Hiroshima 77 Years Later: Some REAL History About What Really Happened And Why…

Well… As I do on an annual basis, I do want to honour the nearly 200000 victims of the US nuclear bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima, on Honshu Island, that happened of course on this day, exactly 77 years ago, August 6th, 1945….

First… I do want to once again repeat it here as I have said now for some 14 years of blogging, that this atomic bomb attack on that city was 100% UNNECESSARY, as the Japanese government had been willing to surrender to the American forces as early as late 1944…. This is fact, and not fiction, and something that has been purposely kept out of public knowledge for too long… I will explain why here…..

The reality always was that the Prince Konoye government that took over from Hideki Tojo’s regime shortly after the massive Japanese defeat in the battle of the Philippine Sea, shortly after the American invasion of Saipan Island on June 15th 1944, was absolutely wanting to ‘end the war’ as they realized that with the destruction of the Japanese Imperial Navy as a result of that massive defeat, Japan itself was basically helpless and that defeat was inevitable….

Konoye who took office with the ousting of Tojo, spent the next nearly full year working with neutral parties in Sweden to try to negotiate a surrender of Japan under the ‘unconditional surrender’ protocols laid out by the Allied forces, with the ONLY term outside of those surrender guidelines being that Japan would keep Emperor Hirohito on the throne but ONLY as a ‘figurehead’ with zero power or influence in the government….The Konoye government thought correctly that if Hirohito was left on the ‘throne’ the Japanese people would accept their defeat to the Allies…

But since the criminal Roosevelt government and his generals had already invested several BILLION dollars in the ‘Manhattan Project’ wanting the US to be the SECOND nation on Earth (Germany being the first..) to possess and detonate a nuclear weapon, they had long wanted to use Japan as the. ‘testing ground’ for their new weapon that was under full development, and absolutely refused the terms that the Japanese government proposed since late 1944…

The ‘irony’ here is that after the US had detonated both of their new ‘super weapons’ on both Hiroshima, and three days later on Nagasaki, the American government did indeed turn around and say that they would accept the single request that the Japanese proposed for their surrender in allowing Hirohito to remain on the throne!

Thus all that time, energy, and even human lives were WASTED from late 1944 all the way until the Japanese ‘official surrender’ of August 14th, 1945…. We have the battles of Pelilieu, Leyte, Leyte Gulf, Luzon, Iwo Jima, and especially at Okinawa, that happened during that time frame that cost the lives of well over 100000 Americans as well as probably 250000 to 300000 Japanese soldiers lives… And all because the criminals in charge of the US wanted their ‘super weapon’ to be used on the Japanese? Oh, and did I also mention the over 1 MILLION Japanese civilians that were also murdered by the fire bombings as well as the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well from late 1944 to August 1945???? And for years, people criticized me when I stated that the US intentionally prolonged the entire war in the Pacific and how I called the US government butchers and murderers??

OK, Getting back to the nuclear attacks on Japan….. These two attacks, one using an Uranium bullet weapon “rail gun” design at Hiroshima, and the other being a Plutonium core imposing/explosion design first test fired at Trinity and then subsequently used at Nagasaki, would NEVER have occurred at all, if not thanks to the German government who provided the ‘detonators’ to make the devices actually work, and once again I will explain that here…

Many are still not aware about the FACT that Germany was the FIRST NATION to detonate a nuclear device, and that was done on an island in the Baltic Sea in September 1944…. That explosion was witnessed by many military experts, and those who survived the war were sworn to secrecy…. The actual success of that detonation by Germany was thanks to their technological ingenuity and their own breakthroughs in developing ‘nuclear detonators’ to allow the device to actually explode….

AND in fact, the Germans followed up that test of a nuclear device in the Baltic, with TWO further tests in the Bavarian mountains in underground facilities in the early spring of 1945…. These were also thanks to the German knowledge of nuclear detonation and production of their own detonators to achieve their success….

One quick side note here, and it is in regard to the question as to WHY the Germans, who were the FIRST to detonate nuclear weapons, did not use one of them on a major Allied city such as London? The answer rests with Adolf Hitler himself, who supposedly was given the run down on the development of Germany’s own nuclear weapons and the results of the actual nuclear tests, and decided that it would be ‘inhumane’ to use such horrific weapons on civilians…. Thus much can be said about Hitler’s true moral judgment, but no such morality rested with the American government, obviously….

But about those German nuclear detonators?… And this is one story that few people are even aware of, but that I became aware of nearly a decade ago… The American Manhattan Project did indeed produce the nuclear material for their bombs, and most of the components of the bombs were absolutely ready to go by early 1945… The only problem that the American ‘scientist’ had was in terms of their OWN nuclear detonators, i which their designs were constantly failing and simply did not work…. And of course without those nuclear detonators, the bombs themselves were duds….

It was obviously a fact that with the Allied armies closing in rapidly towards the nuclear testing facilities in Germany, the Germans did NOT want their technology to fall into ‘Allied’ hands, and thus they took their nuclear research papers, a lot of nuclear material, and especially their DETONATORS and loaded them all on a long range U-boat, labeled ‘U-234’ and sent that boat for a long journey to Japan….

That U boat, U-234, successfully made it through the Atlantic Ocean and proceeded across the Indian Ocean, where it was intercepted by a large contingent of Allied ships off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in late March 1945…. The U-boat and ALL of its cargo, including the German made detonators, was confiscated, and that material was taken across the Pacific and handed over to the scientists running the Manhattan Project… Thus thanks to Germany, the criminals running that project now had the ‘detonators’ to make the bombs actually work….

Well, we then have another ‘irony’ in terms of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings, in that the devices worked thanks to the German made detonators to actually make them explode….

Thus, what I have presented above once again shows that what we have been ‘told’ in what to me is BULLSHIT history about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is exactly that; bullshit! The American government did NOT have to ‘test’ their new ‘super weapons’ on the innocent Japanese of those two cities, BUT to me considering how maniacal and murderous so many were in that criminal Roosevelt, and subsequent Truman government at that time, the murder of innocent civilians was a minor issue as they wanted to make sure their bombs worked…..

One other piece of history that has never been discussed, but yours truly was also made well aware over a decade ago, is that the Japanese themselves were NOT far behind the US in nuclear weapon development, and actually DETONATED their own test of a nuclear device on an island off of what is now North Korea, on August 12th, 1945… Japanese ingenuity and the fact that the massive factories that they had across Korea that were out of range of American B29 bombers, allowed the Japanese the time to successfully work on their own nuclear device, and a successful test was conducted just two days before the Japanese government capitulated on August 14th, 1945…..

Thus again, I have to ask this question about whether or not the Japanese, if they had beaten the Americans in developing nuclear weapons, would have used them against the US? My answer is possibly yes, and it has to do with the fact that the American Air Force was mercilessly fire bombing and murdering Japanese civilians from late 1944 all the way until August 1945, leaving the Japanese wanting retaliation… To me, real history would have indeed been so much different if the Japanese would have placed a nuclear device on one of their long range submarines and detonated it in a place like San Francisco Bay!

Well, there you go… My assessment of real history, and I wanted to present some FACTS that few are unaware of, as our ‘written history’ is so full of shit IMHO….. The fact remains that the American government so ruthlessly murdered some 350000+ innocent Japanese civilians in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it was done most unnecessarily!

One other note… I have had it with those who still claim that nuclear weapons ‘do not exist’.. My own father, an ex Canadian airforce serviceman, spent years back in the 1950’s with so many American Air Force servicemen, some who actually participated in the ‘test detonations’ of nuclear devices in the Nevada desert during that time, and he had said to me many times that what they witnessed was both horrific and VERY REAL….. And knowing that my own father would not lie to me about such occurrences, and my OWN knowledge of Nuclear Physics from the time I was in University back in the late 1970’s, I know that nuclear bombs are VERY REAL and very deadly…… Thus those who try to flood my ‘comment section’ with their garbage about ‘nuclear weapons being hoaxes’ are just as bad as the ‘flat Earth morons’ and they can kiss my hairy ass…If they continue to send me such comments, they will be put into permanent “Spamblinka”…. I have no time for such garbage from morons, period…

More to come



One thought on “Hiroshima 77 Years Later: Some REAL History About What Really Happened And Why…

  1. Hi NTS,

    It isn’t whether the bombs are real or not, it is the inconsistency of what we were taught in school in the 70’s/80’s vs reality. We were taught that the detonation of a nuclear bomb (or nuclear accident) would make that area inhabitable for any life for 100 to 200 years (due to all of the radioactive fallout), but both H/N and Chernobyl have show this to be not true.


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