Important Report Out Of Germany: ZERO Evidence Of ‘Graphene Oxide’ In ANY Of The KILL SHOTS!

OK… Northerntruthseeker has to eat a bit of crow here and admit that he was wrong….

Constant readers to this blog are well aware about how I had REFUSED to believe all of the ‘hype’ coming out nearly 18 months ago about the claims that ‘Graphene Oxide’ was present in the KILL SHOTS and that it was indeed being injected into the stupid and gullible out there that were so willing to take these deadly shots into their bodies….

My refusal at that time was due to my own knowledge of CHEMISTRY where as I knew from so many real scientific reports on the nature of ‘Graphene Oxide’ that it simply did not make any sense to have that chemical in these death jabs because Graphene Oxide itself is ultra toxic and can do severe damage to an organism in even minute amounts… BUT many at that time kept hammering away at yours truly for my stance AGAINST ‘Graphene Oxide’ claiming, and sending dozens of links at the same time, that these monsters were indeed putting that chemical into these shots BECAUSE of its toxicity….

OK, After reading so many reports for months, I ‘relented’ and actually apologized to readers last year saying that I ‘was wrong’ and that Graphene Oxide was indeed in these shots.. I was still perplexed as to the WHY and that had bothered me for months afterwards as I had that gut feeling that there was more to this ‘Graphene Oxide’ story than what everyone was being told…

Well, I should have listened to my gut feelings from the start and held firm that ‘Graphene Oxide’ was indeed a misleading fairy tale and that it absolutely has nothing to do with the KILL SHOTS at all… And to present evidence of this as fact, I want to present the following very important link to a report out of Germany, where some researchers finally got down to examining the chemicals in the REAL KILL SHOTS and found ZERO evidence of Graphene Oxide in their make up at all… Here is the link to that report that is some 70 pages long:

OK, For those who do not want to read through that ENTIRE report, here is the snippet from that report that concludes that there is ZERO ‘Graphene Oxide’ in the KILL SHOTS at all:

NTS Notes: As I said many times before… When I am wrong I am absolutely not going to try to skirt around my errors and make sad excuses, but admit that I was wrong..

The bottom line is this… Graphene Oxide is nothing but a 100% misleading factor in this entire SCAMDEMIC and most definitely was ‘injected’ into the mindset of people to send them off in a 100% wrong direction… The sad factor to me is how so many swallowed this without any thought, and after months of standing against it knowing in the gut of my stomach that it was wrong, I also fell prey….. I should have listened to my gut feelings and stood firm, even in the face of so many that tried to convince me otherwise…

There are indeed SO MANY factors employed in these KILL SHOTS that are there to KILL the person that takes them into their body, but Graphene Oxide is definitely not one of them… Thus I am back to looking at several other agents, and some evidence has me realizing that Ferric Oxide aka Iron Oxide MAY be one of the REAL factors that we all should be looking at instead of this ‘Graphene Oxide’, as I wrote several articles over at my old blog at ‘Blogger’ that showed that these KILL SHOTS absolutely bugger up the victim’s IRON, especially in their blood streams……..

More to come



5 thoughts on “Important Report Out Of Germany: ZERO Evidence Of ‘Graphene Oxide’ In ANY Of The KILL SHOTS!

  1. Not your fault, NTS. We’ve all been bombarded with reports and videos claiming just about everything but the kitchen sink is in that muck. All we need to concentrate on is the proven fact that we don’t want that stuff in our bodies, whatever it contains. It’s not necessary for us to know the exact make-up of something to know it’s harmful.


  2. For me personally it doesn’t really matter what ingredients there are since I will never ever roll up my sleeve. I am more into totally dodging the bullet.


  3. i agree with Tom McFall, Dr Lee Merrick interviewed recently a scientist that claimed she had
    analysed 2100 vaxxine vials and did not find any “mRNA” in any of them

    thanks NTS for posting this


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