Father Of 7 Year Old NOW With Myocarditis Records Pharmacist Admit That Parents Are NOT Warned About KILL SHOT Side Effects In Children: ‘We Might Scare The Parents, And They Don’t Get Their Child “Vaccinated”‘.

I have this week off from that hell hole of work, and I surely need it… I have spent the last few weeks at that horrible place of work having to put up with so much ignorance and stupidity from the ‘vaccinated’ that suddenly think that I have the ‘plague’…. It has been a most miserable experience, and I have found myself also having to get the fuck out of my office environment from time to time just to AVOID being around these retards as most are definitely ‘shedding’ the antigen Spike Proteins out of their very pores and I definitely do not want to get sick from them!

Well… My first morning while being on ‘ vacation’ was most troubling… I went to the local Canada Safeway store for a few dairy products and some bakery items.. And as I passed by the local ‘pharmacy’ I could not help but to once again notice a parent of two very small and young children at the ‘sign up desk’ for getting the KILL SHOTS into their bodies… I felt like screaming inside, for here once again was a most ignorant and RETARDED female parent, about to subject her own children to a LIVING HELL by having her own innocent children injected with these KILL SHOTS… All I could do was to pass by, being sick to my stomach, in thinking that this ignoramus of a parent should indeed be tried for murder of her own children when they do get permanently damaged from those lethal injections…..

Which brings me to the following report that comes courtesy of the HEALTH IMPACT NEWS website, at http://www.healthimpactnews.com, where a Male parent out of New Zealand recently had a most heated ‘conversation’ with a Pharmacist who went ahead and injected his 7 year old son with these KILL SHOTS, and subsequently that young innocent child came down with MYOCARDITIS…. Here in fact is that entire report right here for everyone to read for themselves, followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:

August 6, 2022

Father of 7-Year-Old with Myocarditis Records Pharmacist Admit Parents Are Not Warned of this COVID Vaccine Side Effect: “We might scare the parents, and they don’t get their child vaccinated”

Registered Nurse Natasha McDannis inoculates Otto Linn-Walton, 8, with the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children five to 12 years at NYC Health + Hospitals Harlem Hospital, Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, in New York. (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon)

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A recording of a phone call between an irate father and a pharmacist who injected his 7-year-old son with a COVID-19 vaccine after his wife brought him to the pharmacy behind his back, and is now allegedly in the hospital due to myocarditis, has been circulating in the alternative media today.

The father and his family apparently live in New Zealand, while his work originates in New York, and what is remarkable about the call is that the father asks the pharmacist if parents are warned about the risks to myocarditis and heart disease before giving the COVID-19 shots to children, and the pharmacist replies:

We might scare the parents, and they don’t want to get their child vaccinated.

This is on our Bitchute channel, and is also on our Odysee channel and Telegram channel as well.


I found a couple of transcripts of the dialog, and this one (I found it on The Vigilant Fox) seems to be the most complete:

Father: Are you a pharmacist?

Pharmacist: Yes, how can I help?

Father: Yeah. Hey, I’ve got a question. My wife, against my wishes, brought my seven-year-old son a few days ago for a COVID jab, and he’s now in the hospital with myocarditis. And I was obviously not very happy with you guys or with my wife. She told me that she was not told that was a potential side effect. So why wouldn’t you have told her that?

Pharmacist: Okay — sorry. So it’s quite a rare side effect as well.

Father: No, it’s not. No, it’s not because I’ve been doing research; it’s common. In the US, there’s tens of thousands of them [myocarditis cases] reported to the CDC site. So why are you not telling parents this?

Pharmacist: We might scare the parents, and they don’t want to get their child vaccinated.

Father: So you don’t want to scare the parents with something that is actually happening, that’s happened to my kid? Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind? You don’t want to scare them? You need to give them the right information so they can make a proper decision! What is wrong with you? You don’t want to scare them. I’m recording this conversation as well, and this is going to a lawyer next. Thank you for admitting that. So why don’t you tell them? When someone comes in there and says, “Hey, what can go wrong?” What do you say? “Sore arm”? Have you seen the amount of dead people? Have you seen it?

Pharmacist: Has your wife asked before giving consent to give [the child the shot]?

Father: She asked what the side effects are!

Pharmacist: She asked? I’m not sure because I wasn’t there.

Father: It doesn’t matter! You’re supposed to tell people this can happen. So you know what the prognosis is? You know what it is? Possible death within five years. 20% of people with myocarditis die! It is a permanent, damaged heart. It is not temporary! He’s facing a heart transplant because of you! Because you didn’t want to scare her! You know no kids have died from COVID, not a single healthy kid, and you’re giving this stuff out, and you’re not warning people? What is wrong with you?

Pharmacist: So there are information online that you can look up —

Father: No! No! You gave the shot. When someone comes in there and asks what the side effects are, you don’t NOT say because it might scare them from the shot. What is wrong with you?

Pharmacist: So the benefit of getting a vaccination is — solely giving a vaccination because the benefits outweigh the risks.

Father: No, it isn’t! Do you know I’m looking at a Johns Hopkins study? There have been 400 people under 18 die in the United States. 330 million people. Not one of them was healthy. They had cancer, leukemia, obesity, something wrong with them. Not one kid has died or ended up in the hospital. So the benefits are ZERO to my kid! Why did you not tell them? It’s up to you to tell them. Then we make a decision. Not you! You tell us, “Okay, it’s rare, but it happens. You didn’t tell her that, did you?

Pharmacist: I’m not sure. I wasn’t the vaccinator —

Father: You said you’re not doing it. So when the next kid walks in there with a mother for a shot, are you going to tell them, “Hey, I just got a call from someone; their kid’s heart is destroyed. Keep that in mind; that can happen.” Are you going to tell them that? Are you?

Pharmacist: I cannot answer you that.

Father: Well, why can’t you because it’s going to go in a court, and you’ll answer it. You just admitted that you don’t tell people because you don’t want to scare them. It’s recorded; I’ve recorded everything.

Pharmacist: Sorry, I wasn’t the pharmacist that did the vaccination.

Father: It doesn’t matter; you just said it! You just said that you don’t tell people.

Pharmacist: I don’t know what the situation is, so I don’t know what she told in the vaccination error. I’m not sure. I cannot speak on behalf of the pharmacist that vaccinated.

Father: You just told me you don’t tell people because you might scare them. I have it on a recording. You want me to play it back? Every call — because I’m in finance — every call is recorded. Every email I sent is recorded. Every message I sent must be recorded because I work out of New York, and I live in New Zealand. It’s all recorded because the SFC requires it. You are recorded. So you’re telling people — you’re not telling them they could get damaged, so in case you scare them from taking a shot that can kill them, right? Is that correct? Are you brain dead? What is wrong with you?

Pharmacist: Sorry, I don’t think we should con — continue this conversation.

Father: No, we should because are you going to tell people this is a risk when they come through there? My kid’s screwed! You screwed him. What about everyone else? What are you going to do? You ruined a life! It’s on you for the rest of your life. This kid is screwed because of you because your policy there is to not tell people that these vaccines are dangerous and deadly. Have you seen all the people dying in their sleep? Hundreds of them? Have you seen yesterday? An NFL first-round draft pick, 24 [years old] died? An NBA first-round draft pick died four days ago, dead after the shot. Are you seeing that? Are you sitting there in your bubble collecting your 50 bucks every shot you give, you murderer? So what are you going to do? Are you going to tell parents? Are you going to say, “Look, this is what can happen; it’s not a sore shoulder”? That’s usual, but they can ruin their lives. How do you feel about that you’re ruining lives? Are you going to tell them or not? Are you going to continue to do this?

Pharmacist: Um — that’s not the decision that I make.

Father: It isn’t? So you’re just going to tell people, “Oh, nothing can go wrong,” and more kids are going to end up in the hospital with ruined hearts, right? That’s the plan? Because you can’t make that decision. And you’d hate for them not to take the shot, eh? Because then you don’t get your 50 bucks, do you?

Pharmacist: So we always ask consent for the parent before we do the vaccinations.

Father: Yeah, but you don’t tell them what can go wrong! Of course, you asked consent. The parent came there with that kid. It’s obvious consent. Why are you not telling them what can go wrong? I’m sure they’re asking. But you’re like, “Oh, no. Nothing goes wrong. Just a sore shoulder.” Right? You don’t tell them that the crazy guy called you and said his kid’s life is ruined because of what you did a few days ago. Do you or will you? You are sick! You are sick! You are twisted. You are evil. You’re a monster. You’re wrecking lives. You’re killing babies. You’re killing children. You’re killing mothers. You’re disgusting. Totally disgusting. Do you not see that? You need to at least tell them “This can go wrong,” because when you don’t, this happens! Don’t you see that?

The next part is very expletive. I do not agree with the name-calling here, but I do understand the frustration from the parent.

Father: Are you so f*cking stupid? You f*cking murdering bitch! F*ck! And you’re going to continue to do it! “Oh, I don’t make that.” You f*cking moron. You are f*cking sick in the brain. You are f*cking mentally retarded.

NTS Notes: I read this most troubling report over several times, and honestly I wanted to cry for that innocent victim of this horrific action by those ‘pharmacists’….

And yes, luckily in this case the father did record the entire conversation, and we now have PROOF that the lunatics at these ‘pharmacies’, not only in New Zealand, but EVERYWHERE across the planet are driven to getting these lethal injections into children just for PROFITS…

I have seen this for myself, as again so many dumb ass parents are lining their own precious children up to have their lives permanently ruined and/or destroyed…. Once these KILL SHOTS are placed into the children’s young and still developing bodies, there is NO TURNING BACK as the damage done is forever!

Like I have said many times… Reading this horrific occurrence and understanding exactly what we are ALL up against is the primary reason why I AM CONTINUING with my assaults on this entire program of mass GENOCIDE… Our future is and has always been with our children, and obviously the goal of these maniacs is to jab as many of them with these KILL SHOTS to make sure that they have NO Future at all!

And to those ‘naysayers’ out there that continuously and now at an ever increasing pitch, attack myself and my articles; You clowns just do NOT get it at all, and cannot see what my primary goal is in terms of this blog… I just hope that you all rot in hell for being part of this disaster in the making, and I do hope that ALL of you that constantly try to slam my efforts have had your full complement of KILL SHOTS, for the world would be a better place without your stupidity and ignorance..

More to come



3 thoughts on “Father Of 7 Year Old NOW With Myocarditis Records Pharmacist Admit That Parents Are NOT Warned About KILL SHOT Side Effects In Children: ‘We Might Scare The Parents, And They Don’t Get Their Child “Vaccinated”‘.

  1. The Covid-19 Fraudemic is simply a warm-up act, to hyperinflation, power “failure”, famine and social collase as the Davos Set go about destroying Western Civilization and giving us their dystopian nightmare to replace it. Right now, we are in a time analogous to the late summer of 1347, just before the plague ships landed at Genoa in October. Within a year, 60% of Europe’s population was dead. The difference being, that the holocaust we’re facing was planned, and over decades. It is very, very, VERY difficult for the average person to grasp, the nature of the evil, the depths of depravity, of the monsters who think they’re running this shitshow. But we have to grasp it, and accept it. “The Lord of the Rings” provides a fictional portrayal of that Evil; “The Gulag Archipelago” provides us with an historical one. The same agencies that gave us the Russian Revolution are attempting to perpetrate their Great Reset now, and by way of warning: Between 1917, when the Bosheviks seized power, and 1923, when Satan came to bring Lenin home, they had already murdered 10 million people and Russia’s industrial output had declined — 95%.

    “The Bolshevik Revolution – Darkness Descends” – https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZoAp5xP6F6vb/

    But most of humanity are so f***ing stupid they deserve what’s going to happen to them.


    1. Roy… I FUCKING agree with you… Tell it exactly as it is and please do not be afraid for I feel exactly the same way..

      To me, what is presently happening is much like what happened in the 24th century with the ‘Plague’… But this time the projected death toll in EUROPE alone will be around 75 to 80% with a further 10% or so permanently rendered sterile and no longer human..

      The fact is that they are only getting started, for just wait until they unleash their ‘monkey business’ along with mass culling via starvation…. But will the sheep out there wake the fuck up?? FUCK NO, and honestly I have given up on them for they are truly lost causes..


  2. Just look at NZ and OZ – the countries with such a macho image: tough rugby fellas and guys called, “Bruce”.

    They took their shots like the sheeple they’ve turned out to be.

    I have nothing but contempt for people from those countries now.

    As far I’m concerned they can fuck off and die.

    The guy who rang the NZ pharmacy must be the last REAL MAN left in NZ!


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