Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 7th, 2022

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Sunday… And time again for my weekend rant….

As I said before, Summers are way too short in these parts of central Canada, and I am absolutely trying to enjoy as much of the great outdoors while I still can with decent temperatures and lots of sunshine…I have seen the reports coming from the ‘Farmer’s Almanac’ that has usually been spot on for over the last century in terms of predicting upcoming seasons, and they are definitely calling for this Winter to be WORSE that that brutal one that we had last year… So, damn right I will enjoy this season while I still can..

I continue to get a lot of ‘critics’ of what I write at this blog, especially about content and language… I am not going to change my style and my statements, for if these idiots and morons cannot handle the truth then my advise is so simple; Go away or go elsewhere… I am not going to ever stand for this ‘political correctness’ or ‘woke’ bullshit and mentality, and will call a spade a spade at all times… So buckle up and grow some balls you fools that criticize….

Well, Where to start… I have been hammering away at nearly every facet of the SCAMDEMIC for so long, as I have long said that people need to get the information and facts for themselves to use as tools to alert others as to the horrific harm the retards out there are doing to their bodies by taking these KILL SHOTS without using one iota of common sense…. To me, the fact that people everywhere are such dumb ass sheep and do not stop and think before lining up to have these lethal injections shot into their bodies is beyond reproach… What we are witnessing is how truly stupid and ignorant the majority of mankind can be and how most are just willing to throw away their very lives without even stopping to actually THINK!

AND yes, the massively horrific ‘side effects’ from these KILL SHOTS continues to pile up on a daily basis…. I for one am sick of the terminology being used aka ‘side effects’ for those ‘effects’ are EXACTLY what the criminals behind these lethal injections 100% want to happen.. NOTHING has been ‘left to chance’ here, for the program has always been about killing as many people on planet Earth that these bastards can, while at the same time profiting from the suffering they are doing!

And do not kid yourselves here, for the death toll is indeed rising so rapidly everywhere from these KILL SHOTS…. Being a good observer of humanity around myself these days, I cannot help but to notice the increasing absence of people on days when the streets, malls, parks, etc, should be abuzz with human activity…. People with common sense should be asking themselves the question: ‘WHERE have all the people gone?’, and those with even one brain cell can easily come to the simple conclusion that most are holed up in their homes sick and dying from the ‘effects’ of the lethal injections that they have put into their bodies…. Basically the culling of humanity is definitely happening right before our eyes and it will only get worse over the next few months…

OK, Much has now been said about this latest fraud called ‘Monkeypox’ and how it ‘originated’ and why it seems to attack the homos out there primarily… Nothing has been left to chance by these bastards, for the facts are that the KILL SHOTS have given most of those who have taken them into their bodies auto-immune disorders with the result being most dying from “Vaccine caused Auto Immuno-Deficiency’ which has for decades been known as ‘AIDS’ but with the twist now that it is definitely originating from the KILL SHOTS… And since the ‘Gay community’ has always been claimed to be the hotbed and origin of ‘AIDS’, why not associate this newest ‘Monkeypox’ with their psychotic activities? It worked before with the lying whore media screaming about ‘AIDS’ so why not now?

OK, It has been most interesting to see how the lying whore media and even ‘social media’ outlets are ‘censoring’ any material out there about what is the actual cause of ‘Monkeypox’, and I wrote just a few weeks back an article here about the link between this latest bullshit ‘deadly virus’ and the removal of an essential genome from the human body through the transfection process of the KILL SHOTS, known as “Gene 1P36″…… Thus with the bastards now trying to prevent the knowledge that vital gene is now gone from those taking the KILL SHOTS and subsequently causing them to break out in skin lesions that are being falsely claimed as ‘Monkeypox’ we have our answer to the mystery, clearly…

I have no doubt at all that these pricks who developed their evil transfection process that turns human cells into something they are not, just to generate antigen Spike Proteins, knew full well that their synthetic mRNA material fucking up human cells would indeed remove that ‘1P36’ genetic strand from human DNA… They knew that with that removal, some would indeed potentially break out in lesions all over their bodies, for ‘1P36’ does indeed prevent such outbreaks from occurring..

Thus again, nothing is left to chance, and these fuckers running the SCAMDEMIC have indeed a new ‘disease’ called ‘Monkeypox’ that they can run with just to brainwash fools and idiots into taking even MORE deadly ‘boosters’ and BULLSHIT ‘monkeypox vaccines’ into their bodies just to speed up the process of killing them all….

The real sad part about this “monkeypox’ bullshit has been seeing so many just lining up for hours in so many videos, just to get the bullshit ‘monkeypox’ KILL SHOTS put into their already immune-compromised bodies…. AND, we have reports that the fuckers running this latest fraud are actually injecting most of these retards with SMALLPOX garbage and ‘vaccines’ and thus using them as human guinea pigs once again to see what will possibly happen to them! Heck, what could go wrong with injecting these retards with Smallpox ‘vaccines’, right???

Honestly, I have just had it with people these days… I have spent the better part of the last 3 years warning so many to not fall for the SCAMDEMIC bullshit and to realize that their ‘deadly virus’ was never isolated, purified, or proven to even exist… Heck, their so called ‘virus’ even fails EVERY aspect of ‘Koch’s postulates’ which are essential to have a PROVEN antigen floating around supposedly killing everyone….. That and by now most that still have two brain cells to rub together do realize that it was all 100% FEAR PORN and pure bullshit propaganda that was promoted by the bastards in the lying whore media to torture them with ‘lockdowns’ and ‘restrictions’ that had zero value, just to have them all PRIMED for the real McCoy which has always been the KILL SHOTS…..

I for one just want to puke in fact when I see morons and retards still out there, even on hot Summer days, donning their stupid idiotic FACE DIAPERS that do absolutely NOTHING to prevent ANY illness from getting into their bodies… If you still want to see how stupid humanity can be, just look around and count the useless human beings that constantly don face diapers that will actually make them very sick….. And do not ever bother any more in actually approaching these morons trying to get them to understand that their face diapers will only cause REAL deadly illnesses such as bacterial pneumonia to destroy their lungs and their bodies, for most are truly lost in their own ignorance… To me, I just hope that these fucking retards have indeed received all of their booster shots AND now even ‘Monkeypox’ bullshit KILL SHOTS, for the sooner that they all die and get out of the way, the sooner for the rest of us who are still human to actually fight against this GENOCIDE…

OK, I have rambled on enough about the SCAMDEMIC in this ‘rant’… I have received a couple of ‘complaints’ over the last few days saying that I have now ‘ignored’ the ongoing ‘war’ in Ukraine… And honestly, I have not ‘ignored’ it at all, for presently the Russian forces are nearly at the end of their rest and refit period and are about to launch possibly ‘phase 2’ in their attacks into areas beyond the Donbas region…. I have strongly believed that the Russians actually had this “pause” over the last few weeks to give the criminal Ukrainian leadership under that disgusting Zelenskyy Jewish maniac a chance to actually come to their senses and seek diplomacy to end this war… But NOPE, Zelenskyy and his stooges are 100% now run and dictated by the psychos in ‘NATO’ and the US that want to turn Ukraine into another ‘Vietnam’ or a ‘forever war’ that they insanely think will grind down Russia itself…

And seriously? Ukraine lost the war months ago… What we are seeing now is a desperate attempt by the US/NATO to ‘prop up’ a failed regime and military to, as stated before, ‘FIGHT to the last Ukrainian’… This to me is such sheer madness, and thus the Russians now realize that they have NO choice but to begin NEW operations which will include offensive movement from the Donbas all the way to the Dnieper River and beyond…

There are several aspects of the present actual ‘fighting’ before the huge upcoming Russian offensive that truly puzzle me.. One is of course the INSANITY of the Ukrainian leadership in their rocket attacks against the southern Ukrainian nuclear power station located at Zaporizhzhia, that is so illogical and actually suicidal… IF the Ukrainian government does get what they seem to want, which apparently is to have the Zaporizhzhia facility go into ‘nuclear meltdown’ they could be dooming ALL of Ukraine to a radioactive hell that will make what happened nearly 4 decades ago at Chernobyl minor in comparison…. But do you even hear a peep about this impending disaster anywhere on the lying whore media outlets? Absolutely not, for all people continue to see is a 100% round the clock perpetual BULLSHIT…

The other real ‘fighting’ apparently may come in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine… There have been ‘reports’ coming out everywhere that the Ukrainian military has somehow amassed over 100000 troops now bristling with a wide array of western supplied weapons, just ready to launch a massive offensive against Kherson itself, and to possibly destroy the vital land bridgehead into the Crimean peninsula as well…… But thanks to the stupidity of having this ‘offensive’ not kept secret, the Russians are now preparing a response to this possible ‘counter offensive’ that will turn the Ukrainian forces into a massive blood bath….

The other sickening aspect of this ‘conflict’ is of course the continuing attacks by the psychos int he Ukrainian military against CIVILIAN targets… Over the last week, we have seen even ‘AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’ finally (and it is about fucking time..) turn against the Ukrainian government and showing clear evidence that those maniacs have indeed been purposely targeting civilians which is in all aspects a war crime… That, and even some lying whore media outlets can no longer openly LIE about the atrocities committed by these sick bastards, and have filed several reports questioning why people around the world are even supporting such a criminal regime in Kiev?

AND of course we still have the sickening attacks conducted by the Ukrainian military against several POW camps in Russian held Donbas, where nearly 100 prisoners were murdered by US built HIMARS missiles! So much has come out now about that atrocity, which I reported before and have absolutely NO DOUBT was deliberately aimed at killing the captured AZOV ‘Neo nazis’ held in those camps to prevent them from squealing like pigs to expose Ukrainian atrocities, that now the LYING WHORE MEDIA came out and somehow had the audacity to claim that the Russians purposely put these militia prisoners at those facilities to make sure they died in the Ukrainian missile attacks (!)… Seriously? Is that the best LIES that these bastards can come up with? To me, this is so sad and shows more reasons why we must all shun the garbage western LYING WHORE MEDIA 100%…

One last thing before I get onto my last minute tidbits, and it is in regard to the drunken wicked witch of the west, that heinous and most ugly bitch, Nancy Pelosi, and her ‘trip’ to Taipei Taiwan, which to me was 100% a propaganda stunt and a fiasco… YES, I was wrong in saying that I thought there was NO WAY in HELL that even the COMMIE Biden administration would even allow that psycho to fly into Taiwan, knowing full well it would piss off the Chinese to no end, but they went and did it anyway….

Thus we had the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets have their momentary day in the sun as they went absolutely ‘ballistic’ with reports about how China was ‘preparing’ for open war against not only Taiwan but the United States itself… And that propaganda and bullshit continued for even days after the wicked witch of the west flew out of Taiwan itself…. And what happened? Well, the Chinese did put on some military drills, sent a few warships around the island of Formosa aka ‘Taiwan’ and even fired off a few missiles into the South China Sea just for show, but NO ‘INVASION’ and no real further action as an “invasion” was clearly never going to happen… It turned into a ‘non event’ and obviously not only a fiasco but 100% an episode in fear porn for the gullible sheep…

As I said before, I am still trying to figure out exactly WHY the wicked witch of the west even bothered to go to Taiwan in the first place? What the fuck were the COMMIES in Washington wanting to happen, when you consider that China already controls possibly as much as 25% of American commerce and the Chinese and Americans did not want to upset that economic control at all! Thus we still have more questions than answers, but as far as I am concerned, this entire episode stinks to high heaven and I see it as just more ‘fluff’ for the masses, as the REAL problems continue to be the collapsing US economy coupled by food uncertainty for this coming Autumn, and thus these pricks needed yet another of their patented distractions.. The Taiwan fiasco did that and so much more IMHO….

One other side note about Taiwan, and it has to do with something that I do remember I was told about some 15+ years ago… Apparently when the Republican Chinese forces had to run for their lives and escape the advancing Chinese forces way back, 73 years ago, during the Chinese ‘civil war’ to the island of Formosa, there was a secretive deal struck between the Chinese Republican forces and the US itself that basically turned over complete control of Formosa to the American government in exchange for continuing support both economically and militarily of the Republican forces on that island….. I have not seen any reports at all that show that deal has ever been ‘rescinded’ by the parties involved, meaning that secretly and unbeknownst to the entire world, Taiwan to this day is basically owned by the Americans…. In fact John Kaminski and myself did discuss last week in our usual conversations that this ‘deal’ is still in place, and thus every aspect of what we are witnessing in regards to Taiwan are just for propaganda as the Americans do basically own Taiwan itself….. Is this actually shocking news? Hardly, for it makes sense now in terms of the continuing diplomacy between China and the US over Taiwan.

Well… Time to get onto my last minute tidbits… And other than opening up with anything about China, I want to turn to an interesting and ludicrous report that makes the ‘claim’ that North Korea has offered ‘100000’ troops to assist Russia in their ‘war’ in Ukraine. To me this is just pure bullshit, and being done for the gullible masses, as Russia does not need North Korea’s ‘help’ in Ukraine, period……..Well, what more can be said about the failing psychotic and pedophilic pant shitting lunatic that is somehow STILL considered as the “President” of the US, Joe Biden, these days? The claims are out there that this lunatic has the bullshit of ‘COVID’ again, but obviously, considering those ‘videos’ released a while back showing a clearly ‘automaton’ Joe Biden at the podium, this lunatic is either already dead, or unable to even perform as ‘President’ any more. Thus what we are witnessing is a truly sick game being conducted by the COMMIES in charge in America, and sadly most Americans are simply too stupid to even take action against such garbage…… And about the failing US economy? The shit is basically hitting the fan now, with near runaway inflation and a near total stand still in terms of American industries across the nation. That, and everywhere we look there are increasing shortages of vital food items, while those in stock are at record prices. This to me is only the beginning, as the worst will probably hit by September/October of this coming Autumn….. And while Canada is also suffering under near runaway inflation rates, and food staples no longer available, that shit for brains that still somehow calls himself ‘Prime Minister’ Justin ‘I am such a retard’ TURDEAU, apparently went to a ‘hideaway’ in Costa Rica for a few weeks’ vacation. Thus while Canada burns, this lunatic WEF minion is ‘out of the way’ and actually staying at the now residence of former Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister so conveniently down in Costa Rica? …..And of course we have the lying whore media here in Canada now claiming that there will be a ‘federal election’ coming this fall and that somehow TURDEAU will be a ‘shoe in ‘ to be ‘re-elected (!). Obviously and since the criminal Liberal government in Ottawa basically stole the last ‘federal election’ by running computer simulations of a “liberal minority government’ across the lying whore media outlets that night and 100% ignoring the real votes that showed the Liberals nearly wiped out, who is to say they will not do it once again? And here I thought Americans were gullible, for Canadians do give them a run for that entitlement……The war in Syrian did heat up for a few days last week as some fighting did occur along the stalemate lines in the Idlib region, along with further reports about US run ‘ISIS’ attacks in the Syrian desert. As I said before, this is one of those ‘never ending wars’ that we see across the planet, for the psychos in the US/NATO/Israel cabal are still hell bent on eventually seeing Syria torn apart….. As expected, all of the lying whore media reports about Iran once again being a ‘threat’ with their ‘building of non existent nuclear bombs’ became a dud like every other report over the last 40+ years. But the psychos in Israel will continue to try to get that war going and the US fight it for them, for they are hell bent on having IRAN eliminated as their only viable force in opposition to their total hegemony over the Middle East……. And further south in Yemen, still NOTHING in regards to a halt in the battles between the criminal Saudi forces and the Houthi freedom fighters. The real tragedy continues to be the massive starvation, being purposely done by the Saudis who have cut off vital humanitarian food supplies, of the Yemen civilians and how the world does not even notice! Millions of innocent lives have now been thrown away in that struggle, and just like Syria apparently may be one of those ‘forever wars’ that will continue for decades…….I was asked about the ‘Brittney Griner’ escapade that has been in the news over the last while, especially considering that she was indeed charged as guilty in Russian courts for apparently trafficking drugs. To me, if this woman did indeed do this crime then absolutely she deserves the punishment she gets. I am just sick and tired of the ‘woke’ idiots that are out there screaming she should be freed, when she apparently is indeed a criminal……. Apparently the immigrant flood across the US border from Mexico into Texas has been so out of control that Texas has indeed been busing these illegals to New York State! I say good for the Texans, for they do not want these immigrants, and if New York is so gung-ho in supporting them, they can have them!…….Yes, there are now 6 Canadian medical doctors right up here in the Great White North that have all DIED from receiving at least 4 of those KILL SHOTS and ‘boosters’ and nobody is supposed to notice? As I said before, what the fuck will it take for people to see the truth that everyone that takes these KILL SHOTS is either already sick, or dying from their own poor insane decisions? …….Yes, I saw those articles about how JEW-LYWOOD companies have lost MILLIONS with their garbage ‘woke movies’ such as the trash known as ‘She Hulk’ along with the garbage of ‘Bat Girl’. It only proves that these companies that have climbed aboard the ‘woke’ agenda are indeed now going broke from their sheer stupidity. The fact remains that this ‘woke’ garbage is indeed a disaster for our societies as a whole, and should be put out of its misery before the damage is permanent….. Honestly, what will it now take for the nations of the European Union to wake up and OPENLY DEFY the US sickness of trying to keep ‘sanctions’ against Russia in place? Most, if not ALL of Europe is totally dependent on petroleum, and especially natural gas, supplies from the Russian Federation, and to try to cut off those supplies, with a brutal winter on the horizon, is absolutely suicidal. To me, the solution is simple; Say to hell to the US, show some balls, and reopen gas supply negotiations with Russia before your populations all freeze to death…….I have come under fire once again from those who are still stupidly sticking to the twisted notion that nuclear weapons do not exist. To me, these retards are in the same boat as the ‘flat earths’ and I will not give them the time of day, period. If you are part of that sickness, just go away, for I do not fall for idiocy….. I do hope that readers got the time change on the upcoming Speak Free Radio ( podcast where John Kaminski has none other than Charles Giuliani on his show. The time has officially been changed from tomorrow, Monday the 8th of August at 4PM CDT to THURSDAY, August 11th at 4PM CDT. I just want to make sure that readers are aware ahead of time about that change!…….The English Premier League is back in business, thank goodness. I was indeed going through soccer withdrawals for the last few months! And my team, Arsenal, has started off on the right foot with a 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace. It is too early to tell though who will be at the top of the table this year, but I am still hoping for at least a Champions League berth for the Gunners…….Nothing this week of any interest for those two losers, both Megan and former Prince Harry. I say thank gawd, for these two useless human beings should just shut the fuck up and stop being burdens on society. I have long said that McDonalds is always hiring and these two with their ‘experience’ would definitely qualify for work there……And apparently some good news on the sickening Kardashian family of misfits, trolls, and skanks, as apparently Pete Davidson has now split from trollop Kim. If this is true, than thank goodness, for it will take years for the brain damage to heal from his exposure to such horrific filth. Hopefully he does not decide to try to get back with that foul creature, for we have seen the damage that creature has inflicted on EVERY man that she associated with. Thus the Kardashian madness continues to inflict its never ending damage on Americans, and we shall see more episodes coming in this soap opera that I still call ‘As the stomach turns’…

More to come


3 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 7th, 2022

  1. As to the critics of graphic and colorful metaphors, I have this for them. If a “son-of-a-bitch” is indeed that, then by all means – go ahead a call the son-of-a-bitch a GOD DAMN SON OF A BITCH! You have my blessings for standing up to them, NTS! By all means, do keep it coming! The ignorant bastards have most likely already had their KILL SHOTS, so they won’t be around that much longer after all! Hooray!


  2. For me, the great thing about this site is your righteous anger, NTS.

    I so relate to it – and the fact that you have no qualms about venting your spleen – RESPECT!

    I recommend you to everyone I meet in UK who has half a brain.

    Sadly there’s not many left.

    Bravo, NTS = TOP MAN!


  3. NTS,

    I was once a Washington Redskins football fanatic (American Football). The glory days are gone when Dan Snyder took ownership.

    Snyder made his fortune on pharmaceutical drug pushing. His company employed thousands of ‘pharmaceutical representatives’ to push drugs onto doctors. Including opioids!

    The little bastard is so venal that he got peanut snacks from a bankrupt airline and sold them at game day, even though the expiration date was years ago.

    People would park miles away to walk to the Redskins stadium to avoid the exorbitant parking fees. Snyder stopped this. His reason was that pedestrian safety was jeopardized!

    His mansion by the Potomac had three hundred year oak trees on US Park Service land obstructing his view of Potomac. Some criminals at the US Park Service destroyed these trees so Snyder could have his view!

    The list goes on.

    I became a non sports fan because of Snyder.

    The South Korean response to nasty Nacy Pelosi’s says it all. The South Korean leader wouldn’t meet with her.

    The Chinese do not want war. Taiwan is too valuable to destroy.

    A Kardashian is featured on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. All I can think of is the Hindenburg Disaster. ‘The Humanity!’

    Are there any sane women that are celebrities? I will say Amber Hurd is physically attractive but I draw the line on pooping in bed. Depp is one lucky man to escape this hellish relationship.

    The person who is, to me, the ultimate psychopath in the Biden administration is the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Biden is too weak to fire him. Sullivan actually said he doesn’t care what the American people want, he will do what he wants to.


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