The United States ABSOLUTELY Blew Up The Nordstream 1 And 2 Pipelines! Forever Unusable – 15 Things We Know About The Mysterious ‘Explosions’ That Severely Damaged The Nordstream 1 and 2 Pipelines!

When I woke up today, I read some of the amazing news that had come out over the last 24 hours about EXACTLY what had happened to those direct pipelines from the Russian Federation through the Baltic Sea to Germany, known collectively as ‘Nord Stream 1 and 2’, where apparently they were SABOTAGED and have now been rendered useless for transportation of Russian Natural Gas supplies…. Whom ever did the dirty work in the destruction of those key natural gas pipelines knew exactly what they were doing and this was a most DELIBERATE attack…

Thus, common sense and logic now dictates that the party that has the ‘most to gain’ from the destruction of these NORD STREAM links is obviously… The United States of America, for the cutting off of those vital supply lines will obviously work towards their goal of having Europe brought to its knees and soon begging for help from the US just to survive this impending cold Winter…. That, and the blowing of those vital links will prevent any Northern European nation the option of finally saying adios to NATO and the criminal EU and be forced to bow down to those criminals rather than rightfully try to make peace with Russia…

Well, for those who do not see the full picture of the importance of this horrible destruction by the US, I want to present the following report, that comes courtesy of the Zero Hedge website at, where writer Tyler Durden writes: ‘Forever Unusable: 15 Things We Know About The Mysterious “Explosions” That Severely Damaged The Nord Stream 1 And 2 Pipelines”….. Here is the link to that article for everyone to read for themselves, followed once again by my usual thoughts and comments:

NTS Notes: Lets not beat around the bush here… This attack was 100% DELIBERATE and ABSOLUTELY carried out by the US.. There is NOTHING ‘mysterious’ about this blatant attack at all!

The goal is very obvious as I have already written above; The US does not want to see the European nations break away from their control as we have witnessed with the election of populist governments in both Sweden and more recently in Italy… Thus the criminal bastards in Washington are leaving the Europeans with the bitter message that they must obey their American masters, or suffer from more damage to their nations and their people…

Thus we are now at a major turning point in history, as the European nations now must choose FREEDOM and a pathway away from both NATO and the EU and stop supporting the American led ‘war’ in Ukraine, OR basically surrender what is left of their rights and freedom as nations and as a people by bending over and accepting further American dominance and the evils that entails….

And the message now is clear that the US would not stop at anything to prevent Europe from breaking away from their horrible and sinister control, and that the US would indeed declare war against their own European ‘allies’ to keep them all as their minions forever….

Yes, my European readers, this is now the time to revolt and break the shackles of permanent enslavement that these bastards want for all of us…. Take down your US/WEF/EU dominated ‘governments’ and free your people from the enslavement that these monsters want… Say HELL NO to the EU AND NATO once and for all and choose freedom as your path for the future…

More to come



One thought on “The United States ABSOLUTELY Blew Up The Nordstream 1 And 2 Pipelines! Forever Unusable – 15 Things We Know About The Mysterious ‘Explosions’ That Severely Damaged The Nordstream 1 and 2 Pipelines!

  1. NTS,

    As a civil engineer they will fix the pipeline.

    My theory is they will line the damaged pipe with heavy duty fiberglass and operate it until a new section can be manufactured and fitted to the salvageable sections.

    The salt water contamination will take a while to mitigate but it’s doable.

    The sad thing is Biden is now a terrorist and a domestic enemy of the US Constitution. Since the 25th amendment has not been invoked Biden will be held to account. He’s too far gone to know the crimes he committed but it’s too bad.

    I don’t think the Europeans will allow this terrorist act to go unpunished. It may entail targeted assassination.

    Off subject they are still pushing the Covid booster here. I think it’s because of contractual obligations.

    The latest Covid ‘vaccine’ was just tested on a few mice! You can’t make this up.

    At this point anyone still pushing the vaccine is guilty of premeditated murder.


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