Friday News: More Of The Same In Regards To The FTX Fiasco, And Other REAL News For Today!

Well, I could go on and on and on about the FTX crypto currency fiasco, but needless to say that I have warned everyone for a long time now that THIS type of criminal corruption is EXACTLY what you get when you have Jewish criminals running the show..

I also have stated clearly that we are only beginning to see the depth of this financial disaster, as the LYING WHORE MEDIA is still trying to idiotically ‘downplay’ the losses involved… I have seen so many reports over just the last few days with the laughable claims that the total losses are somehow in the ‘1 Billion dollar’ range, when anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that it is actually in many orders of magnitude greater, as the Jewish scumbag behind the entire fiasco has flat out claimed that he lost ’16 BILLION’ himself…. Therefore I am sticking to my statements over the last while that the total losses SO FAR are in the 32+ Billion dollar range for investors, and sadly this is only the beginning as I have seen several reports coming out with claims that the actual level of losses will be in the 50+ BILLION dollar range…

And… I have received some emails sent my way with links to several articles that are claiming that there is somehow a definite link between this FTX fiasco and the entire COVID scamdemic fiasco…. Earlier this week I dismissed this as being a bit ‘ far fetched’ but after reading several reports, I have had to start to do further research and say “Hmmm…”..

In fact, I want to present here one of those articles that shows some proof that there are definite links between this FTX crypto-currency disaster and the entire COVID fraud… This one comes from the Aletho News online site at and I want to present the link here for everyone to see for themselves:

Well… When you consider the depth of corruption in terms of the FTX Ponzi scheme and its dealings with the criminal pricks running Ukraine and their ‘money laundering’ with the sickos in the Demon-rat COMMUNIST regime in Washington DC, this new information about possible links to the entire SCAMDEMIC fiasco is not as far fetched as some may claim…

And the pictures in that article are worth a thousand words unto themselves, as you can clearly see how some of the COVID clinical trial companies were/are funded by FTX, especially in the ‘trials’ that claimed so falsely that ‘IVERMECTIN’ was ineffective against the disease itself!

Thus the question becomes.. HOW deep and corrupt is this entire FTX charade? KNOWING how corrupt most of these financial schemes are from just reading recent history about other corruptions including the infamous ENRON scandal, I would say we are not going to hear the end of this any time soon, and it could get much more ugly than what it already has become..

I did not want to focus so much on the FTX scandal for this article, as there is so much else happening especially in regards to the Scamdemic…. And several key articles that rip this entire fraud to shreds caught my eye today, starting with the following one that comes courtesy of the NATURAL NEWS website at where a key mathematician has shown conclusive evidence that there is now in excess of a 40% increase in the mortality rate of those stupid enough to take these lethal injections into their bodies in comparison to the PURE BLOOD ‘unvaxxed’… Here is the link to that article:

OK, This just proves what I and others have said constantly over the last two years in that if you take ANY of these KILL SHOTS into your body, you are on the road to certain death and your life expectancy is severely reduced..

And to me this ‘40%’ is a lowball estimate, as I have seen numerous reports over just the last few months that show that the excess mortality rate is probably double this ‘40%’ at least…. Basically if you consider the horrific heart damage done to anyone who has taken these death jabs, even ONE dose, those who have allowed this to happen do not have very long to live, period…

And I have received so many other emails and comments sent my way asking me to look into a wide range of terrible ‘side effects’ that we are now witnessing in the stupid out there that have taken these KILL SHOTS… One in particular is what I am seeing just by OBSERVATION of the “SPIKED’ fools that I encounter on a daily basis, and it has to do with the horrific changes in their very ‘personalities’ that I find most disturbing…

In fact I am not alone in my observations that so many that have taken these KILL SHOTS are suddenly acting totally y different than before they took these death jabs… For I want to present the following link to a report from the GLOBAL RESEARCH website at, where many that have long been in the fight against these KILL SHOTS are indeed reporting their findings on how the deadly SPIKE PROTEINS are destroying the recipients’ brain cells causing them to have serious PERSONALITY CHANGES… Here is that link:

Yes, I have seen this definitely myself, and it does frighten me at times…

The video alone is worth the time for readers, and I do suggest spreading this around to others… Humanity is definitely changing in terms of personalities and not for the better….

I will leave the news on the SCAMDEMIC for now, as I do want to cover several other events happening around our sick world… And of course I have been keeping tabs on the ever changing situation in Brazil, where the good people of that nation are not taking the ‘take over’ by the criminal WEF ‘socialists’ lightly and are in fact STILL out in the streets in protests demanding that the recent ‘elections’ that were definitely stolen be overturned immediately…

In fact, it is good to see my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, back from a bit of a ‘break’ and she posted earlier today a brand new article over at her blog at that covers in great detail some of the recent happenings in regards to this very possible ‘civil war’ in Brazil… Here in fact is the link to Greencrow’s article:

Like I said, it is good to have Greencrow back.. And her findings are indeed troubling, especially in regards to the criminals in Brazil now attempting to ‘lock up’ all of the BANK ACCOUNTS of the brave protestors that want their nation back… As Greencrow says, this is the same type of sickening ploy that was attempted by that sicko in charge here in Canada, Justin “I just love being around transvestites’ TURDEAU, against the peaceful protestors earlier this year in the trucker FREEDOM CONVOY!!!

Onto other news.. Apparently now we see what that G20 ‘summit’ of criminals that got together recently in Indonesia was REALLY all about.. For according to the following link that comes once again courtesy of the ALETHO NEWS website, apparently the bastards in attendance hammered out an new ‘agreement’ that will call for the imposition of new ‘vaccine passports’ for ALL international travel worldwide! Here is that link:

To me, this is sickening in itself for here we have these criminals basically trying to raise the stakes again on the entire SCAMDEMIC by pushing once again for EVERYONE to have their KILL SHOTS injected into their bodies to be able to travel anywhere across the planet..

And we have heard about this ‘VACCINE PASSPORT’ scam too many times before…. The fact is that these ‘passports’ are just one step further along in their ultimate plans to have everyone living under their criminal social credit system where you will have ZERO rights and freedoms unless you are a ‘good slave’ and have ALL of your poisonous ‘vaccines’ fully injected into your bodies on a constant never ending basis!

But be ready everyone, for right now they are using the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets to try to put false FEAR and PANIC into the gullible sheep with this bullshit ‘RSV virus’ danger that is nothing more than the fucking COMMON COLD!!!

Well…. Other than all that, there is also the still ongoing ‘war’ in Ukraine, where that criminal psychopath ZELENSKYY did indeed try just a few days ago to plunge the entire planet into World War III via that bogus FALSE FLAG missile strike by Ukraine itself into Poland…. I still am not ‘sold’ on the idea that is being bantered about that UKRAINE and Zelenskyy somehow ‘acted alone’ in this regard and I keep having that voice in the back of my head saying ‘the US is absolutely involved..’ And knowing that the US is actually the ones in control of the Ukrainian government, I will bet anything that YES absolutely the US ordered this ‘false flag’ to happen as they are insanely now wanting WAR against Russia!

And of course we still have the ‘aftermath’ of the US bogus ‘midterm elections’ where the proof is now right in everyones’ faces that it was 100% STOLEN thanks to the recent videos showing the illegal ballot stuffing taking place Live and on camera! But honestly, what difference does it make? The LYING WHORE MEDIA is already out there in full force calling all of this vote theft in Florida nothing but a crazy ‘conspiracy theory’ and that the ones promoting it are nothing but “kooks” and ‘mental cases’…. I always have known that the liars in the ‘media’ would definitely be in the pockets of the criminal COMMIES in charge in Washington and that they were firmly behind the entire ‘leftist agenda’ of subservience in America, and it shows every time anyone turns on the ‘Electric Jew’ for what is supposed to be ‘news’ but is nothing but leftist COMMUNIST propaganda… America definitely deserves so much better, and I am still waiting for true patriots to get off their couches and do something about it!

Anyways, that is all I have to say for the moment…. I will continue with these ‘daily reports’ for I can indeed cover a lot of material and give my honest 2 cents worth in each case… So until tomorrow..

More to come


5 thoughts on “Friday News: More Of The Same In Regards To The FTX Fiasco, And Other REAL News For Today!

  1. NTS,

    Zelenski can’t take a shit without US permission. Of course the US told Zelenski to create a false flag. Although it was probably a very cryptic and vague order.

    But Zelenski, in his supreme idiocy, fired a surface to air missile into Poland.

    Now if the Russians wanted to attack Poland why would they use a surface to air missile? When the Russians have artillery that can devastate entire cities.

    Here in the US the MSM has finally conceded that the Republicans have taken the house. Hopefully they will launch investigations. Although I am not holding my breath.

    The scamdemic has brain washed my hiking club so thoroughly that they think the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) reports Covid events instead of ‘vaccine’ events.


  2. FTX scam involved in boycotting Ivermectin

    ‘elections’ [FTX]

    “RINO CRYPTO CON: PAC managed by Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell took millions from FTX fraudster” [11/16/2022]

    “We’ve already reported that Bankman-Fried gave tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates, causes, and political action groups. But new reports note that he also gave millions to Republicans, especially a PAC run by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who is being blamed for withholding funds from key GOP races where the candidate was backed by Donald Trump, thereby costing his party the majority during midterm elections last week that should have resulted in blowout wins for Republicans.

    “Wouldn’t you know Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would have his hands in the massive cookie jar in Ukraine and the FTX debacle. Of course he is. It seems more and more that the only person who wasn’t on the take was Donald Trump, which may be why they worked so hard to get rid of him,” The Liberty Daily noted in a short report containing Federal Election Commission records showing that the Senate Leadership Fund run by McConnell received $2.5 million from FTX.” [More]:


  3. NTS, another from Aletho.

    “Is RSV another virus from a lab?”

    “Whilst Wikipedia is correct, in that RSV was first discovered in 1956, the story begins a year earlier in 1955.

    This was a time when research was being undertaken into the mass production of the polio viral vaccine. In order to conduct the research, viruses were grown in monkey kidney cells. As a result hundreds of thousands of monkeys were shipped to the US.

    In late 1955 a troop of chimpanzees at the Walter Reed Army Institute began coughing and sneezing….” [Continues]:


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