Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 27th 2022

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Sunday, and time again for my usual weekend rant..

It has actually been a pretty warm week here in the Great White North aka the frozen tundra of central Canada… The average daytime highs have gone to just above freezing (0C) with overnight lows holding at around the -10C range… Some may claim so wrongly that this is due to ‘Climate Change’ but honestly have we not been over this sad statement already so many times? The truth of the matter is that these quick and short ‘warm spells’ are common here on the barren prairies, and are very short lived… In fact the long term forecast for this region is a return to ‘seasonal temperatures’ well into December with very intensely COLD temperatures to follow..

I do present these ‘weather reports’ as my usual stab at that nonsense that is commonly called ‘man caused Climate Change’ as reminders of the FACT that such claims are 100% baloney and have NO place at all in SCIENCE period… Mankind has near ZERO influence on climate and has never factored into the situation at any time in our history.. The climate is nearly exclusively driven by the oscillations of solar radiation generated by our parent star, Sol, and right now Sol is going a bit ‘quiet’ as it enters what is called a Grand Solar Minimum that will possibly last decades..

Need I again remind anyone that still has their heads up the asses of the Climate Change idiots out there that history alone shows that we are NOT entering some type of ‘overheat’ of the planet as those morons continue to spew? In fact we suffered greatly during the last ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ barely 300 years ago in what was called the ‘Little Ice Age’ when much of Europe and latter parts of North America did in fact freeze causing severe food shortages and in some cases famine… That was then, and now we are headed into another such period that will once again cause wide spread food shortage that our planet with its now over 8 Billion residents cannot sustain… Governments should not be worried about the fraud of Climate Change at all and should be looking into how to sustain their populations during a time of limited agricultural production that will be seen during this upcoming Solar Minimum!

OK, Enough once again of that ‘weather report’, as I do as I now constantly say; Have bigger fish to fry…. It just boggles my mind that I still see so many people so blindly and stupidly line up at local pharmacies to take the deadly KILL SHOTS and of course ‘boosters’ into their bodies….. I have long stopped even trying to reach any of these morons and retards for their minds are now too far gone and have been brainwashed badly by the intense propaganda that to even attempt such an endeavour as trying to stop them is pointless and useless…. It especially troubles me so deeply when I see so many having CHILDREN with them in tow and having ‘release forms’ prepared so that they as well get the deadly shots….

Yes, it is now fact that we can no longer reach those who have their empty heads set on taking shots of certain death… And we are indeed witnessing the results of their clear stupidity as they are now getting very sick ALL THE TIME from the damage inflicted on their severely weakened immune systems…… It is no wonder that we are all seeing reports that this ‘Flu Season’ will be the worse in recent memory for the fact that with compromised or destroyed immune systems, such common ailments such as the ‘common cold’ or especially ‘Influenza’ will hit them hard and in so many cases have them DIE from these diseases due to having ZERO normal immune system defense against them!

But is that not all in the planning by the criminals behind the entire Scamdemic? Shoot the morons and retards out there up with their concoctions against a fraud ‘virus’ known as ‘COVID-19’ to have their very immune systems destroyed AND primed to not be able to fight off ANY diseases at all… Thus with zero immune systems, when these morons start getting very sick and dying in droves from the ‘common cold’ aka ‘RSV’ or “Influenza”, offer their new fangled ‘vaccines’ aka KILL SHOTS that are, and no shock to yours truly, 100% mRNA just like the original ‘COVID shots’… Thus we will see even more damage and death to all of them through the introduction of even MORE deadly SPIKE PROTEINS into their already compromised systems….. There will be a LOT more deaths coming in the near future, definitely….

It really shocked me in just the last few days to read all of the ever increasing reports of CANCER just exploding everywhere across this planet….. I just get so angry when I see those reports state that ‘doctors are baffled’ when it comes to the cause of this CANCER explosion and honestly they are NOT that stupid and absolutely know that the cause is 100% from the KILL SHOTS that they did ‘recommend’ and strangely still ‘recommend’ for their patients… These are supposed to be ‘experts’ when it comes to medicine, but more and more I have come to the conclusion that none of them have a clue into actually treating and curing patients as most have been automatons in their training and skills from just repeating all the failings of modern medicine on their own patients…

That and most Doctors are very much afraid of actually coming out and telling the truth that these deadly injections are indeed killing their own patients for fear of losing their ‘cushy jobs’, or losing their licenses to practice the fraud of modern medicine…. What the fuck ever happened to their sworn oaths to the Hippocratic oath that states that they will do no harm to their patients? Obviously that has gone out of the window now, as they are harbingers of death by following their orders to help in the injection of deadly poison into millions….. I do hope that when the truth about this entire fraud Scamdemic comes out and the nearly 5.5 BILLION people world wide that have been injected with these KILL SHOTS realize the truth that they all do go after their own ‘doctors’ for what they have done and give them the same level of mercy that the doctors have done to them!

One last thing today about the SCAMDEMIC, and it has to do with the pricks running the entire fraud now out there and warning that the ‘latest and greatest’ new ‘variant’ of the still non-existent ‘virus’ labeled as ‘XBB’ is now out there and that it is somehow ‘deadlier’ than the previous ones…. First of all, EVERY ‘variant’ of ANY virus is absolutely weaker than the original as that is factual and based on REAL science… Second of all, where the fuck did they get this ‘XBB’ moniker for their latest ‘variant’? It is bad enough that they have done the laughable alpha-numeric system of calling this crap ‘B1.1.5’ or ‘A2.1.2’ or anything similar that is nothing but nonsense and pulled out of their asses, but now they come up with this ludicrous ‘XBB’ title now? How stupid do they really think people are? Sorry, let me rephrase that, for apparently the people out there ARE that stupid and will fall for this crap once again. Get ready everyone for new ‘lockdowns and restrictions’ for this is what they want, definitely!

Well, I have been following the REAL story of what has been happening over in Ukraine for the last nearly 9 months now, and I still cannot figure out the ‘end game’ for the sickening US puppet regime in Kiev? That Zelenskyy regime has already bled the western nations to the tune of upwards of 200 BILLION dollars to prop up his failed government and their insane attempts to actually try to win against the much stronger Russian forces…. It has been a losing battle for them from the very beginning as they have thrown away the lives of over 500000 Ukrainian soldiers alone over the last 9 months in senseless and bloody attacks against a better trained and more heavily armed opponent, and still they send even more into battles of certain death….

I had actually hoped that by this time the Ukrainian people would have seen the ‘writing on the wall’ and seen to the overthrow of Zelenskyy’s insanity by this time. And time is indeed not on the side of the Ukrainian people as the Russian forces are indeed gearing up for their much awaited ‘offensive’ that will surely destroy what is left of Ukraine and finally rid the people of Zelenskyy permanently…. If people actually think that the Ukrainian losses in this war have been bad to this point, just wait until the Russians attack and finish the job once and for all…

And when I look at the amount spent by our crooked governments to prop up the failed Zelenskyy regime in Kiev, nearly 200 Billion dollars, I cannot help but to say ‘what a waste’… The facts have been out there for some time now that nearly ALL of that money sent into the Ukrainian money pit does indeed fall into the hands of black marketeers who take the arms that they get and sell it on the black market to criminals and to foreign nations to arm their own forces against governments world wide…. Thus what NATO and the US have actually been doing in their pouring of weapons into Ukraine is to arm ALL of their adversaries with their own weapons that will be used against their own forces sometime in the near future…. Does anyone else see the irony in all this, for I sure do….

Well, as expected, that sinister little prick of a Canadian ‘Prime Minister’ none other than Justin “I am not only a snake in the grass, but again just love to hang out with trannies and freaks” TURDEAU (I spell his last name “TURDEAU”, which is simply a twist on his ‘ Trudeau’ name saying that the man is a TURD..) took the ‘stand’ at that ‘Emergencies Measures Act Inquiry’ just two days ago in Ottawa… And the result of his questioning from the Defense Lawyers for the people involved in that peaceful protest back in February/March was indeed an eye opener…. Basically, this SOB was asked so many questions about his actions and WHY he wanted that “Emergencies Measures Act” put into force and he absolutely LIED HIS ASS OFF on that stand on Friday! If that ‘inquiry’ was an actual court of law, this SOB would be charged with perjury for lying under oath definitely…

The facts are now right there for everyone to see that TURDEAU is absolutely 100% a consummate liar and is totally unfit to even be the Prime Minister of Canada… I need not go over everything that SOB said under questioning, but the key lie that he got caught on was when he was asked if he had ever said anything derogatory or insulting to not only the Freedom Convoy protestors but to ALL ‘unvaccinated’ people across Canada as a whole… His answer was that he never insulted or said anything derogatory to any of these people which is in fact a flat out lie as he has been seen, and there are videos to prove it as fact, calling ‘unvaxxed’ citizens ever kind of insult and slur possible! And his comments aimed directly at the Freedom Convoy peaceful protestors are also nothing more than insults and slurs as well…

YES, Justin TURDEAU is indeed a proven liar and he showed it clearly on the stand at the Inquest in Ottawa on Friday… But honestly, so what? This proven criminal was not in any court of law and therefore does not have to answer for his lying on the stand at all…. People must remember that what is happening in Ottawa is ONLY an inquiry and probably will NOT result in any criminal charges as the final results of the ‘inquiry’ have already been decided simply because the ones running this ‘inquiry’ are bought and paid for shills for the TURDEAU regime itself…. Therefore the final verdict from that laughable ‘KANGAROO COURT’ farce will be that TURDEAU will be found ‘guilty’ of minor offences and will get off with just a ‘slap on the wrist’… He will therefore get away with the horrific damage he did to the Canadian people by his actions against the Freedom Convoy and will continue to play his part as ‘Prime Minister’ like the failed and pedophile drama school teacher he has always been….

Well…The FTX ‘scandal’ is still out there, and as I said before the damage done is already horrific and still increasing in scope… I stated already that the LOSSES to ‘investors’ will be catastrophic and many will lose upwards of hundreds of millions of their own personal wealth for investing in the entire crooked Ponzi scheme, and I am not kidding here… When I continue to see the lying whore media try to still claim that the losses will be under ’10 Billion dollars’ I keep thinking to myself who are they trying to fool? That foul JEWISH creature ‘Samuel Bankman Fried’ has already claimed that his personal losses are in the 16 BILLION dollar range which already puts the losses over that fraud ’10 BILLION’ mark definitely… And when you add in the losses by a shit load of Jewlywood ‘celebrities’, so called sports stars, and a long list of others (so far) you have nearly 50 BILLION dollars in total… Once this mess is all tabulated and finally put to rest in the distant future, the estimated losses to me will probably be close to 100 BILLION putting the entire FTX scheme at the top of the list of the greatest failed Ponzi scheme in all human history…

But what really irks me is the fact that this sickening JEWISH criminal Bankman Fried has still not been put under arrest and put into a cold jail cell already…. What gives with that? This man should be tried, and fried, for what he has done, and yet there he is living still in the Bahamas under a farcical interpretation of ‘house arrest’ where he lives in luxury with all the finest food and accommodations…..That and there was still talk about this criminal going to the US, freely, to attend some type of gala in New York City with a few other criminal Jewish scoundrels to be ‘awarded’ for his entrepreneurship! Yes, we live in a very twisted world indeed where the criminals can do their crimes and continue to live like KINGS, while the rest of us aka the PIONS are put into jail for misdemeanour and petty crimes…. Definitely one rule of law for the rich and one for the rest of us indeed…

I was in a conversation just the other night with my brother that lives with his wife down in the US…. And yes, he has taken at least TWO of the deadly KILL SHOTS into his body and sadly is not up to speed at all on ANYTHING and continues to allow himself to be brainwashed by the lying whore media in America…. One of the subjects that he brought up early in our conversation was NASA’s ‘ARTEMIS’ space probe that presently is supposedly ‘circling the moon’ and doing experiments with its wide range of equipment on board… He said that this was great and that it will lead to ‘man returning to the moon’…. I could not help myself but to interject at that point by saying that man never went to the moon in the first place… His reaction was priceless as he said ‘Oh come on now…Are you still saying that crazy ‘conspiracy theory’?’ …. I decided to leave it at that and talk about other issues, for obviously he has drunk the ‘Kool-aid’ like so many others in the lies of Project Apollo and ‘man on the moon’ that is a complete fantasy…

Yes, we are seeing the ‘hype’ now in America about ARTEMIS now ‘paving the way’ for mankind to ‘return to the moon’, when the reality is that man never went there in the first place…. I have written hundreds of articles over the last 14 years now between here and my former blog at that shit show known as’ Blogger’ showing clear evidence, through my own years of real research, that Project Apollo was a complete 100% FRAUD and their ‘manned moon missions’ were absolutely false… NASA has long known that they cannot put men on the moon due to the severe radiation problems of outer space and especially close to Earth from the magnetosphere generated Van Allen radiation barrier… I keep repeating the obvious that the only way man can go through that radiation is in a heavily shielded space craft to which Apollo itself had ZERO radiation shielding at all…. In fact several of the instruments aboard the present ‘ARTEMIS’ probe to the moon are radiation detectors to assess the actual levels of radiation to and from the moon.. NASA is basically still trying to learn how to get through that intensive radiation and obviously will not be sending any humans to the moon anytime in the near future until they can solve the problem…..

Thus when I continue to hear people today, and even my own brother, still fall for the lie of man on the moon, I tend to chuckle… It shows the intense brainwashing and propaganda that has infused American society for the last 50+ years, definitely in that even today the majority of Americans still believe that Apollo was absolutely real…. I again have to repeat that all that anyone has to do to understand the truth is to have an open mind and to do their own research into this matter and they will undoubtably discover quickly that NASA has lied about Project Apollo and continues to lie so blatantly even to this day…. What was Project Apollo? Very much a large scale propaganda exercise IMHO…

OK, I figure that is enough for the moment… I have of course and as always left so much ‘on the table’ in these weekly rants, and hopefully I can cover some other issues of the day here in my closing ‘last minute tidbits’……As is always the case now, there is now so little ‘news’ about this North Korean ‘threat’ that was all over the lying whore media just two weeks ago, but now has disappeared. I just wish that people would get it that this is always the ‘game’ that these pricks play as when they need ‘fear mongering’ for the gullible they throw places like China or North Korea in our faces to fit the bill nicely… And speaking of China, little is now being discussed at all about the economic near total meltdown that is occurring in that nation that could spell DOOM for the entire world economy. Some have estimated that if China did collapse economically, it would be a near 30 TRILLION dollar disaster for the planet that would indeed cause chaos across the planet…. And just like with North Korea, all of the rhetoric about a ‘Chinese invasion’ of Taiwan has magically disappeared. China has enough problems with its economy and thus all of this rhetoric about attacking Taiwan is off the shelf for the time being….. Will someone please explain to me HOW the criminal COMMIES in charge in America are even able to keep their barely sentient drooling dementia filled pant-shitting pedophile ‘President’ Joe Biden even upright? Besides the fact that all he says now is nothing more than ‘word salad’ I have seen the videos where he is constantly stumbling and falling and having to have ‘aides’ right by him to even keep him upright. This foul creature is making a mockery of America, and it is just a laughable notion now that he wants to run for ‘re-election’ in 2024….. And speaking of American ‘elections’, the people of that once great republic need to finally get it through their thick skulls that the midterms are now done and the Demon-rats in charge have stolen it ‘fair and square’ and will never relinquish their control. The only hope to save the republic now is exactly what I have said for years and that is by the barrel of the guns of patriots….. And yes, now we are seeing a ‘flurry’ of VERY suspect ‘shootings’ in America that in each case shows the tell tale signs of set ups and operations. I have yet to find anything that shows these last few shootings to be ‘legitimate’ and I am sticking to that statement until proven otherwise….AND lo and behold but now with these most ‘convenient’ shootings in America, the criminal Biden COMMIES want to go all out and take away every gun from American citizens. And no wonder, for them to carry out their next plans, which includes the introduction of a ‘Social Credit system’ in America, they need the citizens UNARMED and unable to stop that tyranny…. And WHAT will happen if they get their ‘social credit’ system of tyranny in place? Just look at what is happening in China where the protestors that are trying to defy the criminal ‘covid lockdowns’ are now destroyed by the government basically turning their ‘social credit scores’ to ZERO. This is how ALL criminal governments will subdue any resistance to their tyranny, by basically rendering them non-human with no social credit scores!……. The war in Syria continues on and on with the latest news about the Turks now attacking and targeting the Kurdish resistance fighters across northern Syria. THAT and the Americans are now trying to use this as their latest ‘excuse’ to remain in northeastern Syria by claiming they are there to ‘protect’ the Kurds! Thus the fighting in Syria continues and will continue until someone can get rid of the illegal American occupiers, which obviously will not happen any time soon… And over in Iraq, we find not only the continuing resistance of the Iraqi people against the illegal US occupiers, but now news that Iran is attacking ‘resistance fighters’ in northern Iraq as well. Thus, Iraq remains in the same war torn status that it has had for nearly 20 years since the American ‘invasion’ back in 2003, and the citizens will not have their nation back any time soon…. And in Iran, we find further reports about ‘uprisings’ continuing across major Iranian cities, and all based upon the still unproven ‘Habib incident’ of nearly 2 months ago. This is obviously being fomented by the US/Israeli sickness that has always wanted Iran either subdued or destroyed to make room for total Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East…. And of course I cannot overlook the continuing slaughter of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip by the psychos in Israel. AND these slaughters are of course expected to increase as we now have that nutcase, Benjamin Miliekowski aka “Netanyahu’ back in charge of that psychotic state of Israel…. Down in Yemen, the war of attrition continues between the good guys aka the Houthi resistance fighters and the bad guys aka the Saudi/UAE invaders. The sad part in all this is the continuing genocide of Yemen civilians by these invaders AND the increasing fears that there will be another deadly famine that will see millions die from starvation…..And over in Africa we have some good news as apparently the people and government of the west African nation of Mali have had enough of the illegal French soldiers in their nation and have kicked them all out. Good for Mali, as the French were there for nothing more than to steal their gold deposits…….I have come under fire from some ‘comments’ about my stance on Elon Musk. I am calling this prick for what I see he truly is and have yet to find anything different that would change my stand. Musk is following his Jewish masters’ orders and will never allow Twitter to be a free and uncensored ‘social media’ site ever!…….. And I continue to watch so many videos and read so many reports about how truly BAD ‘electric vehicles’ are. To me, these things are a WASTE of resources and are absolutely NOT ‘green’ by a long shot. Obviously and until the criminals that are pushing these wasteful machines actually release the REAL technology that is out there and would actually make ‘electric vehicles’ truly green and worth the price, I will never ever purchase one and I sure hope nobody is gullible enough to do so as well……..I see that ‘wokeism’ is FINALLY dying across America and Canada as it rightfully should. That stupidity has no place in our societies and has always been there just to corrupt and destroy what is truly wholesome all along. And do not give ‘snowflakes’ and other idiots that have fallen for that even the time of day, as a message for them to wake up and get real lives……..Well, the WORLD CUP is on, and in spite of all the reports of ‘irregularities’ as well as ‘problems’ in Qatar, the actual matches have been pretty good to this point. I am of course spending time watching as many games as I can as I am and have always been a soccer lover. I do hope for the best for my team, Canada, as they have a lot of talent and honestly SHOULD have already beaten the team from Belgium in their first match. Go CANADA!……. Glad to see I have nothing this week on the heinous Meagan and Harry shit show, as these two Bobsy twins and total losers are indeed just money sucking vampires that truly need real lives and should just disappear…. And of course I still cannot overlook the situation with Kanye West, where apparently he was invited to meet with former President Donald Drumpf and apparently the rumours are that Kanye wants to have a 2024 Presidential run with Drumpf as his running mate? If this is true, then Kanye is honestly a fool for Drumpf is absolutely in bed with the JEWS in charge, and his ‘campaign’ would be a total mess. That and I honestly do hope that Kanye is careful for the JEWISH monsters would definitely not let him live long enough to even see the 2024 elections……. And finally, in the strange and stomach churning world of Kardashian, we find reports about how main skank and mindless trollop, Kim, is putting out statements about her ‘failed relationships’. Guaranteed that skank is of course blaming the men for her own clear stupidity as she and the rest of her brood of misfits and whores are indeed nothing but mindless money grabbing parasites that have already ruined so many men’s lives. I have closed these reports for the last 10+ years now by taking shots at this family of misfits and losers and will not stop as I find them as the epitome of what is so wrong with our societies and especially America as a whole…

More to come



2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 27th 2022

  1. Good RANT NTS. Enjoyed getting the latest on geopolitics and news especially as I have been out of the loop recently due to family/personal matters. My husband brought the Artemis mission to my attention as well and referred to it as ‘man returning to the moon.’ I also laughed and said ‘Man has never been to the moon due to the radiation from the Van Allen Belts.

    They will never admit to the Lunar HOAX until our generations are long dead and then they’ll blame us…saying we all perpetrated the HOAX because the generations were very stupid ‘back in those days’. History will likely never record that many of us never believed it…or, like myself, stopped believing about 20 years after the event.


  2. NTS,

    Two US Attorney Generals have deposed Fauci last week. He admitted that he sent his Deputy to China to see how to mask, social distance, lockdown and poison inject the western world.

    He also admitted he conspired to censor free speech with big tech.

    Biden again molested a young woman on TV! He firmly pressed an ‘I Voted’ sticker on her breast and moved in for the kiss! Of course her parents did nothing.

    You have to realize Zelenski is trapped. He will be dead if he attempts a peace agreement with Russia. The three psychos in charge of US foreign policy, Jake Sullivan, Klain and Victoria Nuland will have Zelenski killed if he attempts a peace agreement. Sullivan went so far as to warn Zelenski about his ‘physical safety’.

    I finally watched ‘Died Suddenly’. Most of the information presented I knew already.

    Steve Kirsch was outstanding.


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