further… I can safely say that they are continuing to grab a few ‘suckers’ from their fraud ‘PCR tests’ and are throwing them in the hospitals purposely to try to drive up this number!

(c) Yes, there was a ’22nd’ death, but upon further review we still have ZERO patients actually ‘dying’ from this ‘deadly virus’ at all! 21 out of 22 deaths so far have been frail elderly people with other serious health problems, and the 22nd was a man who had terminal Cancer! It is apparent that the Pallister criminals are indeed getting their deaths by scouring the senior centres across the province to label ALL of the deaths of the senior citizens there as ‘death by COVID-19’… This all reaffirms my statements that NOBODY is really dying from this ‘deadly virus’ here in Manitoba at all!

(d) The criminals are back to manipulating this number, obviously… And the reason is simple to pump up the ‘active cases’ number and to cover for the fact that nobody is actually ‘dying’ from this ‘deadly virus’ at all, and in ALL cases unless they have other serious health issues, they all recover completely!

(e) Yes, the Jewish controlled media here in Manitoba is harping this as a ‘record number’ of active cases just to continue to drive their bullshit ‘second wave’ propaganda… But of course ALL of these ‘active cases’ are derived from the fraud ‘PCR tests’ that give 100% false positive results… We therefore can only conclude that NOBODY in Manitoba is actually suffering from this ‘deadly virus’ at all and thus it truly is a 100% scam-demic!

Yes, the manipulation goes on… .And I do want to reiterate that I find it so disgusting that they are getting their ‘new deaths’ by claiming deaths in senior citizen complexes across the planet as ALL being from “COVID-19″…. This is so disgusting, but it just means that the Manitoba criminals in charge of this entire scam-demic are only mirroring what is happening elsewhere across the planet as everyone else is selecting seniors and claiming their deaths are from this ‘ deadly virus’ as well..

And we are now fast approaching 29 full weeks of this scam, and the fuckers here in Manitoba are actually contemplating even MORE ‘restrictions’ this coming week as they are screaming that this ‘second wave’ is somehow ‘exploding’…. It is bad enough with the face diapers and the fucking bullshit of isolation and ‘social distancing’ bullshit and crap, but I do wonder what diabolical act they will do next to the already exhausted and demoralized people of this province?

AND I once again do want to remind everyone of the REAL deaths from this entire scam, which are those who have allowed their anxiety, panic, and despair, consume them to the point that they have taken their own lives via suicides….. If and when this scam-demic is over, I do want to make sure that ALL of the criminals who were running this scam pay dearly for those sad deaths via suicide, and to me HANGING them all would be way to good for their horrendous crimes against all humanity!

More to come


The COVID-19 Hoax: Consequences – How Can People Do This To Children?

I am getting back to my assault on the COVID-19 bullshit, and I will be doing some ‘catching up’ on so many articles sent my way from so many readers, and followers, over the last few days… I had not published a lot of what was sent my way due to the ‘blogger’ situation….

I am still learning to ‘navigate’ around WordPress and still learning some of the features for blog postings…. And one feature in particular I am indeed worried about is how WordPress works with he publishing of “Youtube” videos… I am well aware that “WordPress” is just as bad as that bullshit service called ‘Blogger’ in terms of “Brandnewtube” videos, but I am wondering about “Youtube” at WordPress, and I am about to find out…

I came across a fabulous new video from “Pam Popper” whom I had a bunch of videos up over at “Blogger”… And her latest is a must see by everyone for it looks at the HORRENDOUS treatment of children thanks to this entire bullshit scam-demic…. Here in fact is that video, entitled: “Consequences: How Can People Do This To Children?” for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I am not surprised by these reports about the ABUSE of children with this fraud scam-demic going strong and having schools everywhere treat children like hardened criminals and prisoners!

I look at what Pam Popper presents in this video, and I have to ask WHY parents are even bothering in sending their children to those hell holes called ‘public schools’? These incidents that Pam presents are definitive evidence of the need to have ‘home schooling’ take place right now until these fucking retarded schools grow up and let the children’s lives return to a REAL normal!

I will continue to present videos here at WordPress, and if anyone knows of a method to have the full videos play from “Brandnewtube” rather than being stuck with the links only, please let me know!

More to come


Open Invitation For Those Who Followed My Work At Blogger

I am sending this out as an ‘open invitation’ to those who had followed me over at ‘Blogger’ for years now to please send me their internet address for their sites that were on my list of the ‘finest bloggers that I know’ , so that I can update my list here…

I am also inviting anyone that wants to send me messages and/or personal information to my email at…..

I know that I should NOT have to apologize for what has happened to me at “Blogger” for I could see it coming for years as the Jewish criminals in charge of that ‘site’ are indeed determined now to muzzle free speech and turn off any blogs now that they ‘claim’ are in violation of their CENSORSHIP of the truth….

Please feel free to comment at any time and or continue to send me any information or articles/videos/etc to myself at any time…..

Honestly, it is sad to see my efforts at Blogger disappear as that site had a tremendous following and had 7.1 MILLION views for the 11.5 years that it was around.. .I have NO regrets for what I did and what I wrote for I am an honest person driven by the want for what is best for everyone….

I therefore want to thank each and every one of you for your support… I will continue to write articles here at WordPress for the time being and am now motivated to finally go mainstream in the near future… I will of course send that information out for all to see if and when that happens!

And I am not going to change my ending of these articles, as it has become a trademark of my work… Therefore once again

More to come


The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, October 2nd, 2020 – One New Death, But Once Again An Elderly Person With Other Health Issues!

I am continuing to try to put out articles here at WordPress…. It seems now that I have to give up hope of ever being put back into service at that other heinous site known as “Blogger”…. Apparently as I have said already, telling the truth about these scoundrels and criminals at that pathetic site does indeed get you censored!

OK, Onto the matter at hand, and I am back putting up my daily looks at the crap that the provincial government here in Manitoba spews as their ‘daily report’ into this continuing scam-demic ‘crisis’… And lo and behold but they have once again selected one elderly person who obviously died from other health issues and is proclaiming that person as their latest ‘victim’ of this ‘deadly virus’… It is a pathetic and continuing attempt by these criminals to try to scare the people of Manitoba and yet try to justify the continuing destruction of this province, and they are FAILING miserably!

Well… Onto today’s “numbers” from their ‘official report’… And of course I want to start by breaking down their numbers in alphabetical order as I always do right here:

(a) Now there are ‘2072’ total cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in the last 28+ weeks since the province put in their ‘state of emergency’ and sent everyones’ lives to hell… This is an increase of ’43’ cases from yesterday’s total of ‘ 2029’ cases overall…..

(b) Now there are ’18’ cases in all of Manitoba’s hospitals… And still ‘7’ cases in the Intensive Care Units at those hospitals as well… This is an increase of ‘3’ cases in the hospitals from yesterday’s total of ’15’ hospitalized cases…

(c) Now there are ’21’ overall deaths from this ‘deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks since the state of emergency declaration… This is an increase of ‘1’ death from yesterday’s grand total of ’20’ deaths in that entire 28+ weeks, and ALL deaths had underlying health issues including this newest one that was an elderly man in his 70’s with severe health problems!

(d) Now there are ‘1399’ recovered cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks time frame.. This is an increase of ’11’ recovered cases from yesterday’s grand total of ‘1388’ recovered cases…

(e) Now there are ‘652’ active cases of this ‘deadly virus’ for all of Manitoba… This is an increase of ’31’ active cases from yesterday’s total of ‘621’ active cases… And ALL ‘active cases’ are suspect at best as they were derived once again from the bullshit ‘PCR tests’ that gives 100% false positive results!

Well… Nothing surprises me any more when it comes to these criminals and their fraudulent numbers game… They can have all of the ‘cases’ that they want, for that is fraudulent enough as they come exclusively thanks to the fraud ‘PCR tests’, but the real number once again that anyone should be concerned about is the ‘number of deaths’ and once again NOBODY is dying FROM this supposedly ‘deadly virus’ at all!

OK, Time again to take their numbers and rip them to shreds as I do on a daily basis.. And once again in the same alphabetical order as listed above here:

(a) I have to reiterate that this ‘2072’ total in some 28+ weeks’ time is pathetic and does NOT make for some terrible ‘pandemic’ by a long shot… If there was a REAL health crisis and a REAL ‘deadly virus’ lurking out there, this number would be in the TENS OF THOUSANDS at least for a 28+ week time frame… This “2072” actually pales in comparison to the numbers that we normally would see from other real respiratory diseases in a 28 week time frame as well….. But the power of the Jewish controlled media continues to reign supreme as they are hammering gullible people’s simple minds with the idea that this ‘2072’ number is somehow signs that we are all going to die! Pathetic? Absolutely!

(b) Well, maybe someone in charge of this scam is listening to me? They are finally trying to raise the number of hospital cases to create the illusion that the hospitals are busy working on “COVID-19 cases’… But raising it by ‘3’ to ’18’ total cases is a real laugher, for a REAL health emergency with a REAL ‘deadly virus’ would have the hospitals overflowing with cases…. Once again a pathetic excuse for a “pandemic” IMHO…

(c) Once again this is the ONLY number that anyone should care about in this ‘health crisis’, and to claim that ’21’ deaths in a 28+ week period of time makes for a ‘deadly virus’ is beyond ludicrous.. A REAL health emergency with a REAL ‘deadly virus’ would see thousands of people dead alone here in Manitoba for the last 28 weeks…. AND I have to mention once again that every one of these ’21’ deaths can properly be attributed to OTHER ‘health issues’ that each patient had, and thus I am going to state once again that NOBODY is dying FROM this supposedly ‘deadly virus’ at all here in Manitoba!

(d) They are continuing to manipulate this number greatly, as I had expected… They have to keep the recovered cases number as low as possible and for as long as possible to continue to sell the illusion that people are dying and/or active with this ‘deadly virus’… The reality is of course that nobody is actually dying FROM this ‘deadly virus’ at all, and other than those that are dying from other health issues, every case of this ‘deadly virus’ actually fully recovers…

(e) The Jewish controlled media is out there now claiming this to be a ‘record’ amount of ‘active cases’ for Manitoba.. But upon closer inspection, we see each and every one of these ‘active cases’ were indeed derived from that horrifically inaccurate ‘PCR testing’ that is nothing but a complete dud and always gives ‘false positive’ results…. Thus I am standing behind my statement that NOBODY in Manitoba is actually suffering from this ‘deadly virus’ at all at this time!

Well.. .There you go… The end of another week and the criminals in charge are once again pushing this scam-demic to the limit… And the gullible people out there continue to line up like the mutton heads they are to be ‘tested’ using that fraud “PCR testing” and putting their lives in the hands of these sick fucks who will decide randomly who is ‘positive’ and who is ‘negative’…. .

I continue to watch the insanity of the face mask wearing in full tilt now here as well, and rather than people getting angry, most are accepting their enslavement without any question or thought… It is indeed a province of nothing more than mutton headed zombies with NO brains!

And I continue to reiterate the statement that we must remember the real victims of this tragedy, which are those who have succumbed to this insanity and have taken their own lives via suicides…. That number is FAR GREATER than the ’21’ death toll joke that the fuckers in charge claim are from this ‘deadly virus’, guaranteed…. I want to make sure that every one of those who died needlessly from this scam-demic have their deaths avenged by seeing every criminal responsible for the entire scam HANGED from gallows, lamp posts, and trees for this crime against humanity!

More to come


The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, October 1st, 2020 – More Cases Once Again But Still NO Real Deaths? Anyone Else See The Problem Here?

You can NOT keep a good man down… I may be knocked out of “Blogger” but I am a persistent prick with a lot to say about both criminal censorship, but also about the fraud scam-demic that is still running rampant across the planet…

I therefore am NOT going to stop with my reporting about the massive FRAUD scam-demic for this province of mine, Manitoba.. And though I had to take a little bit of a ‘break’ yesterday to clear my mind and put in the false hope that “Blogger” would eventually come to their senses and re-instate my blog over there, I kept yesterday’s daily “COVID-19 report” as a file on my computer in the hope that I would have it put up “over there”….

But apparently the pricks at ‘Blogger’ may have indeed removed that site permanently… Sad indeed… But I did have yesterday’s Manitoba ‘official COVID-19 report’ ready and I figure I would not waste that effort and have it posted here at WordPress…. Thus I want to present the assholes in charge here in Manitoba’s official ‘numbers’ as I usually do in alphabetical order for everyone to see for themselves here:

(a) Now 2029 ‘cases’ of this ‘deadly virus’ in just over 28 weeks’ time since the criminals in charge issued their ‘state of emergency’ back in mid-March… This is an increase of ’36’ cases from Wednesday’s report of ‘1993’ cases in total…

(b) Now there are ’15’ cases of this ‘ deadly virus’ in all of the hospitals across Manitoba.. This is an increase of ‘2’ cases from Wednesday’s report of ’13’ cases, and there are still “7” of those hospital cases in the Intensive Care Units at those hospitals as well..

(c) STILL ONLY “20” deaths that these criminals are ‘attributing to this deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks since they locked down this province back in mid-March.. No change in this ’20’ number in days, and ALL ’20’ deaths ALL had severe underlying issues that were the real cause of their deaths..

(d) Now there are ‘1388’ recovered cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in the 28+ weeks’ time frame.. This is an increase of ’14’ recovered cases from Wednesday’s total of ‘1374’ recovered cases….

(e) Now they are claiming ‘621’ active cases of this ‘deadly virus’ in Manitoba at present.. This is an increase of ’22’ active cases from Wednesday’s total of ‘599’ active cases.. ALL active cases are of course suspect at best, as each and every one of them were derived from the heinous and totally inaccurate “PCR testing”…

Thus the beat goes on… Still pumping up the number of cases and of course the ‘active cases’ as part of their fear mongering campaign… I honestly do hope that everyone sees the clear manipulation here as they are definitely hell bent on running on the fraud of ‘cases’ but not telling the real story that NOBODY is actually dying FROM this ‘disease’ at all!

OK, time once again to take a closer look at each of their “numbers” as I usually do right here:

(a) Honestly, how long can they keep this sham going when they have the nerve to put out this pathetic excuse for a total number over 28+ weeks of ‘2029’ cases? I have been hammering away for months with the simple fact that a REAL deadly disease hitting this province of 1.35 Million people would have tens of thousands of cases… And other REAL respiratory illnesses also would have tens of thousands of cases in any 28 week period for Manitoba as well! Pathetic excuse for a “pandemic”? ABSOLUTELY! AND it is just too bad that the people here in Manitoba are simply too stupid to see this as fact for themselves these days…

(b) Again, I keep being proven so right about this hospital number… ’15’ in all of the hospitals with this ‘deadly virus’ is such a bad joke for a province of 1.35 million people…. But those criminals in charge do seem bound and determined to take a SUCKER or two that was stupid enough to be ‘tested’ and have them thrown in the hospitals for good measure… It is so beyond pathetic….

(c) I cannot stress enough that THIS is the ONLY number that really matters in regards to this ‘scam-demic’ here in Manitoba, and the criminals in charge are failing here so miserably! ALL of these ’20’ deaths were in NO WAY associated with this ‘deadly virus’ at all, as each and every one of them were either extremely elderly with serious health issues, or had a multitude of health problems already that were the real cause of all of their demise… And I have to laugh when I keep pointing out that one of these ‘deaths’ had TERMINAL CANCER, and yet the fuckers in charge listed his death as from “COVID-19”!

(d) This is so sad when I see them constantly manipulating this number of ‘recovered cases’… Yesterday they had ’46’ recovered cases, and now they shrunk that down to only ’14’ more to add to their tally? That alone should tell everyone that something is terribly wrong with their ‘numbers’ game as it is apparent they are still working at suppressing this ‘recovered cases’ number just to pump up the number of ‘active cases’ and thus keep the fear porn alive!

(e) I knew that they would be wanting to once again pump up this ‘active cases’ number after a few days of seeing it slide… They are so much wanting to install the fear in everyone by screaming this ‘621’ active cases in everyone’s faces… AND it must be once again pointed out right here that each and every one of these active cases were derived from the fraud ‘PCR tests’ that ONLY generates false positive results… Thus I am sticking to my guns in stating that NOBODY here in Manitoba actually has this ‘deadly virus’ at all!

Yes, readers, the beat goes on… And I could not help but to once again notice so many fools, idiots, morons, and absolute RETARDS lining up like the dumb ass sheep they are at the nearby ‘testing centre’ to put their lives into the hands of these criminal fucks that will randomly select from the bunch which ones are ‘positive cases’ of this ‘virus’ when the reality is that everyone tested is 100% negative for this ‘deadly virus’…

And we are now deep into 28 weeks of this scam here in Manitoba, and the economy has turned into a complete disaster, as I have seen more and more reports of businesses going under thanks to this scam… Premier Brian Pallister and his henchmen should be all put on trial for destroying the livelihoods of so many citizens here in Manitoba…

AND I will once again conclude this entire report with a reminder for everyone to take care of and watch out for those who have swallowed this fear mongering and are in serious mental distress over it…. I cannot even fathom the number of suicides that have happened everywhere thanks to the distress, anxiety, and panic, generated by these criminal bastards, and we all must make sure that these criminals do NOT escape proper justice for those sad deaths… .Hanging all of the criminals for the people that have killed themselves thanks to this scam is indeed a decent start!

More to come


Is THIS Why I Got Knocked Out At Blogger? Exposing The Fact That Children Are Being Murdered By Criminal Jewish Psychopaths For Their Adrenochrome!

I have suspected that my article over at Blogger covering the fact that children around the world have been and are continuing to be MURDERED for these sick fucks that call themselves the ‘elite’ can extract their ADRENOCHROME for them to use as their sickening idea of a ‘fountain of youth’ through the usage of that chemical extract..

In fact, my own article derived from the facts presented by Jim Stone over at his website:… I do once again want to present Jim’s article and the facts that they contain right here:


This is getting censored INSTANTLY. Google, Yandex and Duck Duck have this topic TOTALLY censored. I found several references to this topic via BING on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, ALL of the major players, and every last one when clicked went to “account deleted” which left others that found this and posted it in forums hanging high and dry. I then successfully hunted down the original document that was posted to (careful, it’s huge and could have a virus) but it could also be huge simply because the scans are very detailed. To get it all more manageable, I captured some of the scans and posted them in a quality that is high enough to remain relevant.

This is the first time this info hit a major web site where it can’t be censored, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Here is what I know from what I have:

There are secret detention centers set up inside various corporations where kids as young as 3 years old are tortured and harvested en masse for adrenochrome. They are called “detention centers” so they can masquarade as juvenile detention centers to the public eye, but you don’t detain 3 year olds in such centers, nor do you harvest adrenochrome in legit detention centers. As I always expected, it is unproductive to kill the kids just to harvest this stuff, instead they are obviously repeatedly tortured and then harvested, while being allowed to live. The average age is 9 – 10 years.

Obviously, for satanic services they probably kill the kids for each harvest, but on an industrial scale that’s not practical.

These captures are taken from the original 44 megabyte PDF which I have saved but won’t post on this site (it can currently be downloaded at the link above) because it might have a virus at that size. A whistleblower posted this and it is obviously 100 percent legit.

Images 1-12 – the names, ages, and locations of the kids, as well as how long they have been harvested.

Images 12 – 18 – A few of the retail outlets where the elite can buy this stuff, including the prices, per quality, in milligrams.

          There are a LOT more retail locations than this. They will be posted if necessary.

Image 21: The front names of the companies that have the kids.  from this, you can clearly see they are running the exact same front companies in 4 different countries and have the number of kids per front company in each country listed, as well as the total, per front company name, listed.

The original report, from before I hit the holy grail is below. 

OK now, let’s go over this:

(on the first 12 pages, posted above, In order, from left to right, the columns give first name, last name, birthday, age, blood type, how long they have been in custody (being harvested), the quality of the adrenochrome, what detention center they are in, the expected year they will be disposed of, if there was a suicide attempt, I don’t understand what the next two columns are actually referring to, (probably what country they are being held in and how much adrenochrome they produce each session) and the last column is inmate number. INMATE NUMBER. THAT’S RIGHT, THEY HAVE THREE YEAR OLD “INMATES”.

page 21 above shows the location of the detention centers, how many kids they have there, and the average age of the kids at each location.

Oh, but this is fake, RIGHT? NOPE. 

There is damning emperical evidence here that proves this is legit. Look below page 12 at the top. You can see below the clear print that the scanner scanned through the page to the next page behind it. It’s not readable entirely, but if you enhance that section you can clearly see it is a totally separate sheet of paper that does not line up with page 12. This was not hoaxed with “fade”.  Here is the enhancement of that section:

NTS Notes: This is fact and not fiction… The Jewish criminal elite are indeed continuing to MURDER innocent children world wide to extract this Adrenochrome chemical from their bodies so that these freaks can inject it into their own bodies as a means, or so they believe, of re-obtaining youth….

To me, these monsters have never had souls and are indeed as evil and sickening as they come… And this harvesting of children’s Adrenochrome definitely would account for the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of children that do disappear world wide…. The Jews are not only using those abducted children for their sick and twisted ritual child sacrifices, but are using them like cattle to harvest Adrenochrome as well!

Hopefully this is an eye opener to many and that it helps them to understand what kind of monsters these freaks truly are…. I will never give up on my pursuit of the real truths about these demons, and censorship be damned!

More to come


Newest Video By Vernon Coleman: Why I Believe Politicians And Advisors Will Go To Prison!

Yes, I am still OUT at Blogger… But I am a fighter and not someone who will go away any time soon…

I do suspect that my ‘banning’ over at Blogger was due to the Adrenochrome article that I posted late last week, due to the FACT that it EXPOSED the criminal Jewish elite and their scumbag followers for their evil practice of murdering children to extract “Adrenochrome” from their bodies… I will NOT BACK DOWN from that report, for it is factual and backed up with the evidence that I presented in that article..

I have found that WordPress is almost as bad as Blogger in its ability to allow embedded videos… And therefore, I am once again left with only the ‘link’ to any videos by “Brandnewtube”…. And thus I want to present the link to Vernon Coleman’s newest video, entitled: “Why I Believe Politicians And Advisors Will Go To Prison” right here for all to see for themselves… I have further thought and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I see that things have not changed much since the last time I tried using “WordPress” as a substitute for that horrendous Blogger…

But I will persevere, for I am a writer and a real truth seeker….If Blogger is that arrogant and that much controlled by Jewish criminal interests that will suppress the truth, then I will continue using this site instead until I do go mainstream…

I will continue my writings here at this blog site for the time being, and I do hope that the word gets around that I am here at least…

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Knocked Out Of Blogger Once Again!

As has happened before, I am ‘temporarily’ out of that heinous and most fucking terrible ‘site’ called ‘Blogger’ due to what those criminals say is a “violation of their standards and ethics”…. I guess telling the truth is no longer valid for those pricks…

I will therefore be using this site once again as a means of getting my messages out, and/or at least until I am restored at that other ‘site’….

I am doing my best at the moment trying to reach out to those who have wondered what the hell just happened… And I will inform everyone about what is going on and whether ‘blogger’ allows for my appeal

Until then…

More to come


Back Up Over At Blogger (At Least For The Time Being). Will Continue To Use This Site As My Back Up!

Well… Yes, I am back up over at Google’s “Blogger”…. I never got one iota of a message from the bastards behind Google as to WHY in the first place I was taken down… And honestly, knowing what kind of snivelling disgusting cowards they are, I probably never will!

In the meantime, I will continue to use this site at WordPress as my “test bed” to try out different ideas just in case the bastards decide to take me down again….  I have so much material up at Blogger that I do not want to lose and I will also be trying very soon to transfer as much to a permanent storage for posterity and to make sure those articles are not gone forever..

I do want to thank everyone for their support…. I am a fighter and will never change my tone or the way I write… I will always call the enemy for what they are : JEWS…. And if the pricks out there do not like it, tough fucking luck…..

Please check out my articles at…. Almost 4500 articles and nearly 6 MILLION hits…..

More to come


New Article By Paul Craig Roberts: Apple, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Subvert The US Constitution, Free Speech, And American Liberty! (Same In Canada As Well…)

I first want to thank all of those who have sent their words of support to my new comment section here… I am presently still doing a lot of home renovations, and am trying my best to come to this WordPress site when I can to put up any new articles when I can….

At present, my former blog over at Jew Google run “blogger” is still in “hiatus” with my “appeal” still not receiving an answer… And knowing that these bastards want to have me out of the picture, permanently, I would safely say that site is now long gone… It is indeed a tragedy…

Well, I am not alone for stating what I see happening with these Jew controlled “sites” and “search engines”… For Paul Craig Roberts himself has noted how these criminal groups are muzzling free speech and he has released his newest article from his site at, that comes courtesy of the Information Clearing House website at… It tells the truth about how these sick freaks are indeed trying to censor and destroy free speech… Here is that article for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Apple, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Subvert the US Constitution, Free Speech, and American Liberty

By Paul Craig Roberts

August 08, 2018 “Information Clearing House–  The coordinated attack on widely watched Info Wars host Alex Jones by Apple, Facebook, Google/Youtube, and Spotify is all the proof that we need that the total failure to enforce America’s anti-trust laws has produced unaccountably powerful firms that are able to exercise far more censorship, not only in America but also abroad among Washington’s vassal states, than the Nazi Gestapo or Stalin’s NKVD were ever able to achieve.

Recently the progressive Rob Kall and I discussed on his show the implications of a trillion dollar company, which Apple now is. A day or two afterward, Rob Kall wrote an article on his website OpEdNews in which he made a case that a trillion dollar company had too much power for our continuation as a free people. I agree with him. Only 16 countries out of 195 countries in the world, a mere 0.08 percent, have a GDP equal to or larger than one trillion dollars.

Think about that. Apple is larger than the GNP of almost every country in the world. In other words, Apple has the power of a major government. Apple could be a member of the G-20. Apple could institute its own currency and be part of SDR drawing rights. Apple could participate as a backer of IMF and World Bank loans. Apple could have its own military and secret service.

No sooner than Rob Kall made his case than Apple proved it, along with the other tech monopolies: Google/Youtube, Spotify, and Facebook.

In the US almost everything has been monopolized—the digital world; 90% of the print and TV media owned by 5 or 6 companies; 90% of bank deposits in 5 large banks “too big to fail; Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes which have abolished independent community family stores; auto parts franchises that have abolished family businesses; restuarant franchises that have destroyed family restaurants; pharmacautical and chemical monopolies. It is endless. The monopolization of the American economy was done under the rubric of “globalism.” The dogma is that you can’t compete globally unless you are large enough to be a monopoly or near-monopoly.

The digital revolution combined with Identity Politics has made it easy to curtail free speech. Any attention to issues that the ruling elite doesn’t want mentioned, any truth-telling that exposes hidden agendas, is branded “conspiracy theory” or “hate speech” and shut down. That monopoly power is what Apple, Facebook, Gogle/Youtube and Spotify have now exercised against Alex Jones.

Alex is just the beginning. He is outspoken and at times over the top. But he puts into the limelight issues that the ruling powers want kept in the shadows. This, and only this, is the reason that the ruling elite are attempting to shut him down. The hate speech charge is a fabricated joke.

What Apple, Facebook, and the rest of the American Gestapo mean is that the Truth Is Hate Speech. This is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984.

The deception of the American people by censuring truth-tellers is now the official policy of Apple, Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

The print and TV media have already fired all the real journalists, such as Robert Perry, Chris Hedges, and Sy Hersh. Now that Alex Jones is being driven off the Internet, the elite’s determination to control all explanations will spread over the Internet until every truth-teller is shut down. It is just a matter of time.

Indeed the censorship is rapidly spreading. Twitter has now banned the presence of Scott Horton who is the editorial director of and Daniel McAdams who is director of the libertarian Ron Raul Institute. Tommy Robinson has had his Instagram page removed. Former State Department official Peter Van Buren has been banned from Twitter, apparently because he told us that government officials lie to us.

Identity Politics, which helped to impose speech codes and to create the catgegory of “hate speech” which any member of a “victim group” can turn against white males, is one source of the censorship that is destroying free speech throughout the Western World. However, in the United States the most powerful force for censorship is the fact that the agendas of the rulingj elite are unacceptable to the American people. The ruling elite fear that their cover stories are so thin that even those who have been brainwashed will see the light if any truth continues to shine.

In the Western World today nothing is more endangered than truth. No public or private institution, whether the CIA, FBI, or Justice (sic) Department, or Facebook, Apple, Google, Youtube, or Twitter, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, New York Times, or Washington Post has any respect whatsoever for truth.

Truth is in the way of hidden agendas. The presstitutes serve the hidden agendas, not the truth.

Nothing is less welcome in Western political systems than the truth. Yet the Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, and Indian governments still puruse meaningless agreements with Washington, agreements, like the Iranian one, that have no possibility whatsoever of being kept by Washington.

Washington intends to exercise hegemony over the world. The neoconservatives, who together with Israel with whom the neoconservatives are solidly allied, control US foreign policy and are firmly committed to US hegemony over the world. If the governments of Russia, China, Iran, India, and North Korea do not understand this, they are in for a hard ride.

What can we do? Never purchase another Apple product. Desert Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify. Terminate all Google email accounts and never use a Google search engine. These firms are Nazi Gestapo firms. They deserve our condemnation. These despicable companies should be nationalized or abolished or arrested for aiding the plot to overthrow the President of the United States.

They are the agents of evil.

There are alternative portals. Turn to them and support the ones that refuse to censor free speech. Hopefully, the anti-democratic actions by Facebook, Twitter and the rest will destroy their business model, and their place will be taken by new firms that respect the Constitution’s protection of free speech.

Are Americans so stupid that they do not see what is unfolding in front of their eyes? Our ruling elite have agendas that they cannot defend. People like Alex Jones expose these agendas. The ruling elite have to shut this exposure down, so they misrepresent and demonize Alex Jones. Those brainwashed into Identity Politics and the presstitute media are manipulated and used to instigate a campaign against Alex Jones, just as they have been used against President Trump, Julian Assange, Snowden, and many others. Indeed, PropOrNot was used against 200 independent-minded websites.

Once they get Alex, who they made a target, they will make a target of the rest of us, and all truth will disappear from the entirety of the Western World. Indeed, truth has a scant presence in the existing Western World. The ruling elites have no interest in truth. At some point the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Indians, and North Koreans will have to become aware of this fact.

Before you stupidly, as so many insouciant Americans will do, jump on the anti-Alex Jones bandwaggon, remember and think about the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller’s observation of his time under the Nazis:

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

This time they are starting with Alex Jones.

Soon it will be all of us. In America free speech, which is essential to the discovery of truth, is being systematically exterminated. The idea that the United States is a free country is the greatest lie ever told.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.

NTS Notes: I have long seen Mr. Alex Jones as nothing more than a buffoon and a shill for his refusal to name the criminals by name… His refusal to even consider the Jewish problem has long been abysmal to say the least..

OK, Where do we go from here?  The best thing that can happen right now is to see everyone be awoken to how sick those “platforms” all are and how they are indeed in violation of our basic rights for free speech… A boycott of every single one of them would be the best that we can hope for right now..

I will continue to persevere and continue to write articles here… They may not be “politically correct” but I again will not waver from telling the truth…. I will never accept censorship and the want to see me muzzled… People who know me, know that I am a fighter and will continue in my fight against pure evil….

More to come