Tuesday News: SCAMDEMIC, And Other REAL News

I just do not get it at times… I once again received an email to my gmail account from a reader who claims that he has followed me for ‘years’ and yet is saying that the reason that I have lost ‘readership’ over the last while is my constant articles concerning the SCAMDEMIC… Seriously? I could not believe that someone actually sent me such crap, for I am NOT going to stop reporting on the GREATEST GENOCIDE in all of human history, AND the fact that this is the fight of our lives…. Therefore the naysayers can scream all they want, but I am in this as it is the fight of our lives and our future and people need as much information that they can to ARM themselves against the monsters that want to see over 5 BILLION humans dead!

Well… Once again I want to start off with MORE SCAMDEMIC news, and I want to start with the following interesting report that comes from THE EXPOSE online news service at http://www.expose-news.com that suggests as many have claimed for over 3 years now that ‘COVID’ if it is a reality is absolutely 100% man made and that it, and its KILL SHOT that is definitely killing everyone, are based on artificial computer generated DNA … HERE is the link to that article for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, I have long known that ‘gain of function’ research into the development of an artificial deadly bioweapon was ongoing in the US over at North Carolina and subsequently at Fort Detrick Maryland, as well as up here in Canada at the bioweapons laboratory facility in Winnipeg Manitoba for YEARS…. Back in 2019 nearly ALL of that ‘research’ was transferred both legally and clandestinely to a large bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan China where the finishing touches were done to test their weaponized product on humanity…. This is fact and not fiction…

Thus it makes sense that the entire product is a combination of re-combined human genetic DNA with an infusion of artificial genetic proteins derived from computer models…. Therefore I lend a lot of credibility to what that article from ‘THE EXPOSE’ states, as this thing is indeed a bioweapon of mass destruction….

And yes, there will be those who say ‘Hey NTS, what about the idea that COVID is not real and nothing but a phantom?’… I would say yes and no to that statement, for I am a prime example of actually catching this damn thing as it made me horrifically sick for well over 2 weeks last year, and it showed absolutely 100% all the tell-tale signs of being a severe Influenza bug… Thus, there is some fact that ‘COVID-19’ actually does not exist and what they actually have released to do some damage to the world may be a form of ‘weaponized Influenza’….

It is a fact that to this day no laboratory around the world, in spite of searching for this ‘contagion’ for nearly 3 years have ZERO ‘viruses’ anywhere in any of their findings or research… That makes this ‘COVID-19’ indeed nothing more than a phantom, and thus IF there is a ‘contagion’ out there it is definitely something else… Thus the search and the question about authenticity of this ‘contagion’ will only continue, leaving more questions than answers…

And yes, the ‘vaccines’ have always been based on ZERO actual ‘viruses’ but have actually been in development LONG BEFORE they unleashed their ‘bioweapon’ on humanity… These things are ABSOLUTELY NOT VACCINES, and I am sick and tired of constantly still hearing everyone refer to them as such… The whole program is nothing more than a mass genocidal program aimed at killing BILLIONS, with the weapon of choice being absolutely these insidious KILL SHOTS…

OK.. What about all of those who have been ’employed’ in this program of killing humanity? You would figure by this time that even MORE of those in charge, beyond what has already been stated by Michael Yeadon, the former pharmaceutical expert over at ‘PFIZER’ who is now a huge ‘whistle blower’ giving the facts about these bioweapons, would have finally had a level of consciousness and turned against these monsters wanting humanity dead, right?

Well, there are a few out there that are now coming out with the truth about these bioweapons, as I want to turn to the following link to an article from the NATURAL NEWS website, at http://www.naturalnews.com , where a 25 year veteran of the Pharmaceutical industry of death, Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Latypova has come out stating that these ‘COVID jabs’ aka the KILL SHOTS were specifically designed to cause harm and DEATH to those stupid enough to take them! Here is the link to that article:


Well… I can see now a ‘slow’ movement by those who have been promoting these deadly KILL SHOTS now realizing what they have done, and while some will ‘run to the hills’, while others will continue with the ‘program’ as they are being paid handsomely to murder people, OTHERS will come forward and spill the beans on what they have done, with many of these ‘whistle blowers’ wanting forgiveness for what they have done…

Yes, the ‘tide is turning’ against these criminals…. The sad part being that it is so agonizingly slow, as I could not help but to notice even earlier TODAY how many retards and suckers were waiting so patiently at the local pharmacy ‘shooting centre’ just waiting their turn to have ‘boosters’ shot into their already weakened bodies… I decided for a change to walk slowly by them and actually look at their physical health, and several did indeed look so sickly wearing their face diapers so proudly….

I said several times over at my previous blog at that horror show called ‘Blogger’ that I had a simple solution that would save everyone the anguish, pain, and suffering that they will get from taking these KILL SHOTS… That is to simply line them all up against the wall and have them all take a bullet to their heads… That is so much quicker and possibly less painful than enduring years of suffering from taking these lethal injections into their bodies… Some have said that this is ‘morbid’ and something that we will never see, but to me those who are taking these death jabs are basically committing suicide, and if they are so willingly wanting to die, then WHY NOT just shoot them and get it over with?

OK, I guess that is enough for today, for I truly could have this entire ‘news’ report just filled completely with reports concerning the SCAMDEMIC… I will continue with just putting up two or three links to important material about that subject on daily basis, and get onto other news…

Well, it is time to turn to the war in Ukraine, and once again I do want to start off with the latest ‘updated map’ of the fighting fronts in and around the besieged city of Bakhmut…. Here is today’s updated map that comes once again courtesy of the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT (www.southfront.org0 for everyone to view for themselves:

Military Situation In Bakhmut-Soledar Region On January 24, 2023 (Map Update)

OK, As you can see by that map, the city of Bakhmut STILL has not been captured by the Russian forces at this time.. The Russians instead have broken through the Ukrainian defensive positions north of Bakhmut, and are moving steadily westward with the goal of creating a northern ‘pincer’ movement, combined with a southern ‘pincer’ movement, to encircle Bakhmut and prevent ANY defensive forces inside the city the chance to escape to the west….

And there have been some recent reports about a well trained Russian force known as ‘WAGNER’ that has made itself known in and around the Soledar/Bakhmut front, with the recent reports that they were front and centre in terms of the force responsible for the conquest of Soledar itself… And now, I want to turn to an interesting article, that once again comes from the SOUTHFRONT website, that states that the ‘WAGNER’ fighters have indeed encircled the garrison at Bakhmut! Here is the link to that article here:


Again, that link states that the city of Bakhmut is NOT yet fully encircled, but that WAGNER fighters have continued to score major victories against the already weakened Ukrainian military defence lines….WHEN the Russian forces are indeed able to achieve their best victory along this battle front, with the encirclement of Bakhmut itself, I will report it in a subsequent article…

SO.. Exactly how badly are the Ukrainians now losing this war against the Russians? Well, I want to turn to the following link that comes from the TASS online news service at http://www.tass.com that states that the Russians in just the last few days has annihilated a large portion of Ukraine’s operational forces alone.. .HERE is that link:


The one thing that really caught my eye in that TASS report was the last paragraph that shows the Ukrainian losses to be enormous:

In all, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 376 Ukrainian warplanes, 203 helicopters, 2,934 unmanned aerial vehicles, 401 surface-to-air missile systems, 7,607 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 987 multiple rocket launchers, 3,893 field artillery guns and mortars and 8,153 special military motor vehicles since the beginning of the special military operation, Konashenkov reported.

I honestly can see these numbers to be accurate, and which means that most of that tremendous loss of military ordinance is IN FACT material that has been sent to Ukraine by the US and NATO! There is no way in hell that Ukraine had this kind of numbers in weaponry back at the end of February of last year when the Russians began their ‘special operations’ into Ukraine to stop their attempts to destroy the Donbas republics, and thus we see the evidence of how much this war has cost NATO and its member states in thrown away weaponry…

And I need not state that this war has been lost by Ukraine, which I have stated for a LONG time ALREADY.. Just watch the following YOUTUBE video where analyst Scott Ritter comes out and states it clearly that this war is indeed over for Ukraine.. Here is that video:

I fully agree with Scott Ritter on this one… This war has turned into a living HELL for the people of Ukraine and primarily thanks to the criminal regime in Kiev through that maniac Zelenskyy, who for the most illogical reason continues to throw away so many Ukrainian lives in useless slaughter against superior Russian forces…

And yes, all we hear in the lying whore media outlets here is how we must ‘support Ukraine’, with so many gullible and stupid people parroting that stupidity not even knowing the exact situation in Ukraine right now, let alone not even realizing that Russia was IN THE RIGHT in their need for attacking Ukraine in the first place back last February…

AND lets have a reality check here.. The US and NATO created this war by their ‘MAIDAN’ revolution back in 2014 and subsequently attempting to not only arm Ukraine for the war we are seeing now, but also to build their bioweapons laboratories across Ukraine with the goal of trying to develop a ‘bioweapon’ that was to be specifically to target Russian people… Thus again, when you hear anyone say that Russia is the bad guys in this, tell them the truth and tell them to give their heads a shake… Reality is indeed a bitch…

OH, and about that estimated now to be 250+ BILLION dollars in ‘aid’ provided by the criminal scumbags in NATO and the US? I have already pointed to the FACT that nearly 90% of that ‘aid’ money and weaponry has been diverted through the ‘black market’ to ARM AMERICAN “ISIS” fraud terrorist groups operating primarily in West Africa, as that is a bitter reality of this entire ‘war’… But what about the other estimated 30-50+ BILLION dollars in ‘direct aid’ that has been given to the Zelenskyy criminals in Kiev?

Well, read the following report from Southfront once again, and weep.. For apparently so much of that ‘aid’ to the Zelenskyy regime has been corruptly diverted into the pockets of ‘Ukrainian government officials’ for them to have a life of luxury in spite of their own people suffering so tremendously by their tyranny and the war itself.. Here is the link to that article:


Yes, CORRUPTION is just putting it mildly… I have already asserted in so many previous articles that the sinister JEWISH freak himself, Zelenskyy, is a multi-BILLIONAIRE and thanks to the money that the suckers in the US and NATO just continue to pour in.. But now we see that the whole crooked government is also beyond corrupt and making BILLIONS themselves…

Well, there you go.. A whole shit load of real ‘news’ about the ‘war’ in Ukraine and the facts that everything is NOT what you see in the lying whore media outlets at all…. I have no qualms in bringing readers the straight goods at all times as I want the REAL and BITTER truths about Ukraine to be known by everyone…

Well, onto other news, and someone just yesterday asked me why I have no follow up reports about the WEF sinister ‘conference’ in Davos Switzerland which concluded last weekend with apparently the evil participants being strangely ‘quiet’ all of a sudden about what these criminals hammered out as their next ‘agenda’ to destroy our freedoms and bring in their WEF controlled ‘one world government’…. I have been waiting for something tangible to come out and to post at this blog, and I am still waiting… There has been word that these evil bastards may have agreed to how they are going to impose their ‘digital currency’ system of enslavement on the masses, but again nothing tangible from any alternative media sites as of yet… WHEN I do get a report available, I will post it up here and hopefully very soon in these daily ‘news’ reports, for everyone to see…

But to satisfy those looking for what may come out of that WEF sinister conference, I want to present the following link to a report from the ‘STATION GOSSIP’ website, at http://www.stationgossip.com where some of the ‘panelists’ in attendance at Davos Switzerland are claiming that a major world wide ‘cyber event’ may happen in the near future.. .Here is the link to that report:


A reality check here, for if there is a ‘cyber event’ sometime in the ‘near future’ it will have been planned, and orchestrated by these criminal psychos in the WEF with the aim of scaring the gullible sheep out there into acceptance of their ‘ digital currency’ and ‘digital ID’ systems of permanent tyranny…. I can only say that WHEN that happens we all must be ready to lay the blame EXACTLY where it belongs and to NOT fall for their ‘digital currency’ as the solution at all..

And just the other day, we have reports that the “Paul Pelosi Homosexual Scandal’ that occurred some 2 months ago in the ‘Pelosi Mansion’ in California, has once again reared its ugly head, with the insane report that Nancy Pelosi performed an ‘Exorcism’ on Paul just after he got attacked by his male lover at that mansion…. I read several reports and I have to laugh, for the facts are that IF “Nancy” who obviously is nothing more than a ‘beard’ for Paul actually did attempt an ‘Exorcism’ at the mansion, she would probably have burst into flames, for she herself is indeed the devil incarnate….. That would have been real justice and a sight to see, rather than finding out now from Nancy’s own daughter that there was absolutely no ‘exorcism’ and that is was complete and utter bullshit.. But we could dream, right?

And.. I do want to present the link to the latest article from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who writes her blog at her website over at http://www.greencrowasthecrowflies.ca … Greencrow has once again gone after that heinous SOB who again has the ungodly nerve to call himself ‘Prime Minister’ of this once great nation called Canada, none other than Justin “I prefer banging trannies rather than Sophie” TURDEAU, and I do want to present the link to her report right here:

Yes, the corruption with that sick freak that thinks of himself as ‘Dictator’ here in Canada knows no bounds… And again Greencrow hits the nail on the head with this one that shows that the level of corruption with this prick seems never ending…

And yet, here we are as Canadians stuck with the lies coming from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets, and the fact that this arch criminal prima donna may indeed soon try to call a ‘snap election’ in Canada just to make his dictatorship a fact and to slam Canadians with the horror show of the WEF agenda!

Well.. That appears to be enough for today… But before I go, I want to show right here a piece of REAL HISTORY and something that I have personally been aware of for at least the last 15+ years in that the singer Paul McCartney, formerly of the BEATLES and more recently of WINGS and then going into solo performances, that we see still alive today is NOT THE REAL PAUL MCCARTNEY and that the REAL Paul McCartney died on November 9th, 1966 and subsequently at the behest of MI5 in the United Kingdom was ‘replaced’ by a look alike…

I want to present here the following BITCHUTE video that was also sent my way recently that backs up what I have known for decades… Here is that video, where apparently none other than George Harrison himself gave a ‘death bed’ confession that the real Paul did indeed die on November 9th 1966 and what we have seen subsequently is an imposter.. Here is that video:

Yes, I wanted to end this ‘news report’ with a bang…. And hopefully I gave readers a good one with that report..

Just knowing about how corrupt our society is and how evil people do run the planet gives credibility to this ‘Paul McCartney Really Is Dead’ report…. As I have said for years, reality really can be a bitch at times..

More to come



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