Some Important Updates For Today: Hurricane Ian, And Of Course The Situation in Ukraine In Regards To The 4 Breakaway Republics

After yet another gruelling day at that place of my employment, I am finally able to get some rest as I will be OFF from that job for the next two weeks for ‘vacation’ time… Of course now with the border between here and the formerly free nation called the ‘United States’ open for ALL travellers, especially myself and others that are safely not shot up with the KILL SHOTS, I could go down south for a few days, but instead will be tramping around this part of central Canada doing some residential work and yard work….

I first want to start off with my impression of ‘Hurricane Ian’ as it went barrelling thought the Port Charlotte region between Fort Myers and Sarasota, Florida, just yesterday causing havoc as winds reached Category 4+ levels of around 155 miles per hour… I have watched so many videos since yesterday about the devastation done to that region and yes it is tragic… HOWEVER, I am still not 100% sold on some of the reports that this was DELIBERATELY aimed at that region by the usage of ‘weather modification’… There are so many factors at play in regards to the direction that a hurricane can take, and thus until I get proof positive that this was deliberately done to that area of Florida, I am keeping an open mind and for the moment taking the cautionary approach that it went that way naturally and not through ‘manipulation’….

And I do want to report on my good friend and colleague, John Kaminski, that lives in the NORTHPORT area of Port Charlotte and his residence was right in the BULLSEYE of Hurricane Ian as it approached shore…He and I had communicated as late as yesterday morning as he was preparing to get out of his home at his rental property in Northport, and move temporarily to his sister’s condominium closer to the shoreline at Venice Beach Florida, hopefully just north of the hurricane’s approach…

I have not heard from John at all since yesterday as the power in the region is still out and therefore cellular and internet service is out as well….. I am hoping for the best and that he was successful in riding out the storm… That, and I do hope that he actually has a home to return to for with his residence right in line with the storm’s push through to central Florida, there is fear that the damage done to his home could be very bad…. I will keep readers informed if and when I do hear back from John….

OK, Onto other matters, and I want to give some major updates to the ‘war’ in Ukraine, especially in light of the massive turnouts that just occurred in the 4 major ‘breakaway’ states of southeastern Ukraine that just concluded their ‘voting’ in major referendums to decide their futures…

I must point out first and foremost that according to articles RIGHT THERE in the UN CHARTERS, that ALL nations and ALL people can rightfully vote at any time to decide their future and whether or not they choose to stay with their parent nations or breakaway and declare their independence…. I must reiterate that this right to choose a group of people’s own destiny is not supposed to be infringed in any way and if the people decide to breakaway, then the host nation and other nations MUST honour that decision..

However, as we have seen already in regards to Crimea that RIGHTFULLY decided by a referendum that was closely monitored by the UN itself back in 2014 to break away from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, some nations will lie their asses off and try to claim ‘foul’ that the vote was somehow tainted… In regards to Crimea, the vote was absolutely conducted peacefully and with nearly ZERO interference, with the Crimean people voting overwhelmingly with a nearly 93% YES to join the Russian Federation… Thus there was NO ‘annexation’ or ‘theft’ of Crimea, period, end of story, as the LIARS in our criminal governments and the lying whore media continue to falsely claim…

Now we fast forward to just this last week, and the regions of Kherson, Zaphorozhzhia, Lugansk, and Donetsk, ALL concluded their UN monitored and proven to be non-hindered vote to breakaway from Ukraine, and the votes were OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of that move in ALL 4 cases….. There was NO cheating, NO forced votes, NO ‘ballot stuffing’ like what happened so many times in America, and therefore EVERYTHING in terms of this voting was 100% valid and was indeed fully verified by the UN observers themselves….

And to help everyone understand the repercussions of this amazing vote by those FOUR republics to breakaway from Ukraine, which they have EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to do so under the UN Charters, I want to present the link to the following report from the great writers over at SOUTHFRONT, at where the Russian government has issued an edict that fully RECOGNIZES those 4 republics as INDEPENDENT STATES… Here is that link:

OK, Some may be puzzled as to WHY this recognition as being independent is so important… It is the first step in the process where all FOUR republics can now safely, and under rules of both the UN and international law, now move forward with their request to formally join the Russian Federation… This same action happened back in 2014 with Crimea where Crimea first became INDEPENDENT and then quickly decided to join the Russian Federation back then.. History is now repeating itself here…

So… WHEN will these four republics now join the Russian Federation? How about tomorrow, as apparently there is word that Vladimir Putin himself will have a speech to the world stating tomorrow, September 30th, that these 4 southeastern formerly Ukrainian, now fully independent, republics have decided to join the Russian Federation…

And what will the rest of the world do in regard to this action? I will bet ANYTHING that the criminals in NATO and the US will declare this move by these 4 republics to be ‘invalid’ and ‘illegal’… But of course this is ALL perfectly legal and again is right there in the UN charter itself!

Thus all of this rhetoric that we are now hearing from the lying whore media and our criminal governments that Russia is somehow ‘illegally absorbing’ or ‘stealing’ these 4 republics away from Ukraine is pure BULLSHIT…. Just like Crimea, this move by these 4 republics is again 100% legal and there is not a gawd damn thing that these criminals can do short of open warfare directly against these republics which will mean as of tomorrow direct war against the Russian Federation itself….

And of course the big question is; What is Ukraine itself doing in regards to losing this chunk of their own territory to Russia? Right now, they are trying to increase bombardments and missile strikes against the 4 breakaway republics, causing some damage and killing of innocent civilians.. That and of course the criminal JEWISH freak himself, Zelenskyy is crying ‘foul’ and has tried to declare this joining with Russia of those 4 republics ‘null and void’… Good luck to that , for it was Zelenskyy and his predecessors that of course did so much destruction to these republics over the last 8 years by shelling and killing thousands of innocent civilians, and honestly how can this criminal even think that he has the respect and love of the citizens there?

Honestly, I say BRAVO to the citizens of the Donbas and the Kherson region, that rightfully have now given the middle finger to Kiev and are rightfully choosing their future properly as under the RULES of the UN itself… They have long known that their future does not belong with the criminals in Kiev that have done nothing but give them pain and suffering for the last 8 years, and have turned to Russia for their future…. They have told Kiev basically to go fuck themselves, and we all should respect their decision…

More to come



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