Again, Some Important Updates For Today: Was Hurricane Ian A Massive Hoax?, The KILL SHOTS Are Now Killing Over 100000 Weekly!, And Bravo To The Donbas Republics For Officially Joining Russia Today!

Yes, I am officially on ‘vacation’ for the next two weeks plus… AND my ‘better half’ has a shit load of projects and chores that she wants to see done and thus ‘relaxation’ will be out of the question! She is indeed a bound and determined woman, especially in terms of being determined definitely …

And thus rather than write 3 or 4 separate articles to try to cover everything that has been happening in our sick world in just the last 24-48 hours, I figure I would once again encapsulate everything into ONE major article that covers some of the most important facts….

First of all, I have NOT heard anything yet from my friend and colleague, John Kaminski, who was indeed caught by Hurricane Ian as it barrelled through the Port Charlotte area with his home in Northport right in the proverbial ‘bullseye’ of the storm….. I am awaiting to see if John gets some of my messages that I have sent his way, as obviously the power in that area is just now probably being restored…. I will let everyone know his status when he finally gets a hold of me…

And of course we have ‘Hurricane Ian’ itself that does appear to have been ‘manipulated’ into striking the Florida coastline along the Gulf of Mexico right between Sarasota and Fort Myers… I had indeed been following the weather maps of the storm’s eye as it approached the coast and made landfall at Port Charlotte…. AND like most readers, I did indeed watch some of the LYING WHORE MEDIA so called ‘live’ reports right from that area and watched some of the ‘videos’ and saw so many of the pictures of the apparent devastation…

But being the pessimist that I always am (thankfully, for it quickly helped me to realize the true nature of the SCAMDEMIC), I am always never trusting ANYTHING that the media produces, and once again I am not sold on what they have been saying about ‘Hurricane Ian’…. So many questions are now out there that have yet to be answered about this hurricane, and readers deserve as much information that I can provide here..

Thus, I want to turn to a few articles that have come forward from writer ‘JIM STONE’ through his website at … Jim is also a pessimist extraordinaire and he has another take on this “Hurricane Ian” that I definitely want to share with readers here:

Hurrican IAN damage – 

IAN was a FEMA CANE, watch for FEMA to be total tyranny.

The hoax is on.  READ THIS HEADLINE and then look at the actual photos. Aside from storm surge, literally nothing happened, “entire trees” get ripped out starting at 65 MPH for the weak ones, and 90 MPH for the strong ones. If the winds really were 155 mph, not a single tree should be standing. This Daily Mail report is a classic example of “dumbing down”, if there’s that much storm surge and the structures are still there, there were no 155 MPH winds to go with it.

They are lying about IAN and counting on people to be too stupid to see it.  Why? So FEMA has an excuse to be VERY NAUGHTY.

So far all the damage photos show what was destroyed in the storm surge zone, and boats that were washed ashore. That will happen with ANY hurricane or even a strong tropical storm, according to the wind maps IAN was only category 1.

ANY hurricane that makes landfall in a populated area will do what IAN did, even a cat 1. That is the price of putting your home right on the shore. The only serious damage photo I have seen from IAN outside the surge zone was a trailer park, which will stand up to what?? Maybe I’ll change my mind if more gets shown, but when it comes to hurricanes, if the shoreline is in the photo, the photo does not count because storm surge is a reality.

THE BIG story with IAN is that it is rumored FEMA conducted home raids while the owners were evacuated. If that is the case, that is the story of IAN. They can show all the damage photos they want, but FEMA would have known if IAN was truly dangerous, and if it was, they would have been out of there too, NOT RAIDING HOMES.


This is storm surge, NOT a serious hurricane if the trailers are still there!!! It damn near looks like this damage photo was AI generated, that looks impossible!

How do you get intact trailers next to washed up boats that big??

Are they using AI generated photos of storm damage? Some of those boats are awful damn big, if those trailers are still there I CALL BULLSHIT. Look at the water line on some of those boats and compare that to the height of the trailers. That water line is the minimum depth the water had to be to put those boats there. HOW TH could THAT MUCH water go over those trailers, waves and all, and they still be there in one piece, and everyone used the same gray window boards. EVERYONE PAINTED THEIR WINDOW BOARDS GRAY. Coincidence? Trailers perfectly intact with a boat that has a 12 foot draft right there. that screams fake.

Maybe I am wrong, but considering what FEMA did, I smell a HUGE RAT. If all the serious damage happened to shoreline trailer parks, the story line does not cut it.

RUMOR: It appears IAN was used by FEMA to raid people’s homes while they were “evacuated”

If that ends up being the case, remember one thing.  ONE THING: If Ian was SO BAD everyone had to evacuate, why was it NOT BAD ENOUGH for FEMA to evacuate also? What, are they GODS? Hell no!

FACT: If Fema went into people’s homes to raid them while they were evacuated, then hurricanes, starting with IAN, are to be questioned because they are the new platform for getting people out of their homes so their guns can be grabbed and their homes can be raided.

There is no way out of it. IAN was NOT a serious storm, it was an excuse for FEMA to be as evil as it was during Katrina. FEMA home raids when everyone is evacuated?? How cute and trustworthy!! A new type of weather warfare!!

Be ready for horror stories about “how bad Ian was” because if FEMA is doing this, they are going to need awesome cover. How many levees will they blow? Well, considering there are none to be blown, the story line is going to HAVE TO BE huge!!

NTS Notes: OK, Jim has a LOT of valid points… And I too have been equally as puzzled when the ‘US National Weather Service’ between Monday and Wednesday earlier this week pushed the status of ‘Hurricane Ian’ from barely a Category 1 storm to a large Category 4 plus rating…. It was a puzzle indeed, and some claimed that it was due to the storm picking up a massive amount of energy over the Gulf before it made landfall at Port Charlotte.. I for one seriously doubt this scenario…

AND the pictures alone should have more readers saying to themselves “Hmmmm…” as they definitely show, as Jim surmises, that we are NOT dealing with a massive near category 5 storm at all… The damage from such a massive storm would have been so far more than what we are being presented…

Thus we are left with the puzzling conjecture of what this Hurricane was truly all about… Granted and I know for a fact that this was not a ‘hoax’ as John Kaminski can certainly show and prove if the damage was indeed terrible… I will of course be waiting for him to get back to me with a factual report as to what he has witnessed…..

OK, Onto another subject… And once again I want to ABSOLUTELY BLAST the entire SCAMDEMIC, for I came across the following report that comes courtesy of Ethan Huff who of course writes for the NATURAL NEWS website at …. I do want to share this information with my own readers, as it shows proof that at LEAST 100000 or more people are now DYING weekly from the deadly effects of the KILL SHOTS… Here is that article:

Hundreds of thousands reportedly dying WEEKLY from Pfizer’s covid injections – PfizerGate continues

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 by: Ethan Huff 

(Natural News) Official government data shows that hundreds of thousands of people per week are now dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

All around the world, the “fully vaccinated” are suffering heart attacks, clotting and other cardiovascular events that result in permanent disability or death, according to the data. Meanwhile, governments are still pushing the shots as the “cure” for Chinese Germs.

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) “Ambulance Syndromic Surveillance System – Week 30” bulletin offers a glimpse into the carnage using Great Britain as the example. There, emergency ambulance calls are through the roof due to post-injection “complications,” and the health care system is now on the verge of collapsing.

Since at least last August when Operation Warp Speed was in full swing, the number of emergency calls for potentially life-threatening heart issues has nearly doubled – and that number is only increasing with each passing day. (Related: Pfizer has known this entire time that its covid injections are killing people.)

“… ambulance call-outs for high conditions have been overall since January 2021, and have been increasing month to month,” reports Exposé News. “It was not until April 2021 that we saw a significant increase among people under the age of 30 though, and it again has increased month on month since then.”

CDC says myocarditis risk post-mRNA injection is 133 times greater than background risk for general population

In the under-30 category, the number of call-outs per year, on average, between 2017 and 2020 prior to when the shots were released was 24,463. Post-Operation Warp Speed, that number has increased by nearly 50 percent – with an even worse outcome for the over-30 category.

“The average number of annual call-outs between 2017 and 2020 equates to 24,463. Meaning the number of call-outs increased by 48% in 2021,” Exposé News explains.

“The average number of annual call-outs among under 30s between 2017 and 2020 equates to 3,940. Meaning the number of call-outs increased by 82% in 2021.”

Many people missed it because it was published quietly without any fanfare, but a study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that the risk of myocarditis post-injection with an mRNA (messenger RNA) shot is an astounding 133 times higher than the background risk for the general population.

Put a different way, getting shot for the Fauci Flu massively increases your risk of serious heart problems.

“This means Covid vaccination increases the risk of suffering myocarditis by a shocking 13,200%,” Exposé News says.

“Eventually, myocarditis weakens the heart so that the rest of the body doesn’t get enough blood. Clots can then form in the heart, leading to a stroke or heart attack. Other complications of the condition include sudden cardiac death.”

“There is no mild version of myocarditis, it is extremely serious due to the fact that the heart muscle is incapable of regenerating. Therefore, once the damage is done there is no rewinding the clock.”

For both England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes weekly death figures from which it can be determined that excess deaths all around the world are now in the hundreds of thousands – all due to covid shots.

Comparing age-standardized mortality rates per 100,000 among both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated reveals that death rates are soaring in every place of the world where Fauci Flu shots were widely received by the public.

“There is no other conclusion that can be found for the fact mortality rates per 100,000 are the lowest among the unvaccinated other than that the Covid-19 injections are killing people,” Exposé News contends.

Pfizer’s covid injections are a death sentence – either immediately or later on down the road. To keep up with the latest, visit

Sources for this article include:

NTS Notes: Well, I am absolutely NOT doubting the figure of ‘100000’ per week as the present death toll from these KILL SHOTS… Quite honestly I had thought that this figure would have actually been MUCH MUCH higher…

The reason why more are not yet dying is quite logical, for in spite of the horrific poisoning of the victim’s bodies from these KILL SHOTS and the never ending deadly effect of the antigen Spike Proteins ravaging their systems and destroying their cardiovascular systems as well as vital organs, the human body is an amazing biological machine that will do everything possible just to keep alive and try to fight these deadly antigens…

But everyone must remember that it is a losing battle as the cells of the bodies of those stupid and retarded enough to take these KILL SHOTS, are now permanent Spike Protein generators that will eventually overwhelm the body’s defences and KILL the victim…. The time frame for that death is to me still unchanged, as most that have taken these deadly KILL SHOTS have maybe 3 years left to live….

Just more ammunition to add to the fight against ANYONE taking these KILL SHOTS and/or to stop those who have already poisoned their bodies permanently to NOT take any more, and absolutely NO ‘boosters’!

And look, I have tried my best for the last 3 years to awaken everyone to the reality of this entire SCAMDEMIC, and honestly I am now at the point that I have beaten this horse to death enough and there is not much more that I can say… People do have the freedom of mind and choice and basically those who have decided to throw their lives away by taking these KILL SHOTS are basically no longer worth the effort… Thus I am indeed at the point now that I DO want to see them all die as quickly as possible just to give the rest of us, the smart and intelligent human beings, a true chance to save our future and the future of pure blooded mankind…

OK, onto my last point of contention for today… And I do absolutely want to congratulate the Donbas Republics as well as Kherson and Zaphorizhzhia, for choosing wisely and wanting to say ‘FUCK YOU’ to Ukraine and their psychotic regime in Kiev and rightfully joining the Russian Federation….

Here in fact is the link to one of the better articles, courtesy of the great writers at Southfront, at that covers that very important news:

Again, these regions HAVE ABSOLUTELY EVERY RIGHT to choose and decide their future without ANY outside interference… This is all perfectly legal and binding as laid out in the UN’s charter for nations ‘self determination’….

And what will the psychos and criminals in the US/NATO/EU and especially the maniacs over in Kiev, have to say about this ? Obviously, the LYING WHORE MEDIA will be out there in full force trying to claim that this is ‘illegal’ and that Russia has now ‘stolen’ these lands… But of course we are dealing with EVIL from these groups who care not about the UN’s own charter of right’s right?

And…NOW that UKRAINE is launching missile strikes against RUSSIAN TERRITORY, this will only lead to Russia now having every RIGHT to declare full blown war against Ukraine itself…. Russia will have EVERY RIGHT to have that declaration, as the Ukrainians are now attacking RUSSIAN CITIZENS, which is a clear violation of international law…. Thus this ‘limited engagement’ by Russia over the last nearly 8 full months will just escalate further and Russia will have every legal right to launch a full scale invasion of Ukraine from now on….

But in the meantime, I again applaud and say bravo to the Donbas republics for making the right choice for their future…. Being with Ukraine, especially for the last 8 years, has been nothing but hell on Earth for most of these people… Now they have the protection and the rights provided to them from Russia itself!

More to come



One thought on “Again, Some Important Updates For Today: Was Hurricane Ian A Massive Hoax?, The KILL SHOTS Are Now Killing Over 100000 Weekly!, And Bravo To The Donbas Republics For Officially Joining Russia Today!

  1. Re Ethan Huff’s article and your comments. My cousin and his wife invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them, outdoor barbeque, mountains of food, rivers of beer, there will be a whole tribe of family and friends visiting, the whole Thanksgiving Shindig. Haven’t seen them since November 2018. Trouble is they both took the Lethal Injection November 2020. I warned them repeatedly “Don’t do this!” … In one ear … Out the other … Likely everyone there — except myself and Annie my wife — will have taken The Lethal Injection. The question I put to her, “is this a risk we want to take?” and she answered “I don’t think so.” It’s bad enough we have to work 5 days a week with The Walking Dead, but eating and drinking and sharing a hottub with them is a whole other ball of wax.
    Here’s a link to a cartoon by Ben Garrison for you, sums it up nicely:


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