Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 25th, 2022

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Sunday… And time once again for my weekend rant..

Well, the weather outside has now turned to normal Autumn conditions these days, with temperatures at night dipping down to near 0C or 32F… Daily highs now are down to the mid Teens in the Celsius scale (that would be 55-65 on the Fahrenheit scale..)… That is actually very normal for this time of year and thus once again I STILL see no observable signs of this ‘Climate Change’ fiasco that the criminals are trying so desperately to thrust upon us….

It continues to be a fact that with the failure of the criminals’ attempts to kill everyone on the planet with their KILL SHOTS, that their non-scientific based concepts of ‘Climate Change’ aka ‘Global Warming’ have always been on the ‘back burner’ and ready to throw in the gullible sheep’s empty minds at a moment’s notice…. But honestly, have we not seen this rhetoric now for the last 2 decades, and every time they have tried to blame a world wide ‘incident’ on that fraud, it was proven again and again to be caused by other occurrences? Sad to say, but no matter how much reality I and others show to people, and the facts that man caused ‘Climate Change’ is pure bunk and nothing more than another control apparatus for the simple minded idiots out there, most do not listen at all!

OK, Yesterday was indeed September 24th and as I and others with real logic predicted, NOTHING EARTH SHATTERING HAPPENED AT ALL!….. Those who have falsely claimed that the ‘sky was going to fall’ yesterday are now definitely eating crow, as yesterday came and gone and we are STILL here…. Granted, yesterday was another day of misery with so much happening across our sick planet, BUT nothing extraordinary occurred…… As I said many times, we are constantly inundated with these reports of massive disasters happening on certain dates, and I have always said to people to NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP… Tough times are indeed coming, and instead of panicking, just continue to save and stock up for what truly may be a ‘dark Winter’ ahead…

Well, I have now pounded the SCAMDEMIC to death for the last nearly 3 full years since these pricks in charge ‘unleashed’ their patented ‘Wuhan Virus’ which to me was indeed an attempt to actually create a world wide ‘killer virus’ that failed so miserably as the initial outbreak most probably mutated quickly into a non-lethal form…. The subsequent and most fraudulent ‘pandemic’ has been nearly 100% driven exclusively with PROPAGANDA, especially by the LYING WHORE MEDIA out there, and it has worked so marvellously on the simple minded gullible sheep as a 100% MIND FUCK…. As I said many times, to witness how stupid people truly are in falling for that bullshit only reinforces my statements that ‘You cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try?’

I do have to answer one major question that some have constantly asked myself, and it pertains to the basic question of ‘How did you know from the very beginning, NTS, that this SCAMDEMIC was a complete fraud?’…. OK, To answer this question I do have to go into some details and a timeline of events where in each case I will give my analysis here:

Well, when the first reports came out loud and clear even on the alternative media outlets that something was going on in ‘Wuhan China’, I immediately smelled a rat as I have always been basically an eternal pessimist…. I was already well aware of several other incidents that caused warning bells to go off, especially the ‘Military Games’ for military athletes from around the world that had just concluded in China, as well as the major propaganda simulation called ‘Event 201’, and I thought to myself about the ‘Timing’ of the announcement of a major new ‘virus outbreak’ that just ‘coincidentally’ occurred in China at that time….

My writings over at my former site at ‘Blogger’ during the initial 2019 reports, concentrated on FACTS and not fiction, and I so quickly turned to the CRIMINAL aspect of that ‘outbreak’ thinking that something indeed was going on….. Much of my subsequent writings at that time focused in on the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘HOW’ in terms of this ‘virus’, and reading a shit load of scientific reports, I was indeed a skeptic, for in spite of a lot of details, there was little cohesion in the scientific journals that to me was most misleading and very alarming as I do have a very strong scientific background and do not like being lied to… It was thanks to several alternative media reports put out by skeptical real scientists that made me realize early on that we are being ‘led astray’ and that something else was going on….

As I watched between late 2019 and into early 2020, how the LYING WHORE MEDIA was basically ‘massaging’ the simple minds of the sheep out there, I realized that something BIG was going to come down… All of that FEAR PORN at that time was to me very startling, and I began to try my best to warn so many that it is indeed propaganda and pure bunk… But sadly I watched as people everywhere became so ‘uneasy’ and definitely had that look of pure fear in their eyes…. All this over a ‘virus’ from what basically is the ‘common cold’? as I knew exactly what ‘coronaviruses’ truly were…..

The trigger that got me having my ‘Eureka’ moment was back in February 2020 when I was alerted that some 50 nations were involved in a major ‘conference’ in Davos Switzerland to discuss ‘world wide economics’ and what was claimed to be ‘how to handle a crisis’… I thought BULLSHIT as everything that was coming out from that ‘meeting’ did not make sense, and I began to realize that those 50 nations were there to get their ‘marching orders’ by the criminal so called JEWISH elite in charge….

It did not take long to see the ‘shoe to drop’ as the propaganda for this ‘virus’ was ratcheted up with the WHO, which I had said for years is a PRIVATE organization with nefarious goals, suddenly announce a ‘world wide pandemic’ which at the time I thought ‘Huh?’ as there still was no real cause for alarm and rational reasons to claim…. But the LYING WHORE MEDIA just fell in line and apparently got their marching orders to just amp up their FEAR PORN for the masses…

Then we have the orders for ‘lockdowns’ and ‘restrictions’ that have been always based upon some models from a prick and scumbag shit braindead person out of the UK, “Neil Ferguson” that to me were so illogical and not even based on ‘science’ at all… But here we go, as nations went ahead and followed that ‘model’ and basically forced everyone into home bound ‘quarantine’ in the first and second weeks of March…

But I was also alerted that while the initial ‘lockdowns’ were ordered, that there was a major earth shattering financial upheaval taking place, as most nations basically handed over TRILLIONS of dollars to the criminal JEWISH controlled banks while their own citizens were purposely being slammed mentally by the ‘pandemic’ (which by that point I was calling a ‘scamdemic’) from the LYING WHORE MEDIA nearly round the clock… Thus while everyone was filled with fear, fear, and more fear, their pockets and their entire life savings was being fleeced and stolen… YES, even to this day you do not hear anything about this REAL event that occurred in March 2020, right? And now you can see why!

Yes, major nations followed their marching orders from criminals above, and for MONTHS after that initial March 2020 FEAR PORN, their citizens were treated like prisoners in their own homes… Personally, I knew it was 100% pure unadulterated BULLSHIT, and that is why I resisted every chance I got… NO FACE DIAPERS and NO SOCIAL DISTANCING for me, as those two pieces of pure lies were intended to basically further isolate human beings from each other and cause them to be nothing more than fearful lab rats in what was turning into a massive propaganda experiment for all mankind…

I knew that something more terrible was coming as the ‘virus’ was again and again proven to not only ‘exist’ but what ever they did unleash on humanity, which I had come to the conclusion was nothing more than enhanced versions of the common cold and INFLUENZA, was absolutely NOT killing anyone no matter how badly the propaganda was falsely claiming otherwise… In fact as a side note here, those ‘deaths’ in Italy that were claimed at that time as being from this ‘killer virus’ actually proved to be something completely different, and those other deaths in the UK were proven well after the fact as being caused by purposely murdering elderly people via MIDAZALAM which is a means of putting elderly to death via lethal injections….

Try as they could, the liars could not keep the entire scam going forever, as even I started to take the ‘daily reports’ put out by the so called and very CRIMINAL ‘health care’ officials here in my home province of Manitoba, Canada, and rip them to shreds EXPOSING the entire lie… Sadly so few actually read those reports, which I had prided myself on being factual and showing that these pricks were indeed lying their asses off…. It became apparent that too many sheep out there had swallowed the ‘Kool aid’ so to speak and were indeed nothing but brain dead fools that were being primed for the ‘next shoe to drop’….

And of course the method of ‘testing’ also irked me early on, as I had read up on Kary Mullis’ works and how his POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION procedure for amplification of test material was absolutely NOT a valid ‘test’ for a ‘virus’ at all…. Warning bells were going off at an alarming rate, as I read report after report about the ‘number’ of those who were claimed to be coming down with this ‘COVID’ bullshit, when the damn PCR test to get those ‘numbers’ was 100% invalid! At that point I KNEW that we are indeed going through the world’s greatest hoax and lie, but sadly so few were indeed listening as they lined up like the stupidest sheep imaginable to take a ‘test’ that was 100% bunk for a ‘virus’ that showed zero validity to even exist…

That next shoe to drop quickly became apparent with the LYING WHORE MEDIA reports about a ‘miraculous vaccine’ that was quickly being developed (when ‘vaccines’ actually take at LEAST 10-15 years to research and develop…) and was already being ‘tested’ on some human lab rats for ‘safety’…. WARNING BELLS went off as I began to put 2 and 2 together to realize that these fuckers were indeed up to something in terms of these ‘vaccines’.. It did not take long to realize what level of diabolical criminality was going to be reached….

When I first heard the term ‘mRNA’, especially in regards to these new ‘vaccines’ warning bells exploded in my brain…. That was indeed a most ‘radical approach’ to ‘fighting diseases’ and after reading about the HOWS in terms of the methodology of injecting these ‘vaccines’ into the human body, I had hoped that someone would be asking REAL questions about ‘testing and safety’ but all I saw and read in reports pertaining to that criticality in terms of releasing ‘vaccines’ I soon discovered that the information provided was so misleading… Something was not right here, and I was damn sure to dig deep to find out…

When more reports finally surfaced about the true nature of these ‘vaccines’ I thought to myself these things are NOT ‘vaccines’, so WHY were these fuckers even calling them that? It occurred to me that most people had been ‘massaged’ mentally from birth with the idea that ‘vaccines are good for you’, but of course having done my own research for years on the true nature of ‘vaccines’ I knew differently… Further, it became obvious that these sick fucks were indeed going to inject this new and untested and unverified CRAP into people’s bodies, call the entire plan a grand ‘world wide experiment’ and pass them off as ‘vaccines’ when they absolutely were not…

Thus, early on I did my damn best, when they came around to unleashing their ‘vaccines’ on the gullible sheep in October 2020, to WARN everyone to NOT take that experimental crap into their bodies, as the harm that could occur far exceeded any ‘benefits’…. That and soon realizing that there were ZERO real benefits to this crap being injected into people’s bodies, while the possibility for horrific side effects were growing in report after report on nearly a daily basis…

SADLY, I tried my best from October 2020, and even up to today, to try to warn everyone to stay away from these mRNA experimental jabs which I quickly labeled by the end of 2020 to be KILL SHOTS, and so few have listened or heeded my warnings… Suffice to say that we can ALL see now that the entire SCAMDEMIC’s goals have always been to get those KILL SHOTS into everyone possible under the guise of fighting a ‘virus’ that still to this day does not even exist… I can state it here that I have possibly saved thousands of lives through my work at this blog, which to me I am most proud of…. The hard part is realizing that BILLIONS of others are now soon to be gone from our world thanks to their mindless adherence to propaganda and fear porn rather than actually sit back, research, and use their BRAINS for a change…..

And lets have a reality check here… I am far from perfect as I have made many mistakes over these last few years in terms of my own research and facts… That was part of the ‘learning curve’ that everyone goes through before they come to the realization that this has been nothing more than the greatest act of GENOCIDE that the planet has every seen in history…. We that have used common sense and rationality have each in our own ways come to that same conclusion and we have RESISTED the criminals’ want to see us as much DEAD as the other fools and RETARDS that have already taken the KILL SHOTS…. We should hold our heads up proud knowing that we will be the surviving humans for the next generations as well…

Yes, that consumed a lot of this rant, but I wanted to answer those who wonder HOW I knew that this entire SCAMDEMIC was indeed a sick and twisted mind fuck by criminals who truly are psychotic and want to see all of us, the ‘useless eaters on the planet’ nothing more than DEAD…. I have done my best to give facts in my nearly 2800 articles pertaining to this entire fraud, and I do hope that given time more will see that I have been so RIGHT in wanting to save lives from what is a certain death via the KILL SHOTS….

OK, One other major issue that I want to touch on is of course what in the fuck the European people are doing in ALLOWING the criminal sick fucks that are presently running their nations into full collapse and ruination, going to do to stop the madness… I had expected more from the people of Europe, and all I have seen is where the people of SWEDEN have finally said hell no to their twisted and sick ‘liberal’ government in Stockholm and threw them out last week in a nation wide election… Granted the sick fucks on the left tried to ‘steal’ that election by ballot stuffing, but the people of Sweden so overwhelmingly voted for the ‘right wing’ that even that attempted theft was not enough.. Thus, Sweden now has, and thankfully, a ‘right wing’ government that wants to get rid of the illegal immigrants and possibly get the fuck out of the EU and NATO as well… I say good for Sweden, and I do hope their next step will also be to start getting on the phone with the Russians and get the natural gas they need for this winter time flowing…

AND we are about to see elections taking place in Italy, where the most hated leftists in Rome are desperately trying to hold onto power, while the Italian people are set to have their sorry asses thrown out to be replaced with a ‘right wing’ party that also wants Italy to get the fuck out of the EU and start making deals with Russia for much needed natural gas supplies as well…. I say good for the Italians, and while they are at it, why not get the fuck out of that criminal group called ‘NATO’ that wants World War III with Russia while you are at it!

Yes, Europe needs to break the chains of control by the evil Rothschild controlled EU, AND to start saying hell no to the most evil and diabolical World Economic Forum that is wanting to see Europe collapse into unending turmoil while its people basically freeze to death by the criminal NATO and EU caused cutting off of essential Russian natural gas supplies…. As I said so many times already to the people of Europe; FUCK NATO and the EU, get your ‘governments’ to obey the wishes of the PEOPLE for a change or be forced out under much needed revolutions, get rid of destructive WEF ‘policies’ and get on the phone to Moscow to make important deals for natural gas now! The alternative is to possibly watch MILLIONS of Europeans freeze to death this winter, which is horrific.

OK, I have ‘rambled enough’.. It is once again time to close this very long ‘rant’ with my last minute tidbits….. The constant rhetoric that surfaces once in a while about North Korea has gone down for the time being as expected. This has to stop as people need to wake the fuck up and realize that North Korea is a ZERO threat to anyone, and its nuclear program is one for defence, especially against the criminals in the US! Leave North Korea the fuck alone as that is all that nation really wants…… And the rhetoric about a ‘war’ with China continues to rise and fall with the latest being yet more bullshit about an “invasion” of Taiwan that is not coming. In fact the Chinese are once again wanting to talk about ‘peaceful reunification’ with the island nation, which flies in the faces of all the ‘war rhetoric’. The bottom line here; Taiwan and its people needs to decide its OWN future and one without interference from either the US AND China as well……..OK, yes I have seen some of the latest ‘videos’ of that sick dementia filled, pedophile and pant shitting creep, Joe Biden, and all I can do is continue to shake my head in disgust and yet laugh my ass off. This creature is now barely human at all and every recent appearance that he has made shows definitive evidence that the criminals are propping him up on either drugs or some other method to even keep him standing! It also amazes me as to the sheer gall of the COMMIES in charge in Washington that they can keep this ass clown out there, that is surely making the US the laughing stock of the planet right now……The hyper inflation that usually happens with a massive world wide ‘recession’ is now being felt by people everywhere. I continue to watch prices, especially on much needed food supplies, just skyrocket and as I have said before the damage being done to low income families is now beyond horrific. Autumn is now upon us, and I do wonder when the real damage will happen when food supplies now run out and starvation does set in? And yes, this is coming….. Much talk about a ‘digital currency’ has now escalated, as governments including mine here in Canada, are all talking about unleashing that fraud on the planet starting next month in October. If the people are stupid enough to fall for this trap, then the criminals in charge will have zero ‘checks and balances’ and will be able to control everyones’ lives through a massive ‘social credit’ system where if you defy the government then they simply switch off your digital currency and you could starve to death. Be ready everyone, for this is coming….. Many continue to see the ‘lifting’ of ‘travel restrictions’ that is coming next Friday, September 30th, here in my nation called ‘Canada’ as a ‘victory’, but I do not see it.. In fact, there is NO real ‘victory’ as that most heinous SOB in charge, Justin “I am a psychopath and a narcissist” TURDEAU is STILL in power, and could ‘reimpose’ those ‘restrictions’ any time he wants…… And much has been said about this Pierre Poilievre being somehow a ‘saviour’ for Canada, when in fact he is 100% WEF just like ALL other Canadian federal party leaders (other than Maxime Bernier of the PPC). Thus if Canadians are actually stupid enough to vote for this Poilievre clown in the next ‘federal election’ and expecting changes, they are so sadly mistaken and we will continue to be a WEF controlled state…….The war in Syria continues, with the latest news being the constant attacks by the psychos in Israel that continue to try to push the Syrians to ‘retaliate’ leading to a larger regional conflict. But the Syrian government continues to not ‘bite’ and refuses any attacks against Israel as they know what the sick game is all about. The only other battles presently taking place in Syria right now continue to be where the Russians and Syrians are using their airforce to blast away at US run ISIS ‘terrorist’ positions, which has continued to be a ‘cat and mouse’ game now for the last 4 years and counting….. Meanwhile the ‘civil war’ in Iraq is still going strong, as the Iraqi people continue to make the lives of the American occupiers as miserable as possible in the hope that the Americans rightfully get the fuck out and stay out. Iraq has been under constant American control now for nearly 20 years, and again the cries of ‘Yankee go home’ are louder than ever before……. The so called ‘nuclear deal’ for Iran’s still nonexistent ‘nuclear weapons program’ is now basically dead, as the Iranians have had enough as the ‘deal’ was no deal at all for them with ZERO benefits at all. Thus the psychos in Israel are once again trying to get a nice little war going against Iran, with the hope that the dying American Empire still has enough force left to take down that massive nation on their behalf. Yes, we may yet see American soldiers fighting and dying for the psychos in Israel against Iran some time soon……. Meanwhile, down at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula in Yemen, the ‘war’ has now ratcheted up a bit as EU nations have indeed thrown their support behind both the Saudis and the UAE efforts. This is of course a sham, as the EU is so desperate for new natural gas sources with the cutting off of Russian supplies, that they would support such an evil war to woo those two nations into increasing their natural gas exports to European nations. The sad part is watching the people of Yemen suffer just because of Europe’s own stupidity……Well, the ‘war’ in the Horn of Africa is back on, as apparently the breakaway Tigran forces in northern Ethiopia have now been resupplied by their American supporters and are once again launching attacks against Ethiopian government forces. And WHY Ethiopia and why now? Ethiopia has always been mineral rich and a vital point of control for the failing American empire, and they are wanting to see the overthrow of the government in Addis Ababa that definitely is not ‘pro American’ by a long shot…..I have had many ask my opinion about that sickness over in Ontario Canada where a ‘shop teacher’ that has serious mental issues has been teaching class wearing a massive prosthetic fake set of boobs for everyone to see on a daily basis! To me, that ‘teacher’ should rightfully be fired from his position and be forced to get psychiatric help as soon as possible, for he truly is a mental case that should NOT be around anyone, period……..The recent news in Ukraine continues to be around the breakaway Donbas republics now voting to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Too many people are still unaware that those republics have the RIGHT to choose their future in a vote and/or referendum as laid out right in the UN’s own charters, and if they decide to join Russia then they have 100% that right. There is nothing that Ukraine and the criminals in NATO can do about this, other than trying to reconquer the region through war, which will never happen now especially with the Russians calling up 300000 reservists to protect that region……..And the fear porn in Ukraine, thanks to the lying whore media, continues to be around the ‘war’ now going “nuclear”. Honestly, I do not see this as happening, as even the psychos in NATO and the US can see that ‘nuclear war’ with Russia is the end of all life on this planet. Why not try actual negotiations with the Russians, which the Russians have asked for months to happen, instead you dumb fuckers?……NO EPL British soccer this weekend. But the next game for my team, the Gunners, is next weekend in the traditional North London Derby against arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur. I am hoping for an Arsenal victory as it would go a long way in terms of the Gunners getting at least a Champions League berth for next year……..No new news this week on the Meagan and former ‘prince’ Harry front, and thank goodness for that. I keep hammering away at the fact that these two are indeed parasites on society that should stop being burdens on the American people as they are already worth millions and do not need handouts. Someone seriously needs to get the message through their thick skulls to stop their antics and just get REAL jobs for a change……And on the Kardashian sickness front, it is shocking to see how much money these parasites are worth when news comes out that main skank and trollop Kim has now bought a ‘Malibu mansion’ while still holding onto a $60 Million dollar “Hidden Hills” California mansion as well. Seriously? This means that these most foul creatures have possibly made BILLIONS off of the sheer stupidity of the American public that blindly still follows their antics? How stupid do people have to be? No wait, I am talking about the average American who now has the brains of mosquito pee here, right?

More to come


3 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 25th, 2022

  1. Re – The Scamdemic: One of those lives saved was mine, NTS. I definitely owe you one on the scamdemic. No “flu shots” and no “vaccines” for me. I have not had the flu and have not had the Covid-19, whatever the hell that is/was. Kudos NTS, from yours truly here in SC.


  2. NTS,

    My logic regarding the tyrannical misery we have been put thru mirrors yours.

    In May 2020 I knew we were in big trouble.

    Seeing people masked at restaurants before eating, but when eating removing the mask.

    Knowing vaccines take at the very minimum 4 years to develop. This was the big convincer for me.

    The lockdowns extending over months.

    I refused to wear the mask until I got into physical confrontations. It wasn’t worth it so I wore the mask for short periods. People have been killed over the mask.

    Things kept getting worse thanks to the sheep.

    I have sympathy for those that were coerced into getting the ‘vaccine’, but the mocking taunting covidian idiots who got the ‘vaccine’ and died horribly, too bad.

    On a bright note Dr Tenpenny is implementing a new therapy for those whose heart has been damaged by the ‘vaccine’. It’s not a cure, but can greatly reduce the damage.


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