Did The Criminals In The World Economic Forum Launch The COVID Scam Just To Test If The Dumb Ass Sheep Would Blindly Comply?

After yesterday’s ‘weekend rant’, I took the rest of the day for some much needed rest and relaxation… And it was worth it, for I was just beat and needed a recharge…

My work continues to basically suck, and I am indeed wanting out so badly…. Apparently the word now is that the corporation will finally ‘comply’ and have some retirement packages available for those who want out… If they offer me one, I will be gone and finally saying good riddance to bad rubbish… But in the meantime, it has been a bit of a mental drain as so many changes have occurred over the last while as the pricks in charge are bringing in a system where ‘big brother will be watching you’ and basically put all workers under a new system that amounts to nothing more than surveillance… I of course will never comply…

I again am getting one heck of a lot of material sent my way…. And as usual I cannot thank my readers enough for their efforts in providing that valuable information and giving me support for my works here….

One article link was sent to me just very late yesterday, and it brought forward an amazing ‘perspective’ to the entire SCAMDEMIC, where apparently some information has come out claiming that the criminal psychos in charge of that horrid World Economic Forum aka WEF for short, have been running the entire SCAM as a psychological ‘test’ to see if the idiotic and brain dead sheep out there would ‘comply ‘ to the sickening mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions, based upon what truly is nothing more than a PHANTOM VIRUS!

I do in fact want to share that article here for my readers to view for themselves.. It comes courtesy of the “FAK BADAN BLOG” at http://www.fakbadan.wordpress.com , and is a repost of an original SUBSTACK report from alilybit.substack.com …. Here is that article, followed by my usual thoughts and comments:

WEF admits that Covid-19 was used to test compliance



2022 Sep 23

There are many things the WEF may be accused of, but none of them is not being transparent about its agenda. All the rumours about the World Economic Forum’s future intentions were confirmed by a piece that was posted on its website on September 14: They are no longer hiding the fact that Covid-19 was given permission to operate as a trial run for a much bigger project. People’s submission has been demonstrated in the context of the “pandemic,” and this is now to be built upon ruthlessly.

I expect a certain someone to soon again come to the rescue and ensure that this article has purposely been misinterpreted by conspiracy theorists or that this piece does not reflect the opinion of the WEF — although everyone who writes for the WEF is clearly named an “Agenda Contributor” on their website.

People have a tendency to find it difficult to comprehend the eco-socialists’ and pseudo-world leaders’ proposed reorganization, or “reset,” of the economy. But the Corona crisis brought a few changes: It demonstrated how easily the people can be manipulated if enough terror is disseminated, and it made clear that a significant portion of the population truly always obeys orders.

Under the title “My Carbon” the supporters of the WEF are currently promoting enforcing the Great Reset by fixed CO2 limits for citizens. It is important to note that the same profiteers who were responsible for the Corona crisis are fundamentally behind the falsehood about the “climate emergency”.

The principle is the same: masses of money are pumped into certain industries—and as a result, (coercive) measures are installed to guarantee a maximum return on investment. What we saw with vaccination passports before is to be CO2 passports in the future. The great advantage of such measures is that they allow comprehensive control and management of the masses—and ultimately also of those who have not yet given up on using their brains and are ready to resist.

The Sept. 14 article honestly notes that CO2 limits have been impossible to implement—due to lack of social acceptance, political resistance and a lack of “awareness” for climate issues. But in the last few years, they say, there have been significant developments that may finally pave the way for “My Carbon” initiatives.

”COVID-19 was the test of social responsibility.”

They elaborate further:

“A huge number of unimaginable restrictions for public health were adopted by billions of citizens across the world. There were numerous examples globally of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, mass vaccinations and acceptance of contact-tracing applications for public health, which demonstrated the core of individual social responsibility.”

Again, it seems they are peeing themselves in excitement: A massive portion of the population appears to accept “unimaginable” constraints without complaint, as demonstrated by fear-disturbed Corona paranoids and their fellow travelers. For the WEF agenda, this appears to be the starting point for additional constraints and limitations.

The WEF is also happy about new technological means thanks to digitalization, artificial intelligence and tracking apps that allow monitoring of personal CO2 emissions. In addition, they love that people’s awareness of the claimed climate emergency has grown significantly. Young climate protesters are praised at this point. In the UK or in Germany, this oh-so-exemplary group of people primarily focuses on criminal acts; the German Federal Criminal Police office recently warned of attacks on energy infrastructure by eco-terrorists.

Fittingly, the WEF cites Germany as the best example of the increase in “very concerned” propaganda victims since 2015, which may well imply that crimes are also approved for as long as they serve the agenda. To ensure that criminal eco-fascists are constantly growing, the WEF recently recommended that climate alarmism be required as a subject in schools:

“A study from a British university reveals that more than half of young people experience climate anxiety on a daily basis.
The UN is calling for climate education to become compulsory in schools from 2025 to better equip children to cope with global warming in the future.”

Under “What Next” the article elaborates on how CO2 limits are to be enforced—thanks to a corresponding “social movement”. Funny: The first point— increasing costs for carbon emitting activities and products, and economic interventions to reduce demand and improve “efficiency”—citizens in Western countries are already experiencing.

The goal here—as with Covid-19—is to create a new “normalcy” by further raising awareness of the desired quasi-carbon ban. Thus, the definition of “fair shares” of personal emissions is to be renewed and “acceptable” levels of emissions are to be defined for everyone, which the citizens are then to dutifully accept. This is probably the point where the WEF succumbs to its megalomania.

That is because, even if the blind obedience regarding the Covid-19 coercion and vaccinations raised doubts about the maturity and thinking ability of your fellow people—many are still waking up to the madness. The panic wore off, the narratives crumbled in the face of reality. Even the majority of citizens in Germany, a pandemic policy ghost driver, are fed up with any kind of restrictions because of a cold. The war in Ukraine has already shown that many people have become more suspicious as a result of the Corona crisis and are increasingly questioning the official narratives—and now that the German government, among others, is driving the population into poverty and deprivation, the general willingness to comply with personal CO2 limits will tend towards zero. In the end, it is still the citizens who decide what they will and will not participate in.

NTS Notes: I wanted to bring forward this interesting article for my own readers, as it does give a great psychological perspective to the entire horror show that we have now endured world wide for nearly 3 years…

And yes, many have also asked the hard question as to WHAT exactly what the WEF has to do with the entire SCAMDEMIC, and what has been their ultimate goals in destroying so many lives? If the entire SCAMDEMIC was indeed nothing more than a huge psychological ‘test’ for humanity, then most of humanity is indeed DOOMED for most absolutely did indeed so blindly comply without one iota of rational thought..

Thus, there is some truth here that humanity has been used as lab rats for not only a massive experimental test, but a psychological test as well…. What we have all seen is the dearth and dregs of humanity so quickly SURRENDER every aspect of their rights and freedoms coupled with their own bodily autonomy, which to me is just beyond frightening….

To me, this does indeed show that most of humanity are indeed brain dead sheep with no brain cells who will believe ANYTHING that these criminal fucks in charge throw their way with zero resistance and no questions asked… And if the WEF has been so successful in this psychological ‘test’ then what do they have in mind next? Obviously now that they know that they can get away with murder on a genocidal scale, then the ‘sky’s the limit’ as to what they can do now and in the future..

More to come



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