Gonzalo Lira: American Power Has Collapsed, Its Pulling Down!

First, I want to answer a few comments and of course an assortment of emails, concerning this being my first day ‘back to work’ after being ‘furloughed’ for the last 5.5 months at my place of ’employment… I went in and did absolutely NOTHING of any value to that criminal corporation today, and basically worked at getting my work laptop and access to a multitude of systems restored as they had ‘wiped out’ nearly all of my files and my access systems… I fumbled around on the laptop for most of this morning, and spent the afternoon basically sitting back, watched a few videos, and went outside the office to take a long walk to just soak up the sunshine… But actual work? Forget it, as I again will not give these criminals the time of day and I do want to see them get the hint and give me a package deal to just ‘get rid of me’….. I spent too many years bailing out these pricks when they had ’emergencies’ and I have a new change of attitude that says they can take their situations and either get someone else to do their dirty work, or they can kiss my ass….

OK, Hopefully that should clear the air for so many who have been enquiring about what has been happening to yours truly… But now to get down to the business at hand with this latest article… And THAT pertains to a most interesting interview that was conducted just a few days ago with independent journalist Gonzalo Lira…..

I do want to present that great interview via BITCHUTE right here for those who have not seen it yet, as what Gonzalo Lira states may be EXACTLY what is happening around the world right now as the US will not concede ‘defeat’ and will try to drag the entire world down with them as they collapse economically! Here is that video, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have had a growing admiration over the last while by the videos that Gonzalo Lira has produced, for he does not hold back on his interpretations of exactly what has been happening in our sick world… In fact he have been proven right again and again in his statements, and they are indeed something important that people everywhere should heed..

And someone sent me the link to the following article that comes from the ‘Vid Rebel blog’ at http://www.vidrebel.wordpress.com that also discusses the statements made by Gonzalo Lira, along with some other great information and links for everyone to see… Here is that link:

OK, My interpretation? The US is in deep trouble both financially and militarily as the US dollar is all but finished as the ‘world based reserve currency’….. And the facts continue to show that the US is NO MATCH any more against the well trained and well equipped Russians, and if the psychotic Commies in Washington DC would even attempt a major conflict, they will indeed find themselves soundly beaten and may resort to the psychotic NUCLEAR OPTION to avoid that total defeat…

The issue to me has always been the American people who continue to sit back and do NOTHING while their once great ‘republic’ disintegrates right before their very eyes… All it would take is for the American true patriots to finally and immediately say enough is enough and take the country back from these criminals as a means of avoiding total collapse…

But as I have stated so many times in the last while, too many of these ‘patriots’ are now PUSSIFIED and are unwilling to actually care about liberty and freedom, thanks to the effect of the ‘ELECTRIC JEW’ or as some call it the ‘Tell LIE Vision’ as well as the poisoned foods that they consume AND of course the KILL SHOTS now destroying their bodies and minds….. It may be too late, and will lead to the day when most Americans (and Canadians as well..) wake up and realize that things are horribly changed and not for the better. When that day comes, many will simply ask ‘what just happened?’ without even realizing that they had their chances to reverse the destruction and blew it…

More to come


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