Thursday News: Even MORE On The ‘Forgive And Forget’ Bullcrap, How Electronic Run “Elections” Are Stolen, And So Much More…

Yes, it is Thursday.. And here I was wanting to have a quiet night after a most gruelling day at that place that I used to be proud to ‘work’ for…. And for those who are or will be asking, YES my plans are now to RETIRE at the end of this year with or without a ‘package’ from that criminal corporation, for I have had ENOUGH of their clear stupidity..

That, and I have found that I still have a real hard time being around those who have been stupid and retarded enough to take 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or what ever the number of KILL SHOTS and/or boosters into their bodies… These retarded morons do not even realize that they all have been turned into basically ‘bioweapons’ of mass destruction where they are not only destroying themselves, but very possibly a shit load of ANY unvaxxed people that they come into contact with including yours truly… Thus more and more I am simply refusing to be anywhere near any of them as I feel I must protect myself from what ever the fuck they are spewing out of their sick bodies!

And yes, there is that ‘smell’ that I detected yet again today coming off of some of the drooling idiots that took the KILL SHOTS… It was once again a sickly smell that seems to be a combination of ‘detergent’ and something else that seems nearly rotting.. It is definitely NOT the smell of human excrement, for I like everyone else know how terrible that is already.. This is definitely something else and is a definitive sign that those spewing that smell are DYING….

OK, Where to start? And I figured I would take yet another shot at that ‘Atlantic’ published article online from that JEWESS “Emily Oster’ that called for everyone to basically ‘forgive and forget’ about what these psychopaths have done to all of us for the last 3 years during the horror show called the SCAMDEMIC…. I for one will NEVER EVER forgive them, for they turned my personal life into a living hell and one that cost me my siblings, my friends, and nearly cost me my job…. There can NEVER be any ‘amnesty’ for these bastards as the true level of REAL justice will always be having them put on trial, found guilty, and summarily EXECUTED for what they have done…

Well, I am not alone, for I want to present the link to this article that was sent my way earlier today, from the Armstrong Economics website, at that calls for NO AMNESTY for these bastards… Here is that link:

Honestly, I agree with this publication, and every one of the other great articles that have been sent my way in just the last 48 hours alone… There can never be amnesty for these lunatics that wanted to see BILLIONS die, period, end of story…

Well… I am of course still getting a lot of emails with more links sent my way concerning this fraud ‘amnesty’ request… And the truth of the matter is that this is such a vain attempt to try to get away with these murders and indicates CLEARLY that these monsters know that they are in deep trouble as the entire fraudulent SCAMDEMIC falls apart so rapidly…. Thus we must keep the heat on them, as we are indeed apparently winning this war against such evil!

OK, Onto the second matter.. And another very astute reader sent me this most interesting link to a ‘Twitter’ feed where apparently a panel of experts, in less than 4 minutes in the video, showed how EASY it is to STEAL an election! Here in fact is that link:

Yes, watch this and weep, America… It is basically ‘Childs play’ in regards to votes being stolen right in the faces of the American people.. And sadly, it shows the level of depravity in the American ‘election’ system that this type of shenanigans is happening and will definitely happen NEXT TUESDAY in the upcoming “midterms’…

Now do you get it, my American friends and readers? The COMMUNISTS in charge in Washington already have the voting so ‘rigged’ that come next Tuesday the Demon-rats will have a ‘surprise victory’ that will keep them in total control of your government!

And what will the American people do come next Tuesday, as their nation is stolen from them all once again? ABSOLUTELY SWEET FUCK ALL! The basic American citizen is not nothing more than a brainwashed couch potato with no brain cells to even rub together.. Thus come next Wednesday, and the COMMIES are announced via the lying whore media in America to have ‘surprisingly won’ the midterms, there will be NO rising up, NO revolution, and most of the brain dead American people will simply shrug their soldiers and say ‘Oh well…” and not even realize that their once proud Republic is a complete shambles and basically gone…

OK, Onto other news and I was indeed waiting for the REAL ‘Elon Musk’ to rear his ugly JEWISH head and show his TRUE COLOURS in regards to his control over the fraud ‘social media’ site known as ‘Twitter’… AND what I was sent my way just earlier today clearly shows that everything that I have said about this prick is 100% accurate, for here is the link to a report from the “Need To Know” website at, where Elon is definitely working with the most evil and criminal JEWISH controlled groups in America for Twitter to be turned into a censorship ‘nightmare’:

Yes, and honestly.. What did you all expect? I have just laughed when I have seen all of those alternative media sites try to claim that ‘Elon Musk’ was some type of ‘hero’ and that he was going to stop ‘censorship’ of ‘Twitter’…. Here is the reality check right there for those dupes that swallowed that bullshit…

OK, Onto other matters, as just writing about Musk is so sickening to me… Apparently my great fellow Canadian patriot from the ‘left coast’ up here in Canada, Greencrow, is at it again with another great article at her blog over at that contains a recent interview with a Canadian doctor out of Alberta Canada that discusses the horror of some ’80’ (Number is now well over 100 according to other sites..) young doctors have recently died after being FORCED to take the KILL SHOTS into their bodies… HERE is the link to Greencrow’s article:

Thanks again, young lady aka “Greencrow”, for bringing this information forward…

Yes, THIS is indeed ‘explosive’ and shows that not ALL Canadian ‘doctors’ are just sheep and following the insane demands of ‘ Health Canada’ to keep mum on the deaths from these KILL SHOTS or lose their licenses.. Some actually do have consciences and know what has and is still murdering so many in Canada’s medical industry…

And, in regards to the ‘war’ in Ukraine… I will not post up any battle field maps today, for the battle lines have not changed at all over the last few days… It basically continues to be a ‘blood bath’ for the Ukrainian army as the lunatics in Kiev continue to send them up to the fronts only to have most of them die at the hands of the superior and well disciplined Russian forces..

But, I have a real good video to present to readers, and this one comes from Gonzalo Lira once again, via Bitchute that discusses the present situation in Ukraine, including the INSANITY of the ‘NATO’ criminals that are all gung-ho and wanting a full blown NUCLEAR war with Russia! Here is that video:

Yes, there are those out there that are still claiming that Gonzalo Lira can NOT be trusted.. But I have watched his videos for a long time, and the man is so spot on on so many issues and does indeed ‘tell it like it is’…. Thus I will continue to periodically present his videos here for my own readers to ponder…

And one last thing concerning the SCAMDEMIC… I was also sent the link earlier to the following report from ‘The Expose’ online at where apparently the criminal ‘social media’ outlet called ‘FACEBOOK’ or as I call it the worse experiment in social engineering in modern history, has had to admit that the KILL SHOTS are indeed destroying the IMMUNE SYSTEMS of those stupid enough to take them in their bodies and does indeed cause AIDS in these retarded people as well! Here is that link:

Well, what else is new? I and others have written extensively for the last nearly 2 years that these KILL SHOTS are destroying the victims’ bodies… And I knew from the beginning that part of the plan by these criminals has ALWAYS BEEN to give those stupid enough to take these shots, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS… Now even the criminals running ‘FACEBOOK’ have had to admit this all to be 100% true!

OK, I do believe that is enough for the moment… There is so much else that I could have covered in this one single report, but I do want to keep it as short as I possibly can….

But just to cover a few other matters, and in case anyone wanted to ask; Paul Pelosi is a flaming homo, and that entire Pelosi ‘event’ in California was basically a fight between two, OR possibly three flaming homos. I am still intrigued about the ‘hammer’ though…. The people in Brazil are out there in full protest and hopefully they will NOT ‘back down’ in the face of the criminality of the psychos who run the world that want to see Brazil turned into yet another ‘socialist shit hole’ like they have already done to nearly all the other nations in South America. Lets hope that they do not succeed…. Kanye West is 100% RIGHT about the JEWISH criminals, but he should have already known that these criminal bastards would destroy him for speaking those truths. The sad part now is that Kanye may have to give up the fight as these monsters may indeed be targeting his children!….. AND yes, the ‘inquiry’ in Canada about that psychotic TURDEAU’s actions against the peaceful ‘freedom convoy’ continues, but it is nothing but a kangaroo court form of ‘bullshit’ as the ones running the show are indeed TURDEAU appointees and the ‘result’ although still 3.5 weeks away is already predetermined. TURDEAU will remain in as ‘Prime Minister’ and this once proud nation of mine, Canada, will continue to be FUCKED….

More to come



2 thoughts on “Thursday News: Even MORE On The ‘Forgive And Forget’ Bullcrap, How Electronic Run “Elections” Are Stolen, And So Much More…

  1. I am quite concerned about the welfare of Kaminsky. I have been sending him whatever I can. I am wondering if he is still at it and still fighting against the Jew plague that has infected the world.


  2. NTS,

    The US Midterms are too far gone even for cheating to work.

    You can lookup the Fetterman- Oz US Senate race in Pennsylvania. Fetterman is incoherent because of a stroke and Oz is an establishment stooge. But Oz will win because Fetterman is not up to any job at all. Oz will be a lukewarm opposition to the Democrats which is better than nothing.

    Fauci is being deposed by multiple US State Attorney Generals regarding the charge that US government officials and agencies conspired with private media to censor free speech.

    This means they have the goods on Fauci otherwise they wouldn’t depose him. His government immunity means shit now! Government immunity is great, it means even if you are complete bumble fuck but you made a decision in good faith that harmed people you are in the clear!

    Yes the Ukranian corrupt leadership is in a panic. Otherwise the totally depraved Zelenski wouldn’t advocate for the use of nuclear weapons. And yes Zelenski is totally corrupt, stealing from the Ukranian people. Billions of dollars!

    Well guess what Zelenski, the US security state has you by the balls. The US National Security Advisor told you to ‘worry about your personal safety’. Now that’s a threat!

    The Paul Pelosi escapade is one for the ages. I was originally thinking it was a drug deal gone bad. But nothing makes sense. Even the Democrats trying to use this as a MAGA hate crime is so stupid that it’s too stupid even for them.

    I agree that many people who enforced the scamdemic rules need to be tried convicted and executed. I would reserve this penalty for the policy decision makers.


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