Needing A Bit Of Rest And Relaxation

I am trying my best to avoid any ‘burning out’ at my ripe young age of 62… And as there has been a few stressful situations for yours truly over these last few days, I surely need some rest and a bit of relaxation…

Thus I will keep this article simple as possible and only touch on something that apparently is on everyone’s minds… That is in regards to this sudden rash of reports claiming that ‘something big’ is coming down this Saturday, the 24th of September….. I have never fallen for these ‘sky is falling’ traps, and rest assured the criminal JEWISH bastards in charge are indeed going to very soon ‘pull the plug’ on the present world economies as part of their expected move towards that abomination called the ‘Great Reset’ but most probably NOT this Saturday…

Thus in my honest opinion that crash is not going to happen this Saturday, as I do believe that it will probably be part of an “October Surprise” sometime this October that will probably coincide with the push for this ‘digital currency’ that these monsters are wanting as part of their planned and contrived ‘Great Reset’ that so many nations have signed onto including that SOB here in Canada, Justin “I am indeed a weasel and a psycho” TURDEAU….

So, when this Saturday comes and goes, just remember that it was just another day……. Do not fall for these ‘doom and gloom’ predictions for this September 24th, BUT continue as much preparation for hard times on the horizon, for they are coming…

More to come



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