Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 17th 2022

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Sunday…And time again for my weekly rant…

Yes, it is now ‘mid Summer’ here in the great white north, and I have spent so much time being OUTSIDE and enjoying the sunshine and the heat…. I do remember how just a short time ago we here in central Canada were getting over a most brutal and LONG Winter that seemed to never end, and this is why I want to take advantage of the great outdoors while I still can because all indications are that we are headed into another equally if not WORSE Winter very soon..

Well… I am indeed ‘returning to work’ starting tomorrow… And yes, I am still wanting to retire and get the living fuck away from the corporation that I ‘work for’ as I will never ever forget that they took it upon themselves to force ‘mandates’ on all of their employees and tried to force everyone that worked for them to have the KILL SHOTS injected into their bodies… And yes, that was very much medical tyranny and absolutely against not only the laws here in Canada but a clear violation of the charter of Rights and Freedoms… But after being ‘furloughed’ for the last 5.5 months, I want to head into an office and FORCE them to give me a package deal to get rid of me once and for all…. Just the thought now of actually doing any work for these sick fucks just makes me want to puke, but I will ‘work’ for about 8-10 weeks minimum and force their hand to give me exactly what I want in terms of a retirement package to have me out the door permanently..

And if those sick fucks think that I will actually do anything for them starting tomorrow? Forget it, for I plan to put my feet up as much as I can and refuse to help anyone the way I used to on a constant basis…. I gave over 37 years of my life to those criminals, and I will never give them one iota of my skills, or ever forgive them, for wanting to KILL ME by forcing lethal injections into my body….

OK, I am and have always been a pretty keen observer of human nature and I do take mental notes of what I observe in my day to day business… And thus, I have indeed still detected periodically that very strange smell coming off of those out there that have been stupid enough to take the KILL SHOTS into their bodies…The odour is absolutely ‘unique’ as it does appear to be a combination of a sickly sulphur smell at times mixed with an ‘antiseptic’…. Granted, many have said that I may just be detecting ‘body odour’ and yes I KNOW what that can smell like and be very offensive at times.. But this is NOT ‘body odour’ at all but a very strange smell indeed..

So the question arises as to WHY the ‘fully vaxxed’ are emitting that strange odour? My speculation and remember this is only speculation is that these fools and RETARDS have not only destroyed their immune systems, but now what is left of their body’s defences is trying so desperately to ‘shed’ the antigen and deadly SPIKE PROTEINS that their very cells are now constantly manufacturing all over their bodies… The fact is that this fight that these morons have going on in their bodies is a ‘losing cause’ as there is still no ‘shut off valve’ for their cells constantly producing SPIKE PROTEINS, and eventually the spike protein build up will destroy their organs, rupture their very cardiovascular systems and KILL THEM all…. Therefore the ‘smell’ is in fact the smell of DEATH and those that are emitting the smell are on their way to a certain appointment with a mortuary…

And look, there have been critics that have said that I am only ‘doom and gloom’ in regards to these KILL SHOTS and the certain death that they are causing… OK, my question to those critics becomes: Is there any ‘upside’ to these KILL SHOTS at all? Honestly, I do not see that at all, and the situation is becoming progressively worse as we head deep into Summer with Autumn right around the corner… IF there was or is anything ‘positive’ about these lethal injections destroying the victims’ bodies, I would have noted that here at this blog and therefore to this day I have found NONE!

And the critics have also said that I should show ‘compassion’ for those who have been lethally injected with that crap…. Honestly, who the fuck are they kidding? Here we are, now nearly 2 full years AFTER I and others tried our best to plead with the retards out there to NOT go and take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies, and did they actually listen? Absolutely not, for I do remember when they ridiculed myself and others for our stance, calling us every name under the sun, and even threatening violence against us calling us ‘Idiots’ or ‘Kooks’ and telling us to mind our own business…. Thus should we now have ‘sympathy’ or ‘compassion’ for their sheer stupidity? Absolutely not, for they made their choice in life and decided on their own accords to have their lives terminated via these KILL SHOTS… AND now with the ‘shoe on the other foot’ so to speak, they are wanting us to bend over and show them some dignity when they showed us NONE…. Sorry, but my days of ‘feeling sorry’ for these retards is now over, for what they did to us, the smartly ‘unvaxxed’ for the past 2 years can never be forgiven and we must now turn away from them and let them suffer the consequences of their own stupidity… Does that sound a bit ‘cold’? ABSOLUTELY, but again how ‘cold’ were they to us over the last 2 years? Remember that?

Another interesting note about the KILL SHOTS and the ‘walking dead’ that have taken those lethal injections; Is it just me? Or have a LOT of people suddenly ‘disappeared’ over the last while? As I have been making my daily rounds and getting out there to the parks and walking trails to exercise, I cannot help but notice the sudden disappearance of nearly EVERYONE…The roads and sidewalks everywhere I see are so quiet, that even on what is a normal busy time of the week during ‘rush hours’ there is so little traffic that it is like driving around on a Sunday morning! So where have all the people disappeared to?

It is a FACT that this province of mine, Manitoba, has had the audacity to claim that they have one of the ‘highest vaccination’ rates in the country where the provincial criminals in charge of ‘Manitoba Health’ have stated, and even gloated, about some “80%” of the entire populace taking the KILL SHOTS into their helpless bodies…. Now if that is true, then it explains the sudden disappearance of people, as most are either already DEAD or at home sick and dying from their sheer stupidity…. I cannot help but to think that this is exactly what is going on right now, as the sick and dying are simply too weak to even get outdoors or go anywhere….. I have in fact read recent reports about how police and fire officials have broken into homes as neighbours, relatives, and friends, have become worried about the occupants, only to find rotting corpses that simply died from the effect of the KILL SHOTS and very quickly…. If this is happening right now elsewhere in the world, then why not here in Manitoba as well? Thus what I see with the sudden disappearance of people may be only the beginning and a foretelling of what is to come…

One other very sickening note about these KILL SHOTS, and it pertains to the fact that the most stupidest moronic ‘parents’ out there shooting their own children up with these deadly injections when it has been proven that children do not need them… The consequences of that stupidity is becoming known everywhere and is heartbreaking as we find ‘vaxxed’ children now coming out in DROVES with myocarditis, pericarditis, and other serious heart and vascular issues that have caused them to fall over and DIE….. Up until now, it was almost unheard of to see children dying from heart disease, and now the reports from the Lying whore media are having to confirm this is happening even though they are falsely claiming that these deaths are from something else….

Honestly, I have watched videos and read reports about how ‘heart wrenching’ it has become to many parents when they see their own children dying and realizing that the cause of death has been the KILL SHOTS…. That is so sad, but it gets better as I have found recent reports about how hospitals are covering up the massive increase in the numbers of children dying due to these KILL SHOTS by simply having the children that have died cremated directly at the hospitals and not filing any reports at all with the lying whore media or even coroner offices! Thus the general public or what I call the gullible sheep out there, are unaware of this disaster that will only escalate over the next while as the most stupidest parents out there continue to line up their children to have these lethal injections shot into their young bodies…

OK, I have other fish to fry… And I saw the financial reports this last week where INFLATION rates for here in Canada for this year alone will be in the neighbourhood of 8%…. Yes, this has been nearly unheard of in my own lifetime, and the only time in the past 50 years that ‘inflation’ was this bad was back in the early 80’s when the world was claimed to be suffering from a massive ‘recession’…Honestly, how anyone can look at that rate of inflation and not be angry is beyond me? But of course the lying whore media is out there trying to even avoid this horrific issue and diverting people’s attention elsewhere with their usual fluff and lies..

And you need not look far to see that inflation is skyrocketing and will probably only get worse over the next while… The local supermarket is always a good indicator for rampant inflation, as you only need to go down the aisles and produce/meat sections to see prices that are horrifically much higher than what they were ONLY a few months back…. AND we can point the finger on that rise in food prices squarely on the huge increase in petroleum costs, especially to shippers, as they have to raise their prices just to afford to have trucks on the road for providing stores and businesses with their products….

It has been interesting of course to see the criminals south of the 49th parallel from here in the formerly free United States try to blame EVERYTHING that is causing the runaway inflation rates, as well as the US economy to collapse, on ‘RUSSIA’. But now only a fool would believe such idiotic rhetoric, and the US public is now well aware that their rising costs to live are absolutely 100% to blame on the COMMUNIST Biden administration and their cronies for artificially creating this horrific situation as they are trying to FORCE the American people to their knees with equally idiotic ‘green initiatives’… Heck, we only need to see and hear the latest garbage from these criminals about the need to push Americans into ‘electric cars’ which are garbage in themselves, to see the insanity of these criminals in action…. And as I have said for years now; Where are the American ‘patriots’ that should be putting a stop to this madness? Sadly they are no where to be seen, which means the American republic will indeed go into full economic collapse very shortly and have the nation self destruct in the process…

Well…The ‘war’ in Ukraine continues, as the good guys aka the Russian forces have now achieved their set goal in liberating ALL of the Donbas republics and creating a land bridgehead to the Crimean peninsula… Thus the Russian government has. indeed done as I have expected in primarily halting most offensive operations for the time being just to allow a sense of diplomacy with the criminal Kiev government to take place…

But of course, the criminals in the US/NATO ‘alliance’ will not have ‘diplomacy’ take place as they are indeed bound and determined to push that localized war between Ukraine and Russia into a full blown global conflict… To me, it just does not make sense in this aspect, for even the psychos in US/NATO do know that such a conflict against the Russian Federation would spell their worse defeat in history and would undoubtably push them to consider the ‘nuclear option’ and turn that war into a full blown global nuclear war where NOBODY wins…. Just the thought of a total global nuclear war with the death of BILLIONS as a result sickens me tremendously..

However, there is still something ‘very strange’ in regards to this Ukrainian ‘conflict’ and it pertains to even more evidence that was sent my way over the last week that the US is STILL in control of the Russian Federation, as there apparently are a lot of US corporations that have their offices and facilities right across Russia itself…. In fact, that control of the Russian Federation started well before the fall of the former Soviet Union and was magnified in the days and weeks following the collapse of the Soviet Union back in 1991…. And apparently that control has mostly never been rescinded or turned back to Russian control to this day… Thus we need to ask ourselves if what we are witnessing in this build up to ‘war’ on Russia is all for show and just a game being played by the ‘ruling elite’? Is this all being done just to divert the simple minded sheep’s attention away from the collapsing economies and other plans by the criminals in charge to further destroy our lives? I am continuing to search for the real truths of course, and when I do find them I will sure as hell report them here at this blog….

Yes, the ‘scamdemic’, the failing economy, and of course the ‘war in Ukraine’ continue to be the major news of the day…. But I do want to cover one last thing before I get onto my usual last minute tidbits, and it is in regards to what happened 26 years ago when TWA flight 800 was shot out of the sky over the ocean off the north coast of Long Island New York… To this day, the US government has continued to cover up the truth about that ‘incident’, and for good reasons as the facts are that aircraft was indeed blown up by an AEGIS missile that was mistakenly launched by an American missile cruiser that was partaking in a large ‘military exercise’ in the area at exactly the same time TWA flight 800 was rising into the sky on its way to Europe… The facts are that since that incident, the US military has falsely claimed innocence, but the facts are that flight with 230 innocent lives onboard, was indeed shot out of the sky by that missile AND no matter how badly these pricks try to cover up that fact, it is reality….. I just cannot help but to think about the families of those who died 26 years ago as they want the truth and still want closure for this disaster to this very day….

OK, Onto my last minute tidbits… And once again almost like ‘clockwork’ we have the usual fluff from the lying whore media about ‘China about to attack Taiwan’. Honestly, I will that the gullible sheep out there would wake up and realize that is just more ‘fear porn’ to fill their already polluted minds with fluff. As I said before, China has no plans, at least for the foreseeable future, to attack Taiwan as such an attack would upset their economic control over the US itself…. And about this recent report about Ukraine breaking off ‘diplomatic relations’ with North Korea over North Korea’s recognition of the Donbas republics? Just more fluff, as this is a real laugher for the fact that Ukraine supplied some of the technology already for North Korea’s missile development over the past few decades. Just more fluff of course…….Now is it just me? Or has that criminal in charge of the US, the dementia filled child molesting psycho called ‘Joe Biden’ gotten even worse with his cognitive functions? Heck, this walking sick freak can no longer even put two words together and basically is a walking talking constantly shitting himself vegetable. How soon will Biden be replaced as “President”? Probably not any time soon, as the alternative is that dimwit and vegetable herself Kamala Harris!….. And speaking of brain dead Joe Biden, I just hope that more out there saw those reports about how Joe was riding his bicycle recently in Delaware when he came across a father and his daughter riding in the opposite direction on a trail, where Joe stopped and actually sniffed that little girl’s hair much to the chagrin of the father. Luckily that pedophilic episode was caught by the father’s cell phone and became an instant sensation on ‘Twitter’. But will this spell the end of Biden as ‘President’ as it should? Not a chance as the COMMIES will continue to keep this sicko sock puppet upright as long as they can……..And yes, apparently that other freak, Donald Drumpf is indeed throwing his hat into the ring as he is declaring to run for the 2024 Presidential campaign. I say good luck to that one, for Drumpf is just as bad as it comes. Remember how HE was the one that forced the KILL SHOTS on the American public back in 2020? How soon the American people forget, and how Drumpf is fully in the pocket of the CRIMINAL JEWS that control America as well……And TWA flight 800 was not the only aircraft ‘blown out of the sky’ on this fateful day, for how quickly people forget Malaysian flight MH17 that was ‘shot down’ on this day back in 2014. To this day, there has been a major ‘cover up’ of that incident, as the criminals who ran that operation have always wanted to ‘blame Russia’. The reality is of course that MH17 was actually the last flight of Malaysian flight MH370 as a means of disposing of not only the MH370 aircraft, but also to get rid of the bodies from MH370 as well. I have filed dozens of articles at this and my former ‘Blogger’ site that proves this to be fact………Yes, ‘Twitter’ has now sued Elon Musk for Musk’s refusal to pay that ludicrous 44 Billion dollars for ‘Twitter’ that is mostly run by BOTS. Honestly, who cares as I find ‘Twitter’ to be as bad as that other sickness called ‘Facebook’ and people having an account with that fraud ‘social network’ are just exposing their private information for criminals to use nefariously……Well, speaking once again about braindead Joe Biden; Apparently that fool went to that psycho state of Israel last week to pay homage to his JEWISH masters, and made a complete fool of himself by claiming to honour the ‘Holocaust’. I had to laugh when I saw that report, for sometimes the truth does slip through, even for Biden. And again, I cannot even discuss that part of ‘history’ to show what really happened, for to do so would have the Canadian thought police at my door for my arrest for ‘denial’……..The war in Syria continues to be a near constant stalemate these days, as the real ‘fighting’ continues to be skirmishes between the SAA/Russian forces and the US run fraud ‘terrorists’ known as ‘ISIS’…… And this stalemate in Syria will probably continue well into the future as the psychotic Jewish freaks have their bullseyes once again focused on getting a nice little war started against the innocent nation of Iran. These freaks are still running the lie nonstop about Iranian ‘nuclear weapons’ which are still a phantom to this day. And the hypocrisy is of course that the psycho state of Israel is continued to be allowed to have some 200 nuclear weapons in the meantime! YES, hypocrisy at its best indeed…….Meanwhile, further south in Yemen, comes news that brain dead Biden may have went to Saudi Arabia after spending time in psycho Israel, to try to push the Saudi criminal government to finally ‘end the war’ in Yemen. Good luck to that one, for the Saudis are truly sore losers and will never admit defeat in Yemen to the brave Houthis. Thus I can see the ‘war in Yemen’ continue for the next while with the result of having MORE innocent Yemen civilians die needlessly…….The Dutch farmers are continuing their revolt in The Netherlands, and apparently that revolt is now spreading to OTHER European nations as well. People there are truly sick of the WEF cocksuckers that want to ruin their lives and want these maniacs gone along with their twisted policies. The sad part about this is the continuing media blackout by the LYING WHORE media outlets that have refused to even comment on the situation in the Netherlands at all…. And speaking of revolting, we have psycho Justin ‘I am indeed a fucking prick’ TURDEAU and his push for the same “nitrogen cutbacks” that have forced Dutch farmers into revolt, on Canadian farmers here in Canada. I do hope that the Canadian farmers do rise up as well as the rest of the Canadian sheep to have that freak ousted from the Prime Minister’s office, for his ‘policies’ will destroy this nation as per exactly what the WEF has always intended……..And we cannot forget about the innocent TAMARA LICH who continues to languish in a cold Canadian prison cell where her only ‘crime’ was to partake in the Freedom Convoy back in February. Yes, we have a true Canadian ‘political prisoner’ which has been unheard of in all the history of Canada itself, and we can thank TURDEAU for making it happen…….Yes, I saw the news about how the University of Pennsylvania is wanting to award that freak ‘transgender’ NCAA swimmer, that won recent competitions against real women, a ‘female athlete of the year’ award, which I find to be a vomiting abomination. I will repeat it here that FREAKS should never be competing against real women, period, and for this to happen shows how far our very society has collapsed…….I am still going through Soccer withdrawals awaiting the start of the EPL season coming soon next month. I am still filling my time with other sports such as Aussie Rules Football and the odd Major League Baseball game, but to me nothing beats a good Soccer match any day. How will my team, the Arsenal Gunners do this coming year? Time will tell………Apparently the two freaks of nature, Megan and the former “Prince” Harry, had an ‘interview’ just the other day where Megan talked about being ‘wild about Harry’. Honestly, from what I have read about that freak being a power hungry bitch and how she runs Harry by the nose, her being ‘wild’ about Harry is just a cover for her being a control freak. And again, these two ass clowns do need to get real lives and stop being a burden on society once and for all……..And finally, in the sickness called Kardashian, or ‘as the stomach turns’ we find reports that skank Kim’s ‘boy toy’ Pete Davidson has been talking about wanting children of his own. My advice to Pete remains; Run for your life and now, as you do not want to be further brain damaged by trying to have children with that trollop Kim which will fuck you up for the rest of your life. And for those who wonder why I keep filing reports about these skanks, I say why not? For I look at their pathetic existences as examples of how corrupt American society has become…

More to come


2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 17th 2022

  1. Good luck, NTS, while leaving your Corporate leftist enforcer.


    “In the past two years in the face of extensive global crisis events the “new order” establishment globalists have been talking about has arrived, and with almost no fanfare or mention in the mainstream media. The beginnings of global government already exist, and it’s called the “Council For Inclusive Capitalism.”

    The founder of the group is Lynn Forester de Rothschild, member of the infamous Rothschild Dynasty that has long been monetarily involved in influencing governments for generations. Pope Francis and the Vatican publicly aligned with the council in 2020, and one of the primary narratives of the CIC is that all religions must unite with the leaders of capital to build a society and an economy that is “fair for all.”

    This mission statement is rather familiar, as it echoes the goals of the WEF and its concept of the “Shared Economy”: A system in which you will own nothing, have no privacy, borrow everything, be completely reliant on the government for your survival and you will “like it.”
    The CIC is led by a core group of global leaders they refer to as “The Guardians” (No, I’m not joking, this is real).

    Members of the CIC have included: Mastercard, Allianz, Dupont, the UN, the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), CalPERS, BP, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Mark Carney, the Treasurer of the State of California and many more companies around the world. The list is extensive, but what it represents is a kind of corporate led government with a congress of corporate representatives mixed with pliable political leaders.” [More]:
    “Ukraine’s head of security services fired over ‘treason’ allegations”

    “President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also sacked prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova amid claims dozens of employees in her office have “worked against our state”.

    Mr Zelenskyy said: “Such an array of crimes against the foundations of the state’s national security, and the links recorded between Ukrainian security forces and Russian special services, raise very serious questions about their respective leaders.

    Ivan Bakanov, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (known as the SBU), was a long-time friend of Mr Zelenskyy, according to Ukrainian news agencies.”


  2. “Joe Biden 66 Jewish Advisers, Cabinet Members, and Staff +2 Portential Crypto-J’s… || Why does he Pay Homage to a Racist Rabbi?”

    “This overrepresentation of Jews based on their US pop. per capita is well over 5000%,…”
    Holodomor in Ukraine:


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