Wednesday News: Even MORE On The Scamdemic, And Of Course A Reality Check On So Much More Happening In Our Sick World

Wednesday, and finally back to posting up some REAL news as I rip apart all that crap that the lying whore media tries to promote and give readers a reality check on what is really happening out there…

And yes, I have found myself very strained over the last while as a few personal and family issues have arisen that have taken me away from writing at this blog.. But here I am, and I do want to thank readers for their patience with me!

Once again I want to start off with more reports on the SCAMDEMIC and how that fraud has done so much damage to humanity as the retards and idiots out there continue to allow their bodies to be human pin cushions and be jabbed with the poisonous KILL SHOTS…. Some continue to ask why I have so much focus on this one major subject, and my answer is ‘Are you kidding me? This is THE most important issue that mankind has probably faced in all of human history!”…

I do want to start off by presenting the following report that an astute reader asked me to take a look at and give my two cents worth of reality.. This one comes courtesy of Paul Craig Roberts, through his website at that contains several key links to other associated articles and is entitled: ‘The Official COVID Narrative Is The Largest Lie And Worse Crime In Human History”… Here is the link to that report:

OK, Paul is correct in his assessment, for THE FACTS are clearly and as I said for the last over 3 years, that this has ALWAYS been a sham and a total psy-op from the start….

Again, I must repeat it here that the entire purpose of this sickening exercise of pure evil has always been to CULL humanity through the use of what is 100% a BIOWEAPON…… But of course in spite of this truthful revelation and a true reality check, it is now nearly impossible to reach the dumb ass sheep and retards out there that continue to falsely believe that all of this bullshit is REAL!!!

And one more today about the SCAMDEMIC.. And it once again concerns the heartbreaking FACT that so many that have taken these KILL SHOTS have suffered permanent BLINDNESS due to the aggressive nature of the SPIKE PROTEINS attacking and destroying the optical nerve cells in the brain causing that blindness as a result…HERE in fact is the link to an interesting report about this subject that comes courtesy of the Global Research website at :

YES, this one comes from none other than Doctor Peter McCullough who has been one of the brave doctors out there at the forefront in this fight against this entire SCAMDEMIC…

As I have said many times before, there is such a long list of ‘adverse’ effects and other horrible ‘side effects’ from taking these deadly shots, AND it does make me sick to my stomach when I continue to see mutton heads out there lining up to take even MORE of this garbage into their already weakened bodies…. But what the heck, they seem to not care at all that they could suffer horrible problems such as CANCER, cardiovascular disorders, HEART and Liver damage, a wide assortment of brain damage, and even BLINDNESS…

Well, onto the REAL ‘war’ in Ukraine, and not that BS that the lying whore media outlets are still trying so desperately to portray.. I again cannot for the life of me even try to understand how anyone can believe what those foul creatures even bother to put out as ‘news’ for all it is is garbage and lies…

And of course I want to start off by presenting several overall maps of the REAL situation in terms of the actual battle lines, starting with this one that presents a map of Ukraine showing the Russian/Ukrainian present positions as of today, November 30th 2022 that once again comes courtesy of the Southfront website at … Here is that first map:

Military Situation In Ukraine On November 30, 2022 (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

And here is the updated map of the actual battle fronts along the northeastern Donbas front, once again courtesy of Southfront for everyone to see here:

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On November 30, 2022 (Map Update)

OK, The previous battle map that I presented in a report last week showed that the lines along the northeastern front just north of the key breakaway Donbas republics were mostly along the Oskil River, where the Ukrainian military made vain and stupid attempts to cross against prepared Russian defences along the eastern bank… Those attacks weakened the Ukrainian forces tremendously as those forces were slaughtered trying just to cross that key river…. And now we see the result as the Russian forces have basically ‘regrouped’ and are now launching offensive operations against the now severely weakened Ukrainian defences on the western bank….

And, I do want to present the following important report that comes from none other than American expatriate Russell Bentley who has been with the Donbas Republic forces opposing the Ukrainian army and has periodically given a full report on the REAL situation in Ukraine.. Here is the link to that report, that was part of yesterday’s “Jeff Rense” radio show at

Yes, we have not heard from Russell Bentley in some time, and in spite of the critics out there, he tells it like it is…

The facts are that Russia is now starting OFFENSIVE operations and are indeed taking back some of the territory that the Ukrainian military ‘seized’ in their failed ‘offensives’…. And it will only now be a matter of possibly DAYS before the Russians unleash their full might against Ukraine as their preparations for such an undertaking are now nearing completion..

And Russell does cover a wide range of recent happenings, including the ‘news’ that the Ukrainian military may try once again to seize the vital nuclear power station at Zaphorozhia AND to possibly cause that facility to melt down and destroy Ukraine entirely…. Yes, as I said before, the psychopaths in charge in Kiev and especially that madman Zelenskyy would indeed destroy Ukraine via a nuclear disaster rather than admit defeat and face the consequences of that defeat..

And lets not kid ourselves here… The media liars have been 100% wrong in terms of their false propaganda that Ukraine is somehow ‘winning’ this war… The criminals in Kiev have now ‘shot their bolt’ and have near zero reserves or other forces in place anywhere to oppose a new Russian offensive… Therefore the NEXT Russian offensive will indeed be to finish off this entire campaign and finally free the Ukrainian people from that puppet US regime once and for all…

OK…. Onto other news as I will keep tabs of exactly what is really happening in Ukraine over the next few days…. AND first I want to first present here this very important article that comes courtesy of the MERCOLA website at where the criminals in the ‘G20’ bullshit group have indeed signed off on a ‘Declaration For International Vaccine Passport’ that absolutely is AIMED at the safely ‘unvaxxed’ across the planet and will be the first step towards a full fledged ‘passport’ or ‘Social Credit system’ of tyranny for EVERYONE… Here is that link:

Yes, these scoundrels are indeed ‘going for broke’ as they know that their SCAMDEMIC is now falling to pieces.. Thus they are going to start with this ‘International vaccine passport’ bullshit that will BAN anyone that has not taken their DEMANDED number of ‘vaccines’ into their bodies will never be able to travel anywhere internationally around the world ever again!

And of course we have that criminal sicko freak “Prime Minister” here in Canada, none other than freak and tranny lover, Justin “I am obviously not a man at all, but a freak” TURDEAU, now finished with his lying on the stand at that fraud ‘Inquiry’ late last week concerning his actions against the Trucker Freedom Convoy last February, now basically getting away with his massive crime against the Canadian people…..

In fact, here is the link to an article from the “Burning Platform” website at that covers this massive injustice to Canadians… This article is entitled: “Trudeau Justifies Invoking Martial Law” and is a must read by all readers and especially my fellow Canadians:

Yes, this sickening SOB will indeed get away with what he has done, for he is operating like a dictator with impunity and doing everything that he wants to destroy what is left of ‘freedom’ in this once. great nation… Canadians can definitely do so much better, and I do hope that eventually the sickening ‘NDP’ party of ‘Liberal wannabes’ finally sees that they are supporting a real criminal and will help the opposition see this bastard get tossed out before the damage to Canada is permanent…

And one last thing concerning this freak that is destroying Canada… Apparently this lunatic has had the nerve to come out and say that ‘ Canada supports the peaceful protests happening in China’ while at the same time working to DESTROY any ‘peaceful protests’ right here in Canada itself! Here is the link to a report that comes from the US News online news network at about this new level of hypocrisy for this prick:

Yes, this SOB actually said this, and does indeed show what a hypocrite he truly is as he put in place the bullshit ‘Emergencies Measures Act’ back in February against the PEACEFUL protestors of the Trucker Convoy, and yet comes out supporting protests in China?? What a fucking evil sickening SOB indeed…

Well, that is enough of the key issues that I wanted to cover fully to this point… .But I will touch on a few other issues before I close this report for today:

Someone recently asked me to give my ‘2 cents worth’ on another issue that I have indeed overlooked for the last few days.. .And that is this horrible child abuse, child trafficking, and molestation being conducted by a ‘designer’ company called ‘Balenciaga’.. I finally got around to reading up on as much as I could over the last few days about this sickening and obvious child porn, molestation, and abuse situation with this sickening company, and lo and behold but the person that runs this sickening company is JEWISH.. Why do I point that out? Obviously because when I have researched over the last 15+ years about child abuse, child murder, child porn, etc, I have found that in EVERY case the perpetrators were indeed these criminal JEWS…. Thus this is no different, and as far as I am concerned, anyone that has dealings with that company should halt them immediately… I just hope that a REAL investigation takes place and these sickos do get their day in court and then years in jail for there is NO place in our society for this type of abuse of children, period.

I also saw just the other day that several owners of other ‘crypto currency’ companies other than ‘FTX’ have now ‘strangely’ been possibly murdered or have disappeared mysteriously in just the last week… To me, this is being done by the criminals in charge for they know that the FTX situation has exposed their massive criminal enterprise concerning all ‘crypto currency’ and they want to now cover their tracks by permanently silencing so many of their minions in charge of each of these fraud corporations… We are only beginning to see the start of this ‘blood bath’ as more and more of these business executives will definitely either ‘die under mysterious circumstances’ or simply disappear….

About the Kanye West and former President Donald Drumpf fiasco that is presently filling the lying whore media outlets these days? To me this is most diversion to keep the sheep away from the REAL crimes that most should be paying attention too, especially the Scamdemic AND the FTX fiasco… Yes, apparently Kanye might indeed be running in 2024 for the US Presidency, but to have that JEWISH controlled and minion Donald Drumpf as a possible ‘running mate’ is beyond laughable…. Drumpf did his damage to America already especially with his ‘operation warp speed’ destruction with the ‘COVID vaccines’ and to me is now nothing more than poison to America… If Kanye actually does run, he would be better off to look elsewhere for a ‘Vice President’ than Drumpf…

About the Chinese people protesting across China right now? Well, apparently the Chinese government has tried to calm down all of these ‘protests’ for the moment by calling off a few of their ‘COVID laws’ and especially some rules and lockdowns. But for how long? The facts are that most of the horrors of these bullshit COVID laws will stay in place as the government basically threw the protestors a few ‘crumbs’ just to see if they will relent and go back to being slaves. I do not see any major changes in ANY Chinese government policies as they will never give into these proud protestors and are hell bent in keeping their criminal ‘Social Credit’ system in place to enslave all of China…

And finally, we have news that the long awaited list of ALL of Jeffrey Epstein’s clients on what has been called the ‘Lolita Express’ that had flights to his private island of ritual abuse and sickening abuse of women, has finally been made public.. And that list from what I have been able to read so far is basically the ‘who’s who’ of the rich and powerful around the planet along with a long list of criminal sicko politicians and even a former US President! But will anything come of all this? These criminals have enough wealth and power to help them avoid jail time for their participation in pure sickening filthy abuse on ‘Epstein’s Island’ and quite honestly most will get off without even one of them going to jail… Again, this shows that we live in a two tier society of justice where there are one set of rules for the criminal ‘elite’ and another set of rules for the rest of us aka the ‘PEONS’….

More to come



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