Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 4th, 2022

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Sunday…. And finally feeling a whole lot better than I have for the last few days… Therefore time once again for my weekend rant…

Yes, I came down with something over the last 4+ days, and luckily this time by being careful and taking what I do believe was the right combination of remedies along with getting proper amount of sleep, I am feeling great this morning for a change… I do want to thank all those who commented with some remedy ideas, and I will say that many of their natural remedies I have been taking already….

OK, I have to start off by saying that the weather here in the frozen tundra of central Canada has turned extremely colder over the last week…. We are in what is called a ‘polar vortex’ with daytime temperatures barely exceeding the -20C mark (that is -5F for my American readers), and the overnight lows getting down to the -35C range (that is close to -30F)… And honestly, is this ‘abnormal’ for this region and this time of year? Hardly, for I do remember so many Decembers starting off with overnight lows in the -40C range!

Again, here we have the perfect example of how there is NO ‘man caused Climate Change’ at all, as the real climate change is the fact that the climate does change and very naturally! I always say that I would love to have those numb skulls that promote that garbage to come on up here and experience REAL climate change, for it would definitely change their polluted minds and hopefully for the better….

Well, what else can I possibly say about the entire SCAMDEMIC now as I have been hammering that fraud to death now for the last 3+ years? Actually plenty, as over the last week alone I have seen more and more ‘cracks’ in the lies as the truth that this has always been the greatest scam and lie in human history are definitely coming out… And since the lies are now being fully exposed, it is no wonder that the bastards running the entire fraud are trying to push their agenda of pure evil even harder than before!

What I have noticed over the last while is the continuing dearth of humanity to be seen everywhere… Honestly, if readers would just do their own observations as I have done for the last while, they too would be asking the question as to where the fuck have all the people suddenly disappeared? I have been out and about as I always do, doing some shopping and traveling from business to business and I am seeing less and less patrons EVERYWHERE….. It does raise a few possible scenarios, both of which even I do not like… One is that people are fully tapped out and have near zero buying power left with rampant inflation and rising costs of everything…. And the second is that people are now either already DEAD from the KILL SHOTS or are too sick now and dying in their homes from these lethal injections… I for a fact am leaning on the second scenario, and very heavily these days…

And I have been reading several reports from great doctors such as Doctor Ryan Cole, and Doctor Peter McCullough, over the last few days that are supporting what I have said now for well over a year, in that those who have taken the KILL SHOTS are definitely ‘shedding’ mRNA material out of their pores on their bodies as well as their exhaled breath… To me this is very obvious and has been well known by the monsters that created this mRNA madness in the first place… These pricks were well aware that their deadly concoctions would not only make the recipients die from the Spike Proteins generated from their own cells, but they also have known that many would be turned into ‘carriers’ that would transmit these Spike Proteins and other mRNA material to those around them…. Thus we are seeing the ‘unvaxxed’ now being unknowingly ‘vaccinated’ by these mRNA carriers by just being in close contact with them!

Honestly, this mRNA transmission through ‘shedding’ may account for why even yours truly has been getting periodically ‘sick’ by being in proximity to those infected with these KILL SHOTS….. I have done my best over the last year and a half to avoid contact with the ‘Spiked’ but at times that close proximity could not be avoided, and I have seen the results in coming down with ‘colds’…… I have now had to periodically carry a ‘face diaper’ on my person just to wear it when I am around ‘groups’ of these contaminated individuals just to try to slow down the mRNA material that they are transmitting from making me sick….. But by this time the damage may have already been done to myself and to everyone else that has to deal with these retards on a daily basis….

And I have to be very honest here in the fact that we are now living in a ‘Spiked world’ where everything that we come into contact with can have some of the shedded material on their surfaces… I have found myself now having to carry some ‘antiviral’ disinfectant wipes at my place of work, just to wipe down some of the surfaces as well as my own hands to try to slow the ravages of the mRNA material from penetrating my body… Some may think that this is a bit ‘paranoid’ but considering the fact that the mRNA material that the ‘spiked’ are shedding can survive on a whole lot of surfaces for days at least, it is better to be safe rather than sorry….

The other real frightening thing about this entire SCAMDEMIC is watching the death toll accelerate over the last while… There are now logical and realistic reports out there that the number of those who are dying from the KILL SHOT damage is now over 150000 a week… I do as a matter of fact remember barely 6 months ago when the reported toll was only about 15000 a week (over 2000 a day..), which means that the death toll has jumped at least 8 to 10 fold in barely that 6 month period and continues to climb….. I have also seen reports claiming that the overall death toll worldwide for 2022 will be in the neighbourhood of 100+ MILLION, with this number to possibly reach over 200 Million for 2023 alone…. Thus the projections that were made by Doctor David Martin of ‘700 MILLION’ dead by 2028 is NOT out of the question at all, meaning 15-20% of those who have taken the KILL SHOT now expected to be dead in the next 5 years…. To me, even that ‘700 Million’ could be low as the push for those who have already been permanently damaged by these KILL SHOTS to take even MORE ‘boosters’ is being pushed by the relentless propaganda by government and lying media outlets… I honestly can see well over 1 BILLION dead by 2028 which is so frightening to fathom!

So, some may claim that this ‘700 Million’ falls well short of the original plans under ‘Agenda 2030’ for a world wide population reduction of some 90% of humanity world wide… What is not talked about with this ‘death toll’ is the other even more horrendous result of these KILL SHOTS which is permanent STERILITY in those who have taken them! These BIOWEAPONS were designed, and purposely, to not only KILL but to make those who do somehow ‘survive’ have nearly ZERO immune systems, but to be permanently sterilized as well……

For the males who take these shots, their sperm is now permanently damaged and carries the mutated genome. That and there are reports that the other ‘effect’ of these lethal injections is to see diminished sperm output aka ‘sperm counts’… Thus if any male recipient is somehow lucky enough to pass his genome onto a female, the chances of actual fertilization with what could be somehow called human is nearly impossible….

AND do not get me started as to what damage is done to the females as these BIOWEAPONS were purposely designed to destroy the chances of them developing proper placentas in their uteruses for development of fetuses into babies… That and the female ova is also permanently mutated into something that is no longer a human egg as well… Thus when we combine the failings of the male sperm with the permanent damage to the female ova and their abilities to even develop placenta, we have what basically can be called permanent sterility!

I have also mentioned in previous articles about how if these damaged individuals somehow do ‘conceive’ a child, that child’s DNA is also permanently mutated meaning the baby is no longer human at all… Thus we are watching any children born today from parents that have taken these KILL SHOTS to be mutants, which does raise the question of ethics and whether we the survivors of this madness and still somehow human can allow those who are mutated to survive to possibly destroy the human gene pool if these mutants are lucky enough to be able to procreate…..

The bottom line here is that the 5.5 to nearly 6 BILLION human beings that have allowed themselves to be turned into mutated lab rats are FUCKED…. A lot will be dead over the next 5-10 years if they survive that long, while the majority will be no longer human and will be either permanently sterile or cannot be allowed to pass on their mutated genes to their offsprings….. Thus the plans for 90% of humanity to be murdered by the bastards running this genocide may not be reached, but they will be able to kill off somewhere in the neighbourhood of 75% of humanity over the next generation…..

OK, Onto other matters, and the main ‘subject of the day’ over the last few days has been the continuing fall out from that fiasco of a ‘podcast’ made on that Alex Jones’ “INFOWARS” show where he had both Kanye West and Nick Fuentes (again, who is this guy?) on as guests… THAT show turned into a complete circus as the three of them went off on some ‘insane’ ramblings that to me was done ON PURPOSE just to try to wreck the entire alternative media…. I have already said my peace in yesterday’s article at this blog about this obviously planned disinformation fiasco, and I am sticking to my guns on that being EXACTLY what happened here….

Thus, Kanye West made himself out to be a ‘fool’ and only created a huge maelstrom as in his ramblings he talked about his ‘love of Adolf Hitler’ and his views on religion and especially on Christianity…. I have finally listened to the entire show, and I am indeed looking at himself as nothing more than a ‘plant’ by the JEWISH criminals to again wreck our overall efforts in having them exposed for their massive crimes against humanity… Kanye West has basically pushed our efforts off the rails for what I hope will be only be temporary and a very short time… But the damage has been done, and again shows as I have always said about never ever trusting ‘Alex Jones’ at all, for he himself is nothing more than a disinformation agent out there to lead the masses astray…

Some have noticed a few changes in my blog as I have now been writing daily ‘news’ articles that cover a wide range of subjects for that day or for the previous couple of days….There has been so much happening at an ever increasing pace over the last while in our very sick world that I have felt that rather than just try to give my two cents worth here in these weekend rants, that I can cover them better as they happen from day to day…. Thus I am left with trying to find other subjects for these ‘Sunday rants’ instead… Suffice to say, I can now use this Sunday for example to cover what I do love which is to give my views on real history or real science…. Such will be the case here with this rant….

Well, this week on December 7th, we mark the 81st anniversary of the Japanese ‘attack’ on Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu that launched the US into the second World War….. Needless to say that ‘attack’ was absolutely designed well ahead of time by the US itself as they definitely baited the Japanese into having no choice but to launch that attack, or to have their entire economy come to a screeching halt thanks to the US ’embargo’ of materials and especially petroleum products that was put into place in July 1941….

That and the entire scenario for the Japanese attack was carefully laid out in the McCollum “Memo” of October 1940 released by US Naval Intelligence as the ‘script’ on how to entice the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor by not only putting that ’embargo’ into place but putting in old World War I vintage ‘battleships’ into the harbour as the ‘cheese’ for the bait…. The US military did as a matter of fact follow the McCollum memo to the letter, and let the Japanese come right on in to attack those useless vessels and kill nearly 3000 US servicemen on Oahu itself in the process….

I have long said that Pearl Harbor was indeed one of the greatest ‘false flags’ in modern history and absolutely a set up… The US President at that time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, knew that he had promised the American people to stay out of the European war against Hitler’s Germany, and he put up the facade of trying to keep that ‘promise’ while working behind the scenes with his other Jewish criminals in looking at a way to get America into that war… The ‘backdoor’ into the European war presented itself nicely as Japan was allied with Germany and Italy under the Tripartite agreements of 1940, and thus by having Japan somehow attack America, these criminals would have their way into the European war indirectly….

Yes, I have long said that Pearl Harbor was indeed a set up and that FDR was in fact responsible for the Japanese attack on that naval base as well as the murder of those 3000 innocent lives from the attack…. BUT there were so many mistakes made by the Japanese themselves in launching that attack, such as now following their own intelligence reports that showed that the harbour at the time of the attack only had battleships and cruisers, and NOT the primary targets which were the US aircraft carriers, Enterprise (CV6) and Lexington (CV2) that were ‘conveniently’ out of the harbour on December 7th…… That and the Japanese failed to launch a third strike against Pearl Harbor that afternoon which should have gone after the vital oil storage facilities and possibly even caught Enterprise coming back into the harbour itself late on that fateful day……These simple mistakes would indeed cost Japan so dearly….

AND as I said before, I made the trip back nearly a decade ago to Oahu, Hawaii and traveled to Pearl Harbor to pay my respects to the fallen and to not only tour around the memorials but to make the short trip to the Arizona Memorial to pay respect to the 1177 sailors that perished aboard the USS Arizona (BB39) the morning of December 7th, 1941 when a Japanese VAL dive bomber sent a 500lb bomb into the magazine of that vessel ripping it apart in an instant…. I stood there and took it all in, realizing that I knew the real truth about the entire attack… It is just so sad in realizing that history has been so badly distorted and filled with lies, and this is why I am out there trying to convey the real truths..

Well, I guess that is enough for this Sunday report.. But as I always do, I leave so much on the table and hopefully try to cover some of those other ‘events’ here in my usual closing ‘last minute tidbits’…….. Yes, the lying whore media was back at it again earlier this week trying to once again strike fear into the gullible sheep about North Korea being this ‘threat’ with their new intercontinental ballistic missiles. And honestly, that is a load of crap, as a pipsqueak nation like North Korea that can barely feed its own people is a threat to NOBODY and their missiles have always been only a deterrent against the US itself. As I have always said, we will see this phoney fear mongering again and again used on the gullible out there, when the reality is that North Korea is a threat to nobody and just wants to be left alone!…. And has anyone else noticed that the talk about Taiwan being ‘attacked’ by China has magically disappeared too? Yes, the Chinese are presently not even thinking about any attacks on that island nation, while their economy is imploding and people across China are now out in protests wanting the criminals in charge in Beijing to release them from their prisons created from the fraud COVID-19 lockdowns. China may in fact be entering a form of ‘civil war’, and its leadership need not worry about Taiwan, but instead concentrate on just holding onto power instead……. I have continued to watch with pure disgust the increasing ramblings and word salad coming out of that. now 80 year old dementia filled pedophile pant shitting criminal Joe Biden that is absolutely unfit to continue to play his role as ‘President’ any longer. This mentally deranged fool is only making the US the laughing stock of the planet, and sadly the Commies are STILL trying to promote the twisted idea that he will ‘run again’ in 2024? America, you are truly fucked up with this drooling sicko in charge!……I see that the sickos in the Biden COMMIE administration are finally claiming that they are turning their attention to the INVASION taking place along the US/Mexico border. A bit too late now, as possibly as many as a MILLION illegal immigrants have crossed over that border unhindered in just the last year alone. IMHO, This “invasion” has always been planned by the Communists in charge who have wanted these illegals to come in and possibly take the place of the American public who are now sick and dying from the KILL SHOTS. That and to turn white Americans into a minority in their own once proud republic……The war in Syria is still ongoing as I has now for over a decade, and with no end in sight. The latest happenings has been exactly the same as over the last 3 years, where the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies are continuing their nearly never ending operations against US run ‘ISIS terrorist’ forces in the eastern Syrian deserts. That and the Turkish military is threatening now to launch new operations against Kurdish ‘rebels’ in northeastern Syria, where the US is illegally occupying and have now a quandary on their hands where they are stating that they will protect the Kurds from any such attacks by the Turks. Yes, a real mess for the US who have no business being in Syria at all….. Meanwhile over in Iraq, the Iraqi people are still in revolt against the illegal US bases dotting their nation, and are wanting the Americans to get the fuck out. After nearly 2 decades of American destruction to their nation, I fully agree……Over in Iran, many of the ‘protests’ that were happening over the last few weeks have finally been subdued, and the question remains as to the root of those protests aka the ‘Habib incident’ that created the mess in the first place? I have long smelled a rat in this regard as the US/ISRAEL criminal cabal would dearly love to see Iran in turmoil which would save them from having to attack that nation themselves…….Meanwhile down at the end of the Arabian Peninsula in the war torn nation of Yemen, the battles continue with no end in sight. The Houthis and the invading Saudi forces are basically in a stalemate position along most battle fronts with zero real changes over the last week, while the Yemeni people are once again facing what could be yet another famine resulting in thousands starving to death this Winter. To me, this is indeed a ‘forgotten war’ that has seen millions of innocent lives lost over the last decade of fighting, mostly through starvation…….Europe is in deep trouble, with new reports showing that this incoming winter season will be one of the coldest in the last few decades, and with most European nations not able to obtain enough fuel aka natural gas to heat their homes, so many face the prospects of freezing to death. I have long said that the people of Europe must revolt against their criminal governments and stop the madness by ending their support of that evil war in Ukraine and make real amends and deals with the Russian Federation before it is too late…….And things are indeed changing rapidly in that war in Ukraine as the Russians are back on the offensive on most fronts. This again is only the prelude to what is coming as the Russians will shortly unleash their full might against Ukraine to end the ‘special operations’ and put an end to that criminal US puppet regime in Kiev once and for all……..No further news from up here in this formerly free nation called ‘Canada’ other than the aftermath of that ‘inquest’ for the peaceful Trucker Convoy protests in Ottawa that have officially ended and waiting the verdict. As I said before, the entire ‘inquest’ was a complete sham, as the ‘verdict’ has been predetermined and will leave that sinister sicko, Justin ‘I just love hanging out with trannies’ TURDEAU being allowed to play his part as ‘Prime Minister’ like the failed drama queen he truly is. Canada deserves a whole lot better….I am not backing down on my convictions that Elon Musk is definitely up to something sinister with his acquisition of that fraud ‘social media’ platform called ‘Twitter’. There are many that claim that he will leave that ‘platform’ unhindered and uncensored, and I simply do not see that happening. Musk answers to his Jewish masters, definitely, and we shall see what his real intentions are very soon…….New reports came out last week showing that ALL so called ‘face diapers’ and even that N95 supposed high end ‘mask’ are USELESS against all diseases and especially the fraud called ‘COVID-19’. Did not I and others say that this was the case years ago? Wearing any face diapers does not stop infections and in fact can make the wearer very sick from the build up of CO2 in their bodies……..Yes, Hunter Biden’s ‘laptops’ along with all of the sickening porn and garbage on them have finally been made public. Yeah, so what? This will not change the fact that the Commies are in charge in America at all. And I can guarantee that “Hunter’ will never see a day in jail for his antics along as his sickening dad is in charge……..As I said before, thank goodness the sickness of ‘ Wokeism’ is dying the painful death it deserves. EVERYTHING about that sickness is just plain wrong and has always aimed at destroying societies and everything wholesome. Let us all do our best to destroy this sickness and make sure it never arises again………The World Cup continues in Qatar, and I have indeed as a huge soccer fan, been watching as many games as I possibly can. So far and as expected many of the powerhouses in Soccer are in the knockout stages, but sadly the Canadian team did not make it at all. I have to admit that there have been so many improvements in Canada’s squad, but they have a lot to learn and hopefully will be ready for 2026…… The sickness of those two useless parasites, Meagan and former ‘Prince Harry’ is back in the ‘news’ with their release via ‘Netflix’ of their vomiting ‘Behind Closed Doors’ series. Thank goodness I do not have ‘Netflix’ for watching just a few minutes of these two useless eaters would make me upchuck. Honestly, and as I have said before, these two do need to stop being burdens on society and get out there to get REAL jobs and real lives……..And speaking of upchucking, as I always do I want to close this rant with my look at the perverse sickness of the Kardashians who have poisoned so many American minds for too long. The rumour mill was abuzz last week with reports that main trollop and skank, Kim was screwing around with Chris Paul behind Kanye West’s back over the last few years. My thoughts are; yeah, so what? That trollop made herself famous with her porn antics and I do wonder who else has tapped her for the last few decades? Just more meaningless garbage for the simple minds in America to swallow, obviously …

More to come



2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 4th, 2022

  1. Great service you provide NTS by reminding younger readers that False Flags [as in Pearl Harbour] are nothing new. but have been honed to a fine science by the usual suspects–who are now bringing us the Big Pharma vax con, the 5th generation warfare Plandemic…and many other atrocities.


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