No New Articles Today. Need Time To Rest And Regenerate

My second day back to ‘work’ and today I was not feeling so great, and actually had one heck of a massive headache earlier this evening that I decided to try to just rest and relax to clear my head.

Thus I decided to take this evening and not bother with any new articles…… I have been a bit restless this last week with being apprehensive with my ‘return to work’ knowing full well that I did not know what to expect….And YES I know that it should not have affected me as I am wanting to get the hell out as soon as I can, but I got very little actual sleep these last few days just thinking about the damn job and what my future holds and where I am headed…. Lack of sleep alone will indeed wear on the body and it shows in yours truly…

Therefore no new posts this evening, and just a heads up on my present situation… I will indeed be returning tomorrow with a few articles, as there is no rest for the wicked……

Thanks everyone, and as usual..

More to come


2 thoughts on “No New Articles Today. Need Time To Rest And Regenerate

  1. Take it easy NTS. Going back to work under such stressful circumstances is sure to take a toll. Hopefully you will be able to get a buy-out soon and leave. I am also feeling unusually tired and weary of the fight for humanity. Now we’re supposedly heading into another weaponiZed weather heat dome out here. The gaslighting/terror op never ends.


    1. Well.. As I said today, I did get very wound up with worry which I should not have… It took its toll and I was indeed so wiped out and feeling sick yesterday that I had to try to sleep it off…

      And you are right in that all of this crap has indeed taken its toll on both you and I and others that actually CARE…. I actually have felt so helpless at times thinking that my message is not being reached by enough people, but a long time ago I figured I would never give up and keep trying..


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